Someday Scores Settled? Ch. 03

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Someday Scores Settled?

Chapter 3

More Abuse

Ryan got a call from Ricki one day after school and from the emotion in her voice he could tell something was wrong. As he walked over to Ricki’s, it was clear to him that the elite high school group had derived some type of cruel satisfaction at her expense. Even after his accident, they had never shown any contrition nor hinted at an apology.

He let himself in through the basement door and found Ricki sitting on her bed with a blank stare on her face. Her glasses lay on the sewing machine. Tears leaked from those beautiful reddened ghost-like eyes. “What’s wrong,” Ryan asked?

In a hurt and bitter tone Ricki began to explain. “Those bitches have got a new nickname for me.”

“What is it,” Ryan asked? “I guess you’re talking about Eva and Sissy?”

“Yes. Jack and Dirk also came by to add their two cents worth.”

Ryan took his shoes off and climbed on the bed beside her and instinctively put his arms around her shoulders. Ricki rolled her face into the nap his neck. They held each other for a few minutes until her suppressed weeping settled down. She tried not to cry, but the tears came anyway.

As Ricki’s tears subsided, Ryan felt a genuine affection for her and it felt good. He owed Ricki a debt of gratitude for what she had done for him during the accident. “What did the little bitches call you?”

They took my name and instead of Ricki they shortened it to “Icky” and then they took my last name and called it “Bod.” So now they’re calling me ‘Icky-Bod’.” They called me that all day and the rest of the girls thought it was so funny. Why do they have to be that way?”

“As Ryan held her in his arms, he quietly and very determined muttered, “there will hell to pay someday. Make no mistake, there will be pay-back, I’m not sure how or when. It may take years…it will be served cold…it will never be forgotten. Somehow, scores will be settled.”

“What do you mean, Ryan…How? Those families rule this town” Ricki reached up and removed that string patch from Ryan’s injured eye. “I don’t guess my worries are too bad with what you are dealing with. Don’t let me forget it. I have something for you before you leave. I don’t see how you take all of their crap.”

“Dr. Larkin has helped me a lot. I’ll tell you about it later. But first, let’s get that book out and see what more we can learn more about this sex thaang,” Ryan said laughing. He wanted to get her mind off the insulting remarks made by the self-proclaimed ‘superior’ girls of Granite Rock High.

Ricki smiled through the receding tears and said, “I like learning as we go.”

Before they could continue, they heard Ricki’s mom drive up as she does her grocery shopping every Friday afternoon.

Ricki quickly jerked the book from Ryan and put it back in the drawer. “Let’s help Mom get the groceries in.”

Ryan whispered, “Damn, just when things start getting good. I was hoping to get some pussy.”

Ricki turned away and smiled knowing what Ryan had said, and then asked, “What did you say?”

“Oh nothing…lets go help with the groceries.”

Mrs. Boden started putting the groceries away, then said to the kids; “Let me make you a sandwich. What kind do you want Ryan?”

“Do you have any bologna?”

“Of course, I do and how about you Ricki.”

Ricki replied flirtatiously as she looked over at Ryan and said, “I think I’ll have a hot dog”.

“And what have you two been up to,” Mrs. Boden asked with a little twinkle of understanding in her eye, picking up on Ricki’s intended pun?

Ricki glanced over at Ryan, smiled coquettishly and said, “Ryan has been helping me study Math and Biology and I’m helping him with English and French. He still has a lot of work to do to catch up.”

“I’ll bet you have and did you two learn your lessons well,” Mrs. Boden teased.

“Oh…yes,” said Ricki giggling like a silly girl.

Mrs. Boden changed the subject a little and asked Ryan, “Are you still spending a lot of time in the woods on the weekends?

“Yes mam, I really like it,” responded Ryan.

“That’s what your mother says. She says that she can see a bright spirit in your personality already.”

As Ryan got up to leave Ricki stopped him and whispered, “Don’t forget, I’ve got something to give you before you go. Come back down to my room.”

Later, as they re-entered Ricki’s room, she pulled something from her sewing machine drawer, held out her hand and asked, “Here, give me that old patch.”

What do you want that for,” Ryan asked exhibiting some self consciousness before taking the old one off?

Ricki turned to Ryan and said, “You won’t need it anymore. What do you think of this?”

Ryan stood there for a moment and stared at the elastic headband and then allowed Ricki to put it on. Attached to the headband was a beautiful form-fitting patch that wrapped around his injury and tapered back above his ear. It had Ryan’s initials sewn along the side. “Well, what do you think,” Ricki asked again?

