Consentacles: When Two Sets of Arms Just Isn’t Enough


Nina’s long blond hair shines in the soft light of the room. Its sun-kissed waves fall to her shoulders and bounce as she pivots her head. She is looking for a specific person among those mingling this evening as she desperately longs to start her fun. However, she also appreciates the subtle way the anticipation is building her desire. “She will be here,” she says to herself aloud. Her shimmering amber eyes scan the women in the room, looking for the one she met this morning. She takes a deep breath and lifts her glass from the table. She sips at the wine to relax and calm her nerves. She has dreamt of this moment for a long time, she can hold out for a little while longer.

Just as she commits to patience, a glorious looking woman approaches her table. Looking up, Nina sees her friend from the morning and drinks in the gorgeous woman’s appearance. Sauntering across the room, Katarina is a picture of beauty. Nina bites her bottom lip and survey’s her from bottom to top. Stiletto-heeled black latex boots shine, even in the mood-level lighting providing ambiance to evening’s festivities. Rising out of those boots are a pair of impossibly long legs wrapped in nylon stockings. They are the kind of legs that would not be out of place on a runway in Milan. Nina’s thoughts momentarily drift to coursing her hands up the shapely calves, and to those thighs, with them wrapped around her waist.

Pulling back to reality, Nina shifts her gaze up to the black leather skirt that tightly hugs a pair of pleasingly curvy hips. Jesus, she thinks, how is Kat even moving in that skirt? Everything about her lower half is statuesque. The upper half though, screams that she could do porn. A dark red corset, accented with black lace, draws in a comparatively small waist compared to the hips below. Practically bursting from the top of it, a pair of magnificent, milky-white, double-D breasts bounce and jiggle with each step she takes. Again, the fantasy side of Nina’s brain kicks in, fueled by her insatiably raging libido, and she just wants to bury her face in those lovely pillows. With Kat being an easy 170cm and Nina a perfectly petite 145cm, the height difference is ideal for her to do exactly that.

Smooth, delicate arms swing at her sides as she ambles ever closer. Nina’s focus ascends along the long, graceful neck to Kat’s pretty face. The pale skin of her cheeks is dotted with a field of freckles surrounding a cute nose and a lavishly luscious pair of lips, curled into a knowing smile. This woman is beyond beautiful, and she is clearly well aware of the lustful looks her appearance draws from observers. Locked on to Nina, a pair of emeralds sparkle out of the darkness, the ambient illumination glittering and glinting off their shimmering surfaces. Nina smiles, eyes lighting up her beautiful face as she realizes that Kat is looking directly at her.

Taking one last moment to appreciate the aesthetic of her soon-to-be playmate, Nina admires the proverbial cherry on the top of the decadent sundae that is Kat’s appearance. A vibrant waterfall of flames cascades around her round face. Flowing along her neck, her seemingly impossibly natural red hair drapes over the slope of her shoulders, its tips dancing along her collarbone. Kat’s fiery locks wave and ripple in the light like theatre curtains rustling before their raising. A temptation-filled promise of the production to be unveiled.

“Good evening my perfectly perky petite pet,” Kat greets Nina with sweet sensuality dripping off her words despite the undertone of authority in her voice. The remarkably fit Nina begins to rise, but a wave of Kat’s hand stops her short. Easing down into the chair opposite her at the small table, Kat grins at the obedience. Her mesmerizing eyes fix their intense gaze on Nina and she says, “Let’s have a quick drink before we go to your room.”

As if there is some secret, voice activated device at the table cueing unseen legions of waiting waiters, an attendant instantly appears beside the tiny table. “Good evening. Would you care to indulge in a beverage?” the man inquires, looking at Kat.

Kat replies seductively, “Mais Oui. I would simply adore a nice, crisp champagne.”

Nodding, the man turns his head to Nina, “And for you miss, would you like another glass of wine.”

Examining her glass for a moment, Nina ponders before replying, “Actually, a glass of champagne sounds simply lovely.” Acknowledging the answer with a simple bob of the head, he retrieves her empty wine glass, then spins and heads off.

Nina gazes across the table and feels the desire within her building at the sight of the heaving bosom rising and falling at the summit of Kat’s corset. Looking up, Nina notices the wicked smile curling Kat’s lips. She realizes Kat caught her staring at her magnificent cleavage but has no shame in it. Instead, Nina plays directly into it and says with mecidiyeköy esc her mouth spreading into a wide grin, “Those look absolutely delicious.”

