Lust Or Love Pt. 02


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This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.


Steven looked at Dana. “He looked chipper this morning. Certainly different from last night.”

“Yeah, he did.”

“What time does your class start this morning?”

“Ten o’clock. So I have some time this morning.” she said.

“Mine doesn’t start until ten either. Want to go back to bed and fool around?”

At the moment, it was the last thing on her mind. Might as well get this over with.

“Steven, can we talk?”

“Sure, what about.”

“Well, this is going to be hard.” She paused a second. “It’s about us. Something about our relationship has changed recently, and I think I know what it is. Are you still hoping I will fall in love with you?”

He was not exactly surprised at the question, never the less he had been hoping for that exact thing.

“Well, yes. I know you told be you weren’t in love with me, but you continue to have sex with me, so I thought, maybe, that might change things between us.”

She sighed. “Steven, that’s just not going to happen. Look, I am a very sexual person, I love sex. But that’s different than love. Love requires a lifetime commitment and I just can’t make that kind of commitment right now. There are so many things I still want to do before I can settle down.”

“I know, I know. You said that before. I guess I was just hoping against all the odds that you would somehow change your mind and fall in love with me. I guess that idea is dead.”

“I’m sorry, Steven. I really am. I hate confronting you like this but I don’t want to see you hurt. I think it’s best if we break off our relationship before one of us is hurt.”

He was silent for a minute. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. We can’t go on like this, the tension is just too much. But I will miss the sex.”

“I know. Well now that we have that settled I guess I need to call Cindy and let her know I will be moving back in. I will try to be out of here today, no reason to put it off.”

She put her hand on his. “But thanks for taking this so well. You are a good person and you deserve the best. I hope you find it one day.”

“Thanks. I hope you get everything you want. Do you need help packing?”

“No, I live lite so there isn’t much to pack. I guess I will get started.”

Dana got up from the table and moved her dishes to the dishwasher. Then she went back to Steven’s room to pack. She really didn’t have much, just some clothes and toiletries. She was packed in fifteen minutes with only a single bag. She carried that down to her car and then went back up for her books and laptop.

Steven was still sitting at the kitchen table, not doing anything. She went by him and put her books and laptop into her backpack. She took one more look around the room for anything she might be leaving behind, but saw nothing. She sighed and went back to the kitchen with her pack.

“Well, I guess that’s it.” It was obvious that Steven was in a funk from his facial expression. “Look, Steven, don’t wallow in your sorrow like this. You are a good man, someone will come along for you. Now give me a hug so I know we are separating on good terms.”

He got up out of his chair and she pulled him into a hug. He was warm and felt good, but she could not be what he wanted at this stage of her life. She let him go and kissed him on the cheek.

“Here is your key. I won’t say goodbye because we will see each other again.”

She turned, picked up her backpack and left through the door. Steven watched her go and then sat back down in his chair. Okay, okay, he was an idiot thinking he could change her mind. But it still hurt.

He took his dishes to the dishwasher and busied himself cleaning the kitchen. When he had everything clean he picked up his books and laptop and left for class, hoping that would lift his spirits.


Donald got a text around noon from Dana saying that she had moved out and that Steven had taken it better than she thought he would. She also asked him if he wanted to meet her for dinner. He sent a text back to her and suggested they meet at the Student Union at five. She returned the text and agreed.

The meeting with his adviser was at two o’clock and he was looking forward to it. He finally had an idea and it was related to one of his adviser’s suggestions. He hoped it would go well.

Dana had classes most of the day, her last one ending at three. When that time came she went to her car and drove to her old apartment. She took her laptop and books with her and knocked on her old door. Cindy opened the door and practically screamed her name.

“Dana! Welcome back!”

She took Dana into a big bear hug. They both held each other tightly for a minute. When they uncoiled from each other they looked at the other and tears began to well up in both of them.

“It is so good to have you back. I’ve missed you.”

“It’s so good to be back. Still got room for me?”

“Of course, silly. Your room is ready and waiting for you. Come on in!”

Dana picked up her books and laptop bornova escort and went inside, closing the door behind her.

“It still looks the same.”

“It is the same. I can’t afford to change anything.”

