Sometimes the Tabloids ARE Right


Shelli had never been one to read a lot of tabloid magazines, but standing in the check-out of the grocery store, the headline jumped out at her- One thing to make your man BEG for more!. She figured “What the hell”, it would be good for at least a laugh, and threw a copy in her basket. Getting to Bob’s place, Shelli tossed the magazine on the floor beside the bed where she slept, where it lay until that night.

While Bob was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Shelli grabbed her magazine, and flipped through it. Finding the page advertised on the cover, she was astonished to find that the article was only about a half page long! Feeling a bit let down, Shelli read it anyway. By the time she was done, Bob still wasn’t out of the bathroom. After all, it didn’t take very long to read a single paragraph. All it said, basically, was to do the unexpected – make him guess what was next. She shook her head in disappointment. She had hoped that there’d be something new to try. Shelli already knew that Bob enjoyed being surprised. Her mind drifted to the last time she’d surprised him after she’d been out dancing. They’d both enjoyed themselves that night!

She was still staring at the page, shaking her head, when Bob came into the bedroom. “Hey, you finding out about those aliens landing on earth?” he asked, chuckling. His words snapped her out of her trance. Then she thought, “why not”. She decided to work Bob over, using the magazine advice or not.

“Not quite,” she replied, throwing the mag over beside the bed. She rolled over, and pushed herself up on her knees. Reaching down, she pulled her nightly up over her head and threw it in the air behind her.

As it fell to the floor, Bob had a grin on his face. He walked over to the bed, clad only in his underwear. “Ok, so it wasn’t about aliens landing. Was it about them fucking a bunch of earthlings?” he teased. As he walked, Shelli could see his cock begin to grow under the cover of the cloth.

By this point, Bob had reached the side of the bed, and started to reach down to remove his remaining clothes. Shelli threw herself forward so she was now lying on the bed in front of him. Reaching forward, she forcefully pulled down his underwear, letting his dick drop free of its restraint. Running her hands up the backs of his legs, she stared directly at his member, sticking straight at her. As her hands reached his ass cheeks she squeezed while simultaneously licking along the bottom of his head, seeing his shaft twitch at her touch.

Backing off just a bit, Shelli stared at the head of Bob’s cock. She had always liked the look of it. That big, dark pink helmet at the end of his large, rock hard shaft. She was mesmerized by it, focusing on its business end – the hole at the end of him. Keeping her right hand against Bob’s skin, she slid it from his ass, moving it around front until it was on his belly, just above his now hard cock. By feel, she moved her hand down, until the base of his shaft pushed against her, between her thumb and fore finger. Bending her thumb and fingers, she grabbed him, and pulled towards her. Never Zonguldak Escort taking her eyes off his dick, she pulled until she squeezed on Bob’s helmet. She could hear him pull in a deep breath, knowing that it made him feel good.

Still staring at it, she slowly but firmly worked the skin on his cock back and forth…three times…six times. Each time she pulled on him she grabbed his ass with her left hand, squeezing. And each time she reached the end of her pull, her thumb would rub circles on the bottom side of his head, making him softly moan.

Pulling forward the seventh time, she also tilted his cock, so it was pointing at the ceiling. Moving her head forward, Shelli extended her tongue and laid it flat against Bob’s sack. Sliding upwards, she ran her tongue up his full length, loosening her grip as she reached the end of him. She took him into her mouth, just up to the ridge at the bottom of his helmet, and sucked on him – hard, but briefly. Then, without letting up on her sucking, she slid her lips off the end of him and down the bottom side of his member, his cock held between her lips and Bob’s groin. As she moved, she fondled his balls with her right hand. Bob instinctively moved his legs apart a bit, to give her better access to his “parts”.

Shelli took her left hand off Bob’s ass, and grabbed hold of the top of his cock, just as she reached the bottom of his shaft. Continuing to suck, but more gently now, she moved down to his sack, pulling one of his balls into her mouth, and rubbing his skin with her tongue. At the same time, she rubbed her hand on the head of his penis. With his ball still in her mouth, she pulled her head back, and with a “pop”, let him go.

But she was far from done. Again, she put her tongue on his bag, and started licking up the length of him. However, this time, she let his dick drop to be pointing towards her again, her left hand resting on top, so she could push upwards with her tongue. As she got to the end, she glanced upwards, seeing Bob staring down at her.

“You like watching me do this, babe?” she asked, pausing from her licking. Nodding, he answered in barely more than a whisper. “Oh…ya”.

“Good!” she said, and put her tongue back at the base of his cock. Not taking her eyes from his, she again, oh-so-slowly, slid it up the bottom of his dick, feeling the tube through which his cum would soon explode. But this time she didn’t stop when she reached the end. Instead, she grabbed him by the base of the cock with her hand, holding him pointing straight at her and, opening her mouth wide, slammed him into her mouth – deep. Sucking hard, she very slowly pulled away from him, feeling his cock sliding through and out of her mouth. Bob’s head dropped back, a loud moan escaping him.

As Shelli reached the ridge at Bob’s helmet, she paused and sucked hard on him, then continued to slide backwards. As the last of him slid past her lips, she looked up, just checking. Yup – he was watching her again. Watching him, watching her, she puckered her lips, and put them on just the very tip of his cock, Zonguldak Escort Bayan giving it a hard, sucking kiss. As she did, she winked at him.

