Stormy Weather Ch. 03

Cum Through

It was the early afternoon and the shop I owned was doing intermittent business. I put this down to the weather. It had been drizzling rain all day and that was the best part of the forecast. The worst of the forecast was for severe thunderstorms. You know the sort of thing, lightning, thunder, heavy rain, hail, even heavier rain. The sort of storm that tells you it’s time to pitch camp in the middle of a desert. Still, with a bit of luck the main storm would hold off for a few hours and the shop would be closed and I’d be at home.

Next thing I know the front of the shop lit up as lightning flashed nearby and there was a tremendous clap of thunder, the bass note within it making you feel it in your bones.

Now the shop I rented was in a mall, which was probably the only reason I had any customers that day. Every so often someone doing serious shopping would stop by my place and browse around. I was very close to an entrance so I got a lot of passing by custom. It also meant that when the heavens descended with flash and fury just outside the entrance everyone in my shop got the full benefit of it.

With that flash and great roll of thunder came a terrified scream. I was out of the back-room like a shot, wanting to know who was hurt and how badly. If they got hurt in my shop I could be sued, even if the accident wasn’t my fault. Hell, some people would sue you if they got hit by lightning while on your property.

The only person in the shop was Anne, my assistant. Quite a good one, too. She’s a pretty young thing of about twenty and a born saleswoman. I’m a good salesman but I freely admit she’s better. She was just standing in the middle of the shop, white as a ghost, and trembling.

I’m all, “What happened?” and she was just looking scared and standing there.

“Listen, Anne, whatever the problem, would you like to knock off now and go home? I can manage the shop for the rest of the day.”

She promptly grabbed hold of me and held me tight, her hands tangled in my shirt.

“Leave the shop and go out into that?” she nearly screamed. “Are you mad? Will you look at that weather?”

I didn’t need to look. I could hear the rain thundering down and was glad my car was under shelter. No hailstone damage for me.

“Um, OK, point taken, but I’m a little lost here. Help me out. What happened?”

The answer came with another flash of lightning and peal of thunder. Anne screamed again and just about jumped onto me. Riiiight, I thought. Scared of thunder.

“Um, worrying about the weather won’t make it any better,” I told her and got a scornful look in reply.

“I know that,” she told me. “I just can’t help it. I was standing near a tree once that got hit by lightning and the tree just disintegrated. I’ve been scared of storms ever since. I know it’s silly seeing I’m inside but I just can’t help it.”

“Fair enough, I guess, but I can’t have you screaming the place down when there are customers here. You’ll drive them away and they’ll send security to speak to me, claiming I’m beating you. We need a way to distract you from the weather.”

Anne nodded agreement but shrugged at the idea of suggesting anything. Didn’t I think she’d have found something long ago if she could? I mused, had one idea, laughed and dismissed it.

She was fast on the uptake. She knew I’d thought of something and was demanding to know what it was.

“Nothing really,” I said quickly, shaking my head.

It’s no use not telling a woman something. She fixed gimlet eyes on me and asked me again what had I thought of.

“It was just a thought bilecik escort that you could be distracted about fretting about the weather by having to fret about something else, something harmless in itself that you could control.”

“That’s not all,” she protested. “You thought of something.”

“Well, if you really want to know,” I said with an evil smile, “I was thinking that you should take your panties off.”

Her eyes opened wide with shock and I continued before she could say anything.

“You’ll be aware that you don’t have any panties and you do have a bouncy skirt. You’ll especially be aware of those facts when a customer comes in and will be taking great care that you don’t flash then. If it’s a case of maintaining your decorum, or screaming and jumping about when the lightning flashes, I’m betting on the decorum.”

“You can’t seriously expect me to do that,” she said.

“Well no,” I admitted. “That’s why I laughed and dismissed the idea. The only other thing I can think of is for you to take a deep breath whenever you see the lightning and hold it.”

