Couples Camp Ch. 08


After their afternoon class, Brad and nine relaxed underneath the warm mountain sun. The two of them talked about what happened in class earlier and how Brad was feeling about his relationship with Brooke.

“I know things have changed between us; I just don’t know how I’m gunna deal with it.” Brad said as he re adjusted the towel he was laying on.

Nine explained how he had been confronted with the same type of video involving his wife in the morning class.

“At first I was angry and wanted to leave this place. I was furious at Michelle. She fucked Nick in a limo while another woman sat there and watched. I had seen her flirting with him, even the two of them making out a few times in the courtyard, but not like this.”

Wow Brad thought, this is the husband of the woman in the picture with Brooke. He was trying to recall how that woman looked but couldn’t. He had focused on Nick’s dick and Brooke’s hand just inches away, never paying much attention to the other woman, outside of the obvious results of Nick’s deposit.

“She was letting another man cum in her. For some reason that just drove me crazy. But I have to admit I was excited at the same time. Something about watching her taking him like a wanton slut made me want her even more. “Nine explained.

“And the funny thing was, I was angrier she was with Nick in a limo somewhere. We had only been here five days and already she was seduced by him? Not only was she fucking him unprotected but she was off with him while I was here. Something about her being that far away made it worse. It felt like I wasn’t involved at all. At least what I had seen previous happened here. I was close enough to feel a part of it. But this really hurt. She was off with him somewhere else as if I no longer existed.” Nine admitted.

“That was your wife?” Brad said.

“Huh?” Nine inquired.

“Well, Brooke text me a picture, she was with Nick and another woman in a limo.” Brad reveled.

“Oh ok so you knew about that. I wasn’t sure if you had seen Brooke getting him hard and putting him in Michelle already or not. I didn’t want to be the one to break the news to you, but after what we saw this afternoon, I guess that’s not that big a deal. Is it? Nine chuckled.

Nine went on to say something else but Brad was too lost in a daydream, to hear what he was saying. Brad was envisioning what it must have looked like to see Brooke’s hand stroking Nick’s massive tool. He didn’t know Brooke had already touched it from the picture on his phone but now he knew for sure. She hadn’t even waited to get to Pine Lake and she was already involved in Nick’s debauchery? Nine was upset that his wife fucked Nick after only five days, but Brooke hadn’t been in the limo for more than a few hours, when she was already indulging in Nick’s body. Then Brad thought; wait a minute Brooke already fucked Nick and we have only been here for two days. Brooke fucked Nick in front of a bunch of strangers already. If nine was questioning his ability to please his wife surely Brad was concerned. Nick had apparently brought out something in Brooke that Brad never knew existed. She was a slut. She was a slut for Nick at least.

Brad finally came back to the warm sand beach where the two were sunning themselves.

“So you see that’s why I decided to stick it out man. I love her and just like you, I get crazy turned on watching her pleasured. I just can’t imagine not being a part of that, I just can’t imagine being without her.” Nine admitted

Brad thought about nines words and how he too was turned on at the idea of being part of Brooke’s pleasure. Nine was right there was no way he could give up the opportunity to be involved with that. Brad was even more determined now to ignore any feelings of doubt or jealously and listen to whatever his teacher told him. She had promised to help Brad get back with Brooke and he was going to do whatever he had to just to get close to her. If that meant dealing with her cheating on him, well whatever, as long as he could hold her again and feel the tenderness of her love, he was going to do it.

“Well we better get cleaned up and ready for dinner service.” Nine said as he stood up and brushed the sand from his legs.

The two went back to the dorm, showered and got ready for dinner with the rest of the men. Like the night before, they all wore their tan skorts and button up white tops. Just like the night before they all made their way to the cantina, as they waked under the cantina arch, Brad noticed Brooke and Nick sitting at the same table as the night before only side by side this time rather than across from each other. He couldn’t help but notice she was wearing the black leather mini skirt he had been instructed to bring for her, and remembered the suitcases. Where were his clothes he thought? So far everything he had worn was provided for him and not exactly what he was used to. It would be nice to get some of his clothes so he didn’t have to wear this feminine type stuff.

“Let’s get a move on.” They were told as the group filed into the kitchen.

