Sam and Helen


I’ve only finished two stories as an adult and this is the second one. It’s also the longest story I’ve written out of the two. I’ve got lots of writing to do if I even want to get good at this. I’ve tried to make sure that it is error free, but honestly, I’m tired of looking at it. I’m open to feedback on grammar, punctuation, story structure. etc. I hope you enjoy this story. Please leave feedback. Thanks!

***Part 1***

I met Helen a few months before the events of this story while working together at a big box store.

Helen and I clicked almost immediately. I was twenty at the time and Helen was twenty-six or twenty-seven. We quickly became friends and I guess Helen was kind like an older sister and mentor to me. Regardless of type of relationship that existed between us, we knew that we could trust each other and that we had each other’s backs.

Working at Large Mart was a part-time, second job for Helen. Her primary job was in a small school district several miles away where she was a middle school PE coach. She drove thirty minutes from her school to Large Mart several days a week and then worked until closing, then going home and repeating the cycle. Just thinking about it wore me out. I assumed she was working both jobs because she needed the money, but I never did ask her.

Unfortunately, Helen was quitting the store and moving in a couple of days to be closer to her primary job. I was also moving in about two months time to go to college three hours away in the opposite direction. Our time together was limited even she didn’t move.

After Helen’s last night at the store, she invited me over to her apartment to hang out and have some pizza and maybe watch a movie or whatever else we could come up with. Another friend, a fellow teacher who lived in the same apartment complex, would be there as well.

As a twenty-year-old male, I’ll freely admit that just about every other thought I had was about sex, but amazingly enough, I’d never entertained any sexual thoughts about Helen. In fact, based upon nothing other than her haircut and her assertiveness, I’d almost decided she was a lesbian.

Horrible, I know, but I was only twenty and had so little life experience. Little did I know it at the time, but this was going to be one of the hottest nights of my life up to this point.


I arrived at Helen’s apartment a few minutes after she did. Her friend, Karen, let me in, introducing herself and explaining that Helen had gotten in the shower just before I had arrived. By the time Helen came out of the shower, I’d already finished the beer Karen had offered me. Helen came into the living room toweling her short, brown hair. She’d changed out of her work clothes and into a sweatshirt and pajama pants.

Helen probably wasn’t anyone’s idea of “hot.” Her short brown hair framed a fairly unremarkable face that you probably wouldn’t say was pretty. However, I always liked it when she smiled. She was stocky, but not fat. The loose clothes she typically wore provided no further details about her figure, and at some point in our friendship, I had quit wondering because it just didn’t matter. She was just an average looking woman, just as most of us are average looking people. Let’s face it, I wasn’t a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt either. But as the proverb says, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

“Ugh. My bra was killing me. It feels so good to be out of it’,” said Helen, briefly scratching under her breasts.

Karen cleared her throat and tilted her head toward me as if to say, ‘There’s a man here, and you’re just floating fancy and free?’

Helen looked over at me, “It’s just Sam.”

As I said before, I’d never had a sexual thought about Helen, but hearing her say she wasn’t wearing a bra certainly had gotten my attention. My interest was piqued, to say the least. However, I acted as if I hadn’t heard her.

I quickly glanced at her chest, I just couldn’t help it. I realized I could just make out her nipples poking at her sweatshirt. From what I could tell, Helen had some fairly good sized boobs, maybe C or a D-cups. As she walked into the kitchen, I thought I could see them jiggle.

She came back from the kitchen with two beers and handed one to me. The cold temperature of the refrigerator must’ve gotten to her because her nipples were trying to bore holes through her sweatshirt. I tried to ignore them, but my cock didn’t as I could feel it starting to swell. I concentrated on the bottle of beer I was holding and my cock deflated to its normal state.

It was my second beer of the evening and, being a lightweight and drinking on an empty stomach, I was quickly starting to feel a buzz.

“Sam, you can take a shower and change if you want to,” said Helen, inclining her head back in the direction of her bedroom.

I kept a spare set of clothes in my car for just such occasions. I felt disgusting after a long day at the store and Helen had already offered me Trabzon Escort the use of her shower before we left the store.

“Yeah, I feel pretty grimy.” I gulped the rest of my beer.

Helen smiled and said, “You better slow down Sam.”

