Mrs. Brown

Big Tits

It all begins when I would cut a deal with a local merchant that specializes in sex toys on the corner of Oak and Main St., one with a great reputation for selling bedroom apparel, fancy bedding, and a host of liquid stimulants.

After the deal was completed with a strong handshake and a pat on the back. I managed to store my emotions and race from the tiny store kicking up my heels outside in jubilation. Despite the small amount of money I would receive from the colorful C.D’S I promised Mr. Brown I would deliver in three days. Knowing in due time that I indeed have a promising future in the writing business as a skilled author. Never once curious about the Mrs. until my eye captures the lanky 6’x 0” creamy frame of the middle-age woman dressed uncanny for the season standing in the center of the room behind the shabby green drapes. Cottony green faded curtains, which separates the store from the living area. Strawberry blonde appearing in an extremely short skirt and red bra that I seem rather partial to, especially from a short distance away. Watching this longhaired woman vanish from sight, to another part of the small quarters with rosy red cheeks and an eye for a younger man.

Once I arrive back at my uptown studio apartment, a shabby old ruin with one bedroom and a tiny living room. Something inside me was begging my feet to carry my stout body into the bedroom to check my email. Suddenly at a glance, while sitting at the computer in the corner of the small room and capture a moment in silence. Learning from a single sentence that the company I had written to had indeed responded to my letter and encouraged me to announce to the world that a contract was in order. Surviving the drama as I reply to the contract in hand and faxing the two-page agreement quickly back with great sincerity of excepting the grand offer to produce more of my stories online. Realizing my future was beginning to look extremely good once I saw the figures on page two, each C.D. selling for $18.00, which meant I would gain half of the profits. Realizing by utilizing my tender young voice on audio, as the narrator and the storyteller, was a good move on my part.

After working long hours and drinking pots of coffee preparing more of my stories. I finally met my deadline with both parties that were more than anxious to display either online or in a small business store. Often thinking about what I’d seen back at “Brown’s Toy Shop” that excels like a tank inside me. Wondering whether or not the look Mrs. Brown gave me was indeed real or a sales pitch. But either way it made me feel good all over and left me thinking on terms of much bigger things to come.

Sending a file filled with erotic tales was the easiest compared to the short drive across down to deliver a box of steamy stories on disc. Knowing I might see the Mrs. again that made my heart pound and manhood stiffen in such a short time.

Arriving in front of the store at approximately 8:00pm like I informed the chubby old man I would and locate the delivery zone a few feet ahead that puts me in the Sakarya Escort center of the small erotic store. Quickly moving to the side of the van to retrieve the box I’d promise Mr. Brown I would deliver on time and collect my first paycheck that I know will keep the landlord off my back for a month anyway.

But just when I had turned around to enter through the narrow portal with the colorful CD’s. My eyes captures a beautiful sight on the second floor wearing an appealing lingerie that nearly cause me to drop the box that I was nervously holding upright and studying this middle-age lady upstairs in red.

After regaining my composure and entering the small brick foundation. I made a pact to myself that I would never mix business with pleasure. No matter how tempting or inviting the situation may be. I couldn’t believe how attractive and gifted Mrs. Brown was, or how much she stimulates my brain cells and sends tiny cupids running rapidly throughout my entire broad built that truly answers all my questions about what she might look like. Then Sitting the box of short stories, audio stories, onto the marble countertop that I captured using my own soft and tender voice that I hoped would attract many listeners. But just when I was about to leave, knowing the money was in my direct deposit account as I headed for the front door to pay the rent for my uptown apartment. The small apartment wasn’t much, but it was roomy enough for me until I can afford a house. Reaching down to retrieve the cold doorknob when suddenly a young tender voice spoke, sending shivers down my spine from such an erotic tone appearing closer behind me.

It wasn’t enough that I had to turn around upon her request, but to share my hard-on too! But that wasn’t the worse part. The pact I promised myself was slowly diminishing, carefully working my weary eyes over the tall feline that could purr loudly at any given minute. Aiming her baby blues up and down me with a delightful grin and seductive gesture that I would remember for a life- time. Posing a threat not only to my weaken eyes, but every other part of my broad anatomy that was standing proudly at attention, you might say. It was though this woman twice my age had listened to the story that I gave to Calvin after our brief handshake as a gesture that the deal was indeed completed.

Mrs. Brown was wearing a skimpy white robe over the sexy red heart shaped baby-doll outfit that, I too, would be just as proud to own if I was she. Sensing her affections, her lust, and this longing for a young guy like me when I began to cover up, shield, my stifling erection with both hands that I was certainly trying to control, which she could still see a small portion of. Answering her humble request to step around the counter and remove my hands from the growth that was still stirring within. Browsing around the room with shelves of erotic toys, jars of creams, and hideous bed & bath articles that certainly wasn’t helping the cause. But the moment I drop my hands and place them at my side, I couldn’t believe the Sakarya Escort Bayan reaction I got, especially from her bewildered eyes that were redefining the word ‘sex’ that was clearly an understatement.

