Stranger in the Night


This happened some time ago, when I was a student. I was a member of the climbing club, and we had our annual dinner at an inn up in the hills some way away. Those of us too poor to pay for a bedroom all crashed out on the floor of a function room, some more drunk than others. I suppose there was about 20 of us, 50:50 men:women, some married, some playing the field, some unattached.

I laid my sleeping bag in the middle, and what with the alcohol and the lateness I was dead to the world in 4 seconds flat. I awoke at some time in the night; it was pitch black and I lay listening to the small sounds of breathing around me, wondering if I would have a headache later on. I put my arms behind my head and stretched – the floor was none too soft for sleeping on. My hand encountered another hand. I made to pull away but the other hand caught at my fingers. It seemed to be a female hand, as far as I could tell, but I hadn’t a clue who it belonged to. I tried to remember who had pitched their bag behind me, but with no success.

The cool fingers of the mystery woman explored my hand and wrist, then I felt her other hand touching me. She pulled slightly, and I got the message and wriggled up out a little so that our hands could slide down each other’s arms. It was quite arousing and I had a sudden worry that it would turn out that She was another man. However that didn’t stop me moving slowly across the floor, as (s)he did the same. Presumably (s)he could tell from the hairs on my arms that I was male. I paid more attention to what my fingertips were telling me and reassured myself that (s)he had extremely smooth and feminine arms for a man.

We touched each others faces and gently explored. Her fingers were incredibly gentle yet bold. As she reached my lips I took hold of her fingers and licked them, feeling her doing the same to mine. Her nails were short and rough; well, in a climber that is no indication of gender.

We were now lying head bayburt escort to head with our arms parallel, and I felt her shuffle further towards me. Her wandering hands continue to work their way down my neck and chest, and I followed her lead, trembling at what I might find. I breathed a silent prayer as I touched soft yielding mounds, warm from the confines of her sleeping bag. I sought out the nipples, bolder now, and massaged them softly. They grew hard slowly, and my cock, already swelling with the excitement, followed suit.

Suddenly I felt her head bump against mine. We twisted and began to feel each other’s faces with our mouths, working down until our searching lips met. It was unusually erotic to kiss upside down. Actually it was not so much a kiss, more of a tongue fight. If I had been unsure before, now it was plainly obvious that the woman, whoever she was, was feeling extremely horny.

Our hands, which had been concentrating on the other’s nipples, now resumed their journey downwards, while we continued to tongue each other and swap saliva. I could just about reach beyond her stomach to the top of her pubic bush, while she went straight for the tip of my erect cock and held it firmly.

I was desperate to go further and she must have been too, for she broke off our kiss and started to crawl onwards. I helped by wriggling upwards underneath her. She licked her way down onto my chest and took my hard nipples gently in her teeth. I felt her soft breasts dangling over my face and sucked on them gratefully, circling the nipples with my tongue, feeling the aureoles tighten and pucker. But there were more insistent needs to satisfy. We continued to voyage down each others’ bodies – by now I was stroking her back, enjoying the play of muscles as she moved over me, and she dipped her stomach to caress my face. I managed to thrust my tongue into her navel as it went past, but then she had bartın escort achieved her goal and I felt the tip of my cock engulfed in a hot wet cavern. Her teeth gently caught at the shaft – I nearly came on the spot.

But I wanted her sex too, and she obviously wanted me to have it. She drew her knees up on either side of my head and slowly lowered her crotch onto my face. The rich smell of her bed-hot vagina filled my senses, and I strained upwards with my tongue to touch the hot dry downy lips and the hot, slippery folds between. She sank down onto me and I was covered in her juicy flesh.

It was hard to concentrate on the two areas of pleasure at once: should I devote my attention to the taste and smell and feel of her juice-filled hole, exploring all its crevices and membranes, or should I think about the feel of her mouth sliding up and down my aching cock, her tongue circling my swollen glans, her nails scratching at my tight balls. In fact, if I didn’t use a bit of self-control, I was going to finish everything too soon.

I roamed my hands over her taut behind, every so often pushing her away a little so I could draw a breath, then renewing my attempt to get my whole head inside her tunnel. I sought out the dry puckered ring of her bottom and tickled it gently, and she responded by digging her hands between my buttocks and fingering my own hole. Then she pushed her finger inside me and began to massage me from the inside. I had to concentrate very hard to avoid a quick climax.

Her little clitoris was hard and projecting, and I took it between my lips and sucked. I felt her body convulse with pleasure. I licked it hard and she convulsed again, meanwhile trying to force her tongue down the cum-hole in my cock.

She seemed to have no inhibitions – I lubricated my finger with her juices and pushed it into her bottom, as she was doing to me, and she squeezed me three times in gratitude. ığdır escort I was already beyond the level of arousal at which I normally come, but she seemed to be able to keep me (and herself) just on the brink for as long as she wanted. My balls ached with the build-up of tension.

I lost track of time; my tongue was getting stiff from massaging her clit. I could feel from the tension in her muscles that she was very close to cuming. Suddenly she pushed her head right down onto my cock: I felt its tip pressing against the back of her throat. She made a sort of humming buzz in her throat which vibrated through my cock. That was too much. I came enormously, not caring if I filled her throat with semen. As I spurted for the second time, she went rigid and began to cum also, her thighs gripping the sides of my head. I felt her juices trickling down my cheeks. My finger in her bottom was nearly broken with the violence of her contractions.

I felt her swallow down all my cum, and then she released my cock and breathed deeply as if she had finished a race. I twisted my head aside to get some fresh air, and we lay there recovering. Eventually she began to slide back up me, and I moved below her, back to my own sleeping bag. The outward voyage of our mouths was reversed, lingering over nipples (still hard) and faces (mine sticky with her juice, her mouth tasting of my cum). Finally we were back in our own little nests. I gave her hand one last squeeze and lost touch with her. I was so spent that I fell asleep immediately.

In the morning I was one of the last to awake. I lay there wondering if it was all been a dream. But I could still taste her juice around my mouth, and my cock and asshole felt tender and used. I sprang into full wakefulness and twisted round, to see who it was who had given herself so fully to me. But there were only a few people left on the floor; the space behind me was empty; no trace of the mystery woman.

I have narrowed the possibilities down to about six: was it Sue, tall and leggy, who had been with half the members of the club (although not with me); or Debbie, Dave’s wife, a sexy little tease; or Annie, small and demure, but the hardest climber; or someone else totally unlikely? I never found out. But she knows.

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