Signature Item Ch. 01


The Delivery – In which a parcel is signed for, and the postie helps with handling.

I knocked on the security door with one hand while I held the box with the other.

The main door was open, and through the mesh came the persistent throb of bass driven music.

Just a moment! was called down the stairs.

From what I could see of inside it was a fairly tidy little two-storey unit, modern TV, thick carpets and so on.

There was some bumping and clattering from upstairs, so I stood and waited patiently – the run of deliveries today wasn’t so heavy, and I was looking forward to an early finish to the day. The music continued to bend the air forcefully, though not disagreeably, and I found myself getting into the groove.

She came downstairs in a flurry, through the security screen I glimpsed she was all legs. She rattled at the handle, Oh sorry, it’s locked. She wore a silky black dressing-gown which barely made it further than her arse, and when she turned the firm lower part of her butt in sharp contrast to the lacy hem of the shiny black material.

The screen opened and I was struck dumb. She stood a full foot shorter than me, her slight build was by no means skinny, and her hourglass figure had an athletic quality about it. She looked tanned and beachy; her short tawny hair had that tousled look that was the result of either careful styling in front of a mirror or an energetic shagging. I reckoned her to be in her mid-twenties. Her fine hands gripped the silk gown at bust and belly to stop it simply falling open. It really was too small, even on her diminutive frame, and was pulled tight across her breasts.

As I pulled my stare back up to her face she slightly jutted her chin out towards me with an accusing smirk. Not the type of accusation which says ‘How dare you ogle me, postie’, more the kind of ‘Go on then, watcha gonna do about it?’ look.

I dropped my gaze again and watched as her nipples rose hard against the sheer fabric.

That box for me then? She asked after about a million years.

Uh, yeah. I mean; um, signature item for I checked the label Susan?

Her face brightened and beamed a smile at me as she bobbed energetically in front of me.

Oh wow! I’m so excited. I’ve got three parcels coming, and I don’t know which one it could be!

The anticipation must be excruciating. I replied drily. It was, after all, just another box from my van-load of boxes.

She shot me a funny look which was impossible to read, and fearing I had hurt this beautiful little hottie’s feelings, stumbled verbally on with; I mean, uh, in just a few moments, it’ll be in your hands, and the mystery will be revealed! Then finished with a kind of Ta-DAA gesture.

Her humoured stare penetrated me to my core as she stood there, smiling from her eyes, not saying anything. I decided to push it, because two can play the flirting game, missy:

But once you’re inside, clutching your precious box of mystery, will you savour this moment, this feeling of ecstatic apprehension, and leave the box on a table while you delay the inevitable by, say, getting a drink of water, or a beer, as this exquisite feeling wells up inside you like an… her breathing quickened …or perhaps you’ll slam this door shut and tear into this box like a hungry beast, her mouth parted slightly and she bit lightly on Tokat Escort her lower lip, …your lust for it’s contents making you careless until you are sated… her eyes glazed a little and she leaned slightly towards me, as if lead by her bust before she caught and composed herself.

She blushed slightly, and it highlighted very faintly a light spray of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

You’re funny, She said cheekily, and you’re gooooood at that! And with a waggle of her finger and an arched brow the dressing gown slips open a little, revealing a sliver of smooth bare skin down to her navel.

MY turn to blush now.

With the box under my arm I proffered the scanner. Uh, you’ll need to sign here. At the bottom of the screen.

Sure. She changes hands holding the silk just above her pubis and picks up the stylus. Could you hold it lower please?

I lower my hand.

Lower. Lower.

Loooooowwwwer. Great.

She leans forward, letting her tits fall forward against the material of the gown. The pressure widens the gap, so now I’m getting an eyeful of the most perfect looking skin, running between pert C-cup breasts down her taut belly to a pierced navel. It’s only the stiffness of her nipples which are holding the hems from falling wider. I could hardly believe what was happening. My cock, professionally dormant until now shifts a little.

She drops the stylus on it’s tether and straightens, clutching again coyly at the top part of her gown. Her breast bunch up again under the fabric, and I can see her nipples straining against the black silk.

I really am very excited about this parcel. She said, but I’ll need you to bring it in for me.

Hang on, is this a setup? Not buying it. Too easy. I look at her, then at the box under my arm – about the size of a men’s shoebox – then back at her. Really?

Well, postman, as you can see I have my hands full at the moment, and if I were to let go here…

She let go there; holding her arms out as if she were carrying the box.

The flimsy gown fell apart slightly, revealing the most arousing runway of nubile flesh I had ever seen. All the way down past her bellybutton this time, to a neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair, and a pussy that gleamed a little in the light.

She let me have a good long look before closing the curtains on her little show.

So as you can see, it would be quite embarrassing for us both if that were to happen. Would you please bring it in?

Far be it from me to compromise a lady’s modesty, I stated nobly, and stepped across the threshold.

As I stepped inside, I shut the security door behind me with a soft click. The music, now playing a different track with an identical rhythm, thrummed it’s way into my loins. The room was well lighted naturally through the bay windows, but the light was diffused into softness thanks to thin white curtains. In fact, all the furnishings were white except for the television and this gorgeous girl’s silken black gown.

Just over here, she indicated a low coffee table. I put the package down and turned to face her as she continued; What you said before, you know, about savouring the moment and the… other thing. The hungry lust thing.

I waited.

Well, I can do both at once you know. The box … the box can wait. The hunger can’t. You’ve Escort Tokat got a cock and I’ve got a pussy, and my snatch is so wet, and I’m savouring this moment and you should too… she slipped the gown off her shoulders while keeping it shut just under her bosom, and for the first time I saw those pert breasts in their entirety. I gnawed at my lip in anticipation. Her nipples blushed pink against their creamy mounds, larger than I expected, straining to reach me from their modest areola.

