Santa’s Photo Shoot

Female Ejaculation

Recently, China was given an amazing opportunity to accompany Noel Dansford the world-renowned erotic photographer on a photo shoot in Vail, CO. She always dreamed of taking to the slopes through the famous China Bowl, located only in Vail, CO, and having wild sex on an off-beaten ski trail. China got the call early one morning in the spring of 2013, saying she had to fly to the Big Apple, all expenses paid. She would be staying at The Vintage Plaza in SoHo with a chauffeur-driven car daily.

“Noel and I met on his photo shoot project A Chocolate Merry Christmas Calendar of twelve men of many different hues, colors, and sizes for each month. The only requirement for the photo shoot was that their penis had to be at least 12 inches long, ‘relaxed.’ Noel asked me to set-up each month, the props and the penis.” China was a make-up artist, stylist and photo shoot specialist with an emphasis on eroticism set-ups. She was in demand as a stylish asset to any set and had many high-end paying celebrity clients.

Mr. November was covered in fall-like leaves, with his manhood protruding out from under a pile of particularly bright orange leaves. Mr. December was wrapped in red, white and green Christmas-ornament cellophane paper accessorizing with five shiny bulbs hanging from his penis. And Mr. January was covered in snowflake flurries; the only thing displayed was his beautiful penis and a big navy blue iridescent bow tied on his penis: a true winter wonderland.

“My touch was direct, soft and gentle, while I tried desperately not to turn them on. Noel was very impressed with how I handled each model, as I was not nervous and very professional to the touch.” Once when he was wrapping up another photo shoot of the hot sexy black hunks of many shades, and it was clear Noel also felt turned on by their beautiful, big, black cocks. China noticed it but acted like she did not see his pants bulging from excitement, as he tried desperately to keep it hidden.

The interesting thing about Noel is that he is not pussy hungry or a cunt hound, far from it. He just loves the beauty and art of the pussy and making love to it in the same manner, so China had heard.

If you ever skied in Vail, you know all about the China Bowl. It’s pure back country, literally in the shape of a bowl. China grew up a snow bunny but never skied in Vail, let alone the China Bowl. When he asked her to accompany him, she said, “hell yeah.” Since they have been dating for six months; and Noel has not fucked her in four months, because he is a workaholic, saying no was not an option. She caught him staring at her all the time, as he truly loves photographing her. She is following his lead and being patient. Why? Because what she has between her legs is shocking, wicked and not forgiving to some. That is the main reason that China never, ever, never rushes into fucking anyone, because she is well aware of the consequences; they have never been too good.

He invited her out to dinner after the photo shoot, and the rest was history. They fell instantly in love but played it down completely. China continued to hide all her excitement and anxiety whenever they got the opportunity to work together. Noel is obsessed with taking photos of her beautiful, wet pink pussy that also happens to have a six-inch penis attached to it. He salivates and really gets excited every time she lets him photograph her. China loves the connection and the attention that he pays her, as if he is apologizing for the assholes in the world that reject her outright just because she is different. His giving and nurturing attitude toward her, as being a unique human, is unconditional. She is a beautiful, sexy-as-hell, curvaceous woman with a six-inch penis.

How amazing is this shit, she smiled, thinking to herself.

They entered the Cascade Pavilion and were given the Presidential Suite. It was fucking awesome, spacious and beautiful.

“Noel told me to make myself at home, order anything that I like and handed me his black American Express card to use as I wished.” She ran into his arms, kissed him so passionately, and felt his dick grow in his pants, hers quickly followed. Their eyes met and he said to her, that one day, you will be my wife. Her panties were drenched, and she wanted to ride his dick like a winning jockey in the Kentucky Derby.

“He started panting and whispered in my ear that he had a very important conference call in five minutes to discuss Santa’s photo shoot featuring Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” She immediately stopped sucking on his tongue, allowed her body to slide down his hard, firm body and grabbed his cock. She froze in time and tried to hide her surprise, that his dick was the size of an infant. Noel never wore jeans or underwear as he stated that they are very uncomfortable and now she understood why.

