My First Sexual Adventure with Brenda

Non Nude

This is a story of a sexual adventure I started with Brenda. Brenda is a woman I met online, on a fetish website. We talked a few times over email and phone. It’s not fair to Brenda to describe her or myself, just know she is hot and fits my type to perfection. My long haired mature vixen.

We talked, we were to meet at this patio bar just outside a local hotel. I got there and was sitting outside, it was a nice warm afternoon, just after work the sun was out still and it was sort of warm. It was nice and quiet outside tonight, it was a Wednesday after all. There were a couple people out at a few of the tables nearby. Next to me was a couple of young girls at the table, they were sipping drinks and making small talk, laughing about the day. They had to be in their 20s maybe. Not my type, cute, but my preference is my age or a little older. I could make out a bit, talking about the cheerleading competition going on. They had on sweatshirts and jeans. The couple at the table to my right, she was dressed nice in a long dress, heels, probably bikini panties as you can make out the lines in her dress. I have a thing for women in their panties. She was more my type, early 40s maybe, maybe a little older. He was maybe her age or in his 60s with his look, gray hair and his face. He had on khakis, a polo and dress shoes, brown.

The waitress stops over at my table. The patio table, black iron with patterns, matching chairs, perfect for an outdoor patio. I asked the waitress for a beer, and I ordered Brenda a drink as well. A drink called pink panties. I knew she’d laugh when she heard the name. I always ask her on the phone or text what she is wearing for me that day. Since it was during our conversations online that she knew about my panty fetish.

Just as the waitress came back it was like right on cue, there you were. I saw you for the first time in person and I smiled, seeing you in a pair of dark green shorts and a pink tank top. You had a black bra on as well as the strap was just not tucked into the tank. I had on a pair of gray shorts, a t-shirt, gym shoes, socks and black boxers. You couldn’t see them, yet. As I hoped in my mind this would go somewhere. Over your shoulder hung your brown purse. I stood from my chair, pulled yours out.

“Hi Brenda” I said.

“Hi there.” you replied.

I had you sit down and pushed in your chair.

“What do we have here?” you asked.

“You will laugh, it’s a drink called pink panties” I said with a smile.

You smiled and giggled.

“So, appropriate from you” you said.

We sat there and had a couple cocktails and talked. Picked up right where we left off online, talking about likes, dislikes, etc. You sat next to me and I knew you were flirting more when you moved your hand to my right thigh. I move my hand on yours, rubbing your hand. You were being flirty and so was I. We finished our drinks quickly. I dropped some cash and asked if you wanted to go upstairs.

“Sure” you replied, took my hand and I escorted you to the elevator just past the lobby. We get to the elevator doors, I look at you, you turn your head and look at me. I press the button to my floor. We step into the elevator, the intensity in the air is mind blowing. I press my floor number on the wall of buttons, 8. We have eight floors. The doors close, I pull you into me. My right hand grabbed your cheek and I pressed my lips into your pink luscious lips.

I stepped into you, pushing you back against the elevator wall. My left hand holding yours, my right on your cheek. I slid my hand back to your back of your neck into your hair, slightly pulling your hair. My tongue dancing with yours in your mouth. I press my body into yours. You can feel the heat between us. I moved your right hand up the metal wall, above your head. I have you pressed against the cool steel. My right hand leaves your hair and finds your left. I move it to above your head too. My tongue is still exploring your mouth. Our body heat increasing, you can hear the chimes for each floor. I tried to keep count, but couldn’t.

I start to feel those sensations. My cock stirs in my shorts. I take my left hand and hold your hands together around your wrists. My right-hand guides down your bare arm, over your smooth arm pit, down your side over your shirt, down your side, over your hip around to your ass. When I grab your ass, I moan into your mouth. My mind thinks on how I want you. I want to taste every inch of you.

All those thoughts raced through my head. Next I pulled your hands towards me. You drape them over my neck. My left found my right and needed your ass in your shorts, I slid my hands down to your thighs and picked you up. You wrapped your legs around me.

I know you can feel my cock now, you must. I feel myself pressing between your legs. My hands on your ass. I push my hard cock against you. Pretending to fuck you up against the wall of the elevator. My hands kneading your ass. Bing, the elevator charmed. We broke Uşak Escort our kiss as the doors opened.

