Slow Dance


I am so content right now, held in your strong arms, as we slowly sway to soft sexy sounds. I could lose myself in your arms forever.

You pull me closer to you, holding me tenderly. I run my hands up and down your back. I pause to massage your shoulders, feeling the firm muscle there, then run my fingers down your spine to your lower back. With one hand at your lower back and the other on your gorgeous ass, I pull your hips into me.

I can feel you responding and pushing still closer to me, your beautiful cock rubbing stiffly against my hips.

You pull your upper body away from me slightly and raise a hand to the back of my head. I look up at you and see the desire in your eyes. You lower your lips to mine and kiss me slowly and sensually, tasting me while I taste you in return. Twining my tongue around yours, I feel like I could get drunk from the taste of you.

We continue to sway, not dancing, but feeling our bodies moving in sync as warmth builds and transfers between us.

You slip your hands under my blouse, kneading my lower back with your fingers, running your hands up and down my spine. They feel so hot against me I just melt into your touch.

Pulling away and looking into my eyes, you raise my top and slip it off over my head. I shake my hair out, and feel cool air brush my nipples, hardening them. After tossing my top away, you reach back down to my lower back to pull me into you, while your other hand moves up to caress one breast.

Feeling your hand gently stroking my breast, my nipple hardens again with my mounting desire. I lean closer to you, laying my head on your shoulder and feeling my other nipple make contact with your chest.

I lift up your shirt, slipping my hands to your lower back, rubbing and kneading, sliding up and down trailing my fingernails along your back, pulling you as close to me as I can get you.

Your touch is tantalizing, rolling my nipple between your thumb and forefinger. You are sending exquisite currents through my body, raising pleasure deep in my core.

Using your arm behind my back, you lift me to my tiptoes, and kiss me thoroughly as you spin me around and lay me down on your bed. We lose contact as I fall back onto your soft high mattress, but my eyes do not leave yours for a moment. You can see right through me. I am yours to my core. I need and want you and only you.

You take your shirt off, and lean forward to run your hands across my torso, trailing electric tingles wherever your fingers touch me. Our eyes do not leave each other. Our connection is deeper than the flesh. We are making love with our minds as much as with our bodies.

As you run your fingers along my abdomen, you grasp the waistband of my pants and ease them down over my hips and off, leaving me completely Yozgat Escort exposed to you. You remove your own shorts, and I watch you moving between my legs, magnificent and powerful.

The height of your bed puts me level with your hips. You step up to the edge and pull me towards you, so I wrap my legs around your waist. You press your cock against me, and you hold yourself still, looking at me. I feel your eyes caressing every inch of me, devouring me and appreciating the love I am offering you in this moment.

Leaning forward, you place one hand on the bed next to me and slip the other under the small of my back. You lift me powerfully from the sheet, and slide me further back onto the bed, leaving room for you to move up onto the mattress between my legs. As you kneel on the bed between my creamy thighs, I see your gorgeous penis standing high and strong in anticipation of our lovemaking.

As you lower yourself towards me, your tongue reaches out to flick a sensitive nipple. I gasp then I feel your mouth on me, warm and wet, engulfing the tip of my breast. You suckle gently, sending shivers of pleasure through me. I grasp the back of your head and caress you, holding you close to me as I moan softly. I love the feel of your mouth on my body.

You make your way to the other side, reaching up with your hand to continue caressing the breast you just left. I want you. I need you. You sense this and raise up to bring your lips to mine.

On the way, you pause just a moment. Our breaths mingle and our lips are a mere millimeter away from each other, as for just a few seconds we drink in the scent and taste of our mingled essences.

Suddenly, your body is covering mine. Our lips meet, our chests press together, our hips grind into each other, and our legs intertwine. I know that you are preparing to enter me, and I want you inside me.

I roll you over onto your back, and sit astride you. I continue to kiss you ferociously, voraciously, surprised at the heat of the fire inside of me. I can’t get enough of the taste of you in my mouth. Moving on to your neck, I breathe you in deeply, filling my mind with your scent. I lick and suck your neck, kissing and nibbling my way down to your chest, across your hard stomach, to the root of your passion.

This is what I have been looking forward to all night long. I take your manhood into my hands and lift it to my lips. Placing a light kiss on your sensitive head, I glance up at you. You are looking down at me, perhaps a little bemused, but ready to let me have my way with you. I smile, and lower my hot wet lips to your head. Taking just the tip of you into my mouth, I suckle gently, running my tongue around the sensitive ridge at the base of your head, feeling you stiffen even further in Yozgat Escort Bayan my mouth.