Brad taksim esc tried his best to gracefully walk over to the table where Brooke and Nick sat with their drinks and appetizer. He was carrying the tray as he had been instructed with one hand trying hard to balance it and not spill any of the drinks.

“Your margarita ma’am, and whisky neat sir.” Brad confidently announced as he set the drinks on the table in front of the swooning couple.

Neither of them so much as broke eye contact with each other to even acknowledge Brad’s presence.

“And here is your appetizer; grilled garlic toast with prosciutto and mozzarella” Brad informed them.

As Brad set the platter down on the table he noticed Nick’s hand was under the table resting on Brooke’s bare leg. Nick was slowly pushing his hand up under Brooke’s leather skirt as he leaned over and gently kissed her neck. Brad was frozen in time. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Nick’s powerful hand working its way past the leather hem and up towards Brooke’s treasure. It was mesmerizing watching him work his magic on her. Brooke was putty in his hands, literally putty. She let her head fall limp and licked her parched lips as he pushed onward. Nick was a master at seduction and it was obvious when Brooke let out a soft moan.

Brad knew Nick had worked his way to the prize and was skillfully working his way in, as Nick reached around with his other hand placing it on the back of her neck and pulling her in towards his lips. The two kissed passionately as Nick pushed ever deeper into his receptive lover.

“Tell me does this smell familiar ten?” Nick taunted as he raised two fingers up towards Brad.

Brad was shocked back to reality by the question, but found himself bending over to intercept Nick’s oncoming surprise.

“Uh, yes sir. That smells very familiar sir.” Brad responded.

The intoxicating smell and the lack of oxygen from nearly holding his breath almost made Brad pass out, but he found himself utterly enamored at the site and smell of his former girlfriend.

“I bet you’d love to get a taste of that wouldn’t you ten?” Nick teased.

“Yes sir.” Brad eagerly responded.

“Ha ha , that will be all ten.” Nick chuckled.

Brad turned, completely deflated at the taunting he had just been subjected to. Surely Nick knew how much Brad missed Brooke, and how much he wanted her. Why must he be so mean and rub Brad’s nose in his loss? This was some kind of sick game Nick got off on and it showed. As soon as Brad would resolve himself to his position and convince himself to proceed something would happen to ratchet up the intensity and make him question his choice again. The scent of Brooke followed him all the way back to the kitchen, he just couldn’t shake it. God I want her, he thought to himself.

Brad’s burning desire to get close to Brooke continued throughout the dinner service. When he brought out their meal and again when he brought their desert neither Brooke nor Nick paid him any attention at all. They both completely ignored him as he announced the main course and again when he announced the deserts. The two lovers were too busy either kissing or whispering sweet messages to one another to ever even notice Brad’s presence.

Brooke’s fragrance was burning into Brad’s brain as he tried to eat his own dinner back in the kitchen. Why was her aroma so much more potent then Brad remembered? Was she producing more pheromones because she was so aroused, or was it Brad’s senses that had been heightened? Either way he couldn’t take his mind off of it. He wanted nothing more than to simply smell her again.

Dinner was over and the cleanup crew was taking over. It was time to leave and head to the outdoor theater as he had been instructed.

“Ok I’ll see you later nine.” He said to his new friend.

“Hold up buddy, were all going over there. It’s movie night. Everyone will be there.” Nine informed him.

The whole group of ten roommates headed over to the theater to enjoy the evening’s festivities when they were stopped in their tracks.

“Ten, come here I need to talk to you.” A female voice exclaimed.

It was the latex clad teacher who had torn Brad down yet given him so much hope. As the rest of the group proceeded on, she began to speak with him.

“I talked with your fitness instructor and I guess you came in last today in swimming?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am.” Brad admitted.

“Well then, I am going to be in charge of your punishment as well as your training tonight. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” Brad responded with trepidation, at the reminder he was to be punished for coming in last earlier in the day.

“I told you I would help you to get close to Brooke again and you will, tonight. I spoke with Nick and he has agreed to allow you near her, under a few terms. First of all it is to only be under my supervision. And secondly you must wear this.” She said as she reached up buckling a black leather collar around Brad’s neck.