“Let me get my stuff up here and then we can talk.”

“Need any help?”

“No , just have the one bag I left with. Back in a minute.”

She returned shortly with her bag. She tossed it into her old room to unpack later along with her books and laptop. She returned to the living room to find Cindy sitting on the couch with a canned coke in her hand.

“There’s another one on the counter there.”

Dana spotted the coke and opened it before sitting beside her friend. Cindy was full of questions.

“So tell me why you’re back. Did you break up?”

“Yes, we broke up. He thought he was in love with me and we both know how I feel about that.”

“Yeah, I was afraid of that. It always seems to happen to you. You attract boys who want to fall in love with you like a water melon attracts flies.”

“It does seem that way at times. At least this one took it well enough. There was no big emotional scene to deal with this time.”

“Yeah. Girl, it is sure nice to have you back. By the way, thanks for continuing to pay your share of the rent. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Well, I figured I would be back sooner or later so it only made sense. So how are you? Getting any lately?”

“As a matter of fact, I’ve been in a dry spell the last few weeks. I’ve been busy with school work so I haven’t really noticed it too much. But I could do with a good bedding down. Know any prospects?”

“Not at the moment. I’ve been out of circulation for a few months. But I’m having dinner with my next prospect.”

“Already? That’s more than fast, where did you meet him?”

Dana turned a little red faced. “Well, to be truthful, it’s Steven’s roommate. And I had sex with him last night.”

“You little slut!”

They both giggled at that.

“How did you manage that without Steven discovering you.”

“Oh it was easy. He sleeps like the dead. He can sleep through a bomb going off in the next room. Anyway, Donald was up late last night. I went to see what was up and we got to talking. He’s a really a nice guy and handsome to boot. He helped me realize what the problem was between Steven and myself. He didn’t even realize there was a real problem, but he brought it to the surface for me. It made me admit it to myself and I was grateful enough, and horny enough, to thank him.”

“Was he any good?”

“Well, I didn’t tell him, but he did things to me that no one ever has before. I came three times with him.”

“Wow. He must have been good.”

“Yeah, really good. But you know the saying, ‘there’s only good and better when it comes to sex’.”

“Do you think there will be problems between Steven and Donald with you seeing Donald?”

“God, I hope not. That would be bad. We will have to test the waters before we jump in. I don’t want to come between them. We might have to wait to be seen together until Steven has a new girl.”

“Touchy situation. You’re treading on thin ice.”

Dana suddenly had an inspiration.

“Maybe I can help you and Steven with one shot. You need to get laid, and Steven needs someone new, maybe you two could get together.”

“Oh come on. I don’t even know him. Your idea seems a little far-fetched to me.”

“Hummm, maybe. Maybe I can get you two together if I work it right. I will need a plan. Let me talk it over with Donald, he might have ideas about how to go about this.”

“God, you are a devious little bitch, aren’t you?”

Dana smiled. “That I am. But I will bet you a dollar I can get you laid by him. He’s a horny little boy and pretty decent in bed. You would like him.”

Cindy was reluctant to get involved with this scheme. “Maybe, but I’m not promising anything.”

“Will you at least agree to meet him?”

“Oh sure. I’m always up to meet people. I just can’t guarantee that I will let him in my bed.”

“That’s good enough. Let me see what Donald and I can come up with.”

They went on catching up until it was time for Dana to meet Donald. Dana hugged her friend before she left and then she was out the door to her date.

Donald was waiting for her on the steps of the Student Union. She felt a little shudder when she saw him. He really was handsome. She walked right up to him and punched him in the arm.

“Oww! What was that for?”

“This morning, you bastard.” She was grinning when she said that. “But it was funny as hell.”

He grabbed her into a big hug, both of them smiling at each other.

“So where do you want to go for dinner?”

“Some place where we can talk.”

“Good. What about the diner on Center street? It’s within walking distance.”

“Sounds great. Let’s go.”

The diner was four blocks away and it gave them time to get used to each other. Donald had always liked Dana since Steven introduced her to him months ago. Now he had a chance to get to know her better. They talked a little buca escort while they walked but mostly just enjoyed the evening together.

