* There is some language in this that some may see as derogatory, it’s for entertainment purposes only and doesn’t reflect true feelings of the author. *

“Dude, are you sure she won’t come home?” Brad asked.

“Yes. Don’t worry about it.” I said, as Brad continued to stroke my cock.

Finally, he slid off the couch and got in between my legs. He leaned in and took the head of my cock into his mouth and began to suck on the head while he massaged my balls. I moaned as he began to bob his head up and down on my cock.

“There you go, bitch. Suck that fucking cock.” I said.

Brad moved his hand down to his cock and began to jerk it. I grabbed Brad’s head and guided him up and down on my cock. Several times I pushed down too far, which caused him to cough and gag on my cock. “You like that fucking cock, don’t you?” I said. Brad nodded while he continued to suck.

“You want it in your ass?” I asked.

He lifted his head from my cock, “Mmm, yes. I want you to fuck my ass.” he moaned.

“I need some lube.” I said, and pushed his head back down on my cock and began to thrust up into his mouth. All the while, he continued to stroke himself.

After a minute, he lifted his head up from my cock and stood up quickly. He was frantically jerking his cock while aiming it at my own cock. His eyes closed briefly, then opened as he grunted. I watched as his hot cum jumped from his cock. Some of it landed on my stomach, but the majority of it landed on my cock.

As his cum finally began to just ooze out of his cock, Brad wiped it off on my cock. “Turn around.” I said.

He did as he was told as I reached down and stroked my cum covered cock a few times. Brad looked back and watched, until I told him to sit down. He lowered himself down until the head of my cock touched his asshole.

I knew that he had already been toying his ass, so I was going to slide in without much trouble…and I did. He moaned loudly while I smiled. He slowly worked his ass up and down on my cock. “Ride that fucking cock.” I said.

Brad began to go faster while I sat there and enjoyed the feeling of splitting his ass open. I’m sure our girlfriends would be appalled by this, but who cares? Brad moved up too much and my cock slipped from his ass. I took that opportunity to stand up and move him around so that she was bent over the couch. “You want this?” I asked.


“I don’t believe you.”

“I want your cock Ryen. I want you to fuck my ass.” he said.

I slipped my cock back into his tight ass and began to thrust quickly. I grabbed onto his hips and pulled him towards me while I thrust forward. “Oh shit.” we heard from the doorway.

Brad freaked, “Oh fuck, Kacey. What are you doing here?”

“What the fuck you guys?” my girlfriend said.

“Come over her and get a taste.” I said.

Brad looked at me like I was crazy. Kacey on the other hand smiled and walked over to us. I slipped my cock from Brad’s ass just as my girlfriend got to us. She knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it while she slid back and forth.

Kacey looked up at me, “Have you came yet?”



“Is it?”

“Yep. I need to get something real quick, you can get back to fucking Brad. But don’t cum until I get back.”

I nodded, and turned back to Brad as Kacey left the room. “What the fuck, dude?” Brad asked.

I slid my cock back into his tight ass, “What?”

“What’s going on?”

“Not sure.” I lied.

I wanted to fucking pound his ass, but knew it would probably make me cum too soon, so I held off until Kacey returned. I thrust all the way into Brad in one fluid motion. He grunted. A few minutes later Kacey returned wearing her large strap on. It was nine inches long and fairly thick. A little bigger around than the handle of a tennis racquet.

Kacey walked over to us. “Pound his fag ass until you’re ready to cum.”

“Then what?”

“Then, you’re going to cum on my face and in my mouth.”

I nodded and began to slam into Brad’s ass. “Oh fuck.” he moaned in surprise.

Kacey giggled while she watched on. “What are you going to do with that?” i asked.

“You’ll see.”

I began to feel my balls tingling as I continued to fuck Brad in the ass. “How long has this been going on, Brad?” she asked.

“Several years.” he said between grunts.

“I never took you for a fag.”

“Oh shit, Kacey. I’m about to blow.”

Kacey knelt down as I pulled my cock from Brad’s ass. I wrapped my hand around my cock, not because it needed to be stroked, but for better aim. Kacey looked up at me and opened her mouth.

I sent two spurts of cum right into her mouth. But the next three streaked across her face. Two on her cheek, one on her nose. The remaining two spurts didn’t have much velocity and landed on her chin.

Kacey closed her mouth and swallowed my load. “I’d tell you you need to work on your aim, but I love the feel of your cum on my face.” she said, smiling.

Kacey used her finger to shovel the cum on her face into her mouth. She pointed at the ground so I knelt down in front of her. she stood up leaned over me, i opened my mouth as Kacey opened hers and let my cum slide from her mouth into mine. “Mmm, there you go. Eat your cum.”

I closed my mouth and swallowed my load. “Pretty good.” I said.

“Not as good as when you lick it out of my cunt.”

“No, not that good.”

Brad looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Kacey looked at him, “You can stay and watch.”

“Okay.” he said, followed by, “Watch what?”

Kacey smiled and grabbed the strapon by the base and shoved it into my mouth. “This.” she said, as she grabbed my head and began to thrust her strap on into my mouth.

“Holy shit.” Brad said.

“He’s never done this for you?”


“Do you want him to?”


“Try asking.” Kacey said, then pulled back. “You like sucking your girlfriends cock?”


“Bend over.”

I listened to my girlfriend and did as she said. “I’m disappointed in you. You were supposed to wait until i got here. I’m not going to go easy on you.”

“I understand.” i said.

Of course, she did go a little easy on me as i felt her hands on my ass as she spread my cheeks and began to lick my ass. “Oh god, Kacey.” I moaned.

it was short lived, as she stood up and I felt the familiar head of her strapon against my asshole. She pushed the head in and stopped. “Look at you you little fag. So hungry for cock in your fucking ass.” she said.

