Judy, Danny, & Me

Judy, Danny, & Me
She lived down the block. I’d known Judy since we were just k**s. Her mother and father were divorced (the first such family back then that I was aware had divorced). She’d always been a kind of the ‘ugly duckling’ sort of girl (which I know sounds terrible for me to say, but it was true), and the other boys in school looked at her askance. She was what you could call back then I suppose a ‘Tom Boy.’

However, she grew to be less of a Tom Boy over the intervening years (by middle school, she’d dropped the Tom Boy look almost completely). As she and I got older, and even though she wasn’t a ‘pretty’ girl, we ended up ‘playing doctor’ on several occasions, and as I explored her femininity, she did the same with my masculinity! We didn’t have intercourse, but we did a lot that came very close to that!

I remember the very first occasion that she offered me the chance to see her pussy. We were in my parents garage. It was a warm, humid, summer day (if I recall it correctly). She was wearing dungarees (for those who remember those), and I watched as she slid them down around her knees, and then (I was very excited at this point) she tugged her panties down as well—and there, in front of me, well within reach, was her dishwater blond pubic patch, glistening in the sunlight that filtered in through a dusty, grimy window that we were standing next to!

Neither of us spoke (or I don’t remember us saying anything). Then she encouraged me to ‘touch’ her there! I was, up to that point, a good little Christian boy with church-going parents; but, faced with the opportunity to do something I was pretty sure none of my other male friends had done yet, I nervously began probing her with my fingers!

She was so wet! I remember that very clearly; and as I slid my finger tips further into her curly pubic bush, they naturally followed the furrow that led even further into her warm, moist depths. I easily inserted my middle finger rather deep inside of her, and I remember the curious texture I felt there. Judy seemed to enjoy what I was doing, and that excited, and encouraged me further in my explorations!

At that point, I knew nothing about a girls clitoris, let alone her G-spot. All of that would come much later on in my life. Nevertheless, I continued to finger Judy’s juicy pussy for a while longer. Her pussy had a strong aroma, too; a bit like fish, but not exactly. I couldn’t put a word to it. But, as strong as her aroma was, I liked it! There was something in it that sent shivers through me; and after we stopped, I could smell her on my fingers for hours!

But Judy was becoming what some would call a ‘wild’ girl. Her mother worked long hours at a nearby aircraft manufacturing plant, and so Judy was often left to her own devices, so to speak; and that led, rather predictably, to further experimentations with sex. The fact that she was more like a family member, precluded me being interested in her in more than a ‘playing doctor’ sort of role, and yet, sex did continue to bring us together.

One day, Judy and I did something together neither of us had done up to that point. There was this black family that lived not too far away from where she and I lived (they were the only black family in our neighborhood at the time). His name was Jimmy. Judy, perhaps partly out of a growing desire to be as rebellious as she could be, latched onto Jimmy, and on this one particular day that I’m talking about, the three of us found a way of sneaking off to a rather secluded and private place, and Jimmy and I both took turns fingering Judy’s pussy! He’d already seen a girls pussy, having several older sisters, but he was particularly enthusiastic about exploring a white girls pussy! Something that was generally off-limits to black men back then, no matter their age.

But then Judy wanted to see Jimmy’s cock. “I’ve showed you mine, now show me yours,” was general drift of what she said.

Jimmy showed it to her, and I don’t either of us had ever seen a cock, black, or white, that came close to being as huge as Jimmy’s was! It was enormous. Huge!

Judy began stroking it admiringly, and his cock grew even bigger than it already was in it’s semi-flaccid state; and I stood there mesmerized by it. My own cock was way, way smaller than Jimmy’s; and I felt a little intimidated by it, and definitely more than a little jealous! Judy, it was obvious, loved it, and she played with it for a while as I stood close by watching her. Jimmy wanted to put his cock inside Judy’s pussy, but she wouldn’t let him. He kept trying to talk her into it, but kept refusing. However, after a while, she did relent and suck on it a little bit; and that was even more exciting to me to see!

