My Favorite Conference Call


Listening in to the conference call, although boring, was at least better than a one day trip to Pittsburgh to attend in person. Susan and I were spared that ordeal.

I arrived in our conference room first and logged us in. Susan arrived a few minutes later to the sound of music on our call as it hadn’t started yet.

“Sorry to be late,” she said, “Aren’t you the eager one this morning?”

“Not really,” I replied, “But this beats traveling by a mile.”

Susan, always attractive, looked particularly so in her short plaid skirt and white blouse, open dangerously low. The shortness of her skirt particularly focused attention to her long legs. Susan was sitting next to me, which I thought a bit curious rather than across from me in the small conference room. I was enjoying her perfume and found the smell a bit arousing.

“Ok, we’re ready to begin,” the speaker noted, “you may want to put your phones on mute during the call to avoid background noise.”

I was reaching for the mute button on the speaker but Susan was a bit quicker, reaching in front of me to mute the call. I caught another strong whiff of her perfume as her chest brushed against my forearm.

“Excuse me,” she said.

“Not a problem. Quite all right.”

Susan smirked at me and gave me a wry smile. I was wondering if somehow my thoughts were being printed on my forehead for her to read. Keep yourself in check, I thought, this is your workplace. I was feeling a bit flushed at the moment, a combination of my coffee and the obvious sensory stimulus.

Susan’s leg brushed mine and, rather than pull it away, let it rest against mine. I was tempted to move away but rather enjoyed what appeared to be accidental. When her foot rubbed against mine, I realized that she had slipped her loafers off and I was getting a little more than accidental contact.

She looked over at me, biting her lip in a seductive manner, attempting Uşak Escort to gauge my reaction. I raised my eyebrows and smiled, as to say, “I’ll play along with your lead.”

Her stockinged foot playfully rubbed up my shin, which was causing my favorite male appendage to take notice and begin rising to full attention. I was feeling a bit constrained in my pants and I shifted a bit to give myself room to expand unfettered.

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked. Looking down at my crotch, she added, “You seem to be doing fine.”

She placed her right hand on my thigh, continuing to massage me with her foot.

“Oh, I’m doing more than just fine,” I said, “Way more than just fine.”

I realized that I had no clue as to what was going on with the conference call. The speaker was continuing on, so I guessed that no one had asked me for any input.

Susan’s hand slid from my thigh across my groin to rest on my crotch. She rubbed along the zipper line, stroking the length of my cock in the process.

“Ummmmm, very nice. But you seem to be struggling to get free. Can I help you out?”

I slouched a bit back in my chair and could only manage a weak, “Sure,” in response.

She unzipped my pants and fished my fully erect cock out through the opening in my boxers. I was a bit sticky already with a glistening drop at my cock’s opening. She stroked her hand upward the length of my shaft, which caused a bit more of my fluid to appear at the tip of my cock.

“We don’t want to get your suit dirty, now do we?,” she asked, and with that she dropped her head to my lap and licked the pre cum off me. She sank lower and engulfed the entirety of my cock into her hot mouth.

“Did you like that? I woke up so horny this morning but I wasn’t sure who the beneficiary of my raging hormones was going to be. I’m glad we had this little opportunity.”

I had a somewhat dazed look Uşak Escort Bayan on my face. Her question was rhetorical anyway and she couldn’t have expected any answer other that a resounding, “Oh, yes… more please.”

Susan was far, far ahead of me and released my cock. She stood up and, reaching up under her skirt slid her panties and stockings down, shaking her hips seductively in the process, as if she needed help getting out of her clothes.

It was then that I came to my senses and realized that someone could walk in at any moment. I reached over and locked the door, figuring that I’d certainly be fine with trying to explain a locked door if anyone asked.

“I’m not sure if I’m wet enough,” she said, “would you mind checking for me?”

I moved my chair towards her and she stepped forward to fully straddle the chair, while still standing straight up in front of me. She lifted the front of her skirt to give me the first full viewing of her beautiful pussy. She was very neatly trimmed with her lips clearly visible, and with some of her own glistening output obviously present. I reached out and rubbed upward with my middle finger, dipping ever so slightly into her, and coming out with a healthy amount of her honey. I put my finger to my mouth and licked slowly.

“You seem wet but I’d like to test a bit further if you don’t mind.”

She shook her head no, as I suspected that she would.

I leaned towards her hot mound and let my tongue lead the way to her wet slit. I wanted a taste in the worst way and pulled her towards me, forcing my entire face into her cunt. If I was to drown in her juices, I could die a very happy man indeed. She groaned a bit as my mouth devoured her hungrily, licking up and down, and plunging deep into her in search of her clit. Based on her squirming and breathing, I seemed to be finding it rather easily. She was leaning in towards me, as if Escort Uşak I could get any closer if I wanted to.

“I love this but I desperately need to feel you deep inside me. Can you do that for me?,” she whispered.

She pulled her skirt up to reveal her perfect ass as she bent over the conference room table, leaning on her forearms and spreading her legs. I bent down to give her pussy one final lick from behind.

I took my now very slippery cock in hand and rubbed it against her pussy lips. Susan reached back and guided me into her cunt, which was gushing at this point. She held my cock so as to take me fully into her at her own pace. I was happy to enter her slowly as the feeling was unbelievable. As she released her hold on my cock, she leaned a bit back towards me to take me deeper. My hands were on her hips at this point and I pushed deeper and harder into her on my own.

She let out a little squeal of her own, which I took as a sign to get down to some serious fucking. I had a good hold of her hips and the slamming of my cock into her wetness was making such a loud slapping noise that I became aware of how loud we were. Given our respective approaching climaxes however, this was no time to stop for either of us. Susan has making quiet grunting noises with each deep thrust that I was making; I wasn’t aware that I was making any noises but my breathing and heart rate were certainly elevated.

I felt that I couldn’t hold back any further and pulled out of her as my first load of cum splattered on the table. I think that I surprised Susan by pulling out as I did rather than finish inside of her. She turned to face me, now seated on the edge of the table.

Her look of surprise was short lived as I sat back in my chair, only to slide it to her side and take her thighs in my hands. I wanted to bring her down slowly and licked gently at her now fully swollen and exposed clit. Susan groaned as she orgasmed and bucked against my face.

Susan slid off the table to straddle my lap and put her head on my shoulder. We were both breathing heavily and were both completely spent.

“Any questions?” the speakerphone blared. “No? Then we’re done for today.”

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