Sisterly Revenge


Tina eyed her future brother-in-law where he sat across the dinner table from her. His attention was focused on darling Rita, her sister. Just this morning Rita had reminded Tina of how wonderful she was, reminded her parents how she, Rita, had landed such a perfect fiancé. An up and coming banker, Jason was every Mama’s dream. And in a very special way, he was Tina’s dream, as well. Jason would provide her the perfect revenge against her despised sister.

Tonight she sat across from him in the finest steakhouse in Tampa. Tina watched as he charmed her parents. They adored him–almost as much as they adored Rita. Tina could hear it now, hear her parents berating her for not catching a husband like Jason, asking why she couldn’t be more like Rita–darling Rita who had stolen or slept with every man Tina had ever been interested in. But tonight, Tina would turn the tables. Tonight she would fuck the brains out of Jason, then send him back to darling Rita.

She’d dressed accordingly in a slinky white dress that barely reached midthigh. Her parents had eyed her with disgust, but what did that matter? She was bare beneath the white sheath, except for thigh-high hose encasing her legs and matching three-inch heels. The picture of innocence. The picture of deception.

She shifted in her chair and “accidentally” kicked him under the table. He turned to her, and she murmured a low “sorry”, but held his attention with her eyes. She let her gaze travel from his eyes to his lips, the strong curve of his jaw, the sinews of his neck and down. She arched a brow when the table hindered her view, but darted her tongue out to moisten her lips. He shifted, and she knew he was aware of her perusal and the suggestiveness she’d laced in her gaze.

Slipping her heel off, she reached up with her foot to Jason. He nearly jumped from his chair.

“What is it, Jason?” Rita simpered at his side.


Nothing, indeed. Tina grinned. He tried to clamp his legs together, but she wiggled her toes between them. Thank goodness she had such long legs. His fork clanked against his plate, and Rita asked him again what was wrong.

“Nothing, Rita. Everything is fine.” However, his voice had lost its curt edge, deepening to a husky imitation of its former self.

He went lax then, easing his legs apart and allowing her to caress him with her toes. His cock grew, filling with blood and heat and–she knew–desire. His eyes were still turned away from her, but he slipped one hand down beneath the table.

Tina was delighted to feel the warmth of his palm against Yalova Escort the arch of her foot. He caressed her as she caressed him, pushing her sometimes harder against his hard shaft, or holding her in a position he liked. She felt him unsnap and then unzip his trousers and couldn’t hold in the smile of delight when she felt his hard, hot cock against her foot. He pulled himself free of his pants and she sighed in pleasure as he moved her foot against himself.

His cock was huge, pulsating madly against the small of her foot. She felt herself getting moist and knew that she needed to tread carefully in her illicit little white dress.

Abruptly, she pulled her foot out of his grasp. He looked up and she smiled at him, then glanced down at her chest. Her nipples had turned to hard little pebbles beneath the dress and it was only Rita’s senseless chatter that kept anyone from noticing. Slipping her foot into her heel, she placed her napkin beside her plate. “Excuse me, everyone, I need to refresh myself.”


Tina walked on unsteady feet back to the lady’s room, intent on first drying herself and then regaining control of her rising desire.

She pushed open the door and was pleased to find herself alone in the room. Approaching the mirror, she was amazed at her reflection. Her eyes glistened with lust, her tits had swelled and her nipples were visible beneath the white of her dress.

Suddenly the door opened. Jason stood behind her–their eyes met in the mirror.

“You’re a fucking bitch, Tina.”

She smiled, still holding his gaze. He removed his sports coat, tossing it over a stall door. His hands moved to the fastenings of his trousers.

“What are you doing, brother-to-be?”

He narrowed his gaze at her. “Exactly what you’ve been asking for.”

Tina felt a spurt of dampness between her thighs. This was better than she’d expected. She kept her back to him, waiting to see what he planned. He came up behind her and her eyes widened in appreciation. He hauled her dress up to reveal her bare ass. His hands gripped her slim hips and he pulled her away from the sink and against the hard cock jutting from the opening of his pants. He was solid, pulsing and huge, and she wondered how he’d managed to get back to her unnoticed. But then he pushed her head and shoulders down and she was forced to brace herself against the cold porcelain if the sink.

He shoved into her with one smooth lunge. She wanted to scream with the incredible feel of him inside her, so hard and hot and deep. His forceful Yalova Escort Bayan penetration was more than she could have hoped for. He withdrew only to ram into her again, wrenching a moan from her. She could feel her pleasure juices running down her thighs–god, he felt good.