Kacey grabbed my hips and simultaneously pulled me towards her while thrusting forward quickly. The result was her strap on slamming into my ass. i grunted loudly. Brad gasped. Kacey began to slide the strapon back, then quickly pushed it back in, repeatedly.

“That’s it fag, take your girlfriends big cock like the little bitch you are.”

i grunted and moaned as Kacey continued to quickly thrust into my ass. “Brad get over here so he can suck your cock while I pound his fucking ass.”

He hesitated for a second before he moved over to us and sat down in front of me. “Suck it, fag.” Kacey said.

I took Brad’s cock in my mouth and began to suck on it while she continued to thrust her “cock” in my ass. “Doesn’t that feel good?” she asked Brad.

“So good.”

“Jake told me you sucked him off the other day.”

‘Oh shit.’ I thought. Jake was Kacey’s brother.

“Since you didn’t ask me, that means that for the next month whenever Brad here wants his dick sucked, you’re going to suck it.” she slammed her cock all the way inside my ass. “Got it?”

“Yes Kacey.”

“Good little fag.” she said as resumed fucking me. Emboldened, Brad grabbed my head and guided my back to his cock.

For the next few minutes, I was sucking Brad’s cock about as well as I could while Kacey stretched open my ass. Finally, she pulled out. “Your turn Brad. I need to get a drink.”

Brad looked at me, “Get up here and ride my cock.”

I climbed up onto the couch and quickly sank down on Brad’s cock and began to bounce up and down on it. “For the next month, this ass is mine.” he said. I knew he was trying to sound in charge, but that just wasn’t him. But, I let it go.

Kacey walked back in and sat down beside us and watched as I bounced up and down on Brad’s cock. “You’re such a manwhore, Ry. You’ll let anyone in that ass.” After a minute, she smiled. “Maybe I’ll let Carli come over and really give your ass a workout.”

Carli was Kacey’s best friend and a real bitch. “No, not Carli.” I said.

“You blew my brother. You don’t get a say.”

“Come on Kacey, not her. Anything else.”

“Hmm, Brad here is going to shoot his load down your throat today and any other time over the month you are going to eat his load and I want video proof of it. If you follow those rules, no Carli.”


Kacey smiled lovingly, “Okay Brad. Feed him your cum, then you can say and watch the rest.”

“Okay.” he said. “Bend over, so I can finish.” he said to me.

I climbed off of him and allowed him to get up then got on my hands and knees on the couch. Kacey moved around and pulled her strapon up to reveal her drenched pussy. “Lick my fucking cunt, Ry.” she said. I leaned forward and started licking Kaceys pussy while Brad started fucking my ass.

“There you go Brad, get in that fag ass.”

Brad began to really give it to me. “Hey, I didn’t say you could stop licking my cunt.” Kacey said as she grabbed my head and pressed my face into her wet pussy.

“Shit, I’m going to cum.” Brad said. He pulled out of me. I quickly got down on the floor. Brad stuffed his cock in my mouth and began to shoot his load immediately. I coughed as it shot down my throat. Kacey laughed.

“Swallow it fag.” she said.

Brad thrust his forward every time he shot a spurt to make sure it went down my throat. “Fuck.” he moaned.

When he was done he stepped back, I gasped for breath. Kacey grabbed my head. “Open fag.” I opened my mouth to show her I was empty. “Good bitch.” she said.

Kacey pushed me onto my back and knelt down. She quickly grabbed my legs and pushed them up and guided her strapon back into my ass. “By the way, this is the same strapon I used when I fucked Nicole.” Kacey said.

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me.” Nicole was my ex-girlfriend.


“After you broke her heart. Hold your legs so I can properly fuck you.”

I did as she said and watched her while she began to lay into me. I grunted with each deep thrust. “Fuck.” I managed to get out a few times.

“Talk to me Ry. Don’t be shy because of Brad.” she said, smiling.

“Fuck me Kacey.” i said. Knowing that’s what she wanted.

“Mmm, yes.” she said as she rammed her cock deep inside me.

“Give me your cock Kacey.”

“Ooh, I like that one.” she moaned while she went fast. “Oh you like it too.” she said, grabbing my now hard cock.

“Of course I do.”

Kacey spit on my cock and began to jerk it while she continued to fuck my ass. She smiled at me. “Tell you what, you’re being such a good fag and not complaining. I’m going to give you a treat.”

Kacey pulled out of my ass and quickly took her strapon harness off. “Get up.” she said. I stood up while she laid down on the floor where I was. “Go ahead, fuck your girlfriend’s cunt.”

I eased my cock into Kacey’s pussy and moaned, just as she did. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me close, which put me deep inside her. “Right there. That’s where i want you when you cum inside me.”

I leaned forward and put my arms on either side of Kacey and began to thrust into her quickly and deeply. “That’s it. Fuck your girlfriend’s cunt.” I continued to thrust into her while i looked at her. She smiled. “Come in my cunt.”

I nodded and focused on the sensations in my cock and I could feel myself getting closer. “Come on Ry. Fill me up. I need to feel your hot cum inside me.” she moaned.

That was enough to push things over the edge. I thrust a few more times, “Fuck Kacey. I’m coming.” I said as I thrust inside her and unloaded my cum into her pussy.

Kacey moaned as I shot rope after rope of cum into her. “Mmm, so hot.”

I smiled and eased out of her. “Brad, get down here and lick me clean.”

Kacey saw the look on my face and smiled, “Don’t worry you did good. Tonight, I’ll let you fuck my tits.”

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