Robin and Alicia Ch. 02


The next time I saw either of them was at our college reunion, four years later, when we were all around 27 years old. We had gone to a small college in Ohio, and while we were enjoying the nostalgia, the reunion activities were not all that exciting. I was hanging out with some friends, shooting the shit, and eventually I ended up in a group that included both Robin and Alicia. Alicia had married Ted and had two kids already, and her tits had grown out to a solid D cup, which was not exactly a bad look! I was getting a real feeling of sexual frustration from her. I got the feeling that Ted, on his own, was not exactly able to make up for the wild experiences she had enjoyed in college when she was more free to play the field. She and Ted had broken up and got back together every three months in college, but even when they were together, we all knew she was probably cheating on him. I had just avoided the temptation myself until that party after college.

Robin was also married, but didn’t have kids yet. She had also gotten even hotter since college; she had always been a bit too thin for my tastes, sort of semi-anorexic-looking, except that her skinniness derived from too much exercise rather than a lack of food. She had apparently gotten over whatever issues she had been dealing with, though, and now exuded a really healthy sense of fitness.

It was summer and ridiculously hot as we all sat out on the college lawns. Alicia was wearing a thin sundress with a flower print and a low neckline that showed off copious views of her new and improved cleavage. Based on the way the bumps of her nipples were sticking out so clearly, and the way her tits were bouncing everywhere as she ran around to chase after her kids, I doubted she was wearing a bra. I also enjoyed the view of her ass through the nearly-sheer fabric.

Robin was wearing a brown tank top that fit snugly over her still-perky jugs, which were sticking out like a shelf over her super-fit abdomen. She wore a pair of equally tight blue short-shorts that wrapped around her shapely hips and ass nicely, and showed off her long, toned legs. I didn’t get the same “I want to be a slut” vibe from her that I was getting from Alicia, but she did seem to have a lively, adventuresome quality now, something that was missing from her pretty meek personality in college, and my sexual interest was stoked. I was jealous of Paul, who was no doubt getting some nice action in the bedroom these days. I had had a few girlfriends here and there, but nothing recent, and my cock was lusting after every pair of tits and ass I could see, let alone the particularly hot ones I was now in Sakarya Escort proximity to.

It turned out that the college had built a new biology building since we had graduated, and Robin announced that, as a former biology major, she wanted to take a look. No one else was interested, but I had also been a bio major, so I decided to join her. I didn’t seriously think I had a shot, but it was enjoyable enough just to be in the presence of a hot chick who was parading around a delectable set of tits and ass. You couldn’t say she was flaunting them, but they were definitely putting on a show. The most I was hoping for, honestly, was that the air conditioning in the science building would make for a nice display of nipples. We walked over together, and wandered through the building. As we did, I started to get weird vibes from her. She seemed more and more nervous. Finally, as we explored a lab, I asked her what was going on. She seemed startled, and didn’t know what to say. Finally she spoke, and said that she had always had a crush on me, but had never admitted it, and it was just a little nerve-wracking for her to be alone with me—not that we’d do anything about it, of course, she quickly interjected. But as soon as she said it, she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, as if thinking to herself: “But I would.”

Now, there are some decisive moments in our lives. If you take advantage of a situation, you can change your life, and if you don’t, nothing happens and you always look back on it and wish you had. I felt like I had to take control of this situation. You only get so many hot married chicks admitting to their long-time lust for you. I moved closer, and put a hand on her upper arm.

“You know, I had always felt the same about you,” I said. I hadn’t, not exactly the same anyway—more semi-lust than a romantic crush—but this was not the time to argue about the aptness of synonyms. I moved even closer, looking her in the eyes. I could see her will was weakening. I felt it was time to be bold. I moved my other hand to one of her breasts, touching it in a series of light circles with the tips of my fingers. She quivered, and a gasp of air rushed out of her lungs. Her nipples turned to steel and poked out of her tank top like thimbles. I moved the fingers of both of my hands to caress those bullet-like prominences, and I could feel the entirety of her breasts tighten.

Her blue eyes looked up into mine, saying with them, as clearly as if she had said it aloud, “Do what you want with me.” She could always say it wasn’t her fault; I had taken the first step. But the truth was I would never Sakarya Escort Bayan have done anything if it hadn’t been clear that that’s what she had wanted.