China telephoned the concierge and made a reservation for a four-handed reflexology, aromatherapy message that they could schedule immediately. She ran over to Noel, kissed him firmly on the lips, grabbed her belongings and headed to the Cascade Spa. Urfa Escort As she entered, her hormones were blazing and she needed to fuck in the worst way. She truly missed having her pussy eaten, fucked and sucked by trusted friends who were eager and interested in doing her a solid with their manhood inside her aching, waiting pussy. China wanted to fuck now and in a minute, it will be with whomever. She loved to fuck, have oral and anal sex on a continuous basis and climax daily. However, since she met Noel she had shut down her sex escapades because China only desires Noel. But, shit, how long does she have to wait to feel his inviting huge cock in her pen-puss?

I’ll be patient. I want to spend the rest of my life with a man that truly loves all of me, she thought.

Noel and China had a great deal in common; they are both bi-racial, love anything erotic and, most especially, sucking dick. “He has yet to confess this deep dark secret, but I know because how he responds when he is photographing male models.”

“As I sat in the spacious, exotic waiting room with a scent in the air that woke up all my erogenous zones, I was ready to fuck. Forget the message, I was ripped, ready to explode, and I wanted to do it now. What most people did not know about me, was my very strong sixth sense. My pheromones were a magnet that could draw anyone into my erotic, sexual world unbeknownst to them. I knew I was about the have a fucking amazing time with the two female masseuses they appointed me. Our chemistry was on point and locked in; and we were not about to turn away from it.”

Sophia and Sasha approached China and escorted her into the Russian tea room and handed her a jasmine, honeysuckle tea that immediately calmed her sexual awakenings. They sat her in front of the fireplace and beautiful waterfall. “I did not want to leave this atmosphere because everything was so tranquil and loving. They went to prepare my massage room and returned with a big fluffy bathrobe and slippers for me. Their smiles were illuminated and inviting toward my spirit.”

I want to fuck them, she thought to herself, and I shall.

“They led me into an all-white, breathtakingly beautiful cozy room with an erotic scent that worked up my pheromones again; this time full force and blazing. Sophia and Sasha started to undress me, slightly touching my breast repeatedly, to see also if I was down with the erotic fuck fest that lay ahead. We made eye contact and it was on.” Sophia was five-foot-four with natural luscious breasts, at least 36C, and a wicked tongue that aimed to please. Sasha was a voluptuous buxom brunette, at five-foot-one with “handful” tits capped with huge areolas, and a sweet mouth, also aiming to please.

“We all started kissing each other, and it was electrifying. Taking turns sucking and tasting each other tongues. I wanted and needed to fuck now; so that I can release my bottled up O-G (Orgasm Goodness) once and for all. Shit, six months is a long time to have to hold in an orgasm. Sophia went in hard core, she kissed me with so much passion that it left me in a daze. She tongued me down and immediately started caressing my wet pussy, stopping in midair when she felt my clitoris that was a very real penis. Shocked and in disbelief, she knelt down to what she just discovered. Sasha wanted to know what surprised Sophia and stopped sucking on my full luscious breast. What they saw was a surprise, and their eyes met in total disbelief. Our eyes met again, and this time I wanted to fuck one of them; I was just waiting for them to decide whom. I was not ashamed of my body and always used it to please whomever…men or women. They both started sucking my cock and fingering my pussy. My pussy started squirting, and their mouths were taking in every drop. Sophia moved back toward my mouth and kissed me so passionate that she was expressing true admiration, and I gave it all back to her.”

“They moved me onto the massage table and focused on my four-handed massage. They took their time removing all the knots hidden underneath my body tissue. After my body went limp from the deep tissue massage, the fun began. They moved me to the couch, and we made love for 2 more hours. She made love to my penis going back and forth to my pussy, enjoying the new found experience.”

“Sophia enjoyed kissing me, as I, too, enjoyed her full lips, while Sasha rode my dick. We sucked her on tits and fingered her ass. She, too, squirted from delight as we drank her pussy juices. It was my turn to taste Sophia’s pussy. I pushed her onto the couch, spread her legs wide and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy, while Sasha’s tongue was inside my asshole. This was an amazing fuck fest that I truly enjoyed.”

“Sophia’s pussy tasted and smelled like cherry blossom, and I could not wait to fuck her. She begged me to put my ‘Lady-like’ dick inside her, ‘please,’ she screamed. As I entered her, my pussy climaxed immediately, and my dick got harder. I fucked her until she begged me for mercy and climaxed. After she came, I sucked on her clit and she Urfa Escort Bayan squirted a river inside my mouth. After our fun-filled fuck fest was over, we all smiled, kissed passionately again; and they bathed me, dressed me and thanked me.”

