4 Seasons of a Life Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – Fall (Autumn)

Authors note: Although this is written as a stand alone story the history is getting too complicated to write comprehensive story reminders in every chapter so please read chapters 1 and 2 before this one if you want the total story. Many thanks to those who have voted and made kind remarks both publicly and privately as we all live on positive feedback and it makes the hours of writing worthwhile. Please also forgive Wendy for her mystery – I have.


Autumn is golden but quietly fades
The leaves they will dry and will fall
The want is still there
To succeed takes more care
As the passing of time takes its toll


Sydney, Australia 1983.

Nineteen years exactly, I thought ruefully, and I will never know if Wendy came back. I struggled to find a comfortable position in my hospital bed but the constant throbbing in my foot would not go away no matter what I did. I took the letter from the bedside and read again the words I knew by heart anyway.

Dearest David,

Mary Ann has passed your letter on to me and I know I must try to explain something that is unexplainable. I cannot maintain contact and cannot promise anything except that I will return in 1983, if you still want me to. My heart is torn apart but I have a previous promise, one I cannot explain, but I have a life task that must take all my time and effort.

I cannot ask you to wait, in fact I must ask you not to.

Please live your life as if I did not exist, no woman is worth wasting your life in waiting, so find someone special and enjoy her with my blessing.

When my task is finished I will give you an explanation regardless so you can finally understand why I have behaved so cruelly to you.

Please do not try to contact us again as this will compromise my situation and could cost me everything.

I remember the best two days of my life as those I spent with you and those memories keep me sane in a world of madness and hate.

I love you, but I cannot be with you.


I folded the letter again, and waited for the next nurse to come in and see how I was, about ten minutes from now I was guessing.

I had got a brief thank you note a couple of months after Wendy’s last visit. It was a generic wedding gift thank you letter and I wondered if Mary Ann’s new husband knew he was thanking me for taking his now wife’s virginity just before their wedding. I imagined not.

I had thought about it for a few days and made the decision I was going to find Wendy and bring her back regardless, but Mary Ann’s postal address was the only lead I had so I needed to be careful. I wrote a note to Mary Ann and asked her to give me Wendy’s address, as I needed to get in touch with her on a matter of some importance and waited for the reaction.

Three months later the letter arrived.

My immediate reaction was angry and I sent another letter to Wendy, care of Mary Ann. It arrived back, unopened, with “unknown at this address” stamped on it. I destroyed the letter and will be forever thankful that it did not get delivered. I learned two things from that episode; one was to never write a letter in anger, the other was Wendy was on Wendy’s terms, not David’s.

I launched myself into work with renewed vigor and by the seventies I had one of the biggest transport companies in the country. I worked hard and played even harder with some pretty model or actress or socialite on my arm and in my bed most nights. I was surprised to be listed by the women’s magazines as one of the most eligible bachelors for many years running, possibly because of the value of my expanding empire, or maybe because of my complete failure to find a lady I wanted to settle down with.

I sold the yard in Doncaster in the early eighties to a property developer who then went bankrupt so I bought it back for much less from the receiver, subdivided it myself and resold the lots at an obscene profit. I built new yards and warehouses across Australia and made my company a truly national concern. I owned everything outright and never had to crawl to a bank manager, although many of them crawled to me.

As I lay in that hospital bed in 1983 I thought to myself I had everything in life except for the one thing I really wanted and if that one thing turned up in Melbourne, where I should be, I wouldn’t even know.

A nurse came in to see if I was comfortable. Nine and a half minutes.

Why is it that even in the most extreme pain when someone asks how we are we say fine?

The nurses were having a great time of this, there was a minor celebrity in a private room and they all wanted to leave an impression. They offered sponge baths and all sorts of mysterious pleasures, much to the enthusiasm of the little head. Nurses’ uniforms must have been carefully unbuttoned outside my door to barely restrain the delights within and they all had to bend over in front of me for one reason or other. In one case it was a button too far and out came the goodies. The little tattoo near the nipple was of a swallow and it certainly made me gulp. mecidiyeköy escort bayan There have been rumors that hospital food has additives to prevent men from getting erections but it did not show in Ward 3 South, bed 2. The nurses would look down and giggle and a couple offered to “help me with that”.

Tempting, but too hard to keep at a distance, no pun intended.

