The first time I walked in on my roommate downloading porn with one hand down his pants, I was embarrassed. But after the fourth or fifth time, I just started to be bugged by it. Instead of hitting on me, he was just looking at women on the internet. I’m good looking. I don’t know why he does that.

Finally, I decided to do something about it.

For the next week I was always really quiet when I came home. I didn’t want him to hear me. Finally one day I found him looking at porn. I snuck in the room quietly and kneeled behind me. By the time he heard me and started to turn around, I snuck one hand around his waist and put it on his right hand, the one he was masturbating with.

I didn’t say a word. He was too shocked to say anything. I started guiding his hand up and down his shaft. It was actually pretty big… I was surprised.

I grabbed his right hand with my other hand and pulled it away so I could stroke his cock. He moaned and closed his eyes. He rolled his chair back, and I got the hint and crawled over in front of him. Keeping my right hand massaging his cock, I unzipped his pants with my left. With one motion, Sakarya Escort I pulled his cock out of his fly and started playing with it with both hands. He moaned again, and leaned back in his chair. I stopped playing with him for a second to whip off my shirt. As I leaned down to kiss the tip of his cock, my breasts brushed against his legs. He put one hand on the back of my head and pushed me towards his cock a little, so I put the tip in my mouth. With my right hand I kept playing with the shaft.

He reached down and started fondling my breasts while I sucked the tip of his cock. He moaned, and I went down further until I had half of it in my mouth. He reached behind me and unclasped my bra. It slipped off easily, and my bare breasts rubbed up against the inside of his legs. I went up and down on his cock while he played with my bare tits some more. Finally, I stood up, and reached under my skirt. I lifted it up, and he pulled down my thong. I straddled him. “Don’t worry.”, I said, “I’m on the pill.” And with that, I grabbed his cock and led it to my hole. This hole thing had been turning me on so much Sakarya Escort Bayan that I was already wet enough to let him inside. All 8 inches of him filled me up and hit my g-spot right away.

“Oh jesus!” I screamed and started grinding on him. He grabbed my ass and started bouncing me up and down on his cock. While he was doing this, I pulled his shirt up as far as I could. He let go of my ass long enough for me to pull it off of him, then he grabbed me again and kept going, just as fast and hard as he had been before.

Finally he had to stop for a minute. I was so close to orgasm… it was like it was just waiting to hit me…

I got off of his lap and gave him head for a minute until he was ready for more. Then I pulled him out of his chair, and he stood up. I pulled his pants off and started playing with him. His cock was right in front of my face, and I was playing with it.

“Suck it…” he begged, but I just smiled at him and kept playing with it. Finally he got down on his knees and laid me down on my back. I spread wide, but instead of fucking me right on the ground there, he started Escort Sakarya to go down. He kissed my stomach, then the inside of my right leg. His tongue touched my vagina, and worked its way up to my clit. I grabbed the back of his head and held it there for a minute, and he actually put my entire clit into his mouth and sucked on it. I almost had an orgasm right there. He stopped and moved up. Then he slid inside of me easily, and started fucking me slowly.

“Harder.” I said. He fucked me harder. “Faster.”, and he fucked me faster. “Harder!”, I yelled, and he fucked me harder. “FASTER!!!”

He just kept getting faster and rougher and he had to grab my shoulders to keep me from sliding on the ground because he was fucking me so hard and so fast.

I screamed as he gave me the most intense orgasm I’d ever had with anyone else. Right at the peak of my orgasm, I felt him cum inside me. He moaned and I screamed and I swear the neighbors three houses down could probably hear us.

He pretty much just collapsed on top of me right there. He managed to pull himself out of me, then he reached down to finger me some. I could still feel my orgasm… it was like waves and waves of pleasure still coming. And every time he touched my pussy it just made it last longer and longer. I don’t know how long I was lying there afterwards, but it felt like hours until we both fell asleep together on the floor.

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