She sat in the sauna feeling rejuvenated, totally relaxed, and feeling great.

Wow! That was fucking amazing and a total mind blow, she thought to herself. The way that they ate a pussy and an asshole was magical and she wanted to experience that again.

“So, I told management that is was the most mind blowing massage that I ever experienced. I requested Sophia and Sasha exclusively, and I gave them both a very hefty tip: $250 each.” As she entered their hotel suite, Noel was just finishing up his conference call for tomorrow’s photo shoot.

“He smiled at me, and motioned me to come to him. I did what I was told, and he kissed me. He held me close to him and buried his face in my lap. He whispered through his telephone conversation that I smelled great and that I looked refreshed. We smiled together as I ran my fingers through his hair.”

“‘That’s fine, Charlie, and excellent idea. Perfect. Fine, I will see you first thing in the morning, near the China Bowl. 8am is great. Good bye,'” Then, Noel hung up the phone and kissed me again. Then he asked about my massage, said that he missed me and was hungry.”

She blushed and told him that her much needed massage was “heavenly”, kissed him back and said that she missed him as well.

“I told him I could eat a horse. We ordered lunch, kissed again and Noel described to me tomorrow’s ‘Santa photo shoot’. He stated that everyone has arrived, with the exception of a female model. We have not heard from her, and ‘this, of course, is pissing me off,’ stated Noel. I told him that it will all work out, and that she will show up. She was the key ingredient for the photo shoot that involved her, Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Lunch arrived and they ate humongous, delicious cheese burgers, stake fries and drank Dr. Pepper.

Noel and I love drinking Dr. Pepper; the best drink ever created, she thought.

“After we ate, Noel viewed his masterfully constructed photo shoot blueprint that also gave him a snap shot of the overhaul time for said shoot. This also gave him a rough estimate of what to invoice his client for billable hours. He laid out for me each scene, props, ‘the female-model’, Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I was getting turned on again as I watched Noel work, but I needed to stay focused.”

“He asked about my four-handed massage. I told him it was much needed and how I squirted a few times. I apologized to him; after which he took my hand and covered my mouth with his lips and said, ‘no need to apologize,’ as he understood.”

His manhood was begging him to please introduce her to his hard Rock of Gibraltar. He thought to himself, trust me, I crave to be inside of her as she is definitely a keeper. But he knew the time was not right as he wanted to draw her in. It’s only been six months, and he was ready to pop the question. She was his dream fantasy: blond, big real perky tits, a Black sistah’s ass and lips.

My kind of mama, he chuckled to himself, feisty and loving like a sistah’s. And she has a penis that he secretly craved in his mouth and ass. He was not letting her go. Most women don’t hang around because his dick is massively huge, and they can’t handle it (14 inches long and 12 inches in diameter). But one of his special talents is only giving a woman the size that she can handle. He can give her 9″, 10″, 11″, etc.

I have yet to meet the pussy that can handle this beautiful dick; and I pray that China is the woman who can handle it. China is bi-racial, just like Noel. Her mom is Black, and Dad is Italian. His Dad was black, and mom is Italian. They both speak Italian, French, English and Spanish fluently. They are both very sexual and believe in going deep where there are never any inhibitions ever!!

“What I love about China is that she actually paid attention to detail on every photo shoot. She was genuinely a pure sweetheart, professional, and an amazing stylist, makeup artist to The Stars. I had no idea what she was hiding about her sexuality, as I am with mine. She is bisexual as I am, too.”

“One day when she slept over after a 12-hour photo shoot, she was having a hot, sexy dream, because her moans woke me up out of my sleep. She was in a deep trance and moaning my name out loud. ‘Noel, please, please, Noel, I need you to fuck me now. Baby, please, stop teasing me. I know you have a huge, massive cock. If we take our time, I can and will handle all of it in my pussy. My pussy, once stimulated, will drip like the Victorian Falls. It stays juicy and never ever dries out.’ I turned on the lamp on my side of the bed to watch her. I was turned the fuck on and started to massage my lil’ Noel. She was breathtakingly stunning. Maybe she can handle all of me.”

If only she would spread her legs as her hand was covering her silky patch Escort Urfa pussy. As she removed her hands and spread eagle on the bed, he froze in time and almost fainted.

