Stella The Dance Teacher


My wife teaches dancing of every kind, but with an emphasis on Ballroom Dancing, and has many private pupils as well as classes.

However, she goes under her maiden name of Stella Ryan for professional purposes and not everyone knows that she is married.

Recently, for instance, one of her pupils, Sean, a young man of about our age and about whom she often spoke to me saying that she could fancy him, had asked her a great favour. His wife was away nursing her sick mother, and it was to be his company dance at the weekend and he had no partner. He had asked, as a great favour, whether Stella could oblige by being his partner on that occasion. He said he would pay her a fee if necessary, but she declined that, saying that she was flattered to be asked. However she made no mention of the fact that she was married and would have to ask my permission first, especially as we have a very open marriage and neither of us would ever dream of having to ask the other’s permission for anything along those lines.

I actually wondered whether or not there was any ulterior motive in his asking Stella to be his partner, but she knew that not only would I not object, but that I would probably be delighted if he did have something more devious in mind.

On the night in question, therefore, Stella had dressed somewhat provocatively yet still respectable, and even though when Sean arrived in his car to pick her up she introduced me her “brother” the evening passed off, as far as I could gather when she finally came home, quite uneventfully and as decorously as was possible.

That is, apart from a quick fumble as he left her on the doorstep.

I was watching from a darkened room which jutted out in front of the porch and was able to see quite clearly by means of the security light which had automatically switched itself on. As he courteously led her to the door and took the key from her to unlock the door she turned a little expectantly towards him, and he naturally responded by giving her a gentlemanly kiss on the cheek. I watched amusedly as Stella twisted her head slightly as he did this so that her cheek turned away and his lips met hers instead. This action also seemed to encourage him to become a little more daring as he tentatively cupped her breast over her dress, then actually squeezing it a little harder as Stella made no move to restrain him from doing so.

But he seemed to have run out of steam, so to speak, or probably did not want to push his luck on this first meeting outside their professional acquaintance. He stepped back again and politely bade her goodnight before returning to his car.

Stella, on coming into the house, confirmed that what I had seen was the furthest he had attempted all evening, saying that he had behaved like a true gentleman throughout.

But it was later the following week that their relationship changed to a friendlier one.

Stella came home one evening to say that Sean had had his private lesson as usual, but that at the end of his lesson, her last of the day, instead of the usual bidding one another goodnight he took more of the initiative by actually kissing her once again in the same way that he had done on our doorstep, by kissing fully on the lips and at the same time cupping and cuddling her breast. Unfortunately, she told me, unlike the previous occasion, this time she was wearing a bra, and so neither of them could feel the same enjoyment as before.

But he actually went a little further by asking Stella if she would consent to his inviting her out to dinner in order to say thank-you for being his official companion at his works dance the previous week.

Stella told me that she had instantly agreed kırşehir escort and had sealed the arrangement by her kissing him instead of the other way round as it had been until now, opening her mouth slightly in order to give him a sample of what he might expect on Saturday night.

After finishing her Saturday classes she had a couple of hours or so to spare before Sean would be picking her up, and so we spent some of that time in careful preparation.

She did not want to appear to be too forward, but nevertheless we wanted to give him some encouragement, and so, after she had bathed and I had performed the weekly ritual of shaving and powdering her genital area, we decided on her mode of dress.

We decided that she should go bra-less once again, but so as not to appear too brazen yet encouraging at the same time we agreed that she should wear stockings and suspenders, sexy yet sensible knickers, no underslip but a dress which would unbutton if necessary, yet long enough to just stop above her knees rather than a more revealing miniskirt.

Just before Sean was due to arrive I gave her a quick peck on the cheek so as not to smear her make-up, and we knocked back a quick drink as a toast to what, we hoped, would be a really entertaining evening for her, and eventually for me when she came back home to tell me the entire story.

The rest of this story is compiled from what Stella told me on her arrival home again.

Sean was once again the perfect gentleman, which made Stella a little disappointed at first.

However, he really dined her well, in a very cosy but exclusive restaurant where they had a very secluded booth. However, in spite of the privacy that this booth afforded, Sean made no untoward moves other than admiring glances whenever he could, although she could tell that most of the time he was mentally undressing her, especially whenever his eyes strayed towards her plunging neckline, her lack of underwear being made obvious by the fact that she had surreptitiously unfastened two of the top buttons to allow the plunge to deepen almost to her waist.

She was tempted to remove her panties when she went to the toilet so as to hand them over to him as a signal of her availability, but decided to play along with whatever his intentions were until such time as she decided that he was being too slow.

After dinner, though, she fully expected him to ask her to walk with him somewhere, but to her delighted surprise he mentioned that he had a bottle of a rare liqueur at home which he would dearly wish her to try. It was one, he told her, which he had brought back from the Far East where he had recently travelled.

Stella tried to be a little coy, as she did not wish to appear too easy a pushover at this stage, and said that she would agree on condition he did not try to get her drunk. (Not that that would have made any difference!)

However, she did agree to have a small glass of this, and together they drove to Sean’s house.

It was obvious, she later told me, that Sean’s wife was away from the general state of the house, but nevertheless it was fairly tidy and was obviously a result of the type of care that only a woman can being to a house.

Sean offered her an easy chair even though there was a two-seater settee available. Evidently he was trying not to appear too eager to be too forward at this stage, although Stella was certain, now, that gentlemanly conduct would be the last thing on his mind at a later stage.

He then poured out two glasses from a bottle which he took from a cabinet, but Stella noticed that he skilfully but slyly also emptied a small phial into one glass, kocaeli escort assuming that she was unable to see him do this, and which he then offered to her.