“Like it, don’t you, Tina? You little whore. I never knew.”

“Fuck me, Jason. Shut up and fuck me.”

He leaned over and bit her shoulder for that. She could feel his teeth and knew there would be a mark. But then he was ramming again, long, sure strokes that stole her breath, and pulled at her sanity. He reached around and pulled her dress to expose her tits.

“You’ve got the best tits, cunt. Huge and made for a man to suck.”

She moaned again and felt herself fast approaching a climax. His fingers pinched her nipples, pulling at them until she thought she might scream.

“Suck me, Jason, and I’ll suck you.”

He pulled them away from the sink, his hard cock still imbedded deep inside her. He moved his hand down to her lower curls, and when his fingers begins to stroke her clit, her legs almost gave away.

“I wanna come, Jason. Make me come now.”

“Cunt, you’ll come when I say you can.”

She’d never expected this from her sister’s fiancé. This powerful controlling that made her want to do his every bidding. She caught a glimpse of them in the mirror, then stared, transfixed. Her dress was hiked up to her waist, the top pulled down to show her tits. She couldn’t remember ever being so turned on–she was so horny, she didn’t think she’d ever get her fill of him. Any minute someone–a stranger, or even more exciting, her mother or sister–could walk in on them. But she didn’t care. All she cared about was his rod was buried in her, ramming into her, fucking her hard, and then harder still.

Suddenly he pulled out of her and forced her around and to her knees in front of him. He wanted her to suck him as she’d said. But she hadn’t meant him to leave her like this!

“Next time,” she said, starting to rise.

He weaved his hand into her hair, and forced her lips against his wet pleasure rod.

He was shiny with her juices, glistening right beside her face. She brought her hands up to rest on his hips.

“Take me in your mouth, Tina. Now.”

She took him. He controlled her movements, forcing her to take him deeply into her mouth, then to her throat. He almost choked her. But she did as he wanted, and it became what she wanted, and using her tongue and teeth she arouse him even more. He grew even harder, Escort Yalova longer, stunning her, making her tremble with the need to have him inside her again, between her other lips. She could feel that he was ready to explode in her mouth and prepared herself to receive every bit of him. But suddenly he pulled out of her willing mouth and shoved her toward the counter again. He put her on the counter, turned on the faucet and ran the cold water for a moment. She watched, dazed, confused. Then he reached down and cupped the water, only to splash it on her hot, wet cunt. She cried out at the sensation. “You do this with my sister?”

He laughed before plunging his fingers between her thighs. She moaned, the feeling of his fingers, cold from the water, against her hot cunt almost undid her. “Rita’s a cold bitch. She’d die before she let me taste her pussy.”

He manipulated his fingers inside her, drawing wretched groans of need from Tina. He laughed. “That’s what you want, isn’t it, Tina? My mouth on your hot little cunt? Tell me, little whore. Tell me you want me to suck you.”

“Shit, yes, Jason. Suck me, suck my cunt.”

He knelt in front of the sink, then clamped his mouth on her. She writhed with the pleasure of it. His tongue flicked her clit, toying with her, then slid inside her, and she screamed a little scream of pleasure. He tongued her there until she thought she would die, until she would explode, until she knew she was going to come in his mouth. But then he rose, pulled her to the edge of the counter and plunged his engorged cock into her again. She curved her pelvis into a cradle, latched her legs around his hips and savored his every lunge. He thrust into her again and again, ramming harder and harder until she was sure she could feel him in her belly, in her throat. When he came in her, she felt the hot pouring of his seed and the warm sensation sent her over the edge. She squeezed him with her feminine muscles, determined to suck the last ounce of pleasure juice from him.

“You have a great puss, Tina. A great fuck. But you let a soul know what happened in here, and I’ll kill you.” He pulled away from her, pulled a paper towel from the dispenser and wiped himself off. A moment later, he’d disappeared back to the dining room.

“Great pussy, huh?” Tina murmured. Isn’t that nice. Looking down at herself, she could see the evidence of their coupling running down her thighs and in the midst of her blond curls covering her mound. “You have a nice dick, too, brother-to-be.”

Reaching for her own paper towel, she soaked it under the faucet and proceeded to clean herself. Splashing water on her face, she refreshed herself and went about pulling her dress back into place. Then she met her own gaze in the mirror. She had the obvious look of a well-fucked woman. She smiled and returned to the dinner table.

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