Snowed In


Storyline was brought up when I was chatting with a friend. She was snowed in and at home the day we were chatting. Bits and pieces are close to real life but have been modified to fit the story!


I walk into the bedroom, there I see you standing. Looking into the floor length mirror, wearing one of your form fitting shirts. Your tush sticking out from under, showing your nice and firm ass. Outlined by your white lace panties. It is near nine at night and I’m about to leave for work.

You ask me “Are we to get a lot of snow tonight?” Worry setting in already. You walk out into the kitchen and I see your panties. Seeing you makes it hard to go to work. You have a look of worry on your face.

I say “No it’s not supposed to be much” as I finish getting my lunch ready for work. I reassure you that I’ll be ok. I kiss you goodnight and head out the door..

It was an uneventful drive as it mostly is. I do a lot of country driving and sometimes I have to react to a deer running in front of me. Tonight however was the same old cold boring night driving and no deer to react to. I arrived at work on time as I usually do. I went in and punched in and started my night. The night started business as usual and I was at work for about three hours when one of the guys came in saying the weather had changed, and that the mere three inches we were supposed to get now turned into a possible eight to ten inches.

This news may change my morning commute back home and thought I’ll call in the morning if I’m going to make it home or not. The night went on, constant drone of the machines running through out the factory. As morning drew close I stepped out to the front door and it wasn’t a good site. Snow was still falling and wind was blowing, it looked down right nasty! There looked to be about 7 inches of snow on the ground and still falling. At that moment I thought a call home was best, it wasn’t too early so I knew I wouldn’t wake her with the ringing of the phone. Camryn picked up on the second ring and I could tell the worry was there.

She asked me “You’re not going to try and drive home in this? Are you?” with the worry in her voice, I knew I shouldn’t try it. Luckily a co worker lived in town and a mile drive would sure be better than a 60 mile drive in this stuff. I told Camryn that I would stay at one of the guys place for the days rest and would be home later in the day.

When I got out of work I called home again and asked how the weather looked at home. She told me that it was about as bad by her as it was by me. Camryn had already made the decision to stay home herself and I asked what she’d do with the time on her hands? She just said she’d probably just do “stuff” as she put it!

She made the comment “I know what you’ll be doing today” as she giggled.

I said “Yeah, sleep and clear snow” with a bit of sarcasm! We left work and got to my friends place and went inside. My co worker pointed to the spare bedroom and away I went, laid down and drifted off to sleep.

While Yozgat Escort Camryn was home and alone, she took her morning shower and dressed, as much as she was prior. She got out of the shower, toweled off and slipped on a pair of white silk panties and an old rock band t shirt. She then went out to the living room and began picking and cleaning around the house. Turning on some classic rock music, she went about and lightly danced around as she went. While dancing around the house she came across my button up dress shirt that I had worn the day before. She picked it up with the intent of throwing it in the wash but when she smelled it she felt alone. Camryn pulled off her t shirt and was bare except for her white silk panties, then slipped my shirt on over her lovely small but perky breasts. Her nipples were hard from the coolness of the room, when she put my shirt on she left it un buttoned and danced around, shirt flowing around her, trim tummy and beautiful breasts freely showing. Her long legs topped by her white silk panties.

She continued to dance, swaying to the music. Dreaming, thinking, wondering what she would do with not being able to leave the house. She walked in front of the mirror and stopped to look at herself. Shirt undone, white silk panties, right nipple and breast playing peek a boo, long legs, beautiful hair over her shoulder, draped, lying on her breast. She stood there, admiring herself, staring into the mirror. She gently began touching her tummy, gliding her hand and fingers from side to side. As she did she noticed her nipples begin to stiffen even more, as she continued to glide her right hand back and forth she lifted her left to gently rub her hardening right nipple. As she rubbed Camryn felt the tingly feeling as she began to turn herself on. Not only by touching herself but by watching her hands in the mirror.

After a few moments she let her right hand slowly drop to the waistband on her white silk panties, toying with it, she slowly started pulling them down, showing the muscles in her toned tummy and the smoothness of her lower abdomen. Feeling the tingly dampness starting below, Camryn slid her hand into her panties, touching the damp skin, warm and smooth to the touch. She stood there rubbing the folds of her wet pussy, watching her lace panties rise and fall from the movement of her hand beneath, standing, watching in the mirror. A moment later she used both hands and pushed her panties down, letting them drop to the floor, stepping out of them and leaving them. She walked towards our bed, my unbuttoned dress shirt flowing behind her, bare ass showing from under, framing her beautiful small but perky breasts and the smooth skin of her shaved pussy, glistening from the wetness as she walked.

Camryn walked to the edge of our bed, turned her firm, perfectly shaped tush and sat down on the edge. She spread her legs apart, gently touching both legs above the knees, beginning to rub her hands along her thighs and up to her smooth, Yozgat Escort Bayan wetness. Stopping with her right hand to fondle herself, running her fingers through the wet folds. Allowing her fingers to gently slide into herself, fingers running back and forth, in and out. While doing so she let her left hand caress her tummy gliding to find her hard nipples again. Rubbing, gently pinching, teasing them gave her goosebumps, and made the dampness in her crotch tingle with delight. The tingling feeling was enough, sliding her finger in and out of her pussy, feeling the wetness on her hand and fingers, smelling the salty muskiness of herself aroused her even more. Cupping her breasts while playing with her nipple, she began to rub and play with her clit. Feeling the sensation take over, breathing heavier, chest rising and falling, moaning at the feeling of her fingers inside of her.

