Saturday Morning at the Hardware Store


Jake sat in his pickup waiting for the hardware store to open. Along with him, there were a couple more trucks parked in the row behind him; everyone wanted to get an early to start on the day’s work.

He noticed a woman sitting in her car waiting off to one side. However, she seemed different because she was wearing what looked like a black evening dress. When the doors opened a few minutes late, she dashed into the door ahead of everyone else. Jake grabbed his list and his cup of coffee and walked into the store heading back to the plumbing area. He needed parts to fix his leaking toilet and some screws to fix a couple loose boards on the deck.

The lady was already back in the plumbing department talking frantically to the salesman. Gathering his parts not too far away, Jake was able to catch some of the conversation.

This woman had been out late last night and when she got home she was removing her tennis bracelet and dropped it down the drain. She wanted to know how to get it back out because it belonged to a friend.

The man was trying to show her how to remove the trap under the sink, but she was just getting furious. She complained that she did not have the money for a plumber and had no idea what he was trying to say.

She was a nice enough looking, her hair was a mess and it was obvious it had been a long hard night. Jake decided to see if he could help. If nothing else it would make the salesperson’s day better so he could move on and help other people in the store.

Putting a few pieces of drainpipe together, Jake tightened them hand tight, trying to show her how they came apart. Handing them to her, she began to struggle trying to take them apart with her hands.

“No, you will need to use a wrench or pliers to loosen the nuts then it will slip apart,” he told her.

She stood there looking at him with a blank hazy stare. “Wrench?” It was then her hands went to her head holding it trying to understand.

He finally said, “Where do you live? It will only take a couple minutes to get your bracelet out. I can follow you home and take it apart for you.” Telling her he needed to buy a couple things first. He had already gotten his toilet parts and, looking on the rack, he added a trap wrench to his stuff. Walking to the hardware aisle, Jake grabbed a box of deck screws. Proceeding to the register, where he paid for the items.

As they walked to the woman’s car, Jake got her address in case they got separated as he followed her home. She was still frantic, worried about the bracelet. Jake told her if she had not run much water after dropping it that it would most likely be safe.

She explained, “I was out until about three and came home with a friend. When I dropped the bracelet down the drain I decided to wait up until the store opened Uşak Escort and get some help from them.”

The drive to her house was short, only about ten minutes away. During the drive, Jake wondered why he was helping a stranger like this, but she seemed nice and like she really needed it. Driving up to her place it seemed to be nice for someone who could not afford a plumber.

As they walked up to the door Jake also noticed that she was wearing this amazing pair of heels. They had to be at least five inches high with a strap that came up the heel high around her ankle. The top was a clear acrylic that showed the entire top of her feet; her toenails were painted a striking red that matched her fingers. He swore they were some of the sexiest shoes he had ever seen. Her ass swayed back and forth as she walked to the door. It looked from behind as if her legs went clear up to the sky.

Walking into the house she led him down the hall to the master bedroom. Along the wall was a large vanity right in the bedroom. The toilet and shower were off in a semi-secluded nook not far away. This one room had to be almost half as big as his entire house.

She finally took the time to introduce herself, “My name is Rebecca. My bastard husband just left me; he isn’t paying any alimony, just making the payments on the house, leaving me nothing but bills to pay.” She was clearly upset at that.

He said he was Jake and asked her into which of the basins the bracelet had fallen and she pointed to the one on the left. Trying to look down the trap all Jake could see was black. He asked if she had a flashlight and she returned with one that had dead batteries. So much for looking to see if it was even there. Dropping to his knees, Jake climbed under the sink to get the job over with so he could get home to his own plumbing chores.

Looking at the pipes, Jake saw they were brass, not plastic like most houses. This place had been built with no expense in mind at all. Placing the wrench on the pipe Jake gave it a tug. The nut didn’t budge. Shit, he thought, he would have to lie on his back to get more leverage. Turning over Jake grasped the wrench again giving it a good hard tug. “Arrr Shit!” It popped loose. Moving over to the other side a little farther up and harder to get to he slid deeper under the cabinet. Grasping the nut with the wrench he gave it a hard tug thinking it was in just as tight.

The wrench spun freely, his fingers banged against the cabinet frame, and the trap came falling down splashing him with cold nasty water. Plopping onto the floor beside him was the bracelet. Cussing his shirtwet, Jake reached out handing Rebecca the bracelet. Quickly Jake unbuttoned his shirt to get the cold, wet cloth away from his skin.

Grabbing the pipe Jake proceeded Uşak Escort Bayan to put everything back in place. He did not use nearly as much force putting it back together as the pipes really only needed to be snug to work perfectly fine. When everything was finished, Jake rolled out from under the sink. Asking Rebecca to run some water to make sure it did not leak. Jake was lying on his back with his shirt open to his sides as Rebecca ran the water. He looked at the pipes for a long time making sure all was well. Telling her that everything was good; Jake lay back for a minute to catch his breath.