The urgency in Mrs. Brown’s eyes begins to share with me a token of her affection and desire I quickly acknowledge right away. Exposing a certain amount of drama that thickens my blood and weakens the bones in my legs as I begin to perspire all over. Dripping with envy and careless gestures once we made eye contact and I stood a few feet from her blessed body that was beginning to fulfill my humble needs. Loosening the weakly tied string that was wrapped neatly around her hourglass waist and allows my eyes to weaken with lust after she shares a part of her buried treasures with me. Announcing the pleasures she seeks, cravings in her vastly beating chest and the powerful intimidation my body gives off.

Suddenly my eyes fell to the smoothness of her slender legs, her semi-large bosoms trapped in- side the twin red garments of scarlet, and then slowly working their way down towards the red garment with more than a feeling inside me. An urgency to uncover the mesh and touch each fine texture of each dark thread. Panty, which barely covers up the thickness around the tiny box that, was more then registering a vote of confidence within me. Gloating over her devoted body, her anxious eyes, and the softness of her perfectly formed lips when she took me by the ass and pulls me closer to the opening of the robe. Pressing me hard against the see-thru panty and began to kiss harder my quivering lips and unfasten my tight trousers with utmost pride and affections that makes me sweat even more.

Never was I so scared, frightened in my life as I was right now. Knowing not what this optimistic lady has in store for me that sent more hives streaking down my back and legs. Longing for more of my extraordinary lips when her arm stiffens as it slides slowly down my tight as hell britches that makes me feel good all over. Encouraging me to do the same once her sassy eyes casually exposes a ball of lust for a second. Then closing again that allows me to accompany the wiry hair with a gentle touch and squeeze without her viewing, which made it much easier to accommodate what she was yearning for. Rotating my energetic finger slowly around the soft wet tender walls, inside the massive filament, and down and back up the damp crease that causes her body to counter with a group of wholesome sways. Honoring my many touches with a brief chew of my lower lip before announcing that she was extremely damp and horrified of what she might do to me.

Feeling a woman’s fingers wrapped around my swelling was enough to make a guy like me cum all over the place, especially a virgin!

It was indeed a feeling I’ll never forget, or will I want to avoid if Mrs. Brown decides to she her lips and accompany me again. But somehow I begin to feel this emotion, this excitement I want to share with her. Somehow getting into this flow of magic, flow of innocence, Escort Sakarya and this romantic she says I am. Slipping my warm nervous fingers inside the robe and over the warm round breasts that Mrs. Brown had introduced to my weary eyes a few seconds before our lips touches for the very first time.

“Oh…baby!” she shouts, with emotion and of immediate pleasure.

“What, I do something wrong?”

“No. Something right,” she cried, chopping at the bit when my technique of massaging both her breasts and vagina became more violent.

After more intense examinations of her healthy body, I came to the conclusion that I had nothing to worry about. That I knew from the look in her eye and the kindness in her painful frown’s that it was safe to say Mr. Brown would never discover, never know what took place while he was away on business. Working my energy in ways this lovely creature grew to except and in many cases had often encouraged me to excel in those areas. Nestling upon her vulnerable neck, her soft lips, and between and atop her beautiful bosoms that makes me swell even prouder when I hear the explosion in her seductive voice. Praising me often with the tip of my cherry head along the silk material she wore perfectly. Pressing the issue of wanting sex, an infant, when she took my harden shaft and went down on it once again.

“Oh, mum, it feels extraordinary fitting,” I cried, combing her long strawberry-blonde hair with both hands.


“Yes!” I said, nearly fainting to the floor once she had me deep inside her mouth.

Slowly she takes me by the hand and guides me through the green curtains to another room of the stylish estate to become even more intimate. Then lowering me carefully down onto the cozy old sofa, on my back, and with one knee inside my trembling legs and a hand alongside my head, she begins to shatter my pride. Showing me something special and desirable as I stare intimately back into her sexy eyes and announce how beautiful she is.

Yearning to make-love to her wasn’t the only thing I desire right now, but to also view her small fingers peeling back a portion of the tiny red bikini panty. Slowly she captivates me in just that way, allowing my humble eyes to witness more of her jet-black fabric, her damp crease, and with her own eyes becoming extremely weak, I lower my fingers and embrace the twin ‘flaps’ I see with utmost pleasure. Then sharing the box of chocolate’s that I gave her just before we enter in the other room to share a romantic moment.

Mrs. Brown suddenly increases the stimulation, desire, and this appetite that fills my heart and weakens my bones. Resting her succulent lips onto mine and rolls her hips to the feeling she got when I begin to rub the juices between the red transparent panty. Then with two fingers slides more of her panty over, guiding my fascinating tool inside the walls of paradise and shouting out with pain in her eye, “I love you!”

It was a feeling I’ll never forget. Watching her eyes surrendering to my every move, my every sway, until the satisfaction had ended and my seeds were left behind to dwell in the wide gash I pretend not to see dripping of envy and lust. Then showing me to the back door where I left so late and had to walk completely around the building to my van. Something I would do all over again if I had to.

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