Strawberries and Cream

Anna Bell

You were lying on the bed, daydreaming and listening to music on your headphones, wearing nothing but a plain white dressing gown. A smile played across your lips as you remembered the long hot summer days just past, full of picnics, long walks and romantic dinners for two.

You hadn’t noticed I was standing in the doorway watching you as you flicked a stray lock of hair away from your still closed eyes. The carrier bag in my hand contained a punnet of organic strawberries, a can of spray cream and five cashmere scarves. You always had expensive tastes and loved the feel of soft cashmere on your skin.

I walked towards the bed and slowly untied the knot holding the dressing gown shut. You opened your eyes, sat up, looked at me and smiled that smile that melts my heart every time.

“What’s in the bag?” you asked.

“A surprise” I replied, gently slipping the dressing gown off you shoulders and revealing those perfect 34D breasts. As usual, upon sight of those beautiful pale mounds of flesh topped off so finely with your perfectly round nipples, I took a sharp intake of breath. One day the sight of your breasts will not fill me with awe, but that won’t be for a long while yet.

The dressing gown had gathered in your lap, leaving you totally exposed from the waist up. I came closer, drinking in the sight of your naked form, and kissed you gently but firmly on the lips. You responded passionately, your tongue flicking out of your mouth, desperately searching for mine. Our tongues met and I could feel muğla escort the heat rising between us as you felt for the belt on my jeans. Gently but firmly I removed your hands from my belt, laid you back down on the bed and removed the dressing gown completely.

“Ladies first”, I said, “just lay back and relax.”

I then reached into the bag, pulling out the scarves. With the first one I blindfolded you, and I used each of the other four to tie a limb to a corner of the bed. Now you were completely exposed and lying slightly spread-eagled, I took time to examine your body more closely.

Your pale skin had developed a film of perspiration, presumably in anticipation of what was to come. I smiled to myself as I noticed you had trimmed your pubic hair just that morning. Ah, the sight of your naked and exposed alabaster body, as always, sent me rigid with desire, and it was all I could do not to take you there and then. However, I had said ladies first and I meant it.

Reaching into the carrier bag once more I pulled out the strawberries and cream, shook the can and started to squirt cream across your ruby red lips. Your mouth opened ever so slightly and I placed a strawberry between you lips, leant forward and we shared the sweet fruit, our tongues and lips entwining, with the sweet juice of the soft fruit running down your chin. My tongue followed the strawberry juice till it reached the base of your neck.

I then sprayed more cream from your mouth, across the ordu escort front of your neck, down between your breasts, underneath your left breast and up to the nipple on that breast. I then carefully balanced a strawberry atop the reddening nipple. I ran my tongue along the new trail of cream, pausing at the sensitive area under the breast and then moved up to where the strawberry was precariously balanced. I engulfed the strawberry with my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue, feeling your nipple get harder as I did so. As I bit into the soft fruit, I ever so slightly nipped your nipple, causing you to draw in your breath sharply. I stopped, alarmed I might have hurt you, but when I looked at your face, you were smiling, that beautiful knowing and yet secretive smile of yours, so I carried on.

I carried the trail of cream on to your right breast and repeated the strawberry treatment there, both of your nipples now erect and hard. I took the trail of cream down from your chest to just above your pubic region, took it down your right leg to the ankle, back up the leg, across the base of your stomach, down and up your left leg, finishing on your vagina, where I placed another strawberry.

I slowly followed the trail of cream with my tongue, causing you to draw in your breath each time I came close to the strawberry. After what seemed like an eternity, I reached the strawberry and, with my tongue, manipulated it across your clitoris. Your intakes of breath were now becoming osmaniye escort pants of passion as I moved the soft fruit across your clitoris with my tongue.

As your panting became more pronounced, and was replaced by a scream, your whole body went rigid and began to shake, your juices becoming intermingled with those of the strawberry – the combination of tastes made my penis rock hard and caused it to throb against the inside of my jeans.

I couldn’t wait any longer, quickly undid my jeans, released my throbbing phallus and gently but firmly pushed my way into your moist passage. Once more you drew in your breath as I pushed into you as far as I could, our pubic hair entwining, our bodies becoming sticky with the combination of sweat and cream. I pulled the blindfold off and looked deep into your wide, beautiful eyes. The look of joy coming from your face almost broke my heart.

I moved my penis gently back and forth inside you; then noticed your vibrator on the bedside cabinet. I pulled out of you, undid the remaining scarves, turned you over and started to make love to you “doggy style”. As my thrusting increased in pace and intensity, I picked up the vibrator, turned it on and gently massaged your anus. I could feel the pressure building up inside as I struggled to last as long as possible, enjoying every last second of the sensation of my penis throbbing inside you. Then I felt the muscles of the walls of your vagina tighten as you let out another scream of orgasmic pleasure. That sent me over the edge and I emptied my seed inside you.

We were both spent, and collapsed on the bed, holding each other and softly kissing as we slowly recovered our breath. We spent the rest of the day holding each other’s naked body close, discussing our dreams and aspirations, and making love to each other.

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