Sex on the Run


They had been running and stumbling through the forest for what seemed like two or three hours. Holding hands for most of this time, Cal had to urge Miranda to keep moving forward. Her lungs burned and her mouth was so dry she doubted she could swallow. Stumbling yet again, she just let herself collapse.

“Cal, please. I can’t take another step. Can we stop for a while?”

As he knelt beside her he told her, “Yes, I think they have given up. Since I haven’t heard any sounds of pursuit for at least an hour, we are finally free of them.”

As they caught their breath Cal stayed alert for the sounds of their pursuers. There was a large thicket of dense scrub to their right and from deep within he heard the sound of wood snapping. Rising slowly, he silently he drew his gun, and turning he put his finger to his lips telling Miranda to keep still. As he moved toward the thicket he could hear another dry twig snap. He was relieved to see a deer wander into view and then another followed. Walking toward Miranda he her heard her start to laugh, which in turn made the deer stop, and with a look of surprise, dove into the forest.

Seeing the merriment on her lips, he realized again how lovely she was. Her lithe body was tall but her voluptuous curves made her every man’s dream. Dark hair and green eyes that seemed to darken when she was angry. The green eyes and her temper came from some gypsy blood a few generations ago. Smiling he swept her high into his arms as he did so his hand brushed against her breast, stopping the giggle in her throat. She looked at him still smiling, breathing a little to hard as her breast heaved with the shock and surprise, at the feeling it had stirred within her. Cal kissed her as he walked along, a strong heady kiss which she had no hesitation of returning three fold. As they walked she rested her head on his chest. They felt safe for the first time in an age. He stopped, putting her down.

There was a large pond of clean clear water in front of them with a small waterfall gurgling. Thirsty and hot from their ordeal, Cal knelt to take well earned drink. The water was cool and felt Niğde Escort good as it slid down his parched throat.

“Cal, you smell like a wet goat. You need a bath.” he heard her laugh from behind him. Suddenly he felt a coldness cover his body as Miranda pushed him into the water. He came up gasping for air “Hey!” he cried. As he hauled himself out of the water he noticed she had disappeared. Stopping to listen for her, he found she was giggling behind a gorse bush. After he had crept up behind her, he grabbed her and held her.

“Cal! Put me down!” she squealed as she twisted and turned, but he had her now. He gathered her up, as she kicked and laughed. “As he walked toward the water she shrieked, “Don’t you dare! This is all I have to wear!” As she struggled, he marched to the waters edge.

“Yes with all that running it needs a wash” he laughed as he dropped her into the cold, clear water.

“Bastard!” she laughed, as Cal took her outstretched hand and pulled her out. “I’m soaked! Now what will I do?”

Laughing, he said, “I think we are safe now. It is a warm sunny day. I’ll build a fire and we can go for a swim while our clothes dry.” As they foraged for wood, and built the fire, the electricity between them was obvious. They had been through a lot and a bond had grown between them.

They stripped with there backs towards each other, laying their clothes over the bushes to dry. Cal jumped in first and Miranda followed, laughing. They both washed away the dirt and fear of the past few hours. Playing as only couples can Miranda swam to him, putting her arms over his head. Her green eyes darkened but not with anger. She tentatively touched his lips with hers. As the kiss deepened he felt a rush of emotion, a need that must be satisfied and as he as he returned the kiss. He let hands glide slowly down her back.

“Let’s get warm by the fire.” she said. Although the day was warm, there was a cool breeze and goose bumps rose on their skin. Standing in front of the fire Cal brushed the water from Miranda’s skin. Seeing her hard erect nipples, the brushing became caresses. Her skin Niğde Escort Bayan tingled as his hand cupped her breast, his thumb brushing her nipple. They kissed, tongues gently touching as the kiss became more urgent. Miranda’s hand slowly slid down the inside of his thigh, feeling for the hardness she knew would be there. All thoughts of cold were drive from their minds as she began to slide the tip of her tongue down his neck. Kissing his chest, nibbling his nipple and as she knelt in front of him. He stroked her shoulders and arms, anticipation running through him. Miranda arrived slowly at her destination.

She kissed the hair on his groin as his hardness rested on her cheek. She half turned and kissed the shaft which felt hot against her lips. Running her tongue up to just below the head and down again, up and over this time she took the head into her mouth licking as she took as much as she could deep into her throat. He held her dark hair in his hands guiding her gently. A sound escaped from deep in his chest. He knew she would finish it this way, allowing him to find fulfillment in her mouth. Instead, he pulled away and knelt in front of her, kissing her deeply as they lay down on the soft moss. Feeling her move under the slight pressure of his touch as his hands glided over her body, he left her lips begrudgingly.

Kissing her cheek, eyes, and brushing her lips once more, he traveled to her neck. His tongue licked softly between his teeth at the tender soft morsel he picked each time he stopped. His hand caressed her breast then slid down her stomach until it found her mound. He teased it as his finger slide down. She gasped in pleasure. His tongue circled her hard nipple, sucking first than soft licking it. Her breath came harder as his finger played with her button. Her tummy tightened as a thrill leapt through her. Her hands squeezed the moss as her back arched a bit. His head moved slowly kissing her silken skin. A finger probed the entrance of her now wet pleasure and, with little resistance; her lips gave up their secret. His finger was joined by another just as eager to be there, Escort Niğde feeling her moist hot walls as if they were explorers finding such a place for the first time. They buried themselves deeply. As they moved in and out, her pelvis took up the rhythm, enjoying the sensation. Cal took her button into his mouth, sucking and licking as he did. His fingers picking a slightly faster pace, Miranda stiffened grabbing his hair as another stronger bolt of pleasure ripped through her whole body. She gasped.

He lifted his head, moved to kiss her passion filled lips. He maneuvered himself between her inviting open legs, resting his weight on his elbows. She stroked his back as they looked at each other. He stroked her hair gently squeezed her left breast putting gentle pressure on her swollen nipple. The head of his hardness resting on the hot moist lips of his desire, he gently pushed the head of his penis through the veil. As they gasped together, she buried her head into his neck. A muffled cry left her, as he penetrated her. He stopped. feeling the pleasure he gave her.

He could feel her pulse as she used her muscles to tighten her walls around his shaft which caused him to thrust home his manhood to the hilt. Kissing, they moved to a steady rhythm, slowly at first, then stronger as he tried to extend this moment. Miranda used her body to control the pace, to maximize her pleasure. Arms stretched behind her head as she felt wave after wave of pleasure.

Cal knew his time was near. Their fingers locked as he pinned her hands down, his thrusts became more urgent. the feeling welling inside of him. All he could think about was Miranda, how much this woman had captured his love, and how much he loved her. This proved to be the catalyst. As he looked down over her tight breasts, he could see her mound, and beyond that his hard shaft burying itself deep within her. He kissed her hard on the mouth as he climaxed, his seed filling her very being. She stiffened and gave of herself for the last time.

Those two, uncontrollable movements with unbelievable emotions. Wild and animal yet… with a love no man could break. Cal collapsed onto her chest, where hot moisture had replaced the cold water from the pond. Tranquility replaced the fear and uncertainty of an hour ago. They kissed. Miranda thought it had started as a nightmare. She hoped it would have a fairytale ending.

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