“Hey, I know how to hold my alcohol.” I was just being flippant. It’s not like I was an experienced drinker.

I grabbed my duffel bag off of the sofa and walked into her bedroom where the only bathroom was located. After closing the bathroom door behind me, I stripped quickly, revealing my rapidly swelling cock.

As I stood beneath the hot shower, I couldn’t stop thinking about Helen’s breasts. I closed my eyes as I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it while visualizing her hard nipples and the jiggling of her breasts.

“Oh, god; Helen’s nipples and breasts!” I said this over and over, stroking myself to the rhythm of the words.

I was getting close to ejaculating when, suddenly, I stopped. It was a difficult decision. I was so very close to the point of no return. I reached out and turned the water all the way to cold and my cock wilted almost immediately, as if it were trying to crawl back into my body. Now was not the most opportune moment to get off. Hopefully, that would come later.

When I could no longer endure it, I got out of the shower and dried off. After hanging up the towel, I pulled my clothes out of my duffel bag and started getting dressed. I’d pulled my underwear about halfway up my legs when I thought better of it.

Did I mention I was pretty buzzed after two beers and possibly not making good decisions?

I let go of my red boxer briefs and let them slide down to my feet. I picked them up with one foot and dropped them back into the bag.

I pulled out some slick, shiny-black athletic shorts, pulled them up, and then put on a T-shirt. I looked down and could see a faint bulge—that would never do—not yet, anyway. Even though I was as horny as fuck, I was able to make my incorrigible cock return to flaccidity after a couple of minutes. Looking down, I arranged it as well as I could. I looked into the mirror, and thought, You’d have to be looking pretty hard to notice it.

“At least for now,” I said out loud, leering at the bathroom mirror.

As I exited the bathroom, feeling much better than when I’d gone in, I heard Karen and Helen quietly talking to each other as Karen joked, “We should take him to the hot tub and take advantage of him.”

They laughed but got themselves under control when I walked into the living room. My stomach began growling the moment my nose detected the smell of pizza.

“I hope you like pepperoni and sausage,” Helen said.

“Anything but those little fish,” I responded.

“Yuck,” said the three of us at the same time.

We all laughed. I went and grabbed my third beer of the evening from the kitchen and tried to concentrate on it, rather than Helen’s breasts. I came back into the living room and sat on the couch.

Karen was sitting to my left in a blue recliner, and Helen was on my right, at the end of the couch nearest the television. We were watching a new show starring Jerry Seinfeld. It’d been on television for only a season, but I was hooked.

Every time Helen reached over to the coffee table for a slice of pizza or a drink, I could see her boobs swinging under her sweatshirt. Dear god…it was difficult not to get hard.


That was the first time I’d met Karen. She was blonde with mid-length hair styled with “wings” that were popular in the 1980s. She was dressed in stereotypical teacher fashion—a respectable, button-down blouse with a red apple embroidered on the left pocket and blue slacks that were neither too tight nor too loose.

Believe me, I know because I stared at her ass every time she got up. I think Helen caught me a couple of times but just rolled her eyes.

She wore sensible flats, for being on her feet all day, and a pair of large frame glasses. She was about thirty-two years old, and I thought she was kind of cute, but it was hard to tell what kind of body she had under her professional attire, although that didn’t stop me trying to imagine her naked.


About twenty minutes later, after we were finished with Seinfeld and the pizza, Helen asked, “Do you two want another beer?”

“Yes,” we both said at the same time, which sent Karen and me into a fit of giggles. Helen just looked at us and raised her eyebrow, but I could tell that she thought it was funny. I think the alcohol had begun to work on all of us.

As Helen bent over to get our empties off of the coffee table, her loose sweatshirt sagged forward, allowing gravity to pull her breasts away from her body. I could see them swinging back and forth under her shirt. This had been my best glimpse so far. I started thinking about baseball scores and I don’t even like baseball.

I wasn’t sure I was going to do what I’d planned while in the Trabzon Escort Bayan bathroom, but in any case, I hadn’t worked up the courage to do it, yet. I was feeling a little anxious about the execution, and that did a fine job of keeping my cock deflated.