Bob moved his hands to the back of Shelli’s head. She knew he wanted her to suck on him deeply again. “Oh no!” she ordered. “Not tonight. You’re the one that’s cumming, and it’s up to me when, where and how.” With that, she again ran her tongue slowly down and back up the bottom of his dick. As her tongue returned to his head, she swirled it around him. Grabbing his shaft tightly with her hand, she stroked him once. She was rewarded with a big drop of pre-cum leaking from his cock. Seeing this, she looked up at Bob once again, and made sure he was watching while she licked it up. She could tell that he liked it. Not only did he bite his lip, and draw in a deep breath, she could also feel his member tighten just a bit more. That gave her an idea.

“You wanna watch your dick cum, lover?” she asked, a gleam in her eye. This time, all Bob could do was nod, all the while staring at Shelli, with her lips just brushing against his manhood as she asked the question.

Shelli was on a mission now. She reached behind Bob, and grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him towards her, while opening her mouth. In his cock went, the head of it disappearing past her lips, following by a goodly portion of his shaft. When she’d gone as deeply as she could, Shelli release her pressure on Bob’s ass cheeks, letting him slide back out of her. She repeated this over and over, knowing it was bringing him closer to the edge.

Finally, she pulled back from Bob, letting his dick slide free of her mouth. “I think the when is soon, lover,” she said, looking up. With that she turned over onto her back. “Now, spread your legs a bit. And feel free to suck on my tits.” She didn’t need to encourage him more than that. This forced Bob to bend forward, which put his cock in just the right spot, and at the right angle for Shelli to get it into her mouth.

Reaching up, she grabbed the base of his cock with her left hand, moving the end of it into her mouth. Shelli began sucking on it, as hard as she could, pumping him with her hand. Meanwhile, Bob was bent over, alternately sucking on her nipples. She could feel him rubbing his tongue on them as he sucked. It caused a nice, warm, tight feeling down in her pussy.

Shelli wanted to make him cum – lots. And she was going to make him do just that, in a way that he could see. Keeping him in her mouth, she began twisting her head, changing the angle that he was in her. She could feel the head of his dick rubbing against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. And she could hear him moaning, even with her boob in his mouth.

Going back to sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, she reached behind him her right hand, finding and grabbing his ass. Pulling his ass towards her, Shelli could see Bob’s cock above her face as it plunged deep into her. Holding him tight, she kept sucking, as hard as she possibly could, keeping him deep within her mouth. She knew that he loved the feeling Escort Zonguldak of being there. It wasn’t like he was trying to pull out, or anything. Meanwhile, with the remaining exposed shaft, Shelli started jacking Bob off. It was definitely time to push him over the edge.

She could feel him about to cum – the head of his penis growing larger, his muscles starting to tighten. Just as he was about to begin to explode, she pulled him from her mouth, and turned her head. Still holding his cock by its base, she aimed it towards her waiting tits. “Watch!” she almost screamed.

Bob had straightened up, pushing forward with his groin. As he looked down, he groaned, the cum welling up from his balls. He could feel it as it traveled through every inch of his rock-hard cock. He watched it as it sprayed out, the white, sticky cum landing on Shelli’s right boob. Bob’s eyes began to close as he enjoyed the release.

As the stream began to subside, he heard Shelli say, “Now, don’t you turn away, lover. You’re not gonna want to miss this!” Bob opened his eyes and saw as Shelli turned her head to face up again. She paused and caught his eye with hers. As she winked, she opened her mouth, and held out her tongue. Shelli had never considered herself to be a cum slut, but she wanted to give Bob a show tonight.

As Bob had cum, his dick had moved too far away for what Shelli had in mind. To get him to move towards her, Shelli again squeezed and pulled on Bob’s ass, forcing his crotch forward. Moving his still throbbing cock so it was over her mouth, she began slowly stroking him with her hand, resulting in a stream of cum running from the hole at the end of him. She watched as it slid down the crease in the head of his cock, gravity pulling it towards her. And Bob was watching to. He saw as it dripped off of him and onto Shelli’s tongue. He knew then that she must have held onto the base of his cock and tightened her grip part way through his orgasm, because she was able to milk a lot of cum out of him. Stroke after stroke resulted in still more fluid, forming a pool on her tongue. Bob was amazed and enthralled as he watched, totally focused on the end of his dick, and Shelli’s open mouth.

When she’d finally drained him of the last of his load, she took the head of his dick into her mouth, and sucked on him one last time. Still being sensitive, Bob’s body shook as though being shocked. But Shelli held him there. As the end of him reappeared from her mouth, Shelli looked up again to make sure Bob was watching, and swallowed down the last of his juice. Bob was panting, trying to catch his breath. He could hardly believe what just happened. This certainly wasn’t Bob’s first blow-job, nor even the first time a woman had swallowed him. But the fact that Shelli encouraged him to watch, making sure that he could see where his cum was going…that was new…and amazing.

Shelli knew Bob was enjoying himself. She puckered her lips and gave the head of his cock one last, hard suck.

“Oh my God,” Bob whispered between breaths.

“Enjoyed that?” Shelli asked.

“Ya…oh ya. Can we do that again sometime?” he replied, turning and collapsing onto the bed. Shelli just grinned and lay there beside him for a while, thinking. She may not have though that the magazine had an earth shattering suggestion when she read it, but one thing was for sure – Bob definitely wanted MORE!

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