Then, after she’d sucked on Jimmy’s cock for a while, she said her mouth was tired, and then she did something that surprised all of us—She asked me if I wanted to touch Jimmy’s cock, or, to suck on it! Why she thought I’d want to do either of those things came as complete surprise to me; but, what was the bigger surprise was that I accepted the chance to at least touch it!

It was heavy! That’s the first thing I noticed. It was also so warm. Judy stood next to me, grinning, and daring me to stroke it. I hesitated at first. “Come on!” She said. “Stroke it a little. Don’t be afraid. I did it!” She had. So, though I felt a little awkward at first, as I started stroking it, Jimmy’s cock got harder, thicker, and longer; until it jutted upwards a little bit, and his cock head caught the sunlight that had found a way through a small hole in the wall of the abandoned building we’d found.

Judy suddenly leaned over and gave Jimmy’s cock head a series of brief kisses and licks, then, standing up, she smiled at him. “I love your dick,” she told him.”

“Really?” He said.

“Yes,” she replied. “It’s…beautiful. And I love the color, too.”

For a little while longer, I kept hold of Jimmy’s big black cock, as Judy paid more attention to kissing, licking, and eventually sucking on the upper part of his cock shaft. As she did, and as I kept hold of it, I could feel it pulsing and throbbing like a heart beat. I was fascinated by that. I masturbated, so I knew that if she kept doing what she was doing, that Jimmy would have an orgasm, and shoot his load of sperm. There was something curiously exciting to me in that thought.

But Judy didn’t seem to what to take it quite that far, and she stopped. Then, taking Jimmy’s cock in her hand now, she said to me: “Now it’s your turn!” She meant that it was MY turn to do to his cock what she had been doing! I’d never had another guys cock in either my hand, nor in my mouth, but there was something about the setting, and the chemistry between the three of us, that nudged me to do it.

So, getting down on my knees, and feeling incredibly nervous, as well as exciting at the same time, I leaned forwards and gave Jimmy’s cock head a small kiss.

“That’s it!” I heard Judy say to me. “Do it some more now,” she said.

So I gave Jimmy’s cock head another brief peck.

“More than that!” Judy said, slightly aggravated wounding at my timidity.

Goaded on by her, I opened my mouth and got Jimmy’s cock head inside my mouth, and as I did, I closed my lips around it, and held it like that for a moment, or so. My heart was pounding really hard at this point, and with Judy urging me on, I gave my first-ever blow job to another guy! Judy found it exhilarating, and Jimmy seemed to like it as well; and, truth be told, so did I!

I didn’t suck him off (I didn’t suck his cock till he ejaculated, that is). Judy did that using her hand.

By then, I’d stood up and was watching from very close by as Judy stroked and stroked and stroked Jimmy’s HUGE black cock till he came; till he ‘shot his wad’ as it was called back then; and I can still see in my minds eye that equally huge amount of sperm that he shot out! My own load of cum was much smaller than the one Jimmy gave up that day!

Later, as Jimmy went one way, and Judy and I went another, I was feeling a little uncertain as to what had just transpired. I hadn’t thought I’d suck another guys cock! That was for sure; and yet, with Judy’s instigation, I had! As we walked along, Judy said out loud: “You just sucked another guys cock.”

She said it enthusiastically, on the one hand, but on the other, there was a tone of something like teasing as well.

“Yeah,” I replied, feeling a little bit embarrassed now, “but YOU were the one who encouraged me to do that.”

“But you didn’t HAVE to do it!” She shot back, accurately.

“But you kept challenging me to!” I replied.

“But,” she said, “you DIDN’T HAVE TO DO IT! But YOU DID!”

“You can’t tell anyone else about that,” I said, feeling suddenly scared that she might tell others what I’d done.

“I won’t!” She said, giving my shoulder a light punch with her fist. “But,” she added, once again smiling, “you DID suck Jimmy’s cock! You did.”

“I know!” I replied, still feeling a little bit uncertain, nervous, and scared that she still might tell someone else about what I’d done!

Apparently, Judy never did reveal my secret, because none of my friends ever mentioned it, or teased me (because they certainly would have had they known).

So, thanks to Judy, my first-ever cock sucking experience began with a black guy. It would be many, many years after this that I’d resume sucking cock; but, as I said, thanks to Judy for getting me started down that road.


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