Sindee, the Weather Girl Ch. 01


I roamed the halls of the news station every day as part of my job. Cathy, the manager, hired me to do odd jobs around the place. That mostly meant keeping the computers running and the printers full of ink, so I had time to absorb the atmosphere around the news room.

There was a lot of work that went into a 30-minute broadcast at the end of the night. However, the highlight of every broadcast was definitely Sindee, the Weather Girl.

Sindee would tease and tantalize her way through every broadcast. My friends at school would often tell me that her reports would give them hard-ons, especially when she talked about “warm fronts” and “high pressure systems.” And whenever she mentioned “jet streams,” cocks would be pulled on. It was more information than I needed from my friends, but it emphasized her impact on the station.

However, Sindee was only good in the studio, with the TelePrompter at her beck and call. She simply wasn’t good at much else except reading the weather. That is, unless you asked the veteran reporter, Jess. He would pull me aside every so often and say “Every weather girl Yalova Escort got their job because they’re really good on the desk.” I admit to being a little naive at the time and I didn’t understand what he meant until one late evening.

I was walking the halls late at night when I saw Sindee walking out of the manager’s office. She looked a little disheveled and when I asked what was wrong, she simply said “I have to get ready to do my report” and turned away.

I then asked the stupid question. “Can I get you something?”

Sindee looked right at me with a smile in her eyes. “Follow me,” she said and we went into her office. Inside, Sindee kissed me on the lips as she took off her jacket. When she was done with the kiss, she pulled my shirt over my head and forced my pants and underwear to my ankles. I stood there almost naked with my cock hardening in the breeze when she grabbed it gently and started whispering to me.

“Just so you know,” Sindee began. “Cathy and I were having sex in her office. It was great! No one eats pussy like her! But I need a man to fully cum!” Yalova Escort Bayan As she was saying this, I was getting hard while she was jerking me off. “I was going to masturbate so I could get through the broadcast and go home, but you’re gonna help me, right?”

I stupidly nodded my head. If she had ordered me to jump off the roof right then and there, I would have! Sindee sat me down on the armless chair behind her desk and pulled her panties off. She then reached into her desk and pulled out a condom. “You look like an 8-incher to me,” she said as she opened the wrapper and rolled the rubber down my cock. Sure enough, it was a perfect fit and Sindee straddled my hips before lowering herself onto me.

In no time, thanks to Cathy’s earlier work, I was fully inside the desirable weather girl and she was in heaven. Sindee bounced, rocked and fucked herself on my shaft wildly, cumming loudly and repeatedly. I was afraid of getting caught, but Sindee reassured me. “The walls, AH, are sound-proofed!”

Her constantly climaxing pussy massaged my shaft like nothing else Escort Yalova ever had. I held back until Sindee’s look gave me permission to cum. Our privates slapped loudly in the room as I matched her intensity. After a couple of seconds of this hard fucking, I kept the weather girl suspended in air, my neck and feet keeping us from falling onto the ground. When I came, I filled the condom completely and felt the discharge flow back onto my shaft.

We fell back into the chair and Sindee thanked me with a deep and passionate kiss on the lips. “Thanks, stud. Now, I really DO have to get ready for my report!” With that, she put her clothes back on, freshened up in her private bathroom and went to do her job. Before she left, however, she gave me one final look and handed me a slip of paper. “Here’s my phone number. If you’re not busy this weekend, give me a call!” With that, she was out the door, looking perfect.

Sindee immediately went on stage and was quite bubbly, as usual. No one at home or in the studio could have suspected that she had been just fucked two separate people less than 30 minutes before.

No one, that is, except old Jess, who caught me coming out of Sindee’s office, looking worn out. “See, good on the desk, right?”

I smiled. “No, just the chair this time!” We laughed as we went our separate ways, the empty room echoed with our noise.

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