“My eyes jumped out of my head, and I started to tear-up. I was shocked and bewildered by what I saw before me. She was beautiful, and I wanted to hold her in my arms forever. China has a nice size penis protruding out of her vagina. My dick started to rise nice and tall and was dripping. All I wanted to do was to suck that dick, feel it deep inside my ass, and be inside that dripping pussy. Holy shit!! I have died and gone to heaven. My girl got a pussy and a dick.”

China started pleasuring herself, and was tossing and turning. He turned the light off and acted like he was sleeping. He did not want her to catch him staring and getting turned on by her actions.

“And I did not want her to come without me, so I grabbed her, and nestled her in my arms and kissed her gently on the cheek. She woke panting and dripping wet, covering herself up quickly. She whispered that she had a bad dream and apologized. I told her no need to apologize and wiped her tears away.”

“We made love for the very first time, and she did not know how I was going to respond to her being intersex, having partial sets of both genitals. I pulled her very close to me, and caressed her hair, lips, breasts, lil’ China and her blossoming flower. I tried to be conscious to spend plenty of time on her little penis, but I wanted to suck her until she came in my mouth. I spread her legs wide and found my tongue going deeper and deeper inside her pussy. My hand was stimulating the head of her penis, and she was hard and dripping down my arm. I could not take it anymore and found my mouth making love to her penis. China was so engrossed in my love making that she was fucking my fingers hard and was begging me to please enter her.”

“I had to pull myself away from my lil’ friend and was throbbing with pure unadulterated excitement. When I pulled my pants down, and China looked at my man-sized cock, she licked her lips with delight. She pushed me down onto the bed and made her way over to my penis. Her mouth was like butter, gliding all over my body and manhood. Her lips felt like baby oil on my penis and shaft, and I grabbed her ferociously and kissed her. She laughed and eased down onto my penis. I passed the fucked out, or so I thought because her pussy took all of me like a champion. Because it was so wet and juicy and relaxed, I eased into her ever so slowly. Her pussy was choking the shit out of my manhood, and I was fighting back screams. As she was riding me, her index finger found its way into my asshole. Since I did not resist her, she got off of me, turned me over and entered my ass with her penis.”

“Oh my God!!! Please tell me this is not happening; that this woman is unbelievable, fucking the shit out of me and I am truly enjoying it. We got so lost in one another that we found our way into a missionary position; kissing fervently and uncontrollably climaxing over and over again. Minutes later, I asked China to marry me and gave her a four-carat diamond canary ring. I have never connected with anyone of this caliber who accepted my ‘other’ side. Because her penis was not massive, ‘the perfect fit’, it felt so natural, and we climaxed again, together.”

She kissed Noel lightly on his lips and thanked him for loving all of her and not making her feel like a freak or a misfit.

“I told her that I love her truly even her little China. She could do anything her heart desired, as long as it included lil’ China.”

Wow!! China was very happy and joyous and expressed such to him. The fact that she let him suck lil’ China and fucked him in the ass. What more could he possibly ask for?

“Her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-type pussy handled all of me and begged for more. Her pussy choked the shit out of my dick, dripped on my balls, and we shared and delighted in the taste of my cum. We had to fight to stay away from one another because we had jobs we loved and had to deliver. But when we had free time (not often) we would fuck anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. Her nipples squirted a sweet liquid that I loved and sucked on them as if she was breast feeding me. Every time that we kissed, we were hungry for the others’ tongue and tried to swallow it.”

“We woke in the other’s arms as I kissed her gently and described ‘Santa’s Photo Shoot.’ I told her that the female model canceled and needed her to replace her, and she agreed. We showered, made love in the shower and headed to the shoot. She was eager and game, with the stipulation that her face was covered with a see-through red veil.”

Santa and Rudolph were stranded in the snow, and she passed them by on a sled in a short Santa suit with no panties. She bent over in front of Santa and he saw her beautiful ass and pussy from behind. Santa’s dick is hard, and Rudolph caught a glimpse, too, and his nose was a blazing, bright red. She lost her balance and fell backwards, legs spread open wide. Rudolph did not wait for Santa to help her up. His tongue found his way licking her pussy and lil’ China. She climaxed and squirted all over his red nose. She was now on her knees, blowing Santa while Rudolph ate her ass out. His nose was making amazing strides, lighting up the whole world.

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