With a light chuckle, Kat responds, “soon enough my dear, soon enough.” The man returns and places high fluted glasses before each of the women and departs as quickly as he initially appeared.

Kat raises her glass, extending it easily to the middle of the table and Nina clinks it. After both take a sip, Kat says, “So, I have to admit. I have been really thinking about your special friend. Or, more specifically, the possibilities.”

Seeing the sparkles of lust in her companion’s eyes, Nina teases, “Oh, you have no idea. The experience can be quite spectacular.” Taking another sip of champagne, she continues, “So, I take it that you have not changed your mind, then.”

Smiling seductively, eyelids batting lovely lashes under scarlet brows, Kat replies, “Oh, quite to the contrary.” As she continues, she extends her leg forward, “I have been anticipating this pleasure all day.” The smooth, cool feel of latex from Kat’s boot sliding up her sculpted calf sends chilled shivers of pleasure up Nina’s spine.

Tilting her glass to her lips, Kat runs her tongue provocatively along the rim before nearly emptying its contents. As she pulls it away from her mouth, she makes a production of licking any residue off her lips, while narrowing her eyes. With a subtle, suggestive raising of her fiery brows, Nina then lets her eyes drift to the edge of the able. At the same time, Kat flexes her ankles as much as her boots will allow, pointing the toe of the boot higher on Nina’s thigh. Feeling the toe tip edging up the tender skin of her bare thigh shoots a tingling current up into her pelvis. Nina’s intense honey-colored eyes go momentarily wide, before the long dark lashes encircling them draw closer. As her eyelids flutter back open, Nina’s expression exudes pure desire.

Without saying a word, she slips her hands under the table and wraps her fingers around Kat’s heel. Bracing, but not pulling, she holds it in place while she scoots her chair forward. Her flat stomach presses tight to the rim of the table flexes against the antique wood. Kat finds herself impressed at the continued compliance of the woman across from her. More than that, there is powerful appeal to the sheer sexual energy emanating from Nina. She had sensed there was something special about her compact companion when the met in the morning. The passionate way she described her friend, and the fiery presence that accompanied it when they sat together as breakfast concluded, is what originally whetted her appetite and piqued her interest. Sure, what Nina had proposed was intriguing, to say the least. However, beyond the exquisite beauty of the fit blonde, there was just an air of desirability about Nina. That passionate vibe, coupled with the petite blonde’s panty-wetting good looks, is what stirred the longing in her loins and hunger in her mind.

Inching forward on her chair, voluptuous boobs bouncing as she does, Kat stretches foot until she feels it press between Nina’s legs. She gently oscillates her ankle to swish her toes from side to side against Nina’s suddenly damp underwear. The expression of pleasure radiating from Nina’s face confirms to Kat her boot is well placed. Rubbing her compatriot, Kat feels her own lust building. That feeling is only fueled by look coming from Nina, saying with her eyes, “Rev me up and I am going to blow your fucking mind.”

Pulling her leg back and clacking her heel back to the hardwood floor, Kat suggests, “We should head to your room now. Or I am going to take you right here on this table.” Nina smiles and nods. Both women reach for their glasses, this time merely tipping them towards each other, then finish off their bubbly beverages.

Nina leads the way out of the common room and into the east wing. Despite her longer stride, Kat falls slightly behind the shorter blond, so that she can admire from behind. From the trailing position, she glances down at the well-defined calves as they flex and release with each step. Nina’s legs may be shorter than most, but they are simply stunning. Her gaze travelling up, she stops, nearly awestruck at what appears to be the most perfect ass she has ever seen. The short, dark red dress with its form-fitting velvet accentuate every curve of the petite powerhouse’s frame. Kat bites her lip watching the indescribably firm buttocks that is practically hypnotizing her as she is led down the Victorian hallway. Kat, seeing how toned Nina’s lower half is, thinks, she must have been a dancer, or potentially still is.

Unable to resist the urge to feel that ass, Kat lengthens her stride to easily draw even with her shorter companion. Gently placing her hand at the small of Nina’s back, she manages not to startle the woman. Nina flashes a smile back to her, bright blond hair tossing about her shoulders. Wasting türbanlı esc no time, Kat quickly slides her hand down and grasps the solid cheek, impressed by its tight feel. “My God you are fit!” she exclaims.

