Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 05


Mid May in Sydney and it was one of those glorious late autumn days, temperature in the low to mid 20’s, brilliant clear blue sky and not a breath of wind. Michelle and I had decided to celebrate the discovery of our forbidden love by going for a drive and a picnic lunch. With the top down on my old SAAB convertible, we headed off to Palm Beach, 40 kilometres north of the CBD.

“Do you come up here often?” she asked, then giggled her little girl laugh which I simply adored, “Sorry. That was a bit of a silly question really.”

“No. Not silly at all.” Her hand gently squeezed mine as we walked along the dark golden sand. “Yes, we come here often. It is rarely crowded and the drive is very pleasant.”

“Yes it is and thank you for bringing me,” She stretched her head up and kissed me on the cheek. “It is so lovely up here. I’ve never been here before but I can see why you like it so much.” We continued to walk along the beach kicking the broken waves and playfully chasing each other.

We sat for a while on the rocks at the northern end of the beach just listening to the hush of the breaking waves and watching the constant ebb and flow of the surges. I sat with my back to the cliff, Michelle sat between my legs with her back resting on me. Time seemed to stand still and the rest of the world disappeared, the only reality was the two of us and the sea.

“Ray, I have not felt so at peace as I do right now for such a long time,” she whispered as she shifted position sightly to rest her head on my right shoulder, her back against my right leg. “I meant what I said the other day, I really do love you. Being here only intensifies …..”

I leaned forward and tenderly kissed her mouth, cutting her off in mid sentence. “I know exactly what you mean, and I love you very much as well. Um, ….. sorry, struggling to find the right words.” I smiled looking deep into her liquid eyes.

“This is our place.” Michelle snuggled in closer her arms encircling me tightly. An intense feeling of inner happiness welled in my heart together with an overall tranquillity. My right hand draped casually over her chest but lightly covered her breast as she snuggled in. As if by instinct the index finger began to trace a soft trail over the material of her top. It was the barest of touches but soon a noticeable bump of a hardening nipple became evident.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” she said in a very hushed voice. With a subtle movement she brought her mouth to my neck, lightly brushing her lips in response to sensuousness of the moment. Her hand softly caressed my chest keeping time with the strokes of my finger. My eyes wandered down across her slender torso and could not help but notice that the hem of her pale blue skirt has ridden up her thigh. Like a moth to a flame my fingers glided down to caress her mound. Tenderly I eased them flat across the material of her knickers feeling the warmth of her womanhood beneath. She made no attempt to stop me so I slide my hand under the waist band only to be greeted by her mound which was already awash with her sexually secretions. Neither of us dared to speak, the moment was just too special. I simply explored the top of her cleft and easily located her hardened clitoris. With soft circular rotations of my index finger alone, I started to tease her button. Instantly she gasped and shook at my first caress, then she purred with each movement. I did not apply any pressure, just a steady yet gentle touch, sometimes in circles and then along the hard ridge of her clitoral hood. Within Sakarya Escort minutes, Michelle was clutching to my neck in a tender build up to a gorgeous orgasm. Around and along, around and along my finger danced over her most intimate parts, finally sending her over the precipice. She sucked my neck hard against her mouth as her body convulsed then exploded. As her climax burst forth, all Michelle could do was throw her limps wide in an attempt to expel the pent up energy and ride her way through the intense orgasmic waves the racked her gorgeous body. Finally, she relaxed her every muscle, a wonderful smile of contentedness spread across her face. All things around us disappeared, we were locked in an embrace that only knew of the present.

However, this was suddenly disturbed by the breaking of a larger wave. The spray was light yet cold and roused us from our lovers cocoon. The tide was on the way in and we had not noticed, too caught up in other matters. Michelle and I scampered onto the sand before another wave could drench us, laughing at ourselves for being so naïve.

