Seedy Liaisons


The anticipation had been building over a period of six months, which I suppose is the norm when you embark on an online relationship. Web cams also make it easier to connect with people and if that certain person pisses you off you can just shut down computer, or block and delete them, you can’t do that in real life can you? I had never met a guy who could handle my sexual predilections or my bizarre fantasies. Then I met Jay.

I met him on a dating site and our chats developed quite quickly. One night I mentioned to Jay that I wouldn’t be able to chat to him the following night because I was meeting up with my fuck buddy Ian. I see Ian religiously once a week. He isn’t my type per se but he likes a bit of rough and he was the first person to ever made me gush. The only problem with Ian was, he lacked stamina. One fuck and an explosion of cum and the night was more or less over. Jay, although incredibly dirty minded, surprised me by admitting he had never had a fuck buddy.

“So what does this fuck buddy situation entail?” He asked me one evening as we were talking and I was casually stroking myself listening to the sexy Scottish lilt in his accent.

“It isn’t rocket science. We are friends and we fuck. No strings fun, simples.”

“It all sounds very interesting to say the least.” He murmured

“It is.” I’d laughed before changing the subject to something mundane, like what kind of a day he’d had at work. But once the fuck buddy situation was out it was like it had opened a flood gate and soon we started to share our sexual fantasies. Jay also liked to hear about what I had got up to that week with Ian and knowing that my exploits were making him hard and horny only spurred me on to try new things for the sole purpose of teasing Jay.

Very soon however, Jay started to infiltrate my thoughts even when we weren’t chatting or using our web cams to tease each other. In fact it wasn’t long before I had a whole catalogue of fantasies to assist me with my obligatory early morning orgasm. Sometimes I would imagine him tying me up and teasing my clit relentlessly with his tongue, other times I imagined us partaking in rough sex, where I had to beg for his mercy as Trabzon Escort he blindfolds me and takes control. I’d never really expected to meet up with him; it was all a bit of fun. However, one evening when I had drank way too many glasses of wine I suggested to Jay that we should meet up. To my surprise he was all for it. We arranged to meet at a hotel in Birmingham which was halfway between North and South so it was exactly halfway for both us.

When I arrived at the hotel I was struck by its grubby appearance and some what salubrious setting, but the seediness really appealed to me. I was obviously hoping that the filth would follow me and Jay into the hotel room.

I unlocked the hotel room door and walked in. The walls were adorned with bright pink flowered wallpaper. A cheap double wardrobe stood in one corner, a matching dressing table by its side. A chaise lounge was shoved into a corner looking decidedly out of place like it had been stolen from the five star hotels from across the road.

I dropped my overnight bag onto the floor and threw myself on the bed. I’d arrived early and contemplated what I should do with myself as I waited for Jay to arrive. I toyed with two options a) nipping out and getting us some alcohol or b) stay in, take my time getting ready and wait patiently for Jay to arrive. I decided on the latter. It was boiling hot outside and lugging heavy crates of beer, I decided, wasn’t very ladylike. No, it was a much better idea to take my time getting ready and my stomach lurched with excitement as I unzipped my bag and pulled out my outfit of choice. I placed the black satin corset on the bed before pulling out my fishnet stockings. I rummaged further beneath the bottles of poppers and my dildo and finally located my crotch less knickers. Just looking at the ensemble was making me feel horny and I was dying to play with myself and have a quick orgasm but I had promised to keep myself all for Jay.

There was a knock on the door at 3pm prompt. I stood up and checked my appearance in the mirror before opening the door and letting him in. He was even better looking in real life and I was struck by how broad his shoulders Escort Trabzon were compared to his tiny waist. I could see his chest through his tight white t shirt and I looked down and noticed that he looked like he was packing a fair punch in the trouser department as well. Jay put down his overnight bag and his eyes roamed over my outfit, a smirk playing around his lips. He knew we were here to fulfill one of my many fantasies. No talking, no preliminaries, just straight down to fucking a practical stranger in a seedy hotel.

I put my arms around Jay’s neck and felt his hands move down my back. His fingers stroked along the eyelets of my corset before he reached my suspenders. He slipped his hands beneath them and left his hands resting there for a moment before he pulled the straps back and let them slap back with a sting against my thighs. I pushed myself into him as he kissed my lips, gently at first before he suddenly took hold of my hair, pulling my head back, grazing his teeth roughly against my lips. His tongue darted into my mouth and I gasped as the stirring in my pussy reached a whole new height. Jay moved his mouth down my neck, his teeth sucking and nipping me. His fingers slid inside my knickers and he found my clit with ease.

The decadence of being touched and teased by a relative stranger without a word passing our lips was incredibly horny. Jay’s fingers entered me and his expertise brought me to climax within minutes. The orgasm came thick and fast, my juices gushing and splashing against my stockings and in turn soaking the front of Jays jeans. He grabbed my hips and pulled me roughly to him so I could feel the hardness of his cock. The desire for him to bend me over and fuck me hard from behind was almost too much to bear but I had to repay him for the orgasm. Unbuttoning his jeans, my fingers slid a little inside, enough for me to discover that Jay wasn’t wearing underwear. My fingers stroked over the smooth skin of his cock as I pulled it from the confines of the denim. I knelt down in front of him, his cock w3as just begging for attention, the tip glistening with pre-cum and I wasted no time sampling Jay’s juices. Taking him into Trabzon Escort Bayan my mouth I looked up at him and saw the pure urgency of horniness glide across his chiselled features.

“Suck it like a dirty slut.” He murmured his eyes thick with lust. His hands reached down to my hair. Gripping it tightly he pulled my mouth deep on his cock, the tip hitting the back of my throat causing me to momentarily gag. As my eyes started to water I forced myself to relax and took him like the dirty slut he wanted me to be. I could feel the gagging spit lubricating his cock and seeping out of the corners of my mouth and coating his balls with a nice thick film. I heard him groan and could feel his cock pulsating in my mouth from the energy of my enthusiastic sucking. My hands roamed over his balls and I could feel them tighten, signaling his climax was imminent. Suddenly he pulled my head back, retracting his cock from my mouth. He pulled me up by my hair forcing me to stand.

“Í don’t want to cum before fucking you.’ Jay smiled at me before taking my head and leading me across the bedroom to the dressing table. He turned me to face the mirror as he stood behind me. His hands gripped my hips as he rubbed his hard cock across the top of my thighs before bending me forward. He rubbed his cock against my pussy before sliding in the tip, just enough to drive me crazy with desire before taking it back out again and rubbing around the sides of my pussy before moving up until the tip was right near my arse. Jay paused briefly before moving back down to my pussy. This time he was determined to give me his full length and pushed himself inside me. The pain was almost unbearable but it was also incredibly horny.

“I want you to count.” Jay ordered. “Çount each thrust like a good little slut.”

“Óne.”I gasped as he pounded himself deep inside me making me gasp. ‘Two.’

“Louder.” Jay ordered. “Shout it louder.”

“Three.” I screamed as his thrusts came thick and fast rendering me speechless. My gasps resounded round the room as my fingers felt for my clit. I rubbed myself to Jays exactly in time to Jay’s fervent rhythm, my pussy suddenly starting to constrict against his cock before my orgasm exploded. Jay gripped my hair tighter and tighter as he too reached his goal and exploded his hot cum inside me. He rested a moment before pulling himself out of me. He leant over my back and kissed my neck before whispering in my ear.

“Nice to meet you Bella.”

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