When they got to the diner Donald asked the waitress to sit them somewhere in the back. She gave them a booth on the edge of the room. Once their order was taken Donald opened the conversation.

“I think I know what you want to talk about. It’s about you being with me and worrying about how Steven will feel about it.”

“That’s it exactly. But I might be able to make the situation better if I can enlist your help.”

“Sure. What do you think you can do? I’m willing to help with just about any good idea.”

“Okay, thanks. Have you seen Steven today?”

“Yeah, I saw him at lunch. He seemed a little down but not as bad as I thought he would be.”

“That’s good. I saw my old roommate this afternoon and an idea came to me. She told me she has not even had a date in weeks, much less been laid. And Steven needs a new girl as quickly as possible to prevent him going into a long term funk. So I though, why not try to put the two of them together?”

Donald had to think about that for a minute. He had to admit that it would solve a lot of potential problems.

“I can see the advantages of such a plan, if you can get them together. How do you propose to do that?”

“With a double date. Look, my roommate, Cindy, is cute and horny as hell. She’s been really busy lately but she really needs to get laid. She can’t promise it will happen, but I’m betting that once she’s with him, she will have him in bed before you know it.”

“So when do you want to do this?”

“This Friday. I haven’t figured out where to go yet, but we need to do this ASAP. Otherwise his funk could spoil everything, especially if it gets worse.”

“I agree. Today’s Wednesday, I’ll come up with a place to go and let you know tomorrow. I need to make sure it is something he will like.”

“Good idea.”

Their food arrived and they ate while discussing ideas. When dinner was done, they split the check.

“Where do you want to go now?” he asked.

“Let’s go back to my place. You can meet Cindy and see what you think. And who knows, you might get lucky again.”

“I like that idea.”

They started walking back to the campus and then to their cars.

“By the way, I finally have a topic for my thesis.” he said.

“That’s great!”

“I think what happened last night made me look at the adviser’s suggested topics in a new way. And I found one that I could make a few changes to and make it something I would be interested in. I presented it to him and he liked the idea. So now I can finally get started on it.”

“That’s wonderful. I’m glad I could help.” She smiled at him knowingly.

Their cars were on opposite sides of the campus as it turned out.

“Why don’t you follow me to my car and then I can drive you to yours. Then you can follow me to the apartment.”

“Good idea.”

Once they got the logistics worked out it was an easy drive to his car and then on to her apartment. Donald had never been there before so he just followed her. The apartments they arrived at were modest but nice. Her apartment was towards the back of the complex and upstairs. They parked their cars and went up to the stairs. She opened the door for him and led him inside.

No one was in the living room but they could hear music from deeper in the apartment.

“She’s probably studying in her room. Let me go get her.”

Donald looked around and decided it was a nice place. The furniture was old but in nice shape and the place was clean and neat. He could see the small kitchen and little dinning table to the right. The living room contained a small couch and two easy chairs. There was no TV but there was a small stereo.

Dana returned with Cindy in tow. “Donald, this is Cindy. Cindy, Donald.”

He shook hands with Cindy and they all sat down, Dana and Cindy on the couch and Donald in one of the chairs.

Cindy was a total delight. She was petite, a great face, a nicely shaped body with medium sized breasts, and had Steven’s favorite attribute in a woman, long auburn hair.

They talked about nothing in particular for a while, just getting to know each other. She was a business major and about two years from her degree. She had met Dana her first freshman semester and they moved in together the next semester. It was obvious that the two women were great friends and very close. Both were extroverts which made a close friendship like theirs pretty rare. But there was no doubt that it worked for them.

Dana finally opened the topic of a double date.

“Donald and I had a discussion about you and Steven getting together. We are planning something for this Friday if we can pull it off. Do you have plans for Friday night?”

“No. Do you know what we will be doing?”

“Not yet. Donald has to let me know tomorrow.”

Donald broke in. “Yeah. I need to talk to Steven and make sure he is free. I think I know what to suggest to him to lure him in but I need to be sure.”

Cindy karşıyaka escort said, “Boy, you two are planning this like like some kind of war. I sure hope you know what you are doing. I don’t want to butt into a bad situation. It would just ruin the night.”

