80 Avis`s overnight black

80 Avis`s overnight black
80 Avis`s overnight black

When Jon told me I could have the one black man who agreed to stay overnight, my heart just skipped a beat. After two sessions of sucking black cock and getting fucked, I was going to have a black man all to myself overnight; with no audience. Time dragged on endlessly it seemed as I waited for everyone to turn in for the night. We were to have the basement bedroom and as soon as Carol said it was time to turn in, I reached over, took Jon by his hand and pulled him to me, kissed him hard and long and then said “Thanks love” then rose up, went over to my man, took hold of his hand and after saying goodnight, led him down the stairs to the bedroom.
Once we entered the bedroom, still holding his hand, I pulled him next to me, “Kiss me love” I said softly and leaned into him as he came to me and kissed my lips. I stood there pressing my lips against his, opening my mouth to let his tongue explore my mouth and driving my tongue into his.
I felt his one arm go around my neck and the other around my back as he squeezed me tight, keeping his hot lips pressed against mine. God, I was in heaven. So sensual was his kiss, so exciting the idea and feeling of a black man kissing me and knowing Jon had approved of it, it made me tremble inside as my heart beat ever faster. He now moved down to my neck and began kissing and licking the side of my neck sending shock waves through my body and I couldn’t help but moan out with sheer pleasure. Further down he went as I felt his arm move from around my neck and taking hold of one of my tits, he began licking my erect nipple, caressing it with his tongue as I nearly melted there before him. His sucking was sheer heaven and when he took little bites on my tit and nipple,
I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Fuck me” I cried out, “Fuck me love” again and he slowly raised his head and caressed my cheek, “You want my cock in your mouth, don’t you whore?” he asked. “Yes, baby yes” I answered, “I want to feel that cock in my mouth”, “Taste your hard cock”. I now felt him really squeeze my tit hard, enough to bring a measure of pain searing through me. Oooh FUCK” I let out as he twisted my tit and pulled hard on my nipple. “What you want whore?” he demanded and I knew then that he was wanting me to beg for his cock. “I want your cock” I said back, “I want to suck your fuckin’ hard cock like the whore I am”.
Releasing his hold on me and letting go of my tit, he grabbed hold of my hair and forced me down on my knees. “What you want whore?” he asked again and again I answered, “I want to suck your fuckin’ hard cock” and with that he added, “Open your mouth whore” and into my now aching mouth he drove his hard cock. There I was, on my knees, my head being held in place as this wonderful black man fucked my eager mouth with his hard cock, slamming it deep into my throat, gagging me, letting me come up for air before ramming it back into my aching mouth. So fucking big, so hard; I was totally lost to his cock as he slapped my face with it, slapped my tongue, rubbed his cock over my lips and cheeks and kept up his endless pounding of my mouth; once in a while slapping the side of my face as he jammed his cock in my cheek. “You fuckin’ whore” he stated, “You like black cock?” I could only moan a yes as he pumped me hard.

Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth, still holding my hair, had me rise to my feet and led me over to the bed. “Beg for it bitch” he demanded and I looked at him. “Please fuck me” I said and with that he slapped my face hard several times. “Beg for it your fuckin’ bitch” he said again and I replied, “Please, Fuck me”, “Fuck my cunt” I said and was again met with more hard slaps to my face. “I want your fucking black cock” I cried out, Then added “I want you fucking my worthless cunt!”
This time he threw me down on the bed, took hold of my legs and spread them as wide as he could, climbed in between them and lowered his head to my cunt. I cried out with much a delight as he started licking and sucking on my cunt lips, biting them hard and pulling on them with his teeth, the pain just flowing through me like a wildfire as I cried out “FUCK” and again “FUCK”. When he was ready and I was so wound up, he took hold of his cock and into my hot, wet and aching cunt he went, going as deep inside me as he could push. Holding my legs tight, he proceeded to fuck me with long hard strokes, then soft gentle ones, deep, deep inside me, then just on mu cunt lips; all the while slowly driving me thoroughly mad with pleasure. Fucking me for so long I almost became numb in my cunt at his pounding before I faintly remember hearing him say he was coming. I looked down fast enough to see him pull his cock out of me and shoot a long, hot steady stream of cum over my pussy hair and lower belly. I watched as his cock just jerked his cum out over me.
I laid my head back and before I knew it, he was straddling my head and holding his cock, “Clean my cock whore” he ordered. I came around enough to take hold of his cock and started licking and sucking my cunt juices and all the rest off his cum off his cock. When I had finished, he laid down next to me, “You’re a good whore what are you?” he asked
I looked at him. “I’m a good piece of shit whore” I replied. He smiled. “You know your place well, don’t you bitch?” I could only smile back.
We relaxed for a while and eventually i moved over and laid my head on his chest, slowly rubbing my hand over his nipple before we fell into each other`s arms and spent the next few minutes embracing and kissing with a passion I only knew from kissing Jon. We fell asleep and the next morning I woke up slowly, sensing the presence of others and saw that Jon and Carol were sitting on the bed looking at me still clutched in his arm.
“Good morning sunshine” Jon said, knowing the glow coming from me was caused by my adventure. “You got one fuckin’ hot whore” the man told Jon and I saw him nod in agreement. “That she is” and with that he moved up next to me, kissed me long and softly as Carol moved up the other side and kissed my black man, thanking him for staying over and, looking at me, thanking him for what she figured was one hell of a fuck. “Breakfast anyone?” she asked. Breakfast in this case: being me Avis sucking my husband`s cock for a taste of Carol and Carol sucking the black for a taste of Avis. But that’s another tale.

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