Sherry Ch. 07


That would have been fine if it had been a normal day at work. Instead, there was an incident Ron wasn’t sure how to handle. On Monday and Tuesday, he’d been pretty careful to keep people from noticing that he had an erection for most of both days. He did wear a jacket, but it didn’t quite come down low enough. So mostly, he just stayed at his desk. There were a couple of times when, if someone happened to be looking at exactly the right time, they might have seen the bulge in his pants, but he was pretty sure no one had. His secretary, Lydia, had come into the office a couple of times while he was standing, including once just as he’d begun to stroke himself through his pants. He knew it was a stupid risk, but he’d been hard for so long and his dick was practically begging for a touch. He’d run his fingers across his pants, felt his cock spring out against the fabric, and then Lydia had walked in. He turned toward the window, reaching for his cell phone and hitting speed dial as he did so. He was almost certain he’d acted too quickly for her to notice anything. But on Thursday, he began to wonder.

Lydia had been his secretary for just under 5 years. She was a short, buxom blonde, but she dressed very conservatively, doing her best to hide her enormous breasts. Ron thought sometimes that her attempts at modesty actually made her even sexier. She wore skirts that were just below the knee, but on occasion the skirts would ride up to mid-thigh while she was sitting at her desk. He would only see those lovely legs when he had to get something from the filing cabinet unexpectedly, and he tried not to get any ideas, even when he got a glimpse of the top of her thigh-high hose or a triangle view of her panties. But Thursday was completely different. Lydia came in wearing a skirt about two inches above her knees, with a scoop-necked blouse that was still fairly modest, but did show a little cleavage. Ron’s eyes lingered on her body a little too long when she first walked into the office. He knew she noticed that. “Here are those documents you asked for yesterday, sir,” Lydia said. She walked to his desk, bent forward, and put the papers just in front of him. Ron glanced up and found himself staring at a magnificent set of milky white, Van Escort round, firm young tits, framed by a white lacy bra that barely concealed the erect nipples pushing against the silk. Once again, he found himself looking a bit too long. Without standing up, Lydia smiled and said, “Will that be all, sir?”

Ron’s poor cock was once again pulsing hard against his pants. “No, Lydia. I mean, yes, Lydia, that will be all. And thank you,” he said. She stood up, turned, and headed toward the door when Ron called out, “Wait a second, Lydia. I was wondering if you would be able to work overtime for a couple of evenings a week until our new project is finished.”

Lydia turned back to him, smiled, looked down as if she could see his hard-on through the desk, and said, “I can come anytime you need me, sir.” And then she left.

“What made me ask her that?” Ron wondered. Was Anna’s new-found sexuality liberating him, too? He’d certainly heard all the horror stories about sexual relations with people at the workplace, so he’d always been careful to the point of being brusque and cold to women at the office. Yet here was Lydia, clearly coming on to him. Well, it hadn’t exactly gone too far. He could always stop it from going any further.

Her behavior the rest of the day was provocative, to say the least. Unless he called for her, there usually wasn’t much reason for her to come into his office. Most of the time, if he needed something, he would just walk out to her desk just outside his door. But later that morning, she came in with the watering can and some small gardening tools. Lydia loved plants and had them all over his office and her work area. She usually took care of them when Ron was out of the office, but now he found himself watching her as she went around the room, bending forward to water, then prune each floor plant in turn. Sometimes Ron would get a great view of her cleavage, this time with those lovely tits in motion as she worked. At other times, he watched as her new shorter skirt rode up high on the back of her thighs, the material stretched across a really fine, tight ass. By the time she finished the next-to-last plant, he had a boner that could be used to crash castle doors. This presented a problem: Van Escort Bayan the last plant was on a stand just behind his chair. She would have to stand uncomfortably close to him, or he would have to get up and risk having her notice his erection. He had to make a decision right away, since she was now walking toward him.

“Do you need me to move, Lydia?” he asked, since she really hadn’t given him a chance to get up.

“Oh, no sir, you just stay right where you are. I can reach the plant fine.” His left hand was on the arm of his chair, and Lydia stopped just as she brushed against his fingers. She acted as if nothing had happened and bent forward to take care of the plant. Her ass was practically in his face. All he had to do is turn his head to the left, lean forward just a bit, and he could have kissed it. She continued to work, shaking her butt just a few inches from him. He stared openly and began to wonder what she would do if he reached out and undid the snap at her waist, then pulled down the zipper and let her skirt fall to her ankles. Would she run out screaming, shaming him and getting him fired? Or might she just let him continue watching? Could she be wearing a g-string so he would pretty much see her ass in all its glory? Maybe some frilly bikini panties. He’d be willing to bet she didn’t wear granny panties. And what if she didn’t wear any panties at all? He would literally be able to lean forward and lick her pussy. Just as he got a picture of that in his mind’s eye, Lydia stood back up and turned towards him. He had unconsciously moved his head even closer to her, so when she turned, the watering can bumped him on the head, spilling the rest of the water on his lap. “I’m so sorry, sir!” Lydia exclaimed. She put the can down on the floor, then reached over and started wiping the water off his lap with her bare hands. In so doing, she was immediately stroking his hard-on. Ron’s brain was groggy from having all his blood in a different locale, so he just sat there while she continued to wipe/rub him down. And while this was going on, he looked up to see that once again, her boobs were practically in his face and, in all the commotion, one of her nipples had slipped free. If she didn’t stop soon, Ron was Escort Van going to make a hell of a mess in his pants. He reached up toward her shoulder to push her away, but in so doing brushed against her breast, briefly blocking his view.

“Lydia, please…” he said, but he didn’t stop her and didn’t want to.

“Sir, I think you’re going to have to stand up if you want to dry off,” she said. Ron stood up and Lydia stood up with him. She was still just inches away, and he could see her hardened nipples outlined on her blouse. “I’m really sorry, sir, but your pants are soaked. I can keep everyone out of your office if you want to take them off to dry,” she half whispered, looking down at his crotch.

Ron just wasn’t thinking clearly. He reached down, undid his buckle, button and zipper, and let his pants drop. He kicked off his shoes, then stepped out of them. Lydia picked his pants up and laid them neatly on the coffee table, then came back to him. “These, too, sir,” she said as she slipped her fingers into the top of his briefs and slid them down. His cock leapt out, poking her in the eye as she bent to pick up his shorts. “Ow!” she cried. She stood up again and her cry of pain startled him.

“I’m sorry Lydia. This is so embarrassing. I hope you’ll forgive me.” He stepped forward to comfort her, but in so doing pushed his hard-on right up against her tummy. Lydia reached down immediately, gripping his shaft.

“It’s ok, sir. I’m not really hurt. You have a great dick, sir.” She had begun to stroke him when the phone rang. Ron nearly leapt out of his skin.

“Jesus, Lydia, we’re both going to get fired. Give me my underwear back and get out of here!”

A look of disappointment crossed her face as she obeyed. Ron felt bad for her, so before she left he told her, “We’ll discuss this next week when you stay for overtime, ok, Lydia?”

She looked back at him, hoping to see some sign that he might be interested in her. Ron, completely overcome by events, stood there stroking his cock. “Go on, now, Lydia. We’ll take care of this next week.” She smiled and left. He heard her lock his office door behind her. He stood there, hard, pulsing dick in hand, tempted against all means to resist, ready to finally relieve himself of 4 days of built-up tension. Instead, somehow, he put his briefs back on, stretching them to cover his hard cock, then walking over and slipping on his now only damp slacks. So much for not going too far with Lydia.

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