A Touching Moment


It was just another Saturday night. Around 11 to be precise. They had done this dozens of times before. Cameron went over to Ellen’s place or vice versa. This particular night Cam was over at Ellen’s place and they were watching Sleepless in Seattle. Again. It was at least the 12th time they had seen it together – a film that Ellen simply adored and Cameron secretly despised. He hated it quite a bit, but he knew that she really enjoyed it, so, for her sake, he suffered in silence.

They had been going out for a while now; Cameron and Ellen, and they were both blissfully happy. Both being good Christians, they had never actually really done anything beyond kissing and cuddling, despite much temptation. They were still virgins! And yet there they were, sitting on the couch Ellen perfectly content with the film and her man, Cameron perfectly content with his girl. At this stage, it was turning out to be a pretty typical Saturday evening for them – one of life’s simple pleasures. Cheap, yet immensely enjoyable. Little did they know that neither of them would ever forget this night.

About 3 quarters of the way through the film, Cameron got up to grab a tasty beverage, so he reluctantly let go of Ellen’s hand for the first time in and hour to grab them. Returning minutes later, he sat back down again, istanbul esc snuggling next to Ellen and she took his hand in hers, placing it delicately on Cameron’s lap. It was lovely just being able to hang out with Ellen, he thought caressing her hand. She is so in love with this film he thought to himself as he noticed her hand pressing firmly into his lap. In fact, he quickly forgot all about the film when he realised that it almost felt like her hand was against the outline of his cock. But that was silly! There was his boxers and his shorts protecting him, so there was no way he could possibly get uncomfortable, or gross out Ellen.

Yet the more he thought about it, Ellen’s hand rubbing against his cock, the more excited he got. Within a very short space of time, he was very erect and very uncomfortable holding her hand against his hard penis. He cleared his throat and tried to shift the weight of his legs so that their hands would end up else where, but her hand did not budge! Was Ellen doing this deliberately? This was very unlike them to be doing anything so intimate as this!

Cameron nervously glanced into Ellen’s eyes: they were firmly fixated upon Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and the general goings on of the film. Finally, Ellen let go of his hand and Cam breathed a sigh of relief, türbanlı escort quickly taking his hand away. But she did not do the same. Her hand remained on his lap, her palm directly over his cock.

Cameron closed his eyes briefly, and took a deep breath. He moved his hand onto her lap, directly above where he imagined her panties were and tried to relax. Much to his surprise, Ellen seemed to part her legs invitingly, so his hand slipped even lower, before she quickly and powerfully snapped her legs back together, pushing his hand directly above her pussy.

His throat very dry, Cam started rubbing her jeans softly, and noticed Ellen’s mouth open a fraction as his fingers grew in confidence. Cameron took a leap of faith and unzipped her jeans, waiting for her to hit his hand away or worse, walk out of the room disgusted and never speak to him again. Ellen did neither of those things. He began to slide his hand down below her panties, running his fingers through her silky pubic hairs. Cameron could not believe what as happening as his fingers circled her pussy lips.

By now Ellen’s eyes were closed, willing Cameron to go further. His finger timidly entered in to her Most Holy Place. He was quite caught off guard by just how soaking wet she really was. His curiosity peaked, aksaray escort and he rubbed her pussy walls, before removing his finger and placing it in his mouth. He was sucking Ellen’s juices! The taste was very strange and new to him, but he loved it instantly. When he returned to her pussy, he explored with two fingers now, much to Ellen’s silent delight.

Her breathing had grown much harder, and as Cameron quickly rubbed both his fingers into her pussy, she could not help let out a moan as his fingernails occasionally scraped her clit. She started leaning her hips into his hand, slowly and rhythmically rocking back and forth. Cameron’s inexperience only heightened her pleasure.

Not knowing exactly what he was doing, Cameron rubbed all the harder, as he noticed Ellen’s moaning and moisture increased. His fingers were searching every where for Ellen’s clitoris, yet he could not find it. When he accidentally stumbled upon it, Ellen let out a gasp. “There! There”, she cried almost paralysed with pleasure. Using the point of his finger, he rubbed up and down her clit. Hard. Ellen was in heaven.

Just as Cameron was starting to work out what was going on, Ellen orgasmed. She came harder than she ever had before, covering Cameron’s hand with her juices. Ellen smiled as Cam removed his fingers from her cunt, kissing him on the lips and sucking one of his fingers. Cameron sucked on the other one, intrigued that he had never seen Ellen smile like that before. Nor, indeed had he ever seen that look in her eye – a look of total lust and desire.

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