She took a tiny sip, but as he then excused himself and left the room in order to answer a call of nature, as he told her, she quickly emptied the glass into a bowl of flowers and just as quickly re-filled it from the original bottle.

When he returned she raised her glass towards him, then quaffed the lot in a couple of swallows, and then held it out again for a refill.

He was quite willing to do this, and together for a short time they chatted. But remembering that she had supposedly had a doctored drink she wondered what would be the correct actions she should be making, in order to make him believe that she was under the influence of whatever drug she had been given.

So she pretended to appear sleepy, whereupon Sean looked at his watch, then, deciding that whatever drug it was had had the required time to work he looked her fully in the face and told her to look at his eyes.

“You are falling asleep,” he told her. “You have taken a sip of something discovered on my travels which will allow me to take control of you. From now on you will do whatever I ask you to do without question, no matter what it is I ask. Is that clear?”

She pretended to fall under his spell, and slowly told him that she was his slave and would do whatever was commanded of her, trying to make her eyes appear glazed and trying to recall her training at drama school where she had learned the art of acting.

“I will try one simple experiment,” he told her, “and that will satisfy me that you are completely under my control. Unfasten your dress all the way down!”

Stella was inwardly amused at this approach, but was more than willing to go along with his game. After all, he was trying to do in an underhand way what she would have been quite open about doing. Without getting out of her chair she did as he had commanded and unfastened her dress completely, going that little extra by opening it when all the buttons had been undone to reveal her naked breasts and knickers, below which her stockings and suspenders completed the erotic display.

“Good” he said. “Now go into the bedroom and you will find some items on the bed. You will strip everything off that you are presently wearing and then put on the things I have laid out on the bed for you. When you have done that you will come back in here and sit on this settee.”

Stella carefully stepped out and into the bedroom, walking as she would have imagined some one would have done in a state of hypnosis. Luckily she maintained this act whilst she looked round as she spotted a tell-tale red light on top of the wardrobe belonging, as she quickly noticed, to a video camera. This was what he had gone to switch on when he had left her with the drink earlier on.

She made no indication that she was aware of this camera, but still trance-like she faced the camera as she stripped off both her dress and her knickers, then lay backwards on the bed to strip off the stockings so that her pussy was openly and obscenely displayed for the camera.

Once naked she turned her attention to the articles he had left for her. They consisted of three items only – a chiffon tie-round top which was see-through enough to almost be unnecessary, a tiny transparent nylon g-string, being little more than a see-through three-inch triangle held in place by black elastic threads, and a mini-skirt with a Velcro fastening which just reached her crotch but was open in an inverted “V” in front to reveal the whole of the g-string triangle when konya escort it was in place.

Stella was gleefully amused with his choice of erotica, as these items went further than she had ever dreamed of displaying for anyone. She was also absolutely certain that she would be actually fucked by Sean before she went home again!

Keeping her feelings to herself, however, she continued to act as if in a trance and mechanically put the scanty clothing on, finishing by tying the front of the chiffon top in a bow for easy release.

Still as if in a daze she now turned away from the camera and slowly returned to the lounge, where Sean was waiting on the settee. With no concern whatsoever she sat down beside him and snuggled closer as his arm encircled her shoulders. As his free hand now crept along her front and slid down inside the chiffon top to cup her naked breast inside she made no move to either stop or encourage him. This took some acting, as she was eager for him to go further.

After some fondling, though, he suddenly fumbled at the bow fastening to the top and tugged it open, freeing both her firm breasts, on the ends of which her nipples were now erect and extended.

Then, just as Stella expected, his head followed his hands and soon his tongue was taking over the job of tantalising those delightfully engorged nipples. Stella had to exercise very tight control to stop herself from enjoying this too openly as she was till supposed to be in a trance, and it took even greater control when he followed up by sliding his hand through the open “V” of the miniskirt to roughly tear aside the fragile g-string.

Stella knew that she was extremely wet down there already, especially after the build up she had experienced whilst changing clothes in the bedroom, and it came as no surprise to her to hear the squelching of her juices as Sean’s hand and fingers roughly forced their way inside her pussy, which she was now exposing more as she gradually parted her legs for easier access for him.

Then, with a sudden burst of force Sean snatched at the minute triangle and with a sharp tug snapped its strings, and threw it to one side as he ceased all his gentle attitudes and like an animal he flung himself on top of her as he pinned her down beneath him.

Next second his solid prick had forced its way right inside her, and she had to bite back her gasps of pleasure as he did so. Almost as quickly as he had entered he was spewing out his cum, and again she had to stifle her enjoyment, although she was some way off coming herself.

But Sean seemed to wonder if he had gone to far, for he suddenly stood up again and said, “Go and dress in the clothes you came in here with, and I’ll take you home.”

This time Stella turned her back on the video camera, although she doubted if he were watching on the main television set this time as she noticed he had been doing when she first re-entered the room.

As she came back in once more Sean looked at her and said, “I command you to forget all that has taken place here since you had your first drink and return to being your normal self.”

Stella internally breathed a sigh of relief that she no longer had to pretend.

She did make some comment about how time had flown, and Sean took her to his car to run her home. This time, as she reached the front door, though, she turned to him and said, “Are we having a kiss again like we did last night? If so you know that I don’t object to your touching me up whilst you do so.”

Finally, as they broke away from their clinch and she was just entering the house she turned to him again.

“By the way,” she called out to him as he walked towards his car. “I never drank the first glass you gave me, so I never was in the least hypnotised by you. I was fully aware of everything all night. You need not have gone to all that trouble and pretence. Next time just ask and I’ll agree to anything. See you at your next lesson on Thursday and perhaps we can make another date, yes?”

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