Without turning this time, Nina says, “Years of ballet, you big-breasted buxom beauty” Reaching beside her without breaking stride, Nina grazes her fingers along Kat’s inner thigh and up the black leather skirt. Curling her fingers slightly, she slides them along the bottom of what feels like wet, silk panties.

Nina’s touch throws gasoline on the low fire that had been building within Kat all day. Uncaring of where the room is, she spins Nina away from her and against the wall. Pinning her to the immaculately designed woodwork, she reaches a hand around ribs, grabbing a handful of breast. The firm mid-sized breast, impressively sized given the athletic build, has a wonderful feel with the velvet fabric. Even so, Kat wants to feel the soft skin under her fingers. Her hand ascends to the plunged neckline of the dress and dips inside. Running her fingers along the perimeter of Kat’s left breast, she elicits a moan when she pinches the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, giving it a sharp twist. Stepping forward she leans into Nina, letting her body press her tightly against the wall allowing Kat to free her other arm. Tucking away the golden locks, she bends down and wraps her lips around the freshly exposed ear.

The pleasurable passion shudders through Nina’s body at the touch of fingers on her breast, tongue edging along her earlobe, and bountiful breasts squishing against her strong shoulders. She reaches behind, and her hands find Kat’s thighs. Racking her nails up the outside of them, she arrives at the glorious curvature of the ass. Wrapping her hands around the cheeks, Nina squeezes hard and pulls Kat forward. Kat feels the lips of her pussy slide in their own wetness as her pelvis is forced forward and rubs against the firm muscles of Nina’s ass. The pleasurable sensation excites her, and she reaches her second hand around and into the top of Nina’s dress, crossing her arms and grasping a breast in each hand.

The rough handling of her breasts spurs her on, and Nina pulls Kat forward with more force. Pushing her ass backward, as much as she can, she increases the grinding pressure and hears a moan escape the mouth enveloping her ear. Kat’s arousal pushes into overdrive at her stimulation and she thinks, if she can make me feel this rubbing her ass into me… The thought trails off and Kat pulls away, removing her hands and breaking free of the grip on her buttocks. Nina spins around, confused, but before she can question, Kat looks down into her eyes. With a voice filled with urgency and desire she says, “Where is your room?”

Seeing and comprehending the desperate passion she has created in Kat, Nina points down the hall, “Three more doors on the left.”

Kat reaches down, grabs Nina’s wrist, and takes off down the hall, practically dragging Nina behind her. Nina almost breaks into a run to keep pace, withdrawing the antique iron key from her minuscule purse dangling at her side. They reach the door and Nina fumbles the key into the lock. Kat watches the smaller woman work the key in and turn it, feeling like she will explode if her lust is not sated soon. She is usually the one in charge, but this diminutive beauty, with her passion and impressive sexuality, has Kat craving Nina’s touch like an addict needing a fix. When the old oak door swings upon, Kat shoves Nina into the room, following immediately behind.

Nina appreciates her dancer’s background at moments like this, as she has spectacular balance. The force and shock of the push she received would have toppled a lesser woman. She spins like a ballerina to face the woman she has driven insane with lust. Wouldn’t be the first, she amusedly thinks. Her 180 complete, Nina finds herself nearly face to cleavage with Kat. However, before she can bury her face downward into the mounds heaving before her, delicate fingers wrap around her head. Kat leans down and tilts Nina’s face up to hers and engulfs her mouth in a desperately passionate kiss. There tongues entangling, the two women feverishly grope at each other’s back and ass. Fingers clawing, hands squeezing tightly, they frantically search for more places to touch, caress and fondle.

Her immediate lust satisfied by the fire of their kiss, Kat releases her partner of the night. Retreating, she regains her more commanding presence. Locking eyes with Nina, her voice full of authority, she orders, “Stay. Stand right there.” Nina, about to reach out for Kat, freezes in her tracks and stands straight up. Enjoying being in the submissive headspace of the dynamic, she happily obeys her command. With Nina complying, Kat turns to the entrance, removes the key and closes the heavy door. Locking it, Kat rotates back to Nina and dangles the key in the air. Without needing to hear şişli esc the question, Nina points to the nightstand by the door. Dropping the key on the table, the clatter of iron on wood echoes around the large bedroom.

