My Cabin Retreat


I had been up at my mountain cabin for a couple of days now enjoying the peace and quiet of the hot August weather. I still had five peaceful days for myself left before I had to go back and face reality.

I just came back from fishing at the lake. Unfortunately, I came alone as the fish weren’t biting.

I took a shower and put on gym shorts and a tank top and went out to the front porch to relax in the hammock.

I was thinking of what brought me here. Then I remembered; it was the recent breakup of me and my former girlfriend of five years. I am now 45 and have to start all over again looking for my soulmate.

She sprung the surprise on me that she found someone else and she was moving on.

I took it hard because I never suspected her of cheating but, that’s life.

So, I decided to come up to my cabin to be away from everyone and everything.

I brought everything I needed, including food for a week. Which reminded me that it was time to bbq a nice steak along with a potato.

Just as I was ready to go inside, I heard a car. I could not imagine who it would be since this is a desolate area and nobody comes here.

Then, I saw the car. The driver pulled up to the front as I just watched.

The car stopped and the driver shut off the engine. The door opened and a woman, around 40, came out.

“Excuse me sir,” The woman yelled. “I am lost and by accident I saw a mailbox and this road hoping I would find someone to help me.”

She introduced herself to me and said her name was Jan. I told her my name was Mike Howe but just to call me Mike.

Just then, the passenger door opened and a young woman came out.

Jan told me that was her 19 year old daughter Sam.

I asked Jan how I could help her. She said she needed directions to a motel. I told her that there were none nearby. She was almost in tears when I said that.

“Look,” I said. “Why don’t you stay here tonight. It is getting dark and you don’t want to be driving down this mountain in the dark.”

Then I heard Sam say to her mother, “Let’s stay. I am tired and hungry.”

Jan looked at me and I told her that I insist they stay. I then told her I was just going to bbq a steak and told her I would put a couple of more on for them.

Jan thanked me and I told her to bring in their stuff and I would show them where they could stay.

I took them to a spare bedroom. I told Jan that I only had one spare and they could share the bed or I could sleep in the living room and Sam could sleep in my bed.

Jan Urfa Escort said that it would be fine sharing the bed with Sam.

With that settled, I went out to cook.

Before too long, I finished cooking and brought the food inside. We all enjoyed the food and the wine I served with dinner.

I asked Jan where they were going that they got lost. She said they were looking for a nice place, like my cabin, to stay for a couple of days just to be alone with Sam.

I told her that there wasn’t a place like that for a few miles from here.

I noticed her disappointment in her face.

Then, I said, “Look, if you want, you two could stay here. I just came up to relax. You two are more than welcome to stay, really.”

Jan said she appreciated the offer but didn’t want to impose. Then Sam told her mom that it would be ok with her and begged her mom to accept the offer.

Then Jan accepted my offer. We celebrated with some more wine.

I took the two of them to the back deck as we watched the sun set over the lake.

For the next couple of hours we talked and learned a little more about each other.

It was now almost midnight, and I suggested we turn in. I showed them where everything was. I gave them extra towels and blankets for the bed.

I bid them a good night and turned in.

In the middle of the night, somewhere around 2:00 a.m., I heard noises and got out of bed to see where they were coming from. My immediate thought was that a bear was scrounging around outside.

However, as I got closer to the sounds, I realized they were coming from the bedroom. I listened in and knew that Jan and Sam were having sex. I was taken aback but got excited at the same time. My cock rose to the occasion. I did manage to get a short glimpse of them through the slight door opening though.

I quietly crept back to my room. As I got in bed, I pictured them having sex and my hand went down to my cock and in minutes, I shot my cum onto my balls and parts of my stomach.

The next morning I got up first at 7:00 a.m. I started coffee and was preparing food for breakfast for the three of us.

Finally, around 7:45, my two guests joined me in the kitchen.

Jan was wearing shorts and a tank top with no bra. Sam just had on an oversized shirt and black panties.

I asked how they slept and they both said like babies. I told them that I thought I heard a bear outside and was glad it didn’t disturb them.

I told them that I was going for a swim after cleaning up Urfa Escort Bayan and asked if they cared to join me. They both said they would.

We cleaned up and headed to our rooms to change into our bathing suits.