After catching our breath I asked if she would like to have that picnic lunch she had prepared. She giggled delightfully and suggested a spot not too far from where we stood. I half-heartedly agreed and suggested an alternative; “How about we go up there?” I pointed toward the top of the cliff.

“What? Up There? I mean, what is up there and how could we possibly get there without breaking our necks?” she seemed a little disappointed.

I took her hand and kissed it. “Up there is the Barrenjoyee Lighthouse and it is quite an ease walk which starts around the other side of this peninsula. Her disappointment quickly turned to excitement when I explained how you got there and what the view was like etc. Half an hour later we were standing 100 metres above the sand we had been on.

The plateau upon which the lighthouse is built is oval shaped running east to west. It is about 500 metres long and about 200 wide with the lighthouse and accompanying buildings in the middle. The keepers house and the other two buildings are constructed of sandstone blocks quarried from the surrounding cliff, as is the lighthouse itself, but it is painted white. From there you get a 360 degree view across Pittwater and the Hawkesbury River, the southern suburbs of the central coast some 10 kilometres north, and down along the peninsula that is Palm Beach. Eastward all you see is the Tasman Sea and on this day, the sea was just as much at peace as Michelle and I. The tranquillity and virtual stillness once again captured the mood between us.

“Oh Ray this is marvellous. I will remember this moment for ever.” Michelle exclaimed as she turned to take in all before her once more. “I know that sounds corny, but it is from the heart.”

“For me it is all the more beautiful because you are here.” I said, slipping my arm around her slender waist. She kissed me lightly on the cheek and quickly pulled away.

“Lets eat, I am starving, especially after that hike up here, but my god, it is worth it.”

We spread the mini feast out on the western side of the plateau to keep protected from any sea breezes that might spring up. I popped the champagne and we toasted ourselves and savoured the delicious fair which she had packed. After eating we laid out together on the rug, drinking champagne and yapping our heads off. Then, out of the blue, she asked me about my family and how things were between my wife and I.

I knew that Sakarya Escort Bayan she was partly aware of my marital circumstances. My daughter, with her group of friends, and Michelle’s son caught the same bus to their respective schools and there had been a few times when my daughter had caught the bus in tears following of a blow up by my wife. Still, for some reason I still felt a little uncomfortable.

“I am sorry Ray, for asking you that question. You do not have to say anything, I understand.”

I stroked her hair as she laid her head on my thigh. “How long have we been together? You know, um….”

“Fucking each others brains out.” She offered with a cheeky smile.

“Yes. Thank you.” I laughed. “That is exactly the term I was looking for.”

“Since early November, so that makes it about six months.”

“In all that time we have done some amazing things together. Things that I would never have dreamed of doing with you-know-who.”

“We certainly have. Plus we have talked like I would never have dreamed of doing with my you-know-who.” We both chuckled at that.

“Michelle,” I said quietly, “I want to tell you something. Something deeply personal which I never mentioned previously to anyone.”

“You know you can tell me anything, Ray.” She sat up, sipped her champagne, watching me with a special sparkle in her eye over the rim of her glass.

“Yes, I know. In fact I would go as far as to call you my sole-mate and in reality my only true friend. I really mean that.” I had to quickly bite my lip and look away, a well of emotion brewed up suddenly from deep within me and I could feel my self-control slipping. The hurt of uttering those words and the reality behind them was all consuming. Michelle just remained where she was, realising that I needed to get this off my chest. Her hand sort mine, her gentle touch the only physical comfort she was going to give. With a quiet shake of the head, I gathered my composure and told her a story. It involved an internet chat room and a girl from Birmingham in England. It was not just fanciful meeting and she was actually who she said she was. It lasted a year and we were very much in love with one another, then with the pending birth of my third daughter and the UK girl her finding a real-life partner, we parted company, just like that. As quickly as it had started, it ended at her bequest. In some ways I still carried a torch for that UK lass.

