A Novel Quarantine


Day 35

This whole thing is getting old. I know that I am not so outgoing that these stay at home orders really mean much of a change for me, but it is that lack of ability to go and do something. However, being an immunocompromised individual with some severe lung issues with a potentially deadly virus that attacks the lungs going around, I don’t even dare leave to get food.

According to the mayor, we’ve now had over 500 people hospitalized and 75 deaths. I certainly don’t want to be one of them. Can’t afford to either, now that the government has forced my business and sole source of income to close due to the high risk of exposure.

So here I sit. I talked with a couple of friends via text and have kept in touch with some family over video conferencing stuff, but there has been very little to keep my attention. The hours seem meaningless and there are some days I sleep all day. Others I’ve been up for 2 or 3 days straight.

I’ve explored every nook of my condo. Thankfully there is no one else in this weirdly shaped end of the building as the unit next door has been vacant since the owner died months ago. This has allowed me to get out of my unit and into the hall a little bit without worry about running into someone. I’ve also made the trek down the stairs to the entrance door. Most people in the building use the other door as its more convenient to access their units, so this door is pretty much only used by me now. Expanded horizons to add to my 1,000 foot unit. I’ll write more later. Maybe.

Day 36

Ahh, another day. Shall I check Twitter? Facebook? TikTok? Decisions, decisions. Huh, there’s a weird noise… oh, my phone.

“Hello?” I mumble, barely awake.

“Hey, Scott. Did escort taksim I wake you? How ya doing?”

“Oh, hey, Leah. Yeah. Fine. Bored but fine. It’s been a while since we talked, what’s going on with you?”

“I know you’ve been in isolation and figured you could use a visitor. If you’re up for it, I can stay awhile.”

“Leah, you know I can’t risk…”

“I’ve been planning this for a while. I self-isolated 20 days ago to make sure I wasn’t sick. I haven’t been out of my house that whole time just to make sure. I know how susceptible you are to things like this. I’m concerned about you with some of the posts you’ve made. If you don’t want to hang out I will just leave my homemade chili at your doorstep for you. But I would really like to hang out for a while.”

“Not fair, you know I enjoy your cooking. Alright, come on up. Gotta warn you it’s a mess up here. ” I buzzed her in.

“That’s ok. I’ll help you clean up. I have to make a couple of trips, so I’ll prop the door open to get it all in. I won’t need your help. I’ll knock on your door when I have it up. Wait for my knock before you open up.” Leah said rather forcefully.

I shrugged. “Okay. It’ll give me time to get dressed.”

After about 10 minutes, I heard the typically forceful knock. Leah has a fairly brash attitude and it colors everything she does, but it hides a compassionate depth that is one of the reasons we get on so well. I’ve gotten a kick out of the difference many a time since I’ve known her.

I pulled open the door, sweeping an arm wide, and starting to make a cheesy bow, “Welcoooo…” only partially making it out of my mouth before I froze, jaw dropped and eyes wide. There was Leah as expected. beşiktaş escort

Only not.

The pretty brunette was smiling wide, though her brown eyes were slightly tense. The slightly longer than shoulder length hair was draped around her shoulders, teasing the cleavage that was showing. The cleavage that was highlighted by the purple and black velvet corset.

The corset I’d bought her on a whim at a renaissance fair last fall. Well, getting her to try it on was a whim. Buying it was a need with the powerful reaction I had to seeing it wrapped around her, even though she was wearing a shirt under it. I wanted to see her in it for as long as possible, although my constant erection was challenging to hide for the rest of the day.

The purple corset that showed her chest off so well flared over her hips and drew my eyes to the fact that all she had on was that purple corset. Nothing else. No pants. No panties. No hair.

Leah is naked! She’s naked in my doorway! I must be dreaming!

“Well, that is a better reaction than I was hoping for.” Her eyes shown with her laughter, as I tore my gaze from her perfect pussy and brought them up to her face. A hand on my chest, she gently pushed me back, stepping into the room. As the door swung shut, she pressed her body close to mine, tilting her head up.

I kissed her. No, that is not strong enough for what happened.

I devoured her mouth, her laughter changing to a moan as my hands squeezed her muscular, naked ass. An eternity later, I felt her tense before her legs wrapped around my waist. Shifting slightly, my hand brushed over her pussy, slicker with need than any I’ve ever felt.

She gasped, breaking off the kiss. şişli escort “Take me. Here. Now.”

My pants fell as her hand tugged sharply at the waist band. She quickly found my throbbing dick, the sensation of her hand drawing a moan from both of us. She guided me to her entrance and I drove into her.

The wet heat of her surrounded me, her pussy gripping tightly as we moved. A frantic, pent up need driving us. She tossed her head back, eyes rolling closed as a primal scream burst from her mouth. Her pussy convulsed around my throbbing member, driving me over the brink.

The sensation of my throbbing dick spraying deep inside her brought on a shared shudder as she leaned forward and sank her teeth into my shoulder, clasping tightly to my back. My hands dug into her cheeks as awareness left.

Sometime later, I regained my senses to find both of us laying on the floor with her heavily lidded brown eyes staring into mine. The harsh rasp of our heavy breathing filled the room, as my dick slipped out from her.

“I hope you liked my surprise. I’ve been wanting you ever since that work convention a couple of years ago.”

I stared at her, a smile growing on my face. “Why now?”

“When I saw how much trouble you had hiding your reaction to seeing me in that corset, and your willingness to buy it, I knew you wanted me too. Does it look better without the shirt under it?” Leah teased.

“Hmm, or it could be that you forgot your pants.”

“I realized how much you were struggling with this quarantine and I thought that there was no way you’d turn me down if I showed up like this.”

“Well, it was a bold move. Especially from someone who is miss modesty.

Honestly, I’ve wanted you since we were in college together, but one of us always had a partner when the other didn’t.”

Leah sighed and pushed herself off me. “Help me bring in my stuff. I left it right around the corner. Then I want that fantastic cock of yours again.”

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