Stolen Moments


It was just one of those days. You know the kind. You go about your daily business and everything seems tedious and humdrum. It’s only Tuesday, and you’re already pining for the weekend – no work, no worries, some time to kick back. Everybody has days like it, some people more than others, some people less.

But this particular day, as it was to turn out, would be entirely different for Amber and her man Sam. It was December, and the two were to attend a corporate Christmas party that evening. The bash was going to be held in a swanky, twenty-story high rise in L.A. The restaurant was very posh, very festive, with decorations decking all the halls. Despite knowing the party should be a good time, Amber was a little reluctant to leave her beachside home to fight the traffic and suck up the smog of L.A. At her place, Amber had some open space, plenty of fresh air and the entire Pacific Ocean for a front window view. She loved living there precisely because the place was removed from the hustle and hassle of the big city.

Still, the party offered a good opportunity to get together with Sam once again. They had been dating awhile and were just discovering that their mutual attraction was very physical, as well as mental and emotional. Sex, which had once been tentative, had become consuming, and they both relished it.

For the evening, Amber had chosen a sensual, silky dress boasting an exotic floral print. As always, when she was forced to go into L.A. for anything, she spurned panties. When she had to spend time in the hustle, bustle and hassle that was L.A., she preferred the freedom and freshness of an unencumbered crotch. A little quirk. Getting ready took just a few moments. She clipped her bra at the back, dropped the dress over her head, buckled a belt in front and stepped into her heels. Perusing herself in her bedroom mirror, Amber was satisfied.

Sam was right on time. Amber heard his car pull up and she stepped out for the evening. After she slipped into the passenger seat, Sam eyed her admiringly, then leaned to kiss her. She kissed him back and probed his mouth with her tongue. A little surprised, Sam pulled away. “What’s that for? Don’t get me going now, we’ve got a party tonight, remember?”

“I know. Don’t remind me,” she complained. “You know I hate going into the kütahya escort city. I’d rather spend the evening here. With you.”

Sam put the car into gear. “I’d rather stay here too, but you know…”

“Yes. Yes. Drive on McDuff.”

In all, it took two hours to battle through the L.A. traffic. A couple of assholes in a Camaro had given them the finger and cut them off; it seemed every bus and truck with a diesel engine was spewing fumes at them, and the air conditioning had chosen the present moment to quit working. By the time they arrived, Amber and Sam were in a mood as foul as the L.A. smog.

As they walked hand in hand to the building, both looked up at the structure. The main focal point was a glass elevator, which travelled the exterior of the building. As they got closer to the front door, the building loomed over them. Watching the elevator descending, full of people going who knew where, both had the same thought at the same instant. “You know…” said Amber.

“Yeah, it occurred to me, too,” said Sam.

The pair entered the lobby just as the crowded elevator emptied its cargo. When they had all left, nobody else showed up to take the elevator. Sam and Amber stepped in and pressed the button for the twentieth floor. Sam leaned against the door, while Amber went to the window and looked out at L.A. As the elevator rose, the view improved, revealing more and more of the metropolis sprawled below. Looking at her, Sam could see the city lights through Amber’s thin dress as she stood, her legs apart, gazing out. As they neared the top floor, Sam studied the control panel and punched a button. The elevator lurched to a sudden stop. Amber whirled, then stopped when she saw the lascivious grin on Sam’s face.

They took a step toward each other, then were all over each other; kissing, fondling, groping. French kissing madly, Sam pushed against her. His penis was already hard, while Amber already felt a wetness between her legs. “Sam, we can’t,” she whispered into his ear. He put his arms around her, pushing against her, and whispered, “We can. It’s the handicapped stop button. Nobody can get on until we’re done.”

“But what if somebody did get on? I’d die,” she countered. But then, feeling Sam’s penis pushing against her while malatya escort his hands caressed her breasts through the dress, her fear gave way to a rush of adrenaline. Suddenly, all she wanted to do was fuck Sam, right then, right there, in an elevator overlooking L.A.