Hmmmm I approved. And my dick hardened a little more.

Show me your chest. She commanded.

I complied. She let slip the gown.

Now show me your cock.

I dropped my trousers and jocks to my knees. We both stood there gazing at each other. She smiled that playful smile again and said, It’s a nice one. I want to suck it.

Be my guest.

She knelt down in front of me and clasped firmly at my dick. It was semi-erect, and we both knew it had further to go yet. She gently glommed onto it as it was, and simply held my manhood in her mouth without doing anything else. Feeling myself stiffen inside her warm mouth was one of the most pleasant carnal sensations I have ever had in my life. She seemed to be enjoying it too, because she did nothing until she was sure it wasn’t going to grow any further, then she let out a little sighing moan and started fondling my balls with cool delicate fingers.

She ever so slowly withdrew back along my shaft until just the head remained. She pursed and puckered and smoothed her lips, seeming to be just feeling at the bulbous edge, like a blind person reading at braille, and her tongue swirled calmly around the tip.

It was a blow job like no other I had experienced. Her claims to animal lust were a lie, for she tenderly explored me with nothing but her lips and fingertips. Her eyes were shut, and it seemed as if she were savouring my member as a long forgotten pleasure.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me, then released my dick with a loud pop of her lips. It shone with her saliva in the filtered light of the room. She admired it for a brief moment before standing.

Sit down, I’ll get that beer.

Ok so now I was naked Susan. Susan, right – don’t forget it, numbskull!

She tripped back into the room with two opened beer bottles, and sat facing me, straddling my lap. She wriggled closer and closer until my cock, stiff as a board, was pushed directly up between us. I could feel the warm wet press of her pussy on it’s underside. It’s head swelled and turned a deep red rage at the horniness of the situation.

Cheers, she said and we clinked the bottles. We both had long draws of the icy contents. She lowered her bottle and pressed it on the head of my dick, and slowly it’s throbbing rage eased back from the brink. I, in turn, pressed my bottle against her nipples, first one then the other, then back to the first. She leapt a little at first, and I could feel her pussy snatching at my cock. Then I leaned forward and gently took one of those frozen little nubs into my mouth and warmed it again. She moaned and lolled her head back as she slid away into the sensations of ice & fire.

My tongue pressed firmly at the underside of her nipple, I made slow and forceful flicks upwards. Relishing the way its erectness twanged back against my lower lip, she Tokat Escort Bayan mashed her tit into my face wanting more, and I changed my attentions to the other frozen little bud.

Fuck! She cried, and in one smooth movement lifted up on her knees and slammed back down on my cock. Christ! I yelped as she sat there impaled to the hilt. I swear I almost saw stars. It was all too much and I bucked and thrust my hips up to try and get some in-out action. HEY! She yelled, and slapped my face. Really hard. Calm down, fella. Take it easy.

Well what do you expect, huh? A guy gets his cock slammed into the hottest snatch he’s ever known! Really! How about YOU take it easy!

We both stopped then, glaring at each other for a moment. Then the laughter came – great rolling cock-pulsing cunt-twitching peals of it.

The mirth subsided and we both caught our breath. She lowered her head to my nipple and licked lustily up my chest, neck, jaw and ear as she slid, infuriatingly slowly off my rod. That was fucking hot, postman. And now I can’t stand the anticipation any longer…

…I simply HAVE to know what’s in the box.

Aw jeez.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get to be in my little box.

She turned around so she faced the coffee table and, knees together, proffered her arse to my view. As she bent lower to attend the parcel, her hips rotated until her spine was arched like a chinese gymnast. Her pussy lips peeked back, and she parted her legs just enough that her flower bloomed before me. I leaned forward and slurped a nice long slow lick from her clit to her anus. Her pussy juice coated my chin. She squirmed her arse and wriggled back onto my face, and the normally mundane sound of tape ripping and cardboard tearing became the soundtrack to the hottest sex of my life.

I didn’t understand how she seemed to be taking so long to unwrap the parcel, until she moaned amidst a series of short panting breaths and slowly caved until her forehead was resting on the coffee table. She widened her feet to give me better access to her pussy, so I increased my lapping as her juices flowed freely.

Fuuuuuuuckhhhhhhhh… she panted.

HmmMMMmmmMMNNNnnnhhhHHhhhnnnMMM, I replied, and the humbuzz of my voice tickled her clit into spasms.

OhH! She reached back between her legs and grabbed my cock. HwantyoutofuckmeNOWand fuckmehard! I spoke into the slippery folds of her sex.

She pulled away from my face, breathing hard, and sat back slowly, guiding my rock-hard cock to her quim, then with an AH! slid smoothly down it’s length until she squelched onto my nuts. Then she did a little rotational wiggle with her hips and proceeded to slam up and down and up and down over and over and over. We both grunted and roared as we pounded and humped and I reached around and grabbed handfuls of tit and squeezed her nipples hard between my knuckles. The pace was too much and she collapsed back onto my chest and wriggled and ground on my cock. With one hand she started banging away at her clit and her other scratched and squeezed at my balls as she gyrated and filled herself with such lustful abandon on me. Her head flung back and her body shook as the orgasm overtook us both as she screamed at FULL VOLUME in my ear and my cock pumped cum after cum after cum into her beautiful tight body.

We both lolled as we had finished, panting on the sofa. She relaxed back on me, and I felt the sweat from the crease of her spine on my belly. The music had softened, and our breathing calmed.

Then I heard my van outside cough and splutter and die as it idly consumed the last of it’s fuel.

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