Secret Summer Tryst


She stood and gazed at the picturesque view before her. The sun was slowly sinking and it caused a sensuous, hazy, orange sky that reflected in the lake like a mirror.

It was certainly a beautiful summer evening as the water gently rippled in the soft warm breeze.

Lost in thought, she had an eye mask in one hand and her mobile phone in the other. She waited.

Her thoughts drifted back to the reason she was standing there. Her long hair was freshly washed, hanging loose down her back, wearing her grey and beige, mosaic, lacy, mini dress which clung to her womanly curves.

She smiled to herself. She knew he liked this dress, and she was bra-less and barelegged too.

A feeling of excited anticipation washed over her, thinking of her man, her secret lover.

They had met online, years ago now and their relationship had blossomed into their “guilty pleasure” trysts. Every summer, they would hire a log house in the mountains and he would drop by when he could.

Her phone buzzed. A text! It was from him!


Her heart raced a little and butterflies fluttered in her lower tummy. A warm flush spread through her body and pooled in her feminine centre.

He always had this effect on her. Senses were boosted to high alert.

She slowly removed her panties, enjoyed the silky lace grazing her skin in their descent and the subsequent breeze caressing her bared flesh.

She took a last look at the beautiful evening sky and lake before covering her eyes with the mask and she waited in blind, silent anticipation and excitement.

Her senses heightened, the wind softly teased, playing havoc with her sensitive nipples. It caused her breasts to peak and ache. The cool air, against her heated core, attempted to gently ruffle her trimmed, prepared pussy, and it enticed sexual arousal.

It excited and tantalized her more as time moved on, and she listened for his approach, anticipation building.

He approached from behind her, and she heard that sexy deep familiar voice of his, “Did you miss me?”

She dropped her head a little, partially turned it his way and replied, Van Escort “You know I did.”

He walked up behind her and whispered in her ear as his hands grabbed her hips and pulled her into him, “I missed you too.”

He nuzzled and smelt her hair,fresh apple blossom tantalized his nostrils and then he moved it aside so he could kiss her neck and shoulders.

He began his seduction, swirling his tongue as he tasted and traced her skin. She moaned gently moving her head so he had all the access he needed.

He slowly inched her dress up and she felt his crotch grinding against her bared flesh. After a few enjoyable moments, she felt him move away and immediately missed his closeness.

He had stepped back to look at her naked buttocks and saw she had exposed just for him.

She heard him mutter, “Good Girl.” He knelt and began to knead and fondle her bottom, parting her cheeks to view her valley. He turned her round and she heard him groan as he saw her womanhood for the first time that year.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, touching her labia, parting her folds and kissed her intimately.

Feminine juices flooded on to his tongue as her body reacted to his probing. He drunk and savored her sweet, sweet nectar.

Then he cupped her inflamed sex and rubbed gently as he stood and kissed her mouth.

He deepened his kiss and pushed his finger inside her testing her wet excitement. He was not disappointed.

His hands roamed over her body, exploring and finding her breasts. She moaned as he squeezed gently.

Her hands explored the contours of his back and played with the hair at the nape of his neck. As his kiss ended, she kissed his face and gently licked and traced his eyebrows.

She moved to his ear and whispered softly, “Do you want me?”

“You know I do,” he answered.

She smiled at his reply. It has always been amazing how much they wanted each other and the “You know..” at the start of their answers had, somehow, become their trademark.

He pulled the straps down on her shoulders and tugged her dress down revealing her naked breasts. He rubbed them gently, letting the nipples tease his sensitive inner Van Escort Bayan palms and then kissed each one gently, sucking the nipples to their fullest peak.

He pushed down on her shoulders, silently telling her what he wanted.

The air on her wet nipples excited her more and sent delicious shivers down her body. She slowly descended, down his body, brushing against him, and she knelt before him.

He guided her hands to his bulging cock and she fondled him, squeezing him outside his trousers.

Slowly, she undid his button and unzipped him, tugging his trousers down. He was commando too!

She reached for his hard cock and heard his sharp intake of breath.

Big and firm, she felt his length in her hand and wanked him softly, her thumb grazed his little slit and spread the leaking precum over his smooth knob.

He moaned as she took him to her mouth. She nuzzled and enjoyed his scent and enjoyed his taste.

Her tongue teased his head, rimmed and suckled his opening before pushing onto him and then began the rhythmic art of a steady head fuck. She knew just the way he liked it.

He moaned as she moved to tease and nibble and lick his length, trailing her tongue and hot breath along his pulsating veins.

She felt him stiffen and circle his hips slightly in pleasure. She felt empowered and encouraged by his response. She nuzzled, fondled and kissed his balls and undercarriage before returning to his throbbing rod.

She took him in her hand and wanked him. She sucked and lubricated her finger, making sure it was very, very wet. She used the wet finger to find his puckered anal star and gently rimmed him.

She took him fully in her mouth and began a deep, head fuck. A pleasurable routine. She sucked in her cheeks to enhance the pressure on his cock.

“Touch yourself,” he commanded.

Her free hand found her wet labia, rubbed her lips, now gushing with feminine juices.

She explored her folds and teased her swollen bud. Pleasurable sensations enveloped her body causing her to whimper in ecstasy against his penis.

Her fingers were soon soaked and coated with wet, wanton, female lust.

He Escort Van held her head and began to thrust into her mouth,rocking in and out.

Her hands swapped over, seeking and finding his special star.

Simultaneously, she pushed her finger into him to massage his prostrate gland, and, still sucking his cock, she pushed her finger into her own aching pussy.

She felt him react, enjoying the pleasurable sensation as he stroked her hair. Her body responded.

Suddenly, he could take, no more.

He pulled her to her feet and in one sweeping movement, he had turned her round, bent her over, and plunged his hard, throbbing cock into her aching and wanton pussy.

Her folds parted and took him hungrily. They both groaned at his sudden possession and he stilled, feeling her heat and inner walls squeezing him, enjoying their union.

He took her hands and pulled her back, entering that little bit deeper and hitting her cervix. Joined deeply, he began the age old dance of mating.

Slow at first, then faster as primitive lust took over and their breathing quickened. Nothing else was important.

They rocked together, until eventually she felt him stiffen. Still fucking, and, without breaking the rhythm, he bent over her. He groped her breasts and found her clitoris, so swollen and ready for him.

He rubbed and within seconds, they both crashed over the edge of ultimate sexual pleasure. Bodies glistened in a film of beaded sweat, moaning, as wave after wave, of pleasure rippled throughout their bodies. Seed and juices flowed freely and intermingled. Their bodies jerked and spasmed until eventually, an afterglow of calm was reached.

They stilled a few moments, enjoying the sated intimate moment, before he pulled her up, still joined, and hugged her from behind.

She shook and trembled a little from the power of her release.

He gently removed her mask and whispered in her ear as he held her, “Beautiful sunset.”

One arm on her breasts, the other on her lower tummy, they watched in contented, happy, peaceful silence, at one with nature.

After a while, they unattached and began to dress and straighten their clothing.

His phone buzzed in the silence and he reached in his pocket to look,

“NAKED, NOW, BED IN OUR LOG CABIN.” He chuckled and looked at her,

“You know we will”…

The End.

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