I thought about the accident two days ago and was waiting for the phone call that must follow. In the trucking game we had sorted ourselves out to four major companies and hundreds of smaller ones. I was of the opinion that everyone had an equal right to the business and if you wanted to expand you just had to do more and do it better. Andy was my chief rival among the top four, my best friend and we often had the same ideas. He was first into tankers, I was first into refrigerated but we both explored every market we could. He had to ring soon but the embarrassment of one of his trucks going through a red light and hitting first the brand new LTD driven by his competitor and then a police car must have been extreme. I expected many a free beer on the back of this but nothing could compensate the fact I was so far from home on the day Wendy was due.

It all revolved around Wendy. Wendy in the old Chevy, Wendy on the beach by the bay, Wendy in my bed at Doncaster, Wendy in a nurse uniform… Hang on, Wendy in a nurse uniform?

“Hello David.”

Wendy was standing next to the bed. She would be fifty-seven now and was still a knockout. No extra weight, the short nurses uniform showed a lot of very nice stocking clad leg, the zip was a bit higher than I was used to but still plenty to look at up front, she had a slight graying in the ponytail but still mostly her natural color and the faint lines on her face spoke of maturity, not wear. Wendy was still gorgeous.

“I… uh…” Why is it that a very articulate person can become so tongue tied in particular situations? “Wendy, you found me.” I finally managed.

“You certainly did try hard to hide.” She kept a perfectly straight face but there was a twinkle in her eye that told me she was joking.

I still had a hard time believing she was there in front of me and then it hit me. What should have been a night of passion was going to be a night of Wendy sitting next to the bed comforting me. Not the best substitute.

My face must have showed my disappointment. “David,” Wendy said with concern, “I was only joking, I know you weren’t really hiding.”

“I know,” I answered, “it’s just that…” It was hard to say what I was feeling without offending her.

Wendy smiled. “You were looking forward to something more intimate right, not just my care, my concern and my company?”

“Well I guess…” I was not sure how to agree with her.

“So was I David,” she said, “but for now tell me what happened.”

“Car accident,” I explained, “in fact my car was hit by a truck.”

“Not one of yours?” Wendy asked, a smile creeping onto her face. “You must be a pretty hard boss.”

“No actually,” the smile was infectious, “one of my competitors.”

“It wasn’t…” Wendy had stopped smiling and I could see she was concerned.

“No it wasn’t deliberate,” I was still smiling, “Andy, the owner of the company concerned, is a good mate of mine and I am really looking forward to his phone call because I am going to give him absolute shit.”

“Oh, right,” Wendy was obviously a bit confused with the Australian business ethic, “so how bad is it?”

“I don’t know for sure yet,” I replied, “There are broken bones in the foot and ankle but they can’t find out the full story on the rest until the bruising reduces. I’m lying here in temporary plaster waiting for the swelling to go down.”

“I’d better go away then,” Wendy smiled again, “because I seem to be making the swelling increase.”

I looked down and sure enough there was a tent in my bed. Again. I hadn’t even noticed.

“Oh I’m sorry.” I was embarrassed.

“Don’t be,” said Wendy with a smile, “I’m not.” She reached over and put her hand around my cock through the sheet.

With his usual perfect timing Andy chose that moment not to phone but to walk through the door.

“Wow,” said Andy seeing Wendy grabbing my cock and looking at her from behind. He was seeing what I was later to find was the tops of her white stockings and garters, “how do I get hurt enough to get into this hospital?”

“Easy,” I answered as Wendy jumped back going very red, “Just talk to your drivers.”

Andy suddenly got serious. “Dave,” he said, “I just want you to know…”

“Don’t sweat it Andy,” I interrupted, “I know it was an accident and those cops he hit are going to make his life hell anyway.”

“Yes,” Andy said, “but you are still stuck in here away from your business…”

“The business runs fine without me Andy.” I replied.

“Your car…” Andy said.

“Insured.” I answered.

“Your leg…” Andy said.

“Will heal.” I answered.

“But you are stuck in here…” Andy was feeling pretty guilty I think.

“With findikzade escort Wendy.” I answered. Wendy looked like she was trying to hide, not be the center of attention. “Andy meet Wendy, Wendy meet Andy. Wendy is a good friend from way back.”

“With friends like that we all need enemas.” Said Andy, finally showing a bit of his weird sense of humor. “Pleased to meet you Wendy.”

