The long auburn locks spilled down over her shoulders as she emerged out of the crystal clear pool under the full moon. The light glistened across her pale skin, accenting her curves the way no man-created light ever could. He couldn’t help but watch the creature, the stunning beauty as she bathed in the hot springs, out in the middle of nowhere.

It mattered not how they came to be at this place at the same time, only that he had found his prey, and she stood, a doe in the silvery light of the moon, unawares. His steel blue gaze watched from a goodly distance away, but he’d cross it in a heart beat, he needed only to bide his time.

She turned, her profile visible, the supple curves shadowed under the trees as the rays danced over her unmarked flesh. Hazel eyes lifted as she drew the auburn hair in one mass over her far shoulder. She gazed right at him, those eyes piercing into his soul, and yet she didn’t even flinch. He’d been caught watching her, and she hadn’t moved. What game was this?

He stepped out of the bush he was standing in, the simple breeches and shirt framing his form. Feathers of grey touched his temples; he looked so exquisite there, dark hair and blue eyes watching her. She spoke no words, but turned to face him, full on, the tuft of auburn curl at the vee of her thighs hiding the fertile mound below. Her breasts were full, and nipples taut dark pink nubs that pointed forward with every slow breath.

A moment later, her body moved forward, the snake of water rippling behind her as she drifted out unencumbered onto the grassy beach. Her eyes never left his, a silent challenge, one he could not ignore. The beast standing before him was beyond stunning. He must have her. Her hips swayed, lazy figure-eights as she walked towards him unabashed. The creamy skin of her breasts was perfect; he wanted to maul them, to claim them, to feel them under his calloused fingers. And he would.

When she was no more than a dozen paces, Niğde Escort her body dropped to the ground on all fours. She covered the last paces in a languid crawl. Her shoulders lifted and fell like a panther on the prowl; wild, unadulterated feline nature exuded from her very being. He turned with her, watching her move, the globes of her buttox gleaming in the moonlight. Every moment that passed made his lust swell, and the bulge in his pants echo in response.

Tugging at the strings of his shirt a moment before pulling it over his head, his eyes never left her body. He was about to claim the beast that stalked him, as though he were the prey and not she. The low growl emitted from his chest filled the air and she sunk lower to the ground in response. The swell of her breasts brushed the grass carpet below her, her hips lifting higher. He could smell the scent of her in the still air around them.

His chest was broad, muscular but not too defined. There was power in his arms, and she watched him unlace his breeches to relieve the intense pressure on his groin. He stepped towards her, aggressive, and then lunged before she could react.

He pinned her back to his chest, his knees to either side of her calves as his arm looped about her stomach, holding her to him. His growl was more gutteral and she cried out in response, struggling for only a moment before he settled in to his rightful place over her. Her head whipped around, hazel eyes flecked with amber and green glaring at him defiantly. Not a word slipped from her lips, though, instead, she arched her back, pressing up to him as he held her firmly. He could feel the round plush globes of her butt pressed against his groin as she arched, and he reciprocated, grinding against her as his free hand slid up to draw over the underside of her breast. His fingers drew upwards, finding a nipple and pinching it before tugging down forcing a moan from that exquisite throat of hers.

He Niğde Escort Bayan tugged her tight to him, knowing if he waited much longer to claim her, she’d begin to fight it, the lust clearing from her mind. He growled again, their bodies dangerously matched as his hips ground to her shapely butt. He rose up over her, the hand on her breast sliding up to her back, pushing her shoulders down to the ground possessively. She complied, hands resting to either side of her even as his fingers raked down over her back, leaving red lingering welts on her buttermilk skin. He tugged his breeches open, exposing the thick shaft and let out a groan of desire as the heated flesh lay against her cool rear end. She gasped at the sensation of the his length against her, and lifted her hips in response. The beast wanted it, he had to take her before it was too late.

Wedging one leg between her thighs, he felt between them, gliding along the folds there. He dipped his fingers in, testing just how wet she was and found to his lust-filled delight, that she was sodden. She moaned when he teased along her sensative nub, gently stroking it. His other hand drew along the curve of her hip, gripping her there. The fingers exploring his prize reluctantly freed themselves and gripped his shaft. The head of his cock nestled up between the folds, finding the source of her moisture. With a grunt, he pressed himself up inside of her, claiming her fully. They moaned in unison, getting used to each other as he wedged himself in to the hilt.

He lingered a moment within her, before drawing out to start the fearsome thrusts within her, taking her for his pleasure. Digging his fingers into her hips, he rammed up inside her, every moan and gasp echoing from her soft lips driving him on further. His head rolled back and he groaned, forcing himself to slow for a moment. He was going to spend himself far too soon. A growl ripped from his chest as he gave in and Escort Niğde resumed the hard thrusts, unable to contain himself.

Her hair was spilled against the grass, her fingers curled tight with the blades pushing up between them. Every thrust was met with a grunt and a moan from her as he drove the head of his shaft deep into her, spearing her here on the ground. Her hips rocked against him, the soft flesh of her butt pressed hard against his groin as he continued his unrelenting drive. His rhythm started to break, and he knew he was near the end already. Somehow, though, he knew that she was going to be with him for a long time to come. She understood the nature of being claimed.

He folded his body down over hers, his bare chest to her back as he rammed deep within her. His hands slide down her arms and gripped her wrists, pinning her as he growled deeply into her ear, “Mine.” It was the only word they had shared, and it was claimative. She would not be permitted to be anywhere else but his side. She moaned in agreement, the beast arching her back to mold to him.

When he heard her affirmation, he exploded, filling her deeply with the thick jets of his seed. His teeth latched down over the sensative nape of her neck, biting into her flesh and marking her. The gasp she expelled came on the back of her own spasms of pleasure, gripping his cock and milking him for every drop. He rode their combined pleasure, giving it all he was worth.

Her body gave way, collapsing beneath him. He fell over her, panting in the aftermath of their coupling. His powerful arm clasped around her hip and gripped a breast, his teeth finally releasing her throat. They lay joined for the longest time, until he finally brought himself to reality, withdrawing his softened length with a twitch.

He rose, leaving her curled on the grass, have dazed from the experience. He relaced his breeches, tossed his shirt over his shoulder, and bent down, scooping her up. The charger was only a short walk away in a glade, and once they were mounted, he’d be home with her, and he’d have her all over again. She clung to him, her arms wrapped tight around his neck. There was much more…much more to this possession, than this simple moment in time.

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