As I roll my tongue around, I feel your body responding to me, and your hips rising to meet me. This is the cue I have been waiting for. Slowly, I slide my lips down your shaft, taking more of you into me. I can feel you bumping the back of my throat as I gently bob up and down, licking the underside of your cock with each movement.

“Oh yes, exactly like that,” I hear you say. I love it when you talk to me, when you tell me what you enjoy. There is nothing more sensual to me than to learn every nuance of how to pleasure you.

I use a single hand in rhythm with my mouth, covering your entire length with my hot wet saliva and a firm pressure sliding up and down. Your hips continue to rise to me, and I am wet just knowing that you are enjoying my worship of you.

That is what this is, worship. It is a physical expression of my feelings for you, my need and my desire for you. I find it hard to put into words at times, but I can show you by making love to you in very many ways.

I slow my movements. I want to build up tension, build up a release like you have never had before from an oral caress. Keeping my hand on your prick so it is not suddenly cold and lonely, I lick my way down your shaft to the root and nuzzle your balls.

You smell so spicy and male, my appetite roars. I lick along your sack with my tongue, feeling your response in the quick trembling of your thighs. Carefully, I take one soft oval into my mouth and hold it there. Using my tongue, I move it around gently, coating it with my saliva and quietly sucking. I hear a soft moan from you, which inspires me to continue.

Although your scrotum is as amply sized as your member, with a bit of skill, I manage to fit both of your heavenly jewels into my mouth and lick and suck them softly while I continue to minister to your staff, keeping you hard and ready for my mouth again.

Gently releasing your sack from my mouth, I use my tongue to massage the true base of your penis between your nuts. I feel your instant reaction, and continue pleasuring you here for short time before moving back up to your rampant sex. Licking my way back up your size, I can feel your anticipation as if it were an electric charge connecting you to my lips.

As I lower my mouth again to your cock, I look up at you. Your head is back and your eyes are closed. You must sense me looking though, for you open your eyes and catch my gaze. You reach out with one hand to grab the back of my head gently. You wind your fingers through my hair and hold me tight.

You do not push me or force me, but with gentle pressure you guide me, letting me know how badly you want me, need me to continue. I am almost Escort Yozgat overwhelmed with feeling. Giving you pleasure is the highest goal I aspire to this evening, and I am grateful that you are allowing me this opportunity.

Leaning back down towards you, I take you again in my mouth. This time, I work on only the top third of you, while my hand keeps you standing tall and still for my mouth to work its magic.

I hear you talking to me, telling me how much you like what I am doing and again, I thank you silently for opening yourself to me. I increase my pace and feel your immediate response. My tongue is swirling around your head madly with every stroke. Your reaction to me is giving me such pleasure that I am humming just a bit in my throat, sending delicious vibrations through my tongue to you.

You are not speaking now. Your words have dried up and all I hear is your ragged breath punctuated with a few gasps and moans. Your hands are more insistent now. On my shoulders, you pull me closer and push me away in time with your need. Even lost in your lust, I can still feel your respect for me in your touch. You are not forcing me down, but combining your rhythms with mine to maximize your mounting pleasure.

I feel the pressure reaching the point of no return. Deep inside myself, a warmth is spreading fast, burning me up inside. I am sure it is simply an animalistic response to your pending climax, but I am surprised and I nearly falter. I have never felt such a sensation before without being touched.

Your testicles pull up tight to your body, and you moan, “Here it comes. Oh yeah, I can feel it coming…”

I begin sucking just a little harder, getting ready to be sure I don’t miss a single drop. The floodgates open as I feel your orgasm rush up your staff into my mouth. The spicy cream hits the back of my throat and I have to swallow to keep up. As your seed fills me, my body is rocked with bliss, soft and warm, yet still forceful enough to make my knees weak.

I continue to gently suck as you soften in my mouth, careful to avoid overstimulating your now very sensitive penis. I release you carefully, shiny and clean and move up to your side to cuddle with you.

I don’t know how to tell you what I just felt. I feel like I can’t put it in words you will understand. Your pleasure gave me pleasure. Your trust in me to release yourself to my touch, to give yourself to my sexual power is a beautiful thing to me, a compliment like no other. I lay in silence with these thoughts in my head and no way to speak them.

The most I can say is “Thank you.” I can tell from your look that you don’t fully understand, that you feel that I have not yet had my release, but you know there is something more to what I just said than the words you could hear.

“Thank you,” you reply.

It is enough for now. We are happy and satiated in each other’s arms. We are still learning to love and to make love to each other.

We are finding our way together, and there is all the time in the world for us to discover.

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