Ryan Zonguldak Escort could hardly say anything as he adjusted the patch over his eye. Finally, he said, “Girl, this is so cool. How does it look?”

Ricki was as excited as Ryan. “I wasn’t sure you would like it.” She helped him make the final adjustment and ushered him over to the mirror. “It looks great. I think it makes you look like a sex fiendish marauding pirate. I think we should call you ‘Patchman’.”

“That looks tremendous. I still can’t believe it. It is one of best gifts I have ever had. Where did you buy it?”

Ricki gushed with pride and replied, “I didn’t. I made it.”

Ryan wrapped his arms around Ricki’s shoulders and kissed her right on the mouth. “Thank you so much.”

For a few moments, it seemed to last a bit longer. Ricki was stunned and wished they had time for more. The kiss was a nice touch of affection. She liked it. Someone, beside her parents, had finally made her feel worthwhile.

Ryan flew out the door on the way home, looked back, waved and said, “I can’t wait to show Mom.”

Ricki went to bed that night thinking about the kiss that Ryan had given her. It stirred those new-found feelings in her loins. Then with the help of a vivid imagination, she discovered more of the pleasures of masturbation. Her passions were stoked by images of the pleasures she and Ryan had already shared.

******** *********

It was the week before mid-term exams when Ryan stopped by Ricki’s for some advice on the English exam.

Ryan assumed Ricki would be happy to see him. Instead she was sitting at her sewing machine with her head down. He could tell something was wrong. When he approached her she just dropped her head on her folded arms. He didn’t say anything. His hand dropped to the top of her shoulders and lightly stroked back and forth. Finally, she lifted her head and said, “They’ve done it again. Mrs. Atkins, the Home Economics teacher has even bought into their crap.”

“What happened,” Ryan asked?

“You know how much I like to sew. Well Mrs. Atkins gave us this project to design and make a dress. As a reward she was going to give the top three a trip to a fashion design school in Richmond. She knows I wanted to go to school there. I worked hard on that project. Ryan, in my heart I know I had the best dress in the competition. Her comments were something like it was not-in-style today.”

“Who won,” Ryan asked?

“I’ll give you one guess.”

“It had to be Eva, Sissy and whom else?”

‘The other winner was Faye Grant. Hers was the best. She deserved to be in the top three. She’s one of us and I’m glad for her.”

“Where is your dress? Let me see it.”

“I threw it in the trash. I’m sick of it. I’ll just do what I have to do to get a passing grade and get out of as soon as I can. Mrs. Atkins is not going to help anyone like me.”

Ryan reasserted, “Put it on for me.”

“No,” she said emphatically.

Ryan then surprised her. He placed his hand on her elbow and with a strong-handed grip slowly guided her in the closet and shut the door. “Now put it on.”

Ricki’s mood completely changed. She had never seen Ryan so forceful with her. She liked it. “Yes sir,” she answered from behind the closed door and pulled on the dress.

She didn’t know what had happened to her. Ryan’s force had completely changed her mood. There was an ache deep in her abdomen that needed some relief.

She put on a pair of suntan colored hose and low heel shoes that she sometimes wore to church. She didn’t need a bra. There wasn’t much to support.

When Ricki emerged from the closet her mood had completely changed. She felt sexy as she suddenly threw her arms up and did a little provocative pirouette in front of Ryan.

“Oh, my goodness, you look great; that dress makes you look so sexy. I really like that slit up the side of the leg. Now, it makes your legs look even longer. And you look classy.” Ryan held out his arms and said, “Come here.”

Ryan took Ricki in his arms and gently rubbed his hands over her back, down past her waist and allowed them to rest on the cheeks of her ass.

She liked the feeling he was stirring in her. “What are you doing,” she asked?

“I’m just checking the fit of this dress. It seems to fit pretty well.”

Ricki began a little tease by pressing her tummy into Ryan’s lower abdomen. “How is the fit across the front,” she asked continuing her sexy little belly-rub.

Ryan was obviously enjoying her teasing game. He did a little shifting around to make sure his member was comfortable in his pants. Ricki pressed more firmly. “I feel something growing down there. It’s getting real hard. Does he like it?”

Ryan’s hips began a slow undulation. His hands covered her ass cheeks and pulled her more forcefully into his groin. His breathing became deeper and his face reddened.