“Hello Andy,” Wendy was still unsure, “this really isn’t what it looks like.”

“Then I’m sorry for Dave,” he replied, “it looked like something pretty damn good to me.”

“Me too.” I added.

“Dave,” Andy was getting very serious again, “I need to do something, pay something, anything to say sorry.”

I thought for a moment. “All right Andy, you really want to say sorry?”

“I do.” Andy said.

“Then this year on the race car, write “Don’t hit David’s trucks” across the back window.” I said.

“Oh boy.” Andy was stunned. He ran a privateer V8 Holden in the Bathurst endurance race every year and major sponsorship on those cars was impossible without a huge outlay.

“You don’t have to.” I said smiling.

“No,” said Andy, “you’re right, it needs to be something major, and I’ll do it.”

We shook hands. “The occasional free beer won’t go astray either.” I told him.

“Now you’re pushing it.” Andy said, obviously relieved to be able to promise something serious.

Andy said an awkward farewell to me and a lecherous farewell to Wendy and left.

Alone with Wendy again I knew I had to say what was on my mind.



“How long this time?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know.”

She thought for a minute.

“Two answers,” Wendy said carefully, “I leave Sydney to return to America tomorrow morning…”

“You don’t have to…” I started with desperation creeping into my voice.

“I do.” Wendy was firm. “You read that letter,” pointing at the folded paper on the bedside table, “and I can’t tell you how important it is, but it really is.”

“One night.” I said resentfully.

“It should be none.” Wendy was again firm. “I am placing you and me both at enormous risk by being here but I made a promise and I will keep it.”

“What risk?” I asked carefully.

“There are people who want to hurt me,” Wendy was not joking, “and if they knew about you they could use you that end.”

“Wendy,” I said, “I am not without influence, I have plenty of money, let me take care of these people and then of you.”

“David please believe me,” she was almost begging, “they are rich, they have powerful friends and they are totally ruthless. The way I am taking is the only way and you cannot help.”

“But I…”

“No. Say no more.” Wendy was firm but I did not want to let it go. I was about to continue when she said, “I said two answers.”

“Yes.” I was confused.

“You are fifty six, I am fifty seven,” Wendy stating the obvious, “and neither of us wants to wait another nineteen years.”

“Definitely not.” I replied firmly.

“My task is nearing the end and if you want to wait…”

“I’ll wait.” My turn to sound desperate.

“We can retire early, both of us, maybe in a few years, and spend our Winter together.”

“Just one winter?” My hopes had been raised then dashed.

“Our Winter.” Wendy said. “I believe our lives have four seasons. Our first time was Spring, our second was Summer this is our Fall and when I return we have Winter.”

“Winter is cold.” I said ruefully.

“All the more reason to cuddle up.” The desire was obvious and Wendy’s hand again searched me out through the sheet.

She stroked me for a while and my blood rushed to be close to her hand.

“I know we said we shouldn’t say anything, but Mary Ann?’ I asked carefully.

“She’s good and it worked but I can’t say any more with my mouth full.” Said Wendy, gripping tighter.

“Your mouth isn’t…”

Wendy pulled the sheet down and pushed the hospital robe up. My cock was standing to attention and she dived on it.

“Well, maybe it is.” I said.

Wendy sucked me down while her tongue pressed just behind the head.

“Mary Ann who?” I mumbled as the sensations grew.

I think the noise Wendy made was meant to be the word good, but it was pretty hard to tell.

“Be careful,” I said as the feelings got stronger, “I am not as young as I used to be and I am only good for one a night these days.”

Mumble. I don’t know what she meant.

“Sometimes it just fails in the middle of it or won’t perform at all.” I continued with my teeth clenched.

Mumble. Still no idea.

I felt it coming closer, and considering all the teasing I had suffered without release it should not have been a surprise that is was going to be that quick.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.” I was almost screaming.

“What the hell is going on here?” A voice yelled. I jumped. Wendy pulled away, embarrassed at being caught for the second time and we both looked toward the door.

A nurse had come in the room and beşiktaş escort she was not at all happy. She looked at Wendy, and realizing she was not a staff nurse asked, “Who are you and what are you doing turning my hospital into a brothel?”

“Oh god no.” Said someone. I think it was me.