She sighed and got on with her job, casting nervous glances at the window as she worked. I also sighed and returned to my back room, ready to rush out if I heard her scream. The thunder seemed to have dies away. Perhaps what had happened had only been the forewarning with the main storm hours away.

Next time I was in the front of the shop Anne was talking to a customer. Maybe she’d just managed to ignore that last clap of thunder. Even as I thought that there was some more, rumbling away into the distance. I saw Anne give a little jump and then go dead still. She took a breath and went on chatting to the customer. So, OK, it seemed taking a breath helped her out.

There wasn’t much more thunder for the rest of the afternoon. I heard a couple of minor squeaks from Anne, but no screams. Maybe talking about it was all she really needed. I hoped so, for her sake. I suspected that the main storm was still heading in our direction. Oh well, as long as she got home before it struck she’d probably just bury herself in her bed with loud music to drown out any other noise.

Closing time came and I went out to help Anne close up the shop. We quickly tidied up and while I was finishing that Anne went and pulled down the security shutters. She must have forgotten that I was behind her as she bent low while closing the shutters. Forget the deep breathing. It appeared that it was the other suggestion I had made that had worked.

Earlier that day when Anne had been doing some restocking she’d bent over and I’d caught a flash of green panties. I wasn’t perving, and it was just a flash. I’d effectively ignored it. Now she was bending over and it wasn’t a pair of green panties I was observing.

The security shutters were opaque and now that they were down we were completely private. This didn’t mean that I was going to try to take unfair advantage of Anne. Still, I couldn’t resist teasing her a little.

“I noticed that you managed to stop screaming during the storm,” I said. “It seems my suggestion worked.”

She promptly blushed, looking anywhere but at me.

“I’ve always found that taking a deep breath in times of stress works wonders,” I added.

“What? Oh, yes. Very helpful,” she mumbled, sounding a little relieved.

I picked up a ruler that was lying on the counter next to me. Reaching out I used it to lift up the front of her skirt, showing all.

“Of course, this might have added to your stress slightly,” manisa escort I said to her, openly laughing at her.

Anne was blushing again, knocking the ruler away.

“So how did it feel to be dealing with customers while commando? Exciting was it? Were you asking yourself a lot of ‘what if’ questions? I bet you were, and probably answering them with worst case scenarios.”

“It was your fault,” she snapped at me. “You suggested it. And how did you know, anyway?”

“Bending over to close the shutters,” I told her. “I guess you forgot I was behind you. Or did you?”

I got a nasty look and then she was too busy looking elsewhere to answer.

“How does it feel now, knowing that I know?”

Anne continued pointedly ignoring me. Pity. I’m not an easy man to ignore. While talking I’d moved closer and now I reached over and my hand slipped up her dress. She really should have kept her feet together. As it was my hand passed between her legs and cupped her mound very nicely. I wasn’t totally surprised to feel the heat there or the dampness.

She froze for a few moments while I rubbed her and then got her act together. She took a step backwards, bumping up against one of the display cabinets, slapping my hand away at the same time.

“You can’t do that sort of thing, and you know it,” she reproved me, but it didn’t seem to me that her heart was in it.

“No, I don’t know it. I mean, I just did it so obviously I can do it. What’s more I enjoyed doing it.”

I moved closer to her, smiling all the time. This time I just lifted the front of her dress, exposing her to the world. That was OK, as I was the only one around to see. OK by me, I should say. Anne promptly tried to push her dress back down, blushing fiercely.

“Stop that,” I told her. “I’m not touching you. Here, you hold your dress up while I just admire your lovely curves.”

Her hand clutched her dress rather convulsively and she looked a trifle confused. Her dress was up and her pussy was on display and I was looking at her and it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

“I am going to drop my trousers and lie down on the floor,” I calmly told her. “You are going to straddle me, settling down upon me, and then you’re going to do your best to drive me out of my mind.”

“Don’t you dare,” she told me. “It’s not going to happen. Just back off and leave me alone.”