Dana put her hand on Cindy’s. “Don’t worry. Donald an I will make sure you are not in the middle of a war of words. In any case, I don’t think that will happen. Steven is too nice to make a scene in public.”

“Well, okay. I will leave it up to you two. But just know I can’t guarantee anything.”

Donald said, “I appreciate that. But you should know, Steven has a weakness for one of your physical traits.”

“What’s that?”

“Auburn hair. Steven loves auburn hair, especially when it’s long like yours. I’ve heard him mention it a couple of times. So even if you are only a little nice to him, he will try to bed you before the night is over.”

He could see a little twinkle in Cindy’s eye at that pronouncement.

“Well, I still have to meet him. But if he is as nice as you say, it might work out.”

“That’s all we ask.” he said. “The choice about what happens after you meet him is completely up to you. We don’t want to put undue pressure on you because that would probably spoil the whole plan. But if it does work out that you take him to bed, that would be the optimum outcome for Dana and I, and maybe you too.”

“But be careful.” Dana added. “He could fall for you pretty easily. If you are not comfortable with how it goes, just cut it off. We will understand.”

“Well, okay. At least I know you two are there to support me if the whole thing goes South. That’s some comfort.”

Dana squeezed her hand. “Thanks, Cindy. We both appreciate what you are doing. Hopefully we find some way to repay you later.”

Cindy smiled. “Don’t worry too much about that. If I do decide to bed him that will probably be payment enough.”

Both of the girls giggled at that. Donald decided that they must have matching attitudes about sex and life in general. They certainly were completely compatible with each other. He felt like he was looking at a deep and lasting friendship between the two of them.

“Speaking of bedding, come on, Donald. I want to show you my bed.”

She got up and Donald followed her to her bedroom. She had a nice queen sized bed. She closed the door behind them and then took him into her arms.

“Mumm, you feel so good.” she said.

She was holding him tightly and he could feel her breasts being mashed against his chest.

“You feel really good to me as well. I have been looking forward to this, I just was unsure when it would happen again.”

“Is now a good time for you?”


In the meantime, Cindy had gone back to her room to resume her studies. She had been at it about 15 minutes when she heard Dana moan through the wall. She smiled at that, knowing what was going on in there. Dana was such a sexual beast. She and Cindy were so alike in that department, both loved sex and took any opportunity to receive the proper attention from a man.

Dana was getting a little louder now. It was turning Cindy on. It had been so long since she had been in the company of a man. She hoped that Steven would be a good enough man that she could take him into her bed. Lord knows she needed to be fucked.

She lost concentration on her books. Her hand creeped down to her crotch as she sat in the chair. She began to rub it through her jeans. Between Dana moaning and her own hand rubbing her crotch, her need was becoming greater. She decided she could not resist it any longer.

She got up out of her chair and removed her jeans and panties. Then she laid on her bed. She could still hear them through the wall. Normally this might be an imposition, but in her case she enjoyed it. She started to stimulate herself by massaging between her thighs. When she couldn’t stand it any longer she moved to her crotch.

About that time she heard Dana climax. She could always tell when that happened because her moaning stopped and a different type of sound was emitted from her. God it was turning her on. She turned on her side and opened her bedside table drawer. Inside was a number of items, but the one she was looking for was easy to find since it was the largest item in the drawer. She brought out her “rabbit” and tested the batteries. They were still good.

Before turning it on she slowly inserted it into her pussy. She only had to try twice before it went in completely. She was pretty wet. She started fucking herself with it with long slow strokes. God it felt good.

Dana was now moaning again and she could hear slight slapping sounds. Donald must be really pounding her. It was so sexy. She reached down and turned on the vibration to its lowest setting. The ears of the “rabbit” were now vibrating against her clit. It sent shivers up and down her whole body. She turned the vibration setting up one notch. She was in the throws of self stimulation now.

God she enjoyed sex, but she needed a man. This would have to do for now. She adjusted the “rabbit” a little and began to move it around and in and out of her hole. It felt wonderful and the sounds from next door were getting her closer to her climax. She could imagine Donald and Dana fucking each other. What a sexy sight that would be. Dana was so sexy and Donald was really handsome. She could just eat both of them up some time.

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