Looking before her, Kat assesses her surroundings. A large, in fact surprisingly long and wide, bed with green satin sheets sits against the far wall. Along the rear wall, she observes what appears to be a sliding door closet. It strikes her as odd, given the classic Victorian architecture through the rest of the oversized mansion that there should be such a modern accoutrement. Looking up, she sees a small chandelier suspended from the high ceiling. Once equipped with candles, its glass fixtures cast a soothing yellow ambiance throughout the room. Tucked in a darkened corner appears to be a little mini fridge. Hopefully it contains some water to recover later, she thinks. Aside from that, the room seems surprisingly devoid of furniture. Kat muses to herself, I suppose given its purpose, you don’t really need much more than a bed.

Returning her attention to Nina, she closes the space between them. With a single finger under the chin, she angles her head up, so their eyes meet. “You are going to strip for me. Let me be clear. Not a striptease. You will simply undress and present yourself before me. I want to admire and appreciate what is beneath that dress. When I am satisfied, you will then undress me,” she instructs. Continuing with a confirming question, she asks, “Is that entirely clear, my pet?”

Nina nods her head and replies, “Crystal, Miss.”

Kat struts to the bed, spins, and sits down. With a flourish of her hand, she indicates for Nina to proceed. Tossing her tiny purse to the table with the key, Nina steps forward to be bathed in the chandelier light. With her iridescent golden locks shining like streams of sunlight, she reaches below her armpit. Feeling along the soft velvet fabric, Nina’s fingers find the zipper. Gliding it slowly down, she savors the hungry eyes fixated upon her. She could easily reach the terminus of the zipper while standing but decides to tilt forward instead. Kat admires the firm, porcelain-shaded breasts that present before her as Nina bends down to finish opening her dress.

Standing erect again, Nina lets the red dress drop seductively to the floor. Stepping out of it, she proudly displays her perfect frame. Looking over at Kat, she smiles at how the woman is in awe at her body. Nina frees her medium sized breasts from the comforting confines of the black lace bra and tosses onto her dress. Reaching down, she slowly slides her slick panties along the soft skin of her shapely legs. Kicking them onto the pile of clothes, she preens like a proud peacock before Kat.

Kat admires in astonishment at the beautifully sculpted body before her. What the woman lacks in height, she makes up for in everything else. Regarding her body with a lust-filled gaze, Kat sees just how shapely Nina is. She is not overly muscular, like a bodybuilder. What Nina’s body represents is the epitome of definition. Kat’s eyes trace the firm biceps and forearms and she realizes that Nina allowed herself to be pinned of the wall. If Nina had wanted, she could easily have pushed off the wall and overpowered her, despite Kat’s size advantage. As tight and strong as Nina’s arms looked, her legs were even more so. Kat thinks to herself, “ballet dancer,” Nina had said. Well no shit. She had always loved her own long, statuesque legs, but these were impressive. Like everything about Nina, the tightly formed calves and powerful thighs are strong and toned, but still retain every bit of their femininity.

Still in wonderment, Kat’s vision falls upon Nina’s stomach. It is perfectly flat and smooth, with subtle lines accentuating her abdominal muscles. Seeing the focus of Kat’s gaze, Nina slightly flexes her stomach, her muscle definition becoming noticeably more prominent. Involuntarily, Kat licks her lips at the sight of Nina’s tensing torso, longing to run her fingers and tongue along the grooves she sees. As if to draw her attention upward, Kat notices a slight shoulder shimmy from Nina, lightly bouncing her breasts. If that was the intent, it worked. Nina admires the rounded opal orbs with the bright pink centers. What fun I am going to have those, she thinks.

Kat extends her arm and makes a swirling motion with her finger. With a demure nod, Nina turns around to show her backside. As she had suspected earlier, Kat smiles as she confirms the rock-solid ass in front of her. She realizes that there probably won’t be any spanking, though, as she may hurt her hand hitting that. Ascending her appraising assessment, Kat appreciates the firmness of Nina’s back and shoulders. Having seen her entire form, Kat realizes that aside from her breasts, Nina may not have any fat on her body.

Kat clears her throat, as she stands, to draw Nina back around. When Nina turns to face her, the look of pride is unmistakably present in her eyes. Kat smiles broadly at the short blond as she says, “very impressive, my dear. You have a spectacularly chiseled, compact frame. I greatly look forward to thoroughly examining its entirety.”

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