I kissed her passionately on the mouth. She mewed like a kitten. As I continued to massage her amazing breasts, I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra either! I pulled the neck of her tank top down and popped a breast out through the stretched hole, enjoying my view of one of nature’s most perfect creations. I inserted it in my mouth and started sucking. She moaned. I pushed her up against a lab table and put two fingers up the crotch of her shorts—holy shit, no panties! She was NOT the kind of girl I thought she was! My fingers went straight into her already dripping cunt and I started fingering her clit. In minutes, she was coming, standing up against the lab table with all of her clothes still on. Her knees were wobbly and she looked down, sort of embarrassed now that she realized what had happened. But I was not going to let her turn this into some kind of “we shouldn’t have” situation.

“My turn,” I said, and I stepped away and lowered my pants, my eight-inch cock sticking out straight at her. Her eyes widened, and she stared at it for a good ten seconds.

“Oh god I wanted this so long,” she said. “I knew you had a monster in there.” She slowly kneeled down, moved her head closer, and opened her mouth, taking me in inch by inch.

Robin didn’t have Alicia’s experience, and couldn’t take my thick pole in all the way, but her mixture of innocence and enthusiasm made up for it, and she at least got the first few inches in her mouth, which still stretched her lips pretty wide. I could see her jaw straining, her throat flexing, the saliva start to drip from the corners of her mouth. Her breath was raggedly coming out of her nostrils in quick spurts.

The mixture of soft licking and hard sucking was just what my cock ordered and within minutes I had a major wad of cum welling up in my balls. I warned her, but she held on to my hips, not letting me pull out, so when I came, I filled her mouth immediately. She tried gallantly to swallow it all, but she wasn’t really an expert at this and I could see her gagging as she tried to contain it. It was an impossible task, and loose globs kept escaping and running down her chin into her cleavage. Eventually her gagging became so acute that cum actually came flying out of her nose like milk out of a kid’s nose! It was one of the most awesome sights of my life—she just started violently moving her head back and forth while stuck on my rod, her throat moving up and down, and then two Escort Sakarya giant jets of cum shot out of her nostrils!

I finally pulled out of her mouth out of pity and moved back a bit. She lay back against the lab table and started to laugh.

“This is what I get for fucking around,” she said with a smile, wiping the cum off her face.

“Well, you haven’t actually done the fucking part yet,” I said, getting a woody again almost immediately, looking at her still-clothed body sitting there on the cold floor, legs splayed, cum dripping on her face, the top of her tits, and her thighs.

“Hmm,” she murmured, “you’re right.” She crawled over to me and asked, “How do you want me?”

“Every fucking way possible,” I said, “but let’s start here.”

I kneeled behind her and finally pulled off her shorts, then stuck my dick into her wet cunt. She was enormously into it. Back and forth, back and forth we thrust our bodies on the floor. She was still wearing her tank top, which still had just one tit flopping out of the neck hole, and which now flailed around like crazy from our exertions. She was screaming and moaning, and I was grunting like a pig.

“Oh god, oh god, fuck me like a dog,” she screamed, “fuck me like a whore! Fuck me like a fucking whore!”

Her pussy clenched me like a rottweiler. If it wasn’t so wet I wouldn’t have been able to move. We changed positions several times, since I had now built up some reserve after the blowjob. We stood up, and I fucked her against the desks, finally removing her shirt so I could see both of those perfect tits bouncing around. She came at least three times more, each time like a volcano. Finally I emptied a bucket of cum into her snatch, and we both lay back onto the chairs, basking in the glow of an enormously gratifying fuck.

We used the lab’s sinks to wash the cum off her body and out of her cunt, then eventually went back to the rest of the group. Twice she found a moment when she was able to slightly shield herself from view, then stuck a finger up her pussy and pulled out some remaining jism, which she then licked off her finger in an astonishingly slutty display. Not only was it hot—not to mention unexpected from someone who I had always tagged as being a rather timid person—but it reminded me of how Alicia had acted at our party several years earlier. I guess when God invented sluts, he imbued them with certain universal characteristics!

In any case, after a slow start, this was certainly turning out to be a pretty good reunion after all. The festivities were going to continue for another day, so after restraining ourselves (with some difficulty) through the rest of the day and through the night, we finally got a chance to get away by ourselves the next afternoon. Robin and I made some excuses about checking out another biology function, and headed back to our favorite empty science building to continue our own little party.

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