We both looked at the hallway turned to each other and smiled. The hallway was empty. I didn’t put you down, I carried you down the hall. I can feel you grinding your pelvis against me. You moved your lips to my neck so I can see down the hall. My breathing heavy in your ear. I found the room.

Pinned you up against the wall and dug into my pocket, fumbling for the key. I grabbed the key, the light turned green on the door. You reached down and pushed the handle down and I pushed you through the door. I carried you to the bed as quick as I could. I lowered you on to your back, your legs still locked around me. Your shirt inched up your waist showing off that smooth creamy skin on your sexy little tummy. I locked into your eyes, you smiled and then released me. I grabbed your waistline on your shorts and slid my fingers to your button, unbuttoned your shorts, then your zipper.

I grabbed your shorts and yanked them down to see a pair of little black panties. I pulled them down your legs, to your knees then you wiggled and kicked them off as I stood between your spread smooth legs. I didn’t even see what shoes you had on and how you got them off so easily. I took my hands and ran them down your outside of your thighs, you instinctively raised your legs. I ran my hands down your calves. I sunk down lowering my face towards the promise land. I took a deep breath to smell your sweet scent through your panties. You were excited and so was I. I grabbed the waistband and pulled them down your legs.

I loved watching them slide down your smooth legs. Your bald pussy so smooth now on display. I took your panties off you, pressed them against my nose to inhale your scent. The I dropped to my knees on the floor. Moved your legs over each shoulder and slowly kissed down your left thigh then your right getting closer to your wet pussy lips. As I made my way down to your pussy, I can feel you breathing getting heavier and deeper.

I start to smell your scent, not the sweet scent of your perfume, but of both, your pussy and your perfume. You moan as I inhale your scent and dive in. I couldn’t wait any more. I start to inch my tongue out. To taste you. I moan in pleasure; you moan louder as my tongue enters your lips. My lips move to find your clit. I start to suck your clit. I enjoy your taste, your smell, devouring your smooth hairless pussy.

I move my right hand under your legs, under you, so that I can push a finger into your wet pussy. Never moving my lips from sucking your clit. I work in another finger. Two fingers fucking your pussy. My mouth and tongue flicking and sucking your pussy. Your moans getting louder and louder. Your hands find my hair and pull me tightly to your pussy. You lift your hips to give me more access. I cannot see your eyes, but your pleasure tells me they must be closed.

Your chest lifts and falls rapidly as you breathe heavier. At this moment, I am hoping to get you off. My tongue diving into your lips, my fingers penetrating you like a rabid cock. I switch between licking and sucking your exposed clit. I feel your close to cumming. I want it. I want to have your juices in my mouth. I keep up my pace, fucking your pussy with my fingers, sucking and fucking your clit with my mouth. I start humming, the vibrations make you scream in pleasure.

I hear you moan “uh uh oooooo ohhhhh”.

You scream out in pleasure “Ahhhhh”.

Your juices flow out quickly, into my lips, down my chin. Down my fingers into my palm.

“Mmmmm” I moan tasting you.

I hold your pussy to my lips as your first orgasm starts to subside, I slide back to enjoy the work. Admiring your pussy, admiring my handy work, your lips pulsating. Your anus contracting as well. You look so delicious from this perspective. I have my fingers in you still. Your hands have fallen to the bed along with your legs. I look at you; you look back at me. You look satisfied for now. I pull my two fingers from you wet swollen slit. I stand up, still fully dressed. You sit up slowly. I don’t even have to say anything, your hands cross grab your tank top and pull it up over your head. Then you reach behind your back as your eyes are locked on mine and unsnap your bra, letting it fall down your arms. You toss it to the side, I gaze in complete astonishment oh how you look fully nude. I lick my lips from right to left, slowly.

You reach for my shirt and tug me closer to the bed. I know what you want. I cross my arms and lift my shirt up over my head. You watch me remove my shirt. I step out of my shoes, pull off my socks. You reach for my button of my shorts, unbutton, then unzip my shorts. They fall down my legs, you see my hard on pressing against my black boxers. Your eyes locked on my cock, you grab the waistband of my boxers and slide them down over my cock and down my legs. I step out of my boxers. You slide down a little farther Uşak Escort Bayan to the edge of the bed.