Ricki moved with him in a slow rhythmic embrace. She closed her eyes and allowed the passion to flow. “That feels so good Ryan…hold me close. I wish Zonguldak Escort Bayan we could do it right now. I can hardly wait.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Ricki backed away and gave Ryan a moment to adjust himself. His embarrassment was obvious as it takes a little while for an eighteen-year-old ‘hard-on’ to ease. Recognizing Ryan’s discomfort, she called out, “Wait just a minute Mom.”

When Ricki opened the door her mother took a look at their flushed faces and noticed the full state of Ryan’s jeans, smiled and said “Oh Hi Ryan, I didn’t know you were here.”

Ricki was showing me the dress that she made. “I don’t know much about sewing, but it sure looks good to me. I like it.”

Smiling and knowing more than the kids gave her credit for, Mrs. Boden commented, “I can see you do.”

“Mom, I didn’t even get in the top three. I thought it was the best one in terms of style and construction. She said it was inappropriate for our age group. That means I only get a “B”. I was really hoping to get that trip to Richmond.”

Don’t worry about it Ricki. I know you had your hopes up. I don’t think Mrs. Atkins knows a thing about sewing or style. She’s another one who thinks that being a phony friend to the Tyler’s and Clarks will get her ahead. There will be better things ahead for you. Somehow, we are going to make that happen.

“Mom, you are so optimistic, Thanks, anyway.”

As Laci Boden turned to leave she looked at Ricki and asked, “What’s that? Is it sunburn or a rash at the bottom of your neck?” With a little mischief in her eye she gave Ricki that knowing little smile, turned and walked out and said. “You two have fun but be careful.”

Walking back upstairs she thought how nice it would be to stir up those passions of adolescence again. She knew the signs and was proud of her daughter. Ryan was a good kid. Looking back at the kids and with a smile and wink, she said, “I’m going to bed now…see you tomorrow.”

With that Ricki turned in Ryan’s arms and said, “Please fuck me, Ryan, I think it will make me feel a lot better.”

Ryan took her in his arms and held her tight.

In silence, Ricki pulled their loins together and began a slow undulation.

Their hands began the exploration.

Ricki caressed the front of Ryan’s shorts and placed her fingers around his girth. They kissed without inhibition as their arousal continued to build.

Hesitantly, Ryan pulled back and asked, “Do you think your mother can hear us?”

Ricki responded, “I don’t think so. It’s Friday night and she probably getting hers right now. Anyway, I think she knows we are doing it and she is OK with it.”

“How do you know that,” Ryan asked?

“I don’t know, I’ve just got a special feeling about it. I kind of knew when she let me start taking the pill.”

Ryan smiled and said, “Your Mom is so cool.”

“Now let’s get out of these clothes. I need to feel that cock in me. Lock the door just in case.”

They quickly stripped, pulled a sheet over themselves and began another lovemaking session.

As Ryan pulled their nude bodies together he said, “You feel so good without clothes.”

Then as Ryan wrapped her in his arms, Ricki’s scrambled to get her hands around his cock.

“I love feeling your cock, he feels hungry…think it needs feeding,” she asked?

“Oh yes, he’s real hungry for some pussy.”

“Well this pussy is real hungry for some cock meat and it doesn’t want to wait too long.”

Ryan laughed a Ricki’s playful banter and continued, “Are you sure that it doesn’t want a little tongue first.”

“Oh heck no, all that foreplay would be wasted; just get that hard muscle in this starving pussy.”

And with that invitation Ryan placed his cock at her entrance and started the penetration.

Lying in the missionary position, Ricki pulled her knees into her chest and angled her pelvis for Ryan’s maximum insertion. As she felt his cock slide past her cervix, she knew that she could not last very long. “Easy…Easy…Ryan go slow… make it last.”

They settled in a nice ‘in and out’ rhythm. Their bodies were growing very familiar with the other. Sometimes it was slow and passionate, other times they reveled in hard banging.

Ryan sank into the full depth of Ricki’s vagina, pressed and rotated his pubic bone into Ricki’s clitoris. Nerve ending were near firing.

Then it happened. It was all she could stand. Shock waves were triggered. Her body erupted in out-of-control spastic lurches.

Ryan held onto her tight and his body responded in kind. His cock swelled, and that special pre-orgasmic sensation formed somewhere between his nuts and prostate. He had gone past that point of no return where the muscle contractions exploded deep within her pussy.

They held onto each other until their mating organs settled. Ryan raised himself on outstretched arms and peered down into those beautiful eyes. His reward was a faint smile and a look of total satisfaction.

