Sharing More Than Just The Rent


I sit on the kitchen bench as he makes coffee, making light conversation I watch his slim body move around looking for spoons and cups. It’s very early, just past five am. I am awake because I heard him leave his room, he because he needs to go to work. I sit there in my t-shirt and panties, aware they are getting wetter as I begin to fantasise but he soon pulls me back into reality.

“Here.” He hands me my coffee and I take a small sip even though it is hot then put it down, he places his coffee next to mine. I look at him and we make eye contact, his brown eyes making my stomach flip. I grab his hand and pull him towards me.

“Yes?” He asks me. It’s a small game we play, pretending we don’t know what the other wants, always seemingly afraid to be the one who makes the first move. We’ve been sleeping together for months, enjoying each others bodies and sharing with other people too, but we seem to be rather shy about it still. I hate it and love it all at once. It’s embarrassing and warming. I look up at him and smile pulling him closer and kissing him. He tastes amazing.

“I have to go to work soon, and missy is in bed” he tells me as he pulls back slightly and I kiss down his neck. By missy he means my daughter and I know she will wake soon, all the more reason to move things along.

I smile, “I know”, I respond, Rize Escort kissing his lips again and pulling him tight against me. My hand slides around and I can feel him already growing in his boxer shorts. My heart skips a beat, as it does every time I think about him entering me. He is thick and long, the biggest I have ever taken and each time he enters me I ride that fine line between pleasure and pain.

We continue to kiss as I pull him out and his hands move down to play with me, needlessly assisting in getting me wet. His fingers slide across my clit and I moan, a shiver running through my body. I smile, he knows that spot way too well and can have me a moaning mess very quickly by playing with it. I feel him smile whilst kissing and I know he is thinking about how easy he makes me cum.

I pull his groin towards me, screw the foreplay, I want him inside me right now. He gets the hint and reaches down to guide himself, his head quickly slipping in then the rest of him slowly sliding in as I wince and attempt to relax. The pain, the pleasure: it’s all amazing.

We continue to kiss, eyes closed as he slowly moves himself almost all the way out of me before slowly sliding back in. I grab his hips, encouraging his movements; his hands sit on my hips, gently but firmly holding me in place. He picks Rize Escort Bayan up his pace and I feel myself tightening around him, each thrust feels insanely good and I bury my face in his neck and work on keeping my voice down.

I moan in his ear, his speed picking up, he’s hitting THAT spot, he does it every time. I start to swear under my breath, panting between breaths and he picks up his pace slightly and goes a little harder knowing I am close. I kiss his neck as I begin to orgasm, my muscles spasming around him as I hold on to his hips. He continues on, relentless.

I calm down a little only to be drawn close to orgasm again. We are no longer kissing, he has pulled his top half back slightly to look down and watch himself slide in and out of me. I look him up and down, his entire body almost as much as a turn on as to what he is doing to me. I orgasm again, hard, and it lasts for a while, he’s riding that perfect spot. I whisper his name, a plea to stop but he continues as I orgasm over and over again.

Finally he pulls back slightly only to adjust his stand. He grabs my hips firmly, pulls me in close, our bodies pressed together, as he begins to thrust into me deep and hard, pulling me onto him as he thrusts into me.

I moan in his ear, encouraging him, I want him to cum. I call his Escort Rize name quietly, kiss his neck and nibble his ear. He keeps up his pace and I feel that feeling again, I know I am so close. I swear under my breath, moaning quietly, conscious of the noise I am making. His thrusts are becoming more desperate and I know he is getting close.

I grip him harder as he takes a hard deep thrust and begins to fill me with his cum pushing me into my final amazing orgasm. I go almost blind, the world around me has disappeared and I only know him and his breathing. I’m aware he has finished cumming but my body doesn’t stop. He continues to push against that spot he knows so well. I don’t need to look, I know he’s smiling. His pleasure coming from my pleasure, just as mine comes from his.

I control my breathing and relax my muscles, fighting the shivers he is intentionally sending through me. I calm down, my orgasm finally finished and I look up at him to kiss him.

We grow a little awkward, trying to silently work out how he’s going to pull out of me and me get off the kitchen bench without his cum spilling out onto the kitchen bench. “Ready?” he says and I nod as he pulls out and I quickly squeeze my legs shut and sliding off the bench. I run off to the toilet.

“Hello?” I hear as I suddenly snap back to reality. He stands there holding my coffee. I’m still on the kitchen bench, wet and horny. It was all a daydream. I take the coffee from him and think. I could pull him in and kiss him. But will he say no? I take a sip of my coffee knowing it will just stay a fantasy.

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