Playing for quite awhile, Camryn was near orgasm, her body twisting on the sheets, breathing rapid, almost panting. Feet sliding on the sheets as trying to get traction, two fingers buried in the soft wetness, mouth dry, back arched, tush thrusting the air as she humped her hand. Body tensing, fingers exploring, flicking her clit, body releases. As Camryn reached orgasm she let out a low scream, mouth wide open, panting. Her hips bucking then falling to the sheets, moaning loudly she clamps her legs over her hand, clamping it against her warm wet self. He body quivering from the release of her orgasm.

As Camryn finishes, body coming off the euphoria, she lay there, still gently rubbing herself, wet from her juices. Smelling my shirt, she pulls it to her face, holding it, eyes closed and deeply inhales. Laying there she drifts off to sleep, nothing on but my unbuttoned shirt, drifting off to sleep on a snowy afternoon…

I woke up to the sound of snow blowers and snow plows driving by. Looked at the clock, almost 12:30. Looked outside and the roads were pretty clear, so I decided to make the trip home. Roads were snow covered but drivable, I made it home a little longer than it normally takes me.

I walk into the quiet house, wondering where you are I begin my search to find you. I peered into the living room to no avail, checked the rooms as I walked down the hallway, nothing. I stepped to our bedroom doorway and then I see you, lying on our bed partially wrapped in my dress shirt. Your legs bare, your perfect ass looking at me, bare pussy, bare right breast rising and falling with your breathing. As I walk over to the edge of our bed I see your panties laying on the floor in front of the floor length mirror. As I get to the bedside I look down at you, sleeping so peacefully, wanting to touch you. I reach down and touch your right ass cheek, gently rubbing it. Sliding my hand onto your thigh, watching your beautiful eyes flutter as I go. You let out a sigh as my fingers glide, your breathing quickens as I run my fingers down your leg and back up again. I run my fingers up across your Escort Yozgat tummy and caress the side of your breast, hearing you sigh, seeing you shiver. You begin to squirm as I gently rub your breast, watching your chest rise and fall, quicker as I caress you. Rubbing your nipple you gasp, your eyes flutter, you wet your lips. You roll over, your eyes open, seeing me standing there you smile.

I step back to take you in, you lying there, eyes staring at me, watching, questioning what I’ll do next. I reach down and pull your right leg over towards me. Opening your legs an exposing your beautiful smoothness, gently touching dampness. You sigh and roll your head back, eyes flutter, let out a quiet moan. Dampness showing arousal, I run my finger over your smooth skin, across your sweet spot. Your breathing quickens as I rub small circles over your wet pussy. Gently rubbing, caressing, teasing you, sliding across the soft wet folds of of your glistening wetness!

As you lie there, panting, throat so dry. Eyes fluttering you grab my arm. You squeeze as I rub you, letting my finger slip inside you. Plunging in, you growing so wet, I rub your clit and you arch your back, looking at you, eyes begging me! Bending over I kiss your thighs. I can already smell the salty wetness, oh so sweet. As I near I see your wetness, glistening in the light. Pussy excited, almost pulsing, I touch it with my tongue. Tasting you, feeling you, seeing your body react. You let out a quick deep sigh as I lick the wet folds, then your slit, deeper into you, tasting, finding your clit. Back arches, low scream ensues, you call out my name as I taste you. Reaching down you grab my head, pulling me harder into you. Near smothering me I lick and suck even more, holding me tight as I bury myself in your love.

A moment later I take knee, look at you and then slide closer. Your perky breasts stare at me, begging for attention, I beckon their call and lean and begin kissing them, sucking, nibbling. Tip of my shaft touching your wet, softness, gently I slide it into you. You sigh, look at me and smile. Slowly I start, in and out, so slowly you begin to moan softly. Deeper you say, push a little more, deeper you beg, slowly I push all the way into you, hearing you gasp. Feeling the wetness against my hard thick shaft as it slides in and out. Your body tenses, lips quiver, eyes full of wonder. I pick up pace and you begin to breathe quicker. You grab your breast and rub your nipple. Hearing you moan from the pleasure, licking your lips, watching me. Thrusting in and out, your back arches, body tenses, muscles clench. Feeling your muscles I thrust harder. Hear your low moan, almost scream, your body lets go, head rolls back, hands squeeze your breasts. Climax let’s go, wetness even more. You’re panting and writhing from pleasure, ecstasy given.

Feeling the heat of your cum as you let go, pushes me over the edge. I thrust once and once again, feeling it rise. A quick jerk and I let go, filling you, warming you. You reach up and pull me down to you. You begin kissing me, holding me, you whisper “Thank you” in my ear, “Glad to have you home”, as always! As we lie there, my cock softening in you. We kiss one another, happy to be one again. My dress shirt has fallen, outlining your beauty as you lie on the bed…

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