Finally, Ricki opened her eyes and said, Escort Zonguldak “Don’t move. Just lie here and hold me. I’ve never felt like this ever.

Ryan looked into her eyes and said, aren’t you going to clean up a bit.

She smiled kissed him on the tip of his nose, then whispered. “No, I like the feeling of you holding me, and furthermore, being on the pill, I’m letting that cum stay in me till morning. It keeps my pussy well fed.

Ryan laughed and replied; “Now that’s a real compliment. Thank you my lady.”

******** ********

Outside of sexual pleasures they shared, the senior year continued to accumulate horrible memories. With Ryan’s accident fresh in their minds and Ricki’s disappointment in the sewing competition, and the name calling during gym class did not allow them much joy.

Everyone was required to take P. E. In addition, everyone was required to take a shower after P. E. class. That rule applied to both the girls and boys.

Basketball was the activity everyone participated in. The varsity basketball coach would often pit Ryan and several other non-athletes against the varsity to give the varsity additional practice within the framework of the P.E. class. Even though Ryan was pretty good, he suffered from a lack of motivation and as a result would generally lose.

The boys had finished their practice slightly ahead of the girls and the timing was such that the boys were already taking their showers. The boys and girls showers were arranged back to back with a solid wall separating the two dressing rooms.

Ricki noticed that four of the ‘select’ group of girls had gathered around a little peep- hole in the shower, giggling, as if that was the coolest thing for them to do. Eva Tyler threw her hand over her mouth in a phony gasp and laughed out loud, “Look, look you can hardly see it, he’s got more hair than dick.” Then she held up her thumb and index finger with about an inch between the tips, laughed and said, “Only about that much.”

Sissy danced as if she could hardly wait her turn. “Hurry, I want to see, who is it?” She moved Eva aside and stooped to the viewing hole and in a demeaning condescending way said, “Why it’s little Ryan. Poor thing, he won’t be able to do much good with that little thing.”

Ricki immediately recognized that Ryan was the object of their sick amusement and rushed in to object to their ridicule. “Don’t you respect anybody’s privacy? Can’t you leave him alone…haven’t you done enough already,” she fumed. “How would you feel if he was doing the same thing to you?”

Eva stared at Ricki, obviously pissed off; assuming the mantle of privilege, then began to retaliate. “Let me tell you something ‘Miss Icki-Bod,’ that farm boy of yours will never see this fine body and furthermore he’d never be able to do anything with that little bit of meat he’s carrying between his legs.

One of the other four girls was now taking their turn adding insults.

Ricki flew into the four of them, pulling hair, scratching and screaming. The commotion was such that one of the physical education assistants had to rush in and pull them apart.

After the four-girl gang had finished telling their side of the story, Ricki had been expelled for a week and Ryan’s reputation was reduced to the constant indignities of the ‘privileged’ young ladies of Granite Rock High.

Ryan didn’t realize what had happened until he got home that afternoon. By living on the edge of town, Ryan was able to drive a school bus. He noticed that Ricki was not on the bus that afternoon. She usually sat behind him on the front seat or on the heater when the weather turned cool. He had heard that Ricki had gotten sent to the office but he wasn’t sure what the problem was. He did notice that several of those so-called ‘special’ girls were making funny gestures at him as they passed him in the hall. He wasn’t sure what that was about.

As soon as Ryan parked the bus and dropped his books off in his room, he walked over to Ricki’s. He usually wouldn’t do that until after he had fed the animals. He was curious as he knew something was wrong.

When he peaked into her room, Ricki was sitting on her bed, propped up with several pillows behind her head. He had seen this before. A stream of tears ran down her cheeks. He noticed her drying her eyes with a new terrycloth towel. Ryan took notice and asked, “What happened…What’s wrong?” He took the towel and wiped another tear.

Ryan urged her gently, “Tell me about it.”

She began to repeat the story. She gave Ryan all the details. She told him about their peephole and their amusement at his expense. She described her disgust for what they were doing and her anger over their self-appointed superiority.

It now made sense to him. He understood why Jack called him ‘Shorty’ and Eva and Sissy would look at him and laugh while peering through their thumb and index finger. This went on all day long. The worst came when the girls referred to him as ‘Little Ryan’ and ‘Beanie Weenie’; another couple of insulting twists to his name.

Ryan’s anger began to build. Again, he remembered Doc’s words. “Revenge is best served cold.” Again he said to himself, “someday there will be Hell-to-Pay and someday scores will be settled.” It would be on his terms and he would be the decision-maker. He didn’t know how or when.

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