She Found Something Different


She had just come in from the sauna; the wine had been aged and chilled to perfection. I’d helped with the large towel and yet tiny beads of moisture still shimmered on her golden body.

Her glistening skin had been a turn-on all evening. The entirety of her body opened to my view in the sauna had been overpowering. And it’s true that a naked man following a beautiful woman has trouble hiding his pleasure. Unlike a woman his interest seems to ‘stand out’ just as mine was doing right now!

She’d teased me about my problem through dinner and our bath. I’d begun to wonder if she’d ever open her ‘presents’. But now in elevated sandals she made long strides toward the sofa. Her calves and thighs were perfect and beautiful, taut and firm and I wanted them around me.

She sat down and her perfectly groomed body exuded an intoxicating scent that drew me to sit with her. Her breasts were large with aroused nipples framed in a pink background. My breath caught and my desire flamed. She brought her legs together and turned her body to place them both in my lap while brushing my maleness as she did.

She had picked up my two small gift-wrapped packages as she’d settled. Now she asked about them and shook them next to each ear and wondered aloud what surprises she’d find.

It was on purpose, but almost seemed an accident when her toes ‘fell over’ against me. The warmth of her toes and their softness…and then I learned that she could use them almost as hands… to grasp and hold…and stroke. My eyes closed as I heard the paper being torn.

The first box contained an assortment of scented and flavored light body oils and an assortment of various sized and shaped fine camel hair brushes. She squealed in delight and her other foot moved to me.

Has a man ever climaxed from being stroked by a lady’s feet? I seemed close to finding the answer and it was difficult to concentrate.

The second box contained some brightly colored fine silk scarves of the softest variety, nipples and lip clamps, clitoral jewelry, two glass dildos both small and large, a mini bullet with a large battery pack, a soft fur-lined blindfold, a set of what appeared to be ‘restraints’ of an unusual type, and a silk cape. She was Rize Escort delighted by them all except for a question about the restraints. I’d already removed them from the descriptive package they’d been delivered in and so their use wasn’t obvious. The restraints were the type that clip to the top and bottom or edge before closing a door. Their usage is not obvious if someone hasn’t seen them before.

I told her that I’d show her but first the cape and blindfold must be worn. She gave me one last deliberately slow massage with her feet and then stood up and dressed in the cape and slid the blindfold into place. I attached the restraints to her ankles and wrists and then spun her three times slowly to disorient her and then I led her to the bedroom door. I slid the clips over the top and bottom edges of the door and then closed the door tightly with her back against it. I asked her to come to me and then she realized that she was restrained and standing against the door. I could have had her facing the door, but that could wait until another time in the near future when the rest of her gift might be useful.

I folded back the cape and carried the scented oils to the kitchen… two went into the refrigerator and the rest into the sink under running hot water and than I returned. To some it might be torture but to us it was merely delicious teasing. I took the set of brushes and began to tease her body. The camel hair brush is one of the softest known to mankind and offers a delicious tickle when long, or a brisk massage when short. I selected the long brushes. She was spread-eagled and open against the door as I began.

I teased her nipples and watched them harden and grow rigid, and then I brushed her face and lips. Slowly I brushed over her face, neck and shoulders…again and again. I moved to her feet and then slowly up each calf and thigh. I reached around the knee and teased the soft skin behind each one and then traced up the outside, the front and finally the inside of each thigh. She was squealing with delight and unable to hold quiet.

I could smell her wetness already as it filled the room with its delicious scent. I began to tease her tummy then her mons and back…around to each Rize Escort Bayan side while circling and stroking. I carefully avoided her nude lips. I used a long handled brush to reach in and around and tickle each cheek as she pulled away from the door. She was still captured but reachable. I ran the brush down the juncture of her cheeks and toyed with them as she moaned her pleasure.

Slowly and continually I retraced her cheeks before finally settling on the fine skin that lies between inner thigh and lip. I stroked repeatedly and when she almost climaxed, I stopped and waited until she looked puzzled and settled against the door again. And then I renewed my efforts with my own fervent passion. I continued and teased her lips and drew a brush slowly across them again and again as she moaned and her body stiffened and then I heard her moan in pleasure as she climaxed and hung from the door suspended only by the wrist restraints. I stopped and quietly entered the kitchen and removed the chilled oils.

This time I returned and filled my palm with one of the oils and looked for a sensitive spot to first apply it. I selected the sides of her beautiful soft tummy and moved each on my hands into position and applied it. She shot up straight from the shock and as I moved across her tummy and then up her breasts to her nipples her body responded with fine goose flesh and she clamped her lower lip between her teeth. Next I applied it liberally under the silken cape and over her shoulders and neck and then to her face. She extended her tongue and I wiped a tiny drop onto it and she tasted it in pleasure.

I leaned forward and kissed her lips very, very softly and pulled away. I applied a nipple clamp to each breast and let it slowly increase its grip until I could free it at full pressure and she moved her upper lip between her teeth and adjusted to the pain. I left for the other oils.

When I returned the goose flesh had grown more dense and I quickly poured a heated ‘warming’ lotion into my palms. I could feel the heat immediately as I applied it first to the front of her thighs and then circled around each and finally oiled her cheeks. I carefully spread them open and applied it liberally. Escort Rize I refilled my palms and reached around to her back and spread the lotion and I could see her relaxing. I added more to her legs, feet and hands.

At last I’d reached her pussy and I added more oil and reached back and then slowly worked in the oil between her lips. I finished with a small generous application to each nipple. I’d been assured that the oil would work slowly, but yield a definitely warm sensation almost bordering on hot. It was beginning to work as her thighs turned a little red and she moved her hips as her rear cheeks began to heat. I held out my hand and could feel its heat and the heat that began radiating from her thighs.

Her pussy and nipples were last to get warmed as I paused before lowering myself and gently blowing on her mons and lips. I spread her outer lips with my hands and then blew softly across her inner lips. I felt her moan as I heard it and then she asked me to take her, to enter and take her hard. I waited and her pleas turned almost to begging before I reached for the two dildos and slowly inserted each. I almost couldn’t hold the vibrator between my teeth so I used a scarf to pad and dampen its vibration against my teeth.

Now I began to slowly play with each dildo. Separately at first and then together and finally I turned on the vibrator and moved it forward and in, then up until I found her clit as I stroked. It was all that I could do to keep from climaxing myself because of the knowledge of what I was doing. The pleasure I was giving was overpowering me.

Her body quivered and reached for more while her voice was pleading and thanking. And still she was blindfolded. Suddenly she screamed that she was going to cum and it was different this time as she flooded with a deep and sustained orgasm. Her body was jelly and yet still reacting violently. I dropped the vibrator from my mouth and began to clean her.

Slowly I removed the dildos and stood before her with my manhood overeager and ready as I walked to her and removed the leg restraints. I lifted her by the waist as her legs surrounded me and her hands were freed. With one hand I positioned myself and lowered her onto me. We made love as I carried her across the floor and then leaned forward, still inside. I finished, filled and then bathed her in my own heat and I quickly removed each nipple clamp as she was about to climax again. As she did I drove deep and hard at last releasing my own pleasure.

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