Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 29


Chapter 29. Mick L. (April 1995).

What began as an unfortunate accident resulted in a very pleasant experience. It happened in early April, not long after my thirty first birthday.

Driving along a quiet country road I pulled out to overtake a cyclist when a rabbit suddenly scooted across the road in front of me. Instinctively braking and swerving to avoid the rabbit, the rear of my car inadvertently clipped the cyclists front wheel, sending him sprawling onto the grass verge.

Stopping the car I ran back to see if he was alright, apologising profusely.

The guy, though wearing a safety helmet, wasn’t dressed the way an aficionado of the sport of cycling would be in as much as wore normal shorts and a t-shirt. He lay on the grass verge untangling his legs from the bike and started shouting, “You stupid cun,” his voice breaking off as I drew near.

I repeated my apologies and asked if he was alright.

“My legs a bit sore,” he told me, rubbing his right calf. “But at least the bike seems OK.”

Probably in his late fifties or early sixties the guy removed his helmet to release a shock of very curly hair, which would once have been black but was now predominately grey. The slim, good looking guy, introduced himself as Mick.

“I’m Sandi,” I told him. “Let me give your leg a massage as I’m the cause of your pain.”

Squatting, I ran my hands over Mick’s calf while he lay back on the grass, soon holding himself up on his elbows from where I surmised he had a good view up my skirt!

After massaging Mick’s right calf I transferred my hands to his left, soon moving upwards to his thigh.

“It’s good to meet a girl who still wears stockings in these days of tights.”

He lay with a grin on his face, Mick’s words confirming my earlier thought.

I didn’t answer but transferring my hands to his right thigh I contrived the manoeuvre in such a way that my skirt rode even higher enabling Mick to compliment me on my choice Urfa Escort of panties.

“Though it’s what inside them that’s important,” he added with something of a leer.

Allowing my hand to brush across the front of Mick’s shorts while transferring back to the other leg I felt a hardening bulge. He sat upright then, a more serious expression on his face. Pushing his hand between my thighs, Mick said, “Perhaps I should take you behind the hedge.”

“Perhaps you should.” I agreed.

“Get those sexy knickers off and give you a bloody good shafting. Spreading your legs for me is the least you can do for knocking me off my bike.”

His fingers were rubbing the strip of material between my thighs by now and I quickly agreed for a second time.

Although there wasn’t much traffic using the road Mick hid his bike from view before walking me briskly towards a gate in the hedge, not far away as luck would have it. The gate was secured by a chain and padlock so we had to climb over which in my case meant hiking my skirt really high, much to Mick’s enjoyment.

“Phew, I’m going to enjoy getting between your lovely thighs,” he muttered as I jumped down from the gate.

Fortunately it was a pasture field, recently housing sheep according to Mick though currently empty. Guiding me along to the left we disturbed a couple of birds which scuttled away, red legged Partridges he told me; my ornithological knowledge being minimal I took it for granted he was correct.

Mick took me in his arms and we kissed lustily, tongues entwined.

“You ARE up for it!” Mick exclaimed when parting from the kiss I immediately began undoing his shorts.

Though still early April the weather was warm for the time of year and the grass dry. While Mick yanked his t-shirt off I pushed his shorts and underpants down, then knelt. I studied Mick’s penis, interested to find it circumcised as most I’d had so far hadn’t been. Anyway, I started off Urfa Escort Bayan by licking his balls well aware by this time how much guys like it. Mick was no exception! Eventually though I turned my attention back to his lovely long penis, taking it in my hand and kissing the end. I ran the tip of my tongue round the sensitive rim and even probed the small opening at its tip. Only after quite a while did I take Mick’s penis into my mouth.

“Hells teeth girl, you know how to pleasure a man,” he gasped as I sucked on his penis, stroking his balls with one hand while stimulating his anus with the other.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself and had practically reduced the guy to a gibbering wreck by the time I rocked back on my heels and smiled up at him.

“Get your kit off girl, I’ll ladder your stockings if I do it. Take every last stitch off mind, I want to see you stark bollock naked.”

Happy to oblige I undressed under Mick’s watchful eye. I studied his own naked body more fully then while he studied mine, finding my supposition about his hair colour to have been correct. Mick’s genitals were surrounded by jet black pubic hair though the tightly packed curls on his chest were greying same as his head.

As I removed the final item, my suspender belt, Mick grabbed me. His fingers dug into my bottom as he pulled me to himself for a repeat of our earlier kiss, this time though it was our naked bodies pressing together. I ran my hands down his back as the kiss went on and when Mick’s fingers slid down the crevice between my buttocks I did likewise to him. There we stood stimulating each others anal openings and when Mick pushed one, then two fingers, deep inside my anus I did exactly the same to him.

We stood there fingering one another for a while until a really fired up Mick suddenly tumbled me down onto the grass and buried his face between my thighs. It wasn’t long before the peace and quiet of the field was broken by Escort Urfa my ecstatic cries as Mick’s tongue worked on my cunt and he again fingered my anus.

After bringing me to a particularly noisy orgasm Mick flipped me over onto my tummy. I promptly moved up onto all fours in readiness to receive his penis but Mick had other ideas. Pulling my buttocks wide he began licking my anus, prompting squeals of delight to break from my lips. When his fingers went to work on my cunt as well, stimulating my clitoris while he tongued my anus, I was practically delirious. Another noisy orgasm hit me and as I came back down to earth I heard an over excited Mick shout that I deserved punishing for knocking him off his bike.

So saying he began spanking me. Though offering up a token protest I did nothing to avoid the blows from his hand, remaining on hands and knees, squealing and wriggling my bottom as he spanked me.

With my buttocks stinging Mick drove his penis deep inside my cunt and I yelled, “Yes! This is what I need,” surprising myself as much as Mick.

He was fucking me wildly, almost frantically or so it seemed, fired up by the situation. Lunging over to grab my swaying breasts Mick drove his penis in and out of me, grunting in my ear that I was one randy female.

He was gripping my hips when he came, penis jerking spasmodically deep inside me.

Once it was over I don’t know if Mick felt embarrassed or what but he quickly departed the scene, leaving me still laying on the grass. Mulling over the experience I found myself imagining other cyclists appearing, having been alerted to my presence behind the hedge by Mick. The cyclists, perhaps six our seven of them, excited to find me still laying naked in the grass would take me one after the other. I found myself masturbating then, imagining my legs being held wide apart while penis after penis drove into me.

Shocked by the unexpected fantasy I pulled myself together and cleaned myself up before slowly dressing to continue my journey, mulling over both the unusual and interesting encounter but also the resulting fantasy.

Though I made a point of driving the same road whenever I was in the vicinity I never saw the cyclist again.

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