When I finished relating my experience to Michelle, I saw she had tears in her eyes. I looked deep into her face and she told me that it sounded so beautiful and that she was sad for me at the way it ended. I gently pulled Michelle to me, hugging her close. She sat on my lap facing me, her legs were either side of mine and the skirt she wore fanned across us both. I buried my face into her neck and she the same, our arms enfolding each other with all the strength we could muster, trying to give that strength to the other. The release of telling my story was too much, the hurt and sorrow that accompanied it reducing my resolve. I wept like I had never before which brought Michelle to tears as well. Wrapped in the security of each others arms found shelter and comfort, and above all love.

With tears still in our eyes, we tenderly kissed. A kiss full of passion but not ladened with lust. Tongues exploring deeply into mouths, hands caressing backs, soothing and yearning, comforting and encouraging, telling the other through actions alone that they were in safe waters. Escort Sakarya Her tongue engaging mine in a languid, sensual dance that kept time to a far off tune. The smell of her perfume and the soft fall of her hair upon my shoulder sending my senses to flight, all cares dissipating with every flick of her tongue. There was no sexual driven urgency in or embrace, just a highly passionate joining of kindred spirits high atop this marvellous place that we now called our own.

I softly lifted her, carefully holding her body to mine, and eased her on to her back, never once breaking our kiss. Her legs wrapped about my waist as I carefully pressed my body to hers. Her hips rocked to meet mine as the breeze flicked the air around us. The scent of the ocean filled the air as we fell together, locked in a timeless embrace. I reached down between our bodies and unzipped my jeans and with sure fingers I retrieved my now hard member. I felt Michelle’s pelvis undulate beneath me urging me to continue. I held myself steady posed above her and as gently as possible pushed her knickers aside. As they moved I lowered my loins to hers, her lower body rising up to meet me. The head of my cock pressed firmly into the top of her cleft, pushing aside the silky, hairless labia. With my hips alone, I gently guided my shaft lower, Michelle’s copious flow allowing for an easy transit. I sucked her tongue firmly into my mouth as I slowly sank my groin into her. Her legs folded up and around my hips in response. She caught her breath momentarily as my thickness pushed inside her body, filling her completely. Once again her hips rocked with mine, a slow and steady grind, unlike some of the wild couplings we had previously known.

Neither of us wanting to break our kiss, we sensuously made love there in the open air. I kept myself fully inserted, just using the writhing of our bodies to stimulate each other. She arched her back bringing her clitoris in contact with my pubic bone and sensing this I ground my hips more firmly to match her consuming movements. Together we rocked and slowly humped our hips, feeling the growing tension of heightened stimulation and each only wanting to satisfy the other. Like a distant roll of thunder, my orgasm commenced. My breathing slowly becoming ragged yet still attached to her mouth and she in turn doing the same. No one was leading the other, our bodies in turn, senses working over time. Finally we had to break that long kiss, the need for air to great as our bodies rotated one on the other. The rising waves of climax were fast approaching but I kept my penis deep inside her clutching vagina. The ever increasing wetness of her secretions spreading across her knickers as well as my jeans. Her body rippling like the surf below as I tensed, trying to stem the flow to wait for Michelle. Soon I could feel her coming. The waves of her orgasm racing along her legs in little tremors, my own pounding in my brain. With quietened restraint we crash upon each others shores. The blinding force of the held back flow throwing me deeper inside the beautiful woman beneath me. Her body clinging to me with every possible muscle as explosion upon explosion convulsed her torso. My own climax bursting forth, spilling deep inside her beautiful body. I held myself still, feeling the pulse of my organ with each jet of come. We had come together, in many senses of the word, and were now in feel fall, joined by bonds that have been tightened through the opening of hearts and consummated by such a tender yet deeply touching union.

After a few long minutes, Michelle looked up into my eyes. She softly brushed my tussled hair, “That was beautiful.”

“And so are you” I replied my limp penis still held within her silky vagina. I pulled away slightly and rolled onto my side, leaving my leg draped over her thigh.

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