Helen sat down and I began sipping my fourth beer of the night—I was starting to feel pretty good. We were talking, or at least Karen and Helen were while I listened. Every time Helen would gesture, her boobs would jiggle.

I continued darting looks at her chest, but I was starting to lose the struggle to will my penis to stay limp. Helen would gesture, and her breasts would jiggle. I swear, I was so distracted I didn’t know what they were saying.

My cock was laying against my right leg, but it was starting to lengthen and become more noticeable. I looked down and, though I wasn’t fully erect, I could could see the outline of my cock near the top of my right leg.

While Helen was listening to Karen, she glanced toward me—I think to see if I was still listening. She hesitated, almost imperceptibly, before turning her attention back to Karen.

“Helen, are you feeling okay?” Karen asked.

“I’m fine,” she said quickly, sounding a bit flustered.

“You look a little flushed.”

“I feel fine. Really!”

I could tell Helen was concentrating on making eye contact with Karen and very studiously not looking in the direction of my crotch.

I crossed my legs to make it somewhat harder to see my lap. Helen and I began complaining about Large Mart as Karen listened. My responses were robotic by that point, and I didn’t know if I was making sense.

I’d given up on not being caught while looking at Helen’s breasts—I was now full on staring at them. The alcohol had lowered my inhibitions to almost nil. I thought I could barely see the outline of her areolas. Helen kept glancing at me, but she wouldn’t meet my eyes. My cock was an iron rod in my shorts.

During the time I’d known her, she had always been outgoing and assertive—she was definitely an extrovert and leader—but not that night, apparently. She finally sat back and crossed her arms over her boobs.

Usually, getting caught would’ve bothered me, but I think I was on my fifth beer and just didn’t give a shit.

“Aw. I guess the show’s over,” I lamented.

Karen looked at me, quizzically. I uncrossed my legs and stretched, leaning back to make my erection more visible. I’m quite average at six inches but that night, it felt enormous.

“Oh!” she exclaimed softly, her eyes widening.

Fuck it, I’m doing this, I decided. I stood up from the couch and took a couple of steps to the center of the room. My cock was at full hardness and was causing an obscene bulge in my shorts. Both women’s eyes zeroed in on it like heat seeking missiles.

I looked at Helen and saw she’d lowered her arms. Her nipples were very erect.

“If you’re not going to wear a bra, I guess I’m going to have to jack off so I can concentrate,” I said.

Both women stayed silent—I figured they were stunned at the sheer crudeness of my statement. At least they hadn’t kicked me out, yet, so I had to believe that my next statement would garner even more interest.

I winked at them, “I can spank the monkey in the bathroom, or, I can do it out here.” Do you remember when I’d said, earlier, that I wasn’t making wise choices?

I was so buzzed, the concept of good and bad choices had no relevance in the face of my lack of inhibition. I dropped my hand to my cock and started rubbing it through my shorts. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this; I felt like I was dreaming. However, I was also very excited and had no intention of stopping.

They were still very quiet, I was beginning to think, ‘Maybe I’ve gone too far.’

Karen was the first one to break the silence.

“I think I’d like you to do it out here,” she said quietly.

I looked at Helen, trying to gauge her reaction. Her neck was flushed all the way down to her collar. She stayed silent, but the look in her eyes wasn’t one of anger or anxiety—I couldn’t tell what it was.

“Okay, I’ll be right back. I’m going to get a towel. After all, I don’t want to mess up Helen’s carpet,” I said.

Still fondling myself, I walked to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, and willed myself not to run back into the living room. As I walked back slowly, I could hear Karen and Helen whispering. I stopped, trying to eavesdrop.

Helen was occupying the end of the couch where I’d been sitting and leaning toward Karen. “I don’t know if this is a good idea,” she whispered loudly. “He’s only twenty and I don’t want him to get any ideas about being in a relationship or anything. He’s been a good friend but I don’t want to inspire a case of puppy dog eyes.”

Karen seemed to waver for a moment. “Well…you may be right, but I haven’t gotten laid for over a year and a half. Seeing the bulge in his pants made me wet!” Escort Trabzon She whimpered the last part.

Helen exhaled loudly. “Okay,” she said, but she didn’t sound happy.

I cleared my throat and walked in. They both jerked upright as Helen moved her eyes back and forth between my face and cock.