“All right,” she mumbled, reaching for his belt. She unbuckled it, then reached for his zipper. She felt like she should hurry, in case somebody needed the elevator, but she forced herself to unzip him slowly, feeling his warmth through the dark trousers he wore. Squatting in front of him on her heels, she pulled his pants down around his ankles. His penis bulged beckoningly in his briefs, the heading poking out over the waistband. She took the waistband in her hands and, pulling the elastic out and away from him, slid them down his legs to join the trousers. And there was his penis, in all its glory. She noticed a clear drop of pre-cum oozing and bent to lick it away. Sam moaned.

That did it. Sam’s moaning seemed to spur her on. Amber wrapped her fingers around his shaft, then eased her lips over the head. Sam moaned louder. Alternating between stroking him and taking his penis deep into her mouth, Amber built up a slow rhythm, sending shivers through Sam’s body. As little slurping noises escaped Amber’s lips, all Sam could do was moan, “Oh man.” “Oh man.” “Oh man.”

For Amber, the feel of his skin on her lips, combined with her sucking motion, made her pussy fairly drip with desire. She felt like cumming on the spot and speeded up her sucking. Up and down, up and down his shaft. She felt him tense like he was ready to cum, but he burst out, “Stop babe. I’ve got to fuck you. I’ve got to.”

Amber was more than ready. She pulled her mouth off him and lightly blew cool air over his penis. That sent him into a frenzy. He pushed her back against the window and kneeled before her. She spread her legs wide as he moved in and kissed her pussy, lapping up the juices that were already flowing from her. He ran his tongue through the folds of skin and found her clitoris. Sucking it gently sent a shiver through Amber. “Oh, God, that’s incredible,” she breathed huskily. “Lick me. Lick me.” She pushed her pussy against his face as he continued licking, kissing, kissing, licking.”

Then batman escort Sam stood. “Want me? Do you want me now,” he demanded.

“You know I do. I do,” she cried.

“Then come on.” Putting her arms around his neck, Sam reached to grab her by the bum. He easily lifted her and she wrapped her legs tightly around him. Wet as she was, she slid easily onto his penis. For balance, he pushed her against the glass, which felt like ice against the hot skin of her ass. She hung on tightly as Sam drove into her, pumping, pumping, moving as deep into her body as he possibly could. As he fucked her, they looked into each other’s eyes, sharing the moment, feeling the lust overcome them. At one moment, Sam was deep inside her, the next, caressing her clit with the head of his penis. All sense of time was lost in the incredible intimacy of the moment.

Finally, with a few more thrusts, they came together. Sam erupted in her body, while Amber arched her back as she came, waves of pleasure sweeping over her. Sam continued slowly pumping into her, mixing their juices, which now ran down to his balls. Somewhat sated, Amber now really felt the cold of the glass against her bum.

“You’ve got to put me down, babe. We’ve got to get to the party.”

“I know,” he said as he lowered her feet to the floor. “Now just a minute while I clean you up.” As Amber panted with pleasure, Sam moved back between her legs, gently licking their juices from her pussy. Some had run down her thighs and he dutifully licked this up as well. After a few seconds, he was finished. He stood up and Amber knelt before him again. She gently licked the cum from his penis and lapped it from his balls. Finally, she took him deeply into her mouth a final time and held him there for a few, fantastic seconds.

Now time seemed to speed up. Sam quickly pulled up his briefs and trousers, then buckled his belt as Amber straightened her dress as best she could. Stepping away from him, she asked him how she looked. “You look very pleased with yourself. You’ve got kind of a glow to your face.”

“And you look incredibly handsome,” she replied as she stepped to the control panel and released the stop button. She moved into his arms as the elevator rose the final two floors. When the doors opened, the party was already under way, but several people looked at the two of them, then turned away with slight grins, as if sensing what had just taken place.

“Well,” said Sam. “We’ve already had dessert for the night, shall we sit down and join the others?”

“Why not,” Amber sighed pleasurably. “But nothing can top the night I’ve already had.”

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