I watch you lick your fingers to moisten your hand. You move your right hand to my cock and start to stroke me. Back and forth your hand slides up and down my shaft, you look up at me as you do it. Looking into your eyes, I can sense the desire that you are craving. You lean in and take me into your mouth. I watch my cock disappear between your pink lips.

You moan and as you take me into your mouth. your right-hand presses against my pelvis, holding my shaft for you to suck my cock. Forward and back your mouth goes with my cock. I can feel your tongue circling my cock each time you pull back. When you go down I feel your tongue on my underside and your lips suctioned against me. After a couple, good sucks, you raise your eyes to look up at me as you suck my cock. I am totally lost in what you are doing. Up and down you are enjoying my cock. At times, you stop sucking and stroke me with your right hand.

When you stroke my cock in between sucking you just don’t go up and down, you do this circle motion that is driving me insane. Insane on how good it feels. I feel my legs starting to weaken as I am getting closer. I stop you. I take your hand and pull you up. You stand in front of me, as my hands grab your waist and guide you to turn around. You know what I want. You turn around and bend over in front of me. I hold my cock as you balance yourself on the bed with your arms. I guide my tip between your soft wet lips. Then push into your pussy. I take my time and slowly push into you until I am fully deep into your wet pussy. Then I grab your hips and start to fuck you, doggie style. Your sweet round ass cheeks right in front of me. I watch my cock disappear into you with each stroke. You moan, I moan.

“fFuck me baby” you say.

I find it so sexy when your naughty side comes out.

“fuck yea” I reply.

I hold you with my left and reach around with my right. Rubbing your clit as we fuck. In and out, Fast then slow. The feeling of your pussy holding my cock feels amazing. You start to moan louder and I am as well, I myself getting closer. When I do, I pull out and stroke myself. I cum all over your ass and back. You look over your shoulder as I cum, watching the stream coat your ass and back.

“Mmmmm” I moan out loud.

You collapse on the bed, and I follow. Lying next to you on my side and you on your stomach, you lean towards me and we kiss. We laid there for a few minutes. I got up.

“Excuse me for a second” I say and head into the bathroom.

When I finish peeing, and getting cleaned up. I come back out to see you pulling up your shorts.

“Where are, you going?” I ask.

“It was fun, but I should go” you say.

I step up to you and take your hand.

“Stay… I want you in my bed tonight” I let you know.

“I shouldn’t, we shouldn’t… ” you say.

“it’s fine, it’s one night, pleasure.” I reply staring into your eyes.

Holding your hand with my right and your left. I take my left and cup your face. lean in and kiss your again. I back away still holding your face. You stare into my eyes.

“ok” you reply as I feel you start to trust me.

I pull the sheets back on to the bed so that we can get in. I turn and watch you walk to the bathroom in your shorts. You know I am watching as you look over your shoulder. You wiggle your ass slowly like a lap dance show. Your hands are on your button and zipper as you push your shorts down your legs. You shake your ass as your thong comes into view. You bend over to step out of your shorts. I admire the thong between your sexy ass cheeks. Then you disappear into the bathroom. The bathroom door isn’t closed very long when you come back out and I can hear the toilet flushing. You see that I am in the bed, lights are off except one by the bed. You get closer, pull the sheet back and get into bed. I reach up and turn the light out. Pulling the sheets up over your body, you lean in towards me.

“Guess I needed this too” you say.

Your lips meet mine and we kiss. My left hand under my side, my right free. I pull you in closer by your waist. Your left hand finds my cheek. Our tongues dance. It’s a strange but wonderful feeling as my tongue swirls with yours, we are connected. It’s like we have been together for years, yet it’s a one night stand so far. Either that or it has been quite a while since either of us had such great sex. My hand moves down your waist an over your ass.

My mind wants your pussy, again. Down to your thigh, then back up over your hip, up your side. You are laying facing towards me as I am to you. I get to your shoulder and press your shoulder back into the bed away from me. a slow nudging push. You get the idea and fall to your back. The moonlight shines in from the window across your face. Your eyes light up and you smile. My hand trails down your neckline, plunging Escort Uşak between your breasts. Using the lightest of touches, I trace your breasts from the inside of your left, around from underneath to the top. Then down the center to your areola and around it to the top and down the middle to your hardening nipple. You moan. I push the sheet back down a bit to reveal your breasts in the moonlight. Nothing sexier than seeing your chest raise and lower in anticipation and pleasure. Again, I do the same thing again to your left breast. and again. then to the right. same motions. You close your eyes to feel just the touch sensation. You let your hands fall to your side.