Karen didn’t bother to look at my face. She had eyes only for my cock. Her hand was trailing down her thigh towards her crotch. Suddenly, she snatched it away like she had touched a hot stove. She finally looked at me, a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

I returned to the center of the room, turned around to face them, laid the towel out in front of me, and then hesitated for a moment. My adrenaline was pumping and I was anxious and excited, all at the same time.

“Fuck it, I’m doing this,” I whispered to myself.

I pulled my shirt off and dropped it behind me. I stared at both of them, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts, and pulled them down. The elastic caught on my erection for a moment, causing it to bounce up and down. My shorts fell to my feet and I kicked them to the side.

At the age of twenty, I was skinny as a rail; my body was nothing to brag about. But at that moment, I didn’t give a fuck.

My smile was so big that my jaws were beginning to hurt. My cock, bending slightly to the side, felt hard enough to hammer nails. I grasped it with my right hand and began moving my hand up and down, causing my foreskin to hide and then reveal the head of my cock every time I moved my hand back and forth. After all the build-up I was afraid that I wouldn’t last very long, so I stroked very slowly.

“You know, if one of you wants to give me some visual stimulation, I won’t complain.” I leered at them. “Besides, I’m getting a little lonely being the only one without any clothes on.”

I closed my eyes for a second as I enjoyed the feeling of my hand gently sliding back forth over my cock. By the time I opened my eyes, Helen had pulled her sweatshirt up to her chin. She looked embarrassed, but she didn’t put her shirt back down.

This is the point in the story where I’m supposed to tell you that, even though Helen had big boobs, they were, “perfectly perky.” Helen’s weren’t, they sagged, but that’s normal. Some breasts become saggy the moment they’re large enough to do so. Youth doesn’t always mean perky. She had to be a large C or D-cup.

She had a roll of belly fat, but she wasn’t fat if you know what I mean. Her right boob was slightly lower than the left one—in other words, they looked like typical tits. They were certainly doing it for me! Her areolas were wrinkled and contracted, pushing her nipples up and out. They were about the size of the erasers on those big pencils made for little kids. My mouth began to water just looking at them.

“Damn!” I said quietly.

I saw a slight smile quickly appear on her lips and then, just as quickly, disappear. I began stroking faster, but then remembered I was trying to make it last and slowed down. I heard some clothing rustling and turned to my right to look at Karen. She’d pulled her slacks down to her feet and slid her hands into her panties. I could see a wet spot at the crotch.

I began stroking a little faster, but still not too fast. I began exhaling more forcefully. Fuck, having my hand on my cock felt good! Not as good as having someone else’s hand on it, but still very pleasurable.

“Oh, god! My cock feels so good!” I groaned.

Karen continued to move her hand in small circles while rubbing her clit. “Yes!” she whispered.

I started to stroke faster as I shifted my eyes from Helen to Karen and back again to see the looks on their faces. Helen had started playing with her nipples and occasionally closed her eyes.

I groaned more loudly. I began squeezing my cock harder as my fist continued to piston up and down on it.

“Oh, god! I think I’m getting close!” I said.

I was starting to feel a tingling sensation in my balls and at the tip of my cock, which told me the end was near. I grunted in pleasure and began to stroke faster.

Karen haltingly said, “Slow…down…some. I’m not…there…yet.”

When I looked at her, she’d taken off her underwear, unbuttoned her shirt, and unhooked the front clasp of her bra. Her breasts were very perky (as smaller breasts often are), her nipples were long, and she had “puffies”—I almost lost it when I saw those.

I’d catch glimpses of her pubic hair, which was a little lighter in color than her eyebrows, thus belying the blonde hair on her head. She increased the speed of her hand rubbing her clit in ever quickening circles. Her lips were puffy with arousal and I could tell she was very wet by the swishing sounds I heard as she moved her fingers in and out of her pussy, still using the other hand to rub her clit.

She groaned as she began breathing harder and more quickly.

“I….think…I’m…close…enough…now!” she said with urgency.

I heard Helen take a deep breath. I looked over at her and she was playing with her breasts by squeezing them together and dropping them, over and over. She looked excited, but she hadn’t made any effort to touch herself anywhere below her waist.

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