Nurse Godzilla stood there, hands on her hips waiting for an explanation and looking like an angry primary school teacher. Early thirties I would guess and she was solid with an athletic and slightly butch look, tall, broad shoulders, small hips, short cut blonde hair, square cut nails with white nail polish and a scowl that would cower a Prime Minister.

Wendy recovered first. You would expect that because she wasn’t just lying there with a massive cock pointing out the light fittings lack of ornate detail.

“Who are you and what are you doing barging into a private room?” She asked quietly.

Godzilla cracked it for the shits.

“How dare you question me bitch?” She screamed walking toward Wendy. “I’m the Matron, this is my hospital and what I say goes.”

Wendy was standing there not moving as Godzilla screamed from a couple of inches away.

“There is no such thing as a private room here and I’m going to throw your slutty little ass out of here faster than…”

I didn’t see Wendy hit Godzilla but she went down hard, suddenly silent.

“Oh God no.” Me again.

“Do I have a slutty little ass?” Wendy asked quietly.

“Uh, no?” I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say.

“Am I a bitch?” She asked a bit louder.

“Definitely not.” I answered.

“Then,” Wendy said, looking at Godzilla gurgling softly on the floor, “I think I need to talk to this… person.”

Wendy hauled Godzilla to her feet and walked her out of the room.

I covered my once again shrunken cock and lay helpless in the bed waiting for the sound of sirens or the yelling of security guards thinking whatever Wendy was doing with her life that was so important was going to have to be explained to a magistrate.

Nothing happened for about ten minutes then a nurse came in quietly in.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I’m not really sure.” I answered.

“Was that Matron Roberts?” She asked me.

“Butch athlete, short blonde hair and white nail polish?” I asked.

“That’s her.” Said the nurse.

“Godzilla.” I said mostly to myself.

The nurse giggled but said nothing for a while.

“Did that girl hit her?”

“I didn’t see her do that.” I said truthfully.

“Oh dear,” the nurse said, “Matron Roberts has had a bad week.”

“Really?” I did not know what to say.

“She’s, you know, a lesbian,” the nurse continued, “and her partner left her this week.”

“Sad.” I’m not sure who was sad but someone must have been.

“They’d been together since school.” The nurse said.

“Uh huh.” I’d run out of conversation.

“She’s been in a bitch of a mood ever since.” The nurse was rambling.

“Mmmm.” Another intelligent reply from David.

“And she really hit her?” A curious question only.

“She went very quiet very quick.” I answered.

“Shit.” Said the nurse.

“Shit.” Agreed the patient.

For the next two hours I waited for the storm to break, trying to think of a plausible story to keep Wendy out of trouble. Occasionally a different nurse would poke her head in the door, look at me and then leave without saying anything. It must have been serious because they all forgot to undo the extra buttons. There was whispering and a bit of muffled giggling outside as the story spread.

I was in a pretty bad state when Wendy walked confidently back into the room. Lost for words again I just stared as she walked to the bed, pulled the sheet down and the gown up (again) and grabbed my dick.

I think my dick was still in shock because there was very little reaction.

“Wendy?” I asked.


“What happened to Godzilla?”

She looked at me. “Godzilla?”

“Matron Roberts. You know, the one you um… had a talk to.”

“Oh, you mean Tash,” said Wendy with a smile, “we came to an agreement.”

“What, no trouble?” I asked incredulously.

“No trouble,” Wendy confirmed, “and I have arranged a bit of privacy.”

“You are amazing,” I told her, “now kiss me.”

Wendy leaned over me and we kissed. It was a very long kiss and the first thing I noticed was the taste of a woman on Wendy. With some sudden questions coming to mind I tried to pull away but she held me in the kiss until I had settled down.

We finally broke apart.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Tash was a bit upset, so we went into an office to talk.” Wendy was very matter of fact. “She has had some problems this week and it was suddenly all too much for her and she broke down. I comforted her and all of a sudden it got a bit… heavy.”

“Wow.” Same man, same vocabulary I guess.

“I comforted her and she held me and then she wanted to go on with it. I must admit I was curious so go on we did.”

“You and Godz…” Wendy gave me a dirty look, “um… you and Tash um… did it?” I felt like I was at school telling stories behind the shelter shed.

“Yes we did.” Wendy seemed quite happy and I realized how many things I did not know about her. “I had never been with a woman before and like I said I was curious.”

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