Controlled Orgasm

Slam goes the stockroom door.

The door crashed behind Katie as she scooted her way into the stockroom, arms loaded with files. Damn, she thought to herself, reaching for the handle, locked. Cursing herself again she remembered that the door locks from the inside.

“Stupid!” She muttered out loud as she threw her files to the floor. She was now locked inside the stockroom, no cell phone, no way out, great start to the day.

Standing there in the stockroom, thinking about what to do, Katie started to re-assess herself. Where was her head lately? She should have known better. She’s had something stuck on her mind for months, Patrick. They were friends, they were co-workers and he was happily married. But attraction could care less about the commitment: it was primal, animalistic and so strong it felt un-shakable. Fact was, she couldn’t keep her mind off Patrick. She lusted after him, and her body reacted to him in that manner. Even if she didn’t want it to (which she tried to convince herself she didn’t) he drew it out. He knew it too; she was sure, because it was so easy to read on her. And instead of backing away, he drew closer, their friendship got deeper, as did her attraction. She felt it deep inside, caressing her spot, when she got close to him. Every time he brushed by her or whenever their eyes met in a meeting, it was lustful and wrong.

As she stood there, thinking about Patrick, her skin started heating up. She felt her shirt grow taut across her breasts as her nipples hardened. The smoothness of it made her feel naked. She started breathing heavy as her sense of touch swelled and she leaned back onto the filing cabinet to steady herself. She felt the cold of the steel through her shirt, it felt like ice against her bodies’ heat. She thought of him touching her, not brushing by, but actually reaching out and touching her. She unbuttoned her top button and reached under her black lace bra for her nipple, thinking of his hand reaching for her. It was rock hard and eagerly awaiting contact. A little twist and his name slipped from her lips, “Patrick”.

She could close her eyes and see him touching her, see his head bend to suck on her nipple, feel his teeth graze it. She was on fire, she thought of him reaching out for her, crying out her name as he came and her hand instantly made its way down her body, traveling along her curves, reaching out for her core.

Harshly, without warning, Yalova Escort she heard the doorknob shake. Straightening herself up quickly, Patrick came walking around the door, Katie gasped. He was pre-occupied, looking for something and not expecting to see her. She froze her lust apparent in her eyes and twirled around quickly. She couldn’t make eye contact, she couldn’t breathe. The room started to swirl and she felt her heat rising, she felt the moistness between her thighs and he was there, behind her, in person. She gulped in deep swallows of air, trying to calm herself down.

He noticed she was upset “are you ok” he asked, reaching out to touch her.

‘Don’t touch me!’ she screamed in her head, as she felt his hand burn into her back. She was on fire, her body yearned for him.

“Breathe in, breathe out” she thought to herself. He stepped in concerned, she hadn’t answered him yet and he was getting worried. She knew she had to turn around and face him, and as she spun around she saw him let go of the stockroom door.

Slam goes the stockroom door and they were alone.

“Shit” he muttered and turned around to try the door handle.

“It won’t work” she responded and asked him for his blackberry, he didn’t have it.

“But you never go anywhere without your blackberry” she said.

“I was only going to get a printer cartridge” he responded looking at her curiously.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked with a hint of something more in his tone. He knows she instantly thought and felt herself go red.

“Nothing” she stammered, “I came in to file, lost track of my thoughts and let the door close behind me”.

“Well I guess were stuck in here” he responded with a smile “any ideas on how to pass the time?”

With that question lingering between them she immediately turned her back on him again. I can’t do this, its hard enough going through the day trying not to be close to him, she had done that. But she was locked in a small room with him! She felt his breath on her neck, she smelled his scent in the room with her, did he smell her scent too? She was so aroused, she felt it emancipating from her: her need, her want. Every ounce of her body wanted her to reach out and touch him. She actually clasped her hands together to keep them from moving on their own accord, towards him. Starting to touch him, stroking him, licking him, stop she told herself!