I undid my trousers, watching her watching me. For someone who was saying no, she was certainly taking a long time to let go her dress and cover herself up again. My trousers dropped and her jaw dropped, but her dress remained up. I took hold of her arm and sank down onto my knees, pulling her with me. A few moments later I was flat on my back with Anne lying on top of me.

I could feel the heat from her groin against my cock. For her part I had no doubt that she was acutely conscious of the fact that the length of my cock was pressing against her lower tummy and groin.

“You can’t do this,” she remonstrated, almost sounding as if she meant it.

“I’m not going to do anything, remember,” I reminded her. “I’m just going to lie here while you work out how you’re going to do this.”

She gave me an indignant look and pushed herself up into a sitting position. I suspect that she intended to get off me and scramble to her feet. The trouble was that changing her position resulted in her finding herself sitting straddling me with the length of my cock now pressing along the length of her slit. And she couldn’t even blame me for it. She sat there looking quite mersin escort shocked, blushing furiously, but the main point as far as I was concerned was that she remained there, feeling my cock pressing against her sensitive places.

She just froze there, staring at me, while my cock seemed to me to be getting harder by the second. Finally she said something very rude to me and started adjusting her position. She straightened up until she was kneeling and then shuffled back a little, positioning herself directly above my cock. A cautious hand reached down and took delicate hold of me, pushing me to where she wanted me. Holding me still, breathing hard and slow, she settled down slightly. I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her soft places. Seeing I wasn’t moving I guess that should be the other way around. Her soft places were pressing down against the hard rigidity of my cock.

Her lips parted and she continued to sink down onto me. My cock was slowly being covered by a warm, wet, sheathe, her passage wrapping itself around me as my cock slowly penetrated her tightness. Now that she was committed she didn’t linger, just kept right on settling down until she was straddling me, my cock fully inside her.

She just sat for a few moments, apparently contemplating the feel of me inside her. Not that I was objecting. I was very much enjoying the feel of being inside her. Finally she leaned forward, her hands resting on my shoulders, and started bouncing her bottom, sliding up and down my pole.

Drive me out of my mind, I’d told her, and she was doing her best to do just that. She was in no hurry, just sliding up and down, relishing the feel of flesh rasping against flesh, her mouth slightly open as she took short breaths. What I wanted to do was take hold of her breasts but I had no chance of doing so. I’d have to grope through her top, dress, and bra to reach them. Sometime soon, I swore to myself, I was going to strip the girl naked and show her how I could drive her out of her mind. All I could do right now was lie there and sweat.

When I said she was in no hurry I had no idea what that meant. She just kept going, nice and slow, sliding up, sliding down, smiling happily all the while. I was trying to keep my mouth shut but I’m sure that after a while a few whimpers escaped. I could tell this was so from the way her smile got wider. Personally, I thought I was showing great restraint in not rolling over, taking her under me, and coming down on her like an avalanche.

I was never more relieved than when I saw her smile start to fade and a funny expression took its place. She started to make eager little sounds and she was moving faster. It seemed to me that a climax was due and I was going to have my share of the fun. Now when she came sliding down I was pushing up into her, and showing a great deal of enthusiasm while I did so. I only took that little extra effort and I was erupting like a volcano and she was giving a muffled shriek and clamping down on me, taking every drop she could drain from me.

Afterwards she just lay on me for a short while, staring at me, looking adorably confused. She wanted to accuse me of taking advantage of her, I was certain, but she couldn’t work out how to do it. Not seeing that she was the one who initiated our coming together and did most of the work.

Eventually she scrambled to her feet, grabbed her bag, and headed out the back to where our facilities were. I assumed she was going to tidy up and get her panties on. I guess they were in her bag. It’s not as though she’d leave them lying around.

I couldn’t help wondering what would happen the next time there was a storm while she was at work. Maybe she wouldn’t worry about them so much. Maybe storms would start making her hot and bothered instead of scared. It would be interesting to see, especially as we were entering the season for storms.

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