“You can take this off when not near her, kağıthane esc but you must have this on to be close to Brooke in an intimate fashion. It has your number on it so you don’t get it mixed up with anyone else’s, Ok?” She explained as she flashed the stainless steel tag with the number ten engraved on it and clipped it to one of the steel rings hanging from around the collar.

“Starting tonight we are going to play a game. It’s called Ten to One. It’s not an easy game mind you but it does have its rewards. You will be able to cum after her lover has cum ten times. There is a catch of course. She must cum ten times before he can cum once. This will teach you how to focus on Brookes orgasms. The more she has the more her lover will have and the more he has the closer you will get to one of your own. Understand?”

“Yes ma’am” Brad responded, trying to wrap his head around what this all meant.

I can’t cum until Nick cums ten times, and he won’t cum until Brooke has cum ten times? That means Brooke has to cum a hundred times before I can cum once. He thought to himself. The fact he could even get close to her and have a chance to be intimate with her again was exciting him already. He was going to get to feel her skin again and he would surely relish in the soft touch of her body.

“Ok you’re ready, let’s get started. Come with me.” She said as she clipped a lead to one of the dangling rings.

Brad found himself being lead like a trained dog to the front of the crowd, where there was a small stage set up. It had a large pole sticking up in the middle of the stage and two reclining chairs on either end facing each other and the pole in the center.

Brad could see a man already up on stage facing one of the chairs with his back to the pole naked and wearing a collar like his. It was number one, the other man that had lost the foot race this afternoon. This must have something to do with the punishment Brad thought getting progressively more nervous as he was lead up on stage.

“Stand here facing the chair and do not move from that spot.” He was firmly instructed.

Brad heard a click and realized the other end of his lead has been fastened to the pole in the center of the stage.

“Remove your clothes and hand them to me. ” She whispered in his ear.

Brad unbuttoned his top and slid his arms out one a time. Then he proceeded to slide his shorts down, as far as he could, lifting his leg out one by one, the lead keeping him from bending over all the way. Brad handed over his clothes and stood there exposed for the whole world to see him in his caged glory. He felt more embarrassed than he had the whole time here. Sure others had seen him naked but not on stage like this. He was in front of an audience and about to be expected to preform god knows what kind of act, for everyone’s entertainment.

“OK everyone, tonight we are going to witness two of our newest visitors beginning their foray into everyone’s favorite game Ten to One. For the couples out there tonight please relax and enjoy the show. For all you losers who are still learning pay attention. You just might learn something. “

As the teacher made her announcement with the flare of a circus ringmaster the two women were lead up on stage by their escorts, and gently helped into place.

Brad felt a hot whisper in his ear.

“You may lick her but do not touch her with any other part of your body or you will be severely punished” His dominatrix warned.

“BEGIN.” The teacher declared as if she had just dropped the flag at a drag race.

Brad wasted no time and attempted to lean forward to reach Brookes body with his tongue, before feeling the strong jerk on his neck from his restraint.

“Ha ha , he can’t reach.” Nick mockingly laughed.

“Would you like to touch her with your tongue ten?” Nick asked, poking fun at Brad’s plight.

“Yes sir.” Brad pleaded.

“Well then ask me to help you ten, or you will never get close enough to this lovely woman to touch her again.” Nick said with firm resolve.

“Please sir can you help me to get closer to her, please?” Brad begged.

“That’s better.” Nick said, as he pushed Brooke and her chair closer.

“Mind your manners boy’s, on your knees,” Demanded the dominatrix teacher.

Brad was on his knees but still couldn’t reach his beloved Brooke, when she rose up her foot to within his reach. He didn’t have to be told, he knew this was his cue. Brad strained as much as he could pushing forward to reach her foot and gently kissed her toe, only to feel the pain of his hair being pulled up almost torn from his scalp.

“I said tongue, not lips. You haven’t earned the right to kiss her foot. Do it again, and it will be the last time you ever get this close, you understand?” Nick growled as he pulled Brads head up to stare him in the eyes.

“I’m sorry, yes sir. ” Brad franticly responded desperately trying to make the pain stop.

Brad stuck his tongue out and gently licked her toes one by one. He was being extremely careful çapa esc not to touch any part of her with his lips although the desire to do so was strong. Brooke turned her foot slowly directing the attention to the exact spot she wanted attention given to. After Brad had meticulously attended to each toe on her foot, she lowered it and replaced it with the other.