“What Yalova Escort Bayan were you thinking about to forget about the door?” he questioned, “it must have been something good”. She struggled to come up with an answer; all she could think about at the moment was his cock.

“Well, what were you thinking about?” she retorted, glancing behind her at him. She managed to catch him just as he peeled his eyes off her ass. She knew it looked good in her short black skirt, it barely covered her ass. Could he see her thong under it? She had dressed for him that morning after a particularly hot night masturbating in the bathtub. She had soaked her body thinking of him, shaved her legs, arms, her pussy – all thinking of him. She had been smooth and soft and was running her hands over her body and couldn’t help herself. So this morning, after she woke, she dressed for him. She put on what made her feel sexy. He didn’t know she dressed for him, but she knew it, and it made her feel dirty and hot, very hot. Her thong brushed against her clit and she felt a jolt of electricity go up her spine, she’s such a dirty tramp.

“Why are you looking at the filing cabinets?” she heard Patrick ask and she knew she had to turn around and face him again. As she did, she was fully aware that her nipples were sticking out, hard against the fabric of her shirt – which felt paper thin. They almost strained against it, willing themselves free. He immediately looked at her breasts, and if it was possible – got even harder. She felt her wetness immediately, as soon as she made eye contact with him. He must have read the lust in her eyes, because he sucked in his own breath and broke free of her stare. She had to stop herself, her body from reacting, but how?

She tried to convince herself he wasn’t interested, he must have thought she was a freak. Some weird pervert who started panting every time she saw him, she rationalized to herself. You should know better. But why was he looking at her like that? she couldn’t catch his eyes, but they were all over her body. She watched them follow her legs, graze hungrily over her ass and stop at her hands. Were they stayed, watching her hands intently. She found herself opening her hands and running them along her body. They made their way up to her hips where she started rubbing them in circle over her hip, kneading the skin. His eyes never left her.

It Escort Yalova was at that moment that she decided to take a risk. A calculated risk, she reasoned but worth it, for a moment in time with him. She felt their connection and their bodies felt their connection, so he had to feel it too, how couldn’t he? In a brazen moment, she brought her hands up to her breasts and slowly flicked the tip of her finger across her nipple, then watched him for his reaction. He gasped and when he looked up at her eyes, his were smoky and dark.

She let her finger tips come together in a little pinch on the tip of her nipple. First he held her eyes, but then his gaze dropped again to her hands and followed her finger as she brought it seductively up to her mouth, and slowly sucked it down her throat. She heard a deep murmur escape from his body as his eyes sought hers again. The force between them pulled at them both simultaneously and they each took a step forward. Her nipples brushing up against his chest, finally getting the contact they craved. Shivers went through her, following her spine to all the pleasure points on her body: her neck, her breasts, and her pussy. He reached over and kissed her and everything froze. She felt his lips, his tongue and tasted him and then began to mold herself to his body. Finally touching him, she thought to herself, him finally touching her. His hands roamed her body, claiming every inch and grabbed at her breasts, latching onto one nipple. She moaned and started rubbing her lower body against him… friction, she needed friction.

The kiss deepened.

She heard the doorknob rattle and moved like it was a time bomb. Her instinct reacting with his, they immediately pulled away. Straightening herself out, she pickup up her files and smoothed her hair down. She watched him, as he tucked in his shirt and sucked in a couple deep breaths to calm his nerves. Katie walked toward the door and knocked on it as a co-worker opened it and peered in.

“Oh thank god, she managed to get out” looking pointedly worried and concerned.

“We’d been knocking for the last half hour.”

As she heard Patrick expressing his gratefulness at being “rescued” and she made a beeline for the door.

He stayed behind and starting walking the co-worker out of the room with him. She took a handful of steps down the hall, when she suddenly stopped and looked back over her shoulders to catch his eyes. He looked up at the same time and looked deep into her eyes. She saw raw desire and passion, instantly her body reacted. She knew they were not done.

As he made small talk with the co-worker, she turned back around and heard the Slam of the stockroom door.

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