My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 03


Back to HK – my wife had returned to India, so I was back to masturbating myself mostly, just to get relaxation.

One of my Chinese friends had got a Filipina maid to take care of their child, & they asked if I could give her a part-time job, taking care of my home on her weekly day off, so she could make some extra money. I agreed, and she (Mary) would come in on Saturdays, when I was at work. She was very trustworthy, and took care of the house very well. Everything would be put in place, cleaned up, and the clothes pressed. She would even cook food for two days, so I did not have to do that over the weekend. I would see her about once a month if I came early (before 4pm), as work was very heavy, even on a half day.

I used to joke with her that she must find me a part-time girlfriend, and she would joke about what type I wanted, small or big boobs! I said I liked big boobs, (maybe that is why I married my wife – she had very big boobs!) but I never thought anything more, though she knew everything about my house. She would see the condom pack in my cupboard, and the porno movie tapes & VCD’s in the shelf.

One Saturday, there was not much work, so I came home by lunchtime itself, while she was still working. When she was in the kitchen, I had to go in to get something. As it was a small place, I had to brush past her. Instead of moving away, she had slightly moved towards me, so my dick pushed against her buttocks. I did not think much at that time, but I could feel a little arousal in me. We had lunch, and when she finished work, we were just sitting & chatting. I was telling her that I needed to go out in the evening, as I had to return some of the VCD’s. She asked what they were like, & I said she could see them whenever she wanted. I put on one that was quite classy, and we were watching. I was on the sofa, & she was sitting on the chair, so I told her to get comfortable on the sofa. I was wearing shorts, and had a big erection, which was noticeable when I moved.

She saw it and moved a little closer to me. She is very small, about 5’, and slight build, and cute to Trabzon Escort look at. Until then, I had not looked at her sexually, only as a friend. However, when watching the movie, she kept moving around, and her breathing had got fast. During one very hot scene, I suddenly pulled her to me, and made her sit on my lap. She began to move around, making me hotter. As I began to fondle her breasts through her T-shirt, she turned around and sat on my lap, facing me.

We began kissing, & she was good at it, pulling my tongue into her mouth, sucking hard. We both pulled off our T-shirts, & I removed her bra, making her topless. She is small, with small breasts, but had big nipples, which really stick out when she gets excited. When I began to suck her nipples, she began moving herself on my lap, making me hard & hot.

I realized that she too, was very hot, as I could feel the heat through her pants! Very soon, I made her stand on the sofa, to remove her pants & panties, her crotch was level with my face!! She shaves herself clean, and it was so smooth to touch that I immediately pulled her close, put my mouth & started sucking and licking those lower lips. She started saying “Boss, I’m coming!” in a very excited way. In the meantime I had pulled off my shorts & undies, and made her sit on my lap. When she felt & then looked at my penis, she said “I cannot take it in, it is too big”! She then moved down and began to suck me, making me harder, & fully wet. As she was very wet, & so light, I lifted her, slowly lowering her down on my erect penis, entering her. By the time I was fully in, she started having another orgasm! I started humping up & down on the sofa, but soon it began to get a little uncomfortable.

She was so light that I could pick her up, and carry her into the bedroom, while still inside her, with her legs wrapped around my waist and her hands around my neck! When I sat on the bed on my knees, I found I could give an up & down motion, just supporting her on my dick! She was very flexible, and so light that I had no problem carrying her. I then quickly pulled Trabzon Escort Bayan out, put on a condom & lay down on the bed. She climbed on top, & slowly lowered herself on to my penis, till I was fully in. She could really move around, forward & back, sideways, & round, till she had her orgasm, and I ejaculated also.

After relaxing for a bit, she pulled off my condom & started sucking me again, getting me erect in no time, because her technique was good! She started licking from the base to the tip, in slow long licks, as if it was an ice-cream stick. When she reached the tip, she would open her mouth & take it in fully, close her mouth & slowly pull up till it was out. She would turn her head from side to side and also give slight pressure with her teeth, while pulling out, making me almost ejaculate with pleasure!

She then got down on her hands & knees, with her back to me. I got on my knees & slowly inserted into her pussy, till I was fully in. By holding her hips, I started ramming her hard, with long strokes, pulling out almost fully, then pushing in up to the base, so when the front of my thighs hit her buttocks, it made a loud noise! As this was a comfortable position for me, I carried on stroking till she had two orgasms, before I ejaculated.

(I am writing this in the office, but I have got so hard & hot just thinking about it, that I need to go out for a walk to cool off! I will have a great masturbation tonight, with all my thoughts!)

I used to try and come home early on Saturdays after that, and she would leave later, so we would always have some hot sessions, at least three times a month. We would make love at least twice, sometimes thrice, before she left. She was always ready, and we did it in many places around the flat – on the washing machine, in the bathtub, with her bending over the dining table or even at the bedroom window (I lived on the 15th floor, so no body could see from outside). After a shower, having dried each other, I picked her up and inserted into her while carrying her. Then, I moved to the window, so she was Escort Trabzon leaning against the bars, & she spread her arms to hold the window bars. While she was hanging from there, her legs were wrapped around me. I just had to support her by holding her buttocks, and started stroking slowly. This way, with her legs spread, I could insert fully inside her, and pull out full length. This slow motion stroking gave us both great pleasure & orgasms every time!

Once, when I got home, we did it standing in the living room with my clothes & shoes on, with only my pants down, as we were so hot, and had not done it for almost 3 weeks! She just jumped up on me, while the short skirt she was wearing without panties made it very easy to enter. I just carried her, standing, and she held on to me while I had entered her. This gave us both a very quick release.

She would always join me in the bath, as soon as I got back from work, and would wash me all over. I just had to stand still, but it was difficult to control myself, as she would also be nude, and the feeling of two soapy bodies rubbing each other was too much to bear! She would make me kneel down in the tub, and would use her hands and body to spread the soap. The feeling of her hard nipples on my back and chest is very difficult to explain it has to be actually felt! If I stood up, her breasts would be level with my penis, which was a fantastic sensation when she rubbed it with them!!

When we were relaxed, her favorite position was that I would sit on the sofa watching TV while she would sit on my lap, also facing the TV which would have some hot movie running. As soon as I got hard, she would lift up and slowly take my dick into her. Once inside, only one of us would move, or sometimes just sit still, until a hot scene came up. Then we would begin moving together, until we both had a strong orgasm! Usually, she would ask me to be still, and she would move up & down, as she was very physically fit. She always would enjoy the sex, & thank me, saying that I gave her satisfaction enough for one whole week, and she would always remember it when she went back home & got married!

She finally had to go back to the Philippines last year, at which time she introduced her CLOSE friend Emy, to me. What happened with Mary, Emy & I, would have to be another chapter, where we had a great sendoff party for Mary!

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