When I saw the ladies, my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped.

Sam had on the tiniest white bikini I ever saw. Jan had a bikini also but not as daring. They both looked gorgeous.

My cock was already getting hard but I covered it with my towel.

We headed on down to the lake. The water wasn’t too cold and I decided to take some sun first. Jan decided the same.

Sam said she was going in and as she walked to the lake, my cock got hard and strained against my bathing suit. I tried to cover it up but I guess I was too slow.

Then Jan said, “I hope that doesn’t hurt,” as she smiled. I turned beet red and apologized but she said it was ok.

Then she said, “Look, Mike, I have a confession. You didn’t hear a bear last night. You heard me and Sam having sex. I hope that doesn’t upset you. You see, we came up here to sort things out. I hope you understand. If you want, we will leave.”

“Don’t be silly, you can stay. I also have a confession. I saw you two doing it but quickly went back to my room.”

“Did you jerk off?” She asked.

“Yes, I did and it was the best cum I had in a long time, thanks to you.”

“Well, no more secrets then, ok? Jan said. “Ok.” I said.

After a brief stay in the water, Sam came out. As she walked toward us, I could see right through her suit. Her breasts and nipples clearly visible as was her smooth pussy.

I think Jan had a stroke when she saw Sam and said to me, “Mike, I apologize for Sam’s suit. I didn’t know you could see through it. I am so embarrassed.”

Laughing, I said to her, “Well, if Sam looks like that, I bet you would look even better in that suit. Why not put it on for me and get it wet?”

Jan laughed and said she was too old for that. I disagreed and told her I would like to see it on her. She smiled and said, “Maybe later.”

After a couple of hours by the lake, we went back to the cabin. After we showered, Sam told us she was going to the general store they passed the day before as it was only a couole of miles away for a couple of items she needed and then left.

Jan and I had a bite to eat and then I said to her, “How about putting on that suit now?”

Jan smiled and got up and headed to the bathroom where Sam had the suit drying.

In a short time, Jan came out wearing Escort Urfa the tiny suit and she looked incredible in it. The suit was still wet and I could see everything that Jan had to offer a man or woman.

I told her she looked terrific and I moved toward her to kiss her. As our mouths met, her hand moved down to my hard cock and she started rubbing it.

“Well, Mike, you have seen me, but I haven’t seen you.” She said.

Without hesitation, I removed my clothes and my hard cock was visible to her. She knelt down and started sucking my cock. It didn’t take long when I told her I was going to cum. In a second, I shot my load into her mouth and watched as she swallowed every drop.

She got up and kissed me, some of my cum still in her mouth, sharing it with me.

We continued making out and I was hard enough to slip my cock in her wet cunt.

I eased my cock in and started fucking her, slowly then faster and harder.

I shot another spurt of cum in her before I fell to the side.

We cuddled and chatted and we both agreed that we needed what we had just done. I told her she was terrific and I wanted her again. She said she did too. The problem was Sam.

Then I got an idea. I told Jan to tell Sam that we were going to look for a place for themselves and we would be back in a couple of hours. She said that was a good idea.

We fucked one more time before we showered and put some clothes on.

When Sam came back, we told her we were going to look for a nice place for her and her mother to stay at and we would be back in a couple of hours.

Sam said that was fine and she would take some sun on the deck.

Jan and I left and headed down the road and after 30 minutes, we did find a nice place. I went in and checked us in and as soon as we got to the room, our clothes came off and we headed to bed and fucked for the next couple of hours.

We showered and drove back to my cabin but Jan kept saying she thought she forgot something.

As we pulled up to the cabin, Jan exclaimed, “Oh my god, my panties. I forgot them. They must be in the room. I told her not to panic.

When we got back, Jan told Sam we found a nice place.

Jan and Sam packed their stuff and we went to their new accommodations.

Jan told Sam that she already checked in and took her straight to the room. I followed with their stuff.

Sam liked the place and as she looked around. When she was looking around, I saw Jan’s panties sticking out from underneath the bed and I grabbed them before Sam could see.

Jan followed me outside and as we kissed goodbye, I slipped her panties in her hand. She looked at me and gave them back to me as a gift.

I told her that I hoped to see her again before they left the area and she promised she would.

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