“Much better,” Nick declared as he pushed Brooke closer yet.

Brad got the hint and began licking her leg starting at her ankle and working his way to her knee, one at a time making sure to respond to Brooke’s slight movement directing his attention. It was amazingly erotic. Brad had completely forgotten about the crowd and was solely focused on the feel of Brooke’s skin on his tongue. She was amazing, and it seemed like it had been years since he had felt her skin like this.

Nick pushed the chair a little closer and Brad took the cue to work his way past her knees and finally to her thighs. He could smell Brooke’s scent, it was intoxicating. Brad was having a difficult time not touching her with his cheek or lips. Her skin was on fire with desire and he could taste it in her pores.

Brooke let out a soft gasp as she parted her legs as she eagerly pushed herself forward in her recliner, bringing her lovely scent close enough for Brad to taste.

“Slow ten, slow.” His instructor softly cooed in his ear.

Brad was overwhelmed with the situation. He almost began to cry as his tongue finally touched her outer folds. He took the advice though and slowly worked his way around making sure to attend to every delicate spot. She felt different then he remembered when Brad realized his eyes were closed. He quickly opened them and could see her beautiful smooth skin right in front of him not even a trace of any stubble. Brad had not forgotten his warning and was being extremely careful not to touch her with anything but his tongue. It wasn’t long before Brad had worked his way to the center of his prize and was so close he could feel the heat escaping her.

The scent of Brooke was now filling his taste buds. He could taste the desire in her as he continued his assault; Brooke reached down and pulled herself open for him. Brad was staring at the most beautiful part of his former girlfriend and wanted nothing more than to reclaim her for his own. His desire for her was sending sparks threw his whole body electrifying his caged cock.

Brooke pushed herself down directing Brads tongue to her clit swirling herself around and grinding herself on the tip of his tool. Brad was doing a good job of not getting too anxious and trying to direct the action where he wanted it. He was learning well. This was about her desire for pleasure, and his desire to give her that pleasure. It wasn’t about him anymore it was about her.

Brooke had her first orgasm as she bucked her hips into him stirring herself around like she was trying to keep a hula hoop going. Her second came a few minutes later as she bucked up directing his attention to the soft skin separating her holes. She was dripping with desire now and starting to gasp out for more.

“Oh Please Nick I need you.” She called out.

Brad was devastated at her words. He forgot about Nick and had lost himself in the moment. He felt connected to her again, if only for a few minutes. It was bitter sweet. The taste of her still on his tongue and his desire warming his soul, yet his heart crushed at the words she spoke.

“I’m right here lover,” Nick assured her as he leaned down sticking his tongue in her open mouth.

Nick slid her chair back out of reach again as he continued his passionate kisses. Nick was ravishing her body with his hands and mouth and Brooke was responding like a sex starved slave. She was pushing into him and moaning wildly as the two passionately kissed. Brook needed Nick like she needed air and started to cum as soon as he pushed his first finger past her wet entrance.

“That’s it my little slut, cum for me.” Nick said with lustful encouragement.

He was pushing his finger in her farther and farther, working her into a lather, one at a time entering her until he had three fingers deep in her pussy.

“OH my god!” She screamed out as a steady flow of cum drained into the palm of Nick’s hand.

“I need you baby. I need you in me now. Please.” She cried out begging for Nick to fuck her.

Nick unzipped his fly and pulled out his already hard member and began to fuck Brooke in front of Brad and the rest of the resort. He was pounding her faster and harder than anything Brad had ever seen before. Brooke screamed out in ecstasy as she came three more times before Nick abruptly stopped and put himself away.

“You did well for your first time ten.” His teacher commented as she pulled him to his feet.

“She had seven orgasms by my count. That’s quite a bit even for a slut like her. ”

Brad wasn’t sure if he should be proud of his accomplishment or not. He was left wanton with desire for her and completely frustrated, his steel restriction keeping him from the ability to even jerk off. The site and sound of her cuming was amazing even if it was with another man. Brad felt like he was a part of her though. He felt the connection to her again. He was there with her and that was something.

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