Allowing me to be this close. To touch you sensually. Get you totally turned on. After teasing and playing a few more times. I lean in and take your nipple into my mouth. Just with my lips, I squeeze your nipple. Then suck. Pulling it away from your body. Then your left, back to the right. Sucking your nipples. My right hand slightly touches your stomach, working its way down. Over your belly button, circling it a few times ever so lightly. Then down, to the waistband of your panties. I trace the top from the center out to your left hip. Then back across to the right. Back to the left and back to the middle. I stop.

My finger slightly pushes down your panties. Down until I reach just above your hood of your pussy. I stop. Back up. Back down teasing you. Wanting to touch your pussy but making your chest rise and fall. You moan out soft begging moans. I stop sucking your breasts. I push the sheet down. As I move up to my knees. Kneeling next to you, your body exposed to the moonlit room. Your legs gorgeous smooth. I run my hands down them from your thigh down to your knees. Back to your thighs, getting to your hips. I hook your panties from the waistband and push them down your thighs, you lift your hips to allow me to push them down your legs. You bend your knees and lift them allowing me to pull them to your chest.

Pushing your panties up your calves over your feet as they are pointing at the ceiling. I feel your right-hand caress my left thigh, pushing your hand up my thigh as I slide my right hand down the back of your raised calf, inner knee and thigh. I feel your hand touch my cock. mmm I moan. I feel your legs come back to the bed. Your feet flat on the bed, your knees bent. Your fingers touching the tip of my cock. I want to let you feel me, but I also want you.

I move my hand so that I am reaching over your leg, so that I can get access to your wet pussy. You grab my cock. I slide my fingers down around your lips barely touching you. Getting you more and more aroused. Up and down around your lips. You move your hips on one of my passes to make my fingers touch your pussy. your pussy lips are wet. I go for it now and push my fingers through your lips from the top down, touching your hardening clit. Your wet lips easily let my fingers spread you open. Two fingers down your slit and I slide them into your pussy.

You gasp out loud, “ahhhh”.

You moan as my fingers enter your wet cave. Your pussy grabs at my fingers. I moan in excitement as how good it feels to be in you. With my left hand, I push your legs open more by pushing your left knee towards the bed. You open them as wide as you can, exposing your beautiful pussy to my eyes. I watch my fingers go in and out of your warm wet lips. Finger fucking you, you moan loudly. your hand just holds my cock as I stroke your pussy. You continue moaning as I finger fuck your pussy, watching my glistening fingers enter and exit your pussy. Then I lean in. I am determined to finger your pussy until you cum. I lean down sticking my tongue out to flick your exposing clit. The sight of your lips all wet in the moonlight is glistening beauty to my eyes.

You moan out loud. Mmmmm “fuck” you say as my tongue flicks your clit.

My two fingers probing your pussy in an upward motion, rubbing your inner walls as I try to push my fingers to touch my tongue. I switch from licking your clit to now sucking on it. Forcing pressure against your clit as my fingers fuck your wet pussy. You moan louder, squeezing my cock a little more. My fingers are getting so wet as I am pushing them in as far as I can. My closed fingers pressed against your as wall. The next time I pull out I pause, pulling my fingers out of your pussy and letting my mouth devour it more.

I love the taste of your pussy and have no problem giving you another oral orgasm. My left hands are flat on the bed balancing myself above you. I feel you release my cock as I am guessing you have your fists clenching against the sheet. The smell of your sex is filling my nose. My mouth working hard on your clit, sucking at it, nibbling at it. Using my right, I put it on the bed, Freeing my left hand. I run my finger through your wet slit and with this hand, I move a little farther south. Teasing your asshole, pressing my finger against it, circling your anus with your juices that have run down and the ones on my finger.

You moan, “oh fuck”.

I moan into your clit. I push my finger against your anus a little harder. I know you won’t stop me with all our discussions online we have had. So, I push my finger into your butthole.

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