Letting his eyes close for a second or two. Jake heard some rustling and looking up above him was Rebecca pushing her panties past her ankles. Looking up her dress, he could see her pussy spread open, the hair above her partly shaved pussy matted with cum from the night before.

Lifting one heel from the floor to remove her panties, a small glob of cum slipped from her pussy and began to run down her thigh. Just like that, Jake’s dick began to swell, monstrous and hard in a painful position, across his leg. Shifting to adjust his dick, Jake never took his eyes from the prize above him.

“I don’t have any money to pay you, but I can thank you for your trouble,” Rebecca said and then dropped to the floor and began to unbutton Jake’s jeans. Her fingers worked expertly at his belt then one by one, the buttons of his Levis came undone. Rebecca tugged his dick from his boxers. Hard and cramped in the confines, it was a fight for her to get it free.

Once it was out in the open, Rebecca stroked it once or twice and then dropped her lips to Jake’s dick. She didn’t stop at the head, but swallowed it all in one long dive. Looking up at her, Jake could see her tits swaying free in her dress. All of the sudden, it made him wonder why he had not noticed before that Rebecca was braless.

It did not matter at this point, his hands reached up grabbing them, pinching and pulling her. Rebecca screamed onto Jake’s dick sending vibrations down the length. Holding her tits, Jake began to shove his dick up into her mouth fucking her face, as she sucked and stroked his shaft with her fingers. As good as her lips felt, Jake wanted more. Rebecca’s cunt was dripping cum and he figured a little bit more would not hurt.

Grabbing her head shoving his dick deep in her throat Jake rolled over forcing Rebecca to her back with his knees on each side of her body. He began to fuck her mouth from above holding himself up on his hands, his chest muscles flexed above her. His dick drove deep past her tonsils and Rebecca had no choice but to accept him.

On his knees straddling Rebecca’s stomach, he pulled his dick from her mouth and looked down at her. Grinning, he asked, “Are you Escort Uşak ready to pay me journeyman’s wages?” She smiled as he scooted down her body. Climbing between her legs he pulled them up; spreading them apart, he drove his dick deep and hard into her pussy.

Rebecca’s cunt was prelubed with someone else’s cum and she was stretched for fucking; he easily slipped in completely. Rebecca moaned and then screamed at the sudden invasion. Then Jake began to pound his dick as deep and hard in her pussy as he could.

Jake looked down at her tits as they bounced freely in her dress and he picked up his assault of her pussy. Her hips rocked to meet his thrusts. “Oh, fuck! Yes, fuck me harder!” she yelled. His dick coated with last night’s cum made squishy sounds as Jake slipped in and out of her used hole. His dick raked her insides pounding at her cervix; he brought her climax fast and hard.

With a strong pressure, he could feel the squirting of her cum against the tip of his dick, then a warm rush of her juices coated his shaft. “Oh, FUCK, you cunt!” he yelled and pushed her legs higher and slammed his entire length as deep as it would go. Hard and deep, he drove time and time again.

Rebecca screamed a couple more times announcing her orgasm then fell limp below him. Stopping to catch his breath, he looked at the slut he was fucking. Rolling Rebecca over onto her hands and knees, Jake flipped her black dress up over her ass, aiming his dick at her pussy. Not wasting any time Jake drove his dick back into her used gash.

Rebecca grunted as Jake began to fuck her again, this time doggy style. Pulling her hips up in the air, he forced his dick deep; at this angle, he could feel the head of his dick pound at her cervix. Rebecca grunted and pushed back meeting his thrusts.

There was a squishing sound coming from her cunt as Jake’s big heavy balls slapped her clit and Rebecca moaned out loud. Forcing her shoulders to the floor, Jake began to give Rebecca his all. Feeling his orgasm approaching, her sloppy cunt felt good, Rebecca screamed, “I’m cumming! Fuck, yeah. Oh, MY FUCKING GOD! I’m cumming.” Her pussy tightened and so did his balls, with a deep thrust, Jake buried his dick deep against her cervix and he began to fill Rebecca with sperm. Squirt after squirt shot deep inside her pussy; her ass rocked against him, her fingers between her legs rubbing her clit, Rebecca rode her orgasm out.

Exhausted, Jake collapsed, rolling off to one side. His dick slowly shriveled back to normal size and Rebecca lay stretched out flat on her stomach, passed out. Regaining his composure, Jake pulled up his pants and grabbed his wrench.

Looking down at Rebecca, Jake smiled, her naked ass pointing up at him, his cum seeping from her twice-used cunt, her passed out on her bedroom floor. Seeing a tube of lipstick on her vanity, Jake opened it up, writing: Jake 555-1212 he left out the front door for home and his own chores. As he climbed into his truck, Jake saw it was not even ten and he muttered, “This might be one hell of a weekend yet.”

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