Sexual Healing


Sarie stifled a yawn as she combed her long, auburn hair. She’d felt so exhausted lately. This didn’t worry her at first, but friends encouraged her to see a doctor and at least have a check-up. Liz, a co-worker, referred her to a young doctor who supposedly was innovative, intelligent, and compassionate toward his patients.

Sarie didn’t put much stock in receiving help for her ailments whether real or imagined. Nothing really mattered since she and John broke up. According to her mother she’d “let herself go.” Usually fastidious with clothes and make-up, she’d starting wearing baggy, matronly clothes. Even showering seemed like a pointless effort.

For the past six months John was her life. She wore what he liked, down to her silk and lace thong panties. She combed her hair the way he liked it. She wore shoes he picked out (usually sandals, even in the middle of winter). It got to the point where Sarie didn’t know what she liked. Only John’s opinion mattered.

It all, as her grandmother used to say, ended in tears. John left her for one of his Introduction to Anthropology students, a young, and oh so willing, nineteen year old with the brain of a snow pea and brand new breasts. (A high school graduation present from an overly indulgent mommy and daddy).

John’s friends claimed to hate the little slut, but soon they quit contacting Sarie. They were John and his eye candy’s friends now, not hers.

Despite her lethargy and ennui, she spent a half hour shampooing her hair and an hour brushing, curling, and teasing it. “Who am I trying to catch?” she mumbled to herself. She put on her favorite pink lace bra and matching panties before she could talk herself out of it. It was as if an inner hopefulness was driving her.

She’d never Ordu Escort seen Dr. Polk before. He was probably some over-confident Dockers wearing jerk who thought women should bow down to him because he went to med school. Or some science and math nerd who was too shy or dull to care what his female patients looked like naked. Yet, the feeling of excited anticipation wouldn’t go away.

After a surprisingly brief drive in morning rush hour traffic, Sarie arrived at the doctor’s office. As she opened the waiting room door the sweet, spicy scent of lavender incense surrounded her. Indian sitar music played from a CD player on a teak desk. “Oh great, he’s a hippie.” Sarie thought. Despite her negative thoughts, her pussy twitched with excitement. Sarie gently bit her lower lip to contain herself.

A sign on the teak desk advised patients to wait patiently for the doctor to bring them into his office. Sarie hated to wait, but was well trained by both her parents and society to follow the rules. She obediently picked up a magazine and pretended to read until the doctor called her.

“Sarie Morris,” a firm, yet kind masculine voice called. Sarie looked up to see a tall, boyishly handsome man in a white coat. His golden brown hair was neatly swept back in a ponytail.

Sarie grinned slightly and stood up. “Come on back,” Dr. Polk responded, gently patting her on her right shoulder. Sarie suppressed a gasp at his touch. “Has it been this long since I’ve been around a man?” she wondered.

“What brings you in today Sarie?” Dr. Polk asked.

Sarie couldn’t decide if she should be honest or coy. Before she answered her eyes traveled to the doctor’s crotch. His pants were far from tight, but she was certain she could see a promising Ordu Escort Bayan bulge. “I’ve been really tired lately,” she began.

After asking a few preliminary questions, Dr. Polk asked Sarie to unbutton her blouse. “I just need to listen to your heart,” he explained when her eyes widened at his command. “Damn!” she thought. “He probably thinks I’m some kind of prude.”

With fingers trembling with excitement, Sarie slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Dr. Polk placed his stethoscope on the rounded flesh above her right bra cup. “Take a few deep breathes.” He asserted, while moving the icy cold metal across her chest. Sarie’s hard nipples pushed through the thin lace of her bra.

“Are you cold?” Dr. Polk asked. Sarie looked up to see the doctor staring at her nipples poking through her bra. All she could do was nod weakly. He gently stroked her left nipple with the tip of his finger. She didn’t bother to suppress a gasp as her right nipple burned with a need for equal attention. The doctor continued to gently trace, caress, and tickle her left nipple. The friction of his gentle fingertips through the lace was more than Sarie could bear. Each stroke of his fingertips sent signals of pleasure to her wet pussy. Without thinking she parted her legs.

Sarie lost all concept of time as the doctor quickly pulled down her skirt and panties. She looked down in disbelief as his tongue gently licked her inner thighs working its way toward her damp clit. Finally his darting tongue arrived at its destination. Dr. Polk gently parted her pussy lips with his fingers to make room for his hungry tongue. Her hips rocked gently to help him along.

Sooner than expected she arched her back and moaned as wave upon wave of pleasure overpowered Escort Ordu her. “Oh yes, baby! Yes!” she cried as tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks. As the sharp flashes of joy began to recede she sat up and grinned happily at the doctor.

Dr. Polk’s face was stern. “This is just the beginning of your treatment.” He said.

“Treatment,” Sarie wondered what the hell this gorgeous, yet strange man was talking about. She watched as he went to a cabinet and pulled out a large, round metal object. Sarie didn’t know whether to be frightened or thankful.

Long before she could respond, the doctor ran the cool, vibrating metal ball around the areola of her breasts. Her nipples stiffened as the vibrator massaged and coaxed her into submission. Slowly the doctor moved the vibrator from her breasts and replaced it with his well educated tongue. As his mouth sucked and teased her breasts, his hand moved the vibrator down her chest and between her legs. Her breathing became labored as both her pussy lips and clit felt the powerful massage of the vibrating ball.

Suddenly, she lost all control and succumbed to the waves of passion that overcame her. Yet this time the waves didn’t recede, but increased in frequency and intensity. Her gasps changed to moans and soon her moans turned into screams of passion.

“Oh my God it’s not stopping!” she cried helplessly. “Please, no! Make it stop!” she moaned half-heartedly.

“Take it! Take all of it!” Dr. Polk commanded in response.

“I’ll be good.” She moaned. “Please, I can’t take it! Make it stop!”

With a self-assured grin the doctor slowly eased the vibrating ball from between Sarie’s legs. “How do you feel now?” he asked.

“Much better,” she replied honestly.

“This is just the beginning.” Dr. Polk looked into Sarie’s hazel eyes. “Come back next week and we’ll move on to the next step in your treatment.”

Sarie smiled, more to herself than at the doctor. She knew from this point on she’d feel better. And so would Dr. Polk.

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