Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 04


“I just simply love tasting you like this,” I moaned as I pushed my tongue deep inside Maria’s pussy from behind and lapped up her juices.

It’s been a week since we almost broke up and Maria decided to surrender her body to me. Every day since then we’ve made passionate love, and I’ve pushed her boundaries further and further. Our boring missionary positioned ten minute sex act was a distant memory as we spent an hour or two exploring each others’ naked body every evening.

Apart from exploring Maria’s intimate parts from behind, this week has consisted of me introducing Maria to spooning, throat fucking, taking her from behind, and inserting more than one finger inside her backdoor.

As usual, without breaking the contact my tongue had on her pussy lips, I inserted my thumb deep inside her asshole with the help of some saliva. She had become very comfortable with me bending her down and spreading those beautiful cheeks and sniffing and poking that gorgeous asshole with my nose, tongue and fingers. In fact I have a sneaky suspicion that she has begun to enjoy being probed there! I realised I was awakening a beast in Maria and if this continues she may even take the lead on our sex life very soon.

Although I’ve been tempted to suggest anal sex more than once, I have resisted for two reasons. Firstly, I sensed that Maria was not ready for a cock in her backdoor just as yet, and I did not want the first time to be a horrible experience for her. Secondly, I was coming to enjoy the idea of waiting to take her anal virginity, which in turn was just making the wait more enjoyable.

I crouched up and lined my cock on to the entrance of her pussy. However, just before pushing it in I inserted my other thumb inside her tight anus. As she yelped in surprise I quickly pushed myself balls deep inside her wet twat.

As I started to move my hips, both my thumbs started stretching her tight back door to a level she was now accustomed to. She was so turned on she started meeting my thrusts by pushing her ass back on to my cock.

Her vocals were getting louder and louder as I started increasing my pace.

“Ahhhhhhh mpfhhhh,” she started screaming before pushing her face on to the pillow trying in vain to muffle her screams as she came hard on my cock.

Finally, as she started to come down from her orgasm I pulled my cock out completely and pushed it all the way in.

“Urgh!!” she stopped all pretence of trying to be quiet and let out an ear splitting scream as my new movements triggered another explosive orgasm in her.

Then she surprised me by reached behind and opening up bother asscheeks which enabled me to go deeper in to her pussy. Maria lying face down with her hands spreading her asscheeks was too much for me as I started smashing her pussy with all my strength.

We both had no doubt the whole neighbourhood could hear us fucking, let alone Priya, but by this point I had gone past caring as I started grunting with each stroke as I fucked Maria hard.

“I’m gonna cum in your tight pussy!!” I yelled as I felt my balls tighten. With sweat dripping from my body and my arms aching from just gripping Maria I knew this orgasm was going to be huge. As my balls tightened I felt my cock expand inside Maria’s hot tunnel. She wailed as the first gob of cum coated her inner pussy wall. I pulled my cock out almost completely and pushed it all the way in a few more times as my cock spat out copious amount of sperm.

Finally as our orgasms ended, Maria’s knees gave up and she plopped on to her stomach taking me with her before I dislodged and moved next to her. We were both panting like race horses and our bodies were glistening with sweat. I ran my eyes over her body and felt a bit guilty looking at the red finger print marks around her hips.

“Wow that was insane. You were simply amazing. Your whole body turns me on so much,” I heaped praises at her as my breathing normalised.

“I don’t think it’s the whole body that turns you on, most probably just one part,” she looked at me with a grin.

“Well actually I love everything about you but I do admit that your ass is the crown jewel,” I grinned back at her as I gave her plump bottom a squeeze.

Being Friday night we decided to just grab a pizza and a couple of bottles of wine . Maria wanted to chill in her room rather than relaxing in the lounge. Although Maria was opening up with me, I realised she was avoiding Priya; probably due to the fact she was embarrassed with the amount of time I was spending at their place and the noises we made each evening during our fucking session.

A few glasses of wine later I was glad when Maria asked me to stay the night. I was simply too tired to dress and go home at this time of the night.

As I popped out of Maria’s room to relieve myself, on the way to the toilet, I noticed Priya standing in the hallway. I beamed at her and did a 360 turn to let her ogle my near naked body. This earned a shake of a head and a smirk escort sultangazi from her before she brought her hand to her ear mimicking a phone. I realised she wanted me to check my phone, so I relieved myself quickly and headed back to Maria’s room.

Maria was quite tired from our earlier romping and she was lying motionless as I sneaked in quietly before locating my phone. I realised that I’d received a message from Priya.

Doing my best to make as minimal noise as possible I unlocked my phone and read her text.

“You staying over tonight?”

“Yes,” I quickly replied.

“Good want to come to my room in the morning?”

“I would love to,” I quickly typed as I felt my cock stir.

“Make sure Maria drinks tonight and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

As usual straight to the point, I thought to myself as I refilled Maria’s glass with a bit more wine before waking her up. By the time we went to bed we had finished two bottles of red and Maria was dead to the world.

As the next day was Saturday, there was no need for an alarm, however I was so excited I woke up at dawn. A quick glance at the near naked body of Maria confirmed she was well hung over from last night’s drinking and had no chance of waking up until noon.

I quickly got up and popped my boxers on before heading out to use the loo. After using the toilet a quick brush of teeth and I was ready to do whatever Priya wanted me to do.

As I walked towards Priya’s room I wondered if Priya was as excited as I was. I gently opened the door to her bedroom and realised she was fast asleep. I quietly let myself in and shut the door firmly before deciding to wake her up the best way possible.

As approached her bed I admired Priya’s beautiful face before ever so slowly pulling the duvet apart. Just as last time she had a small T-shirt and a pair of white panties on. Her nipples were visible through her T shirt, confirming she was definitely braless. I gently pried her thighs open and got between her legs. I moved my nostrils over her panty covered pussy took a deep sniff of her early morning aromas. The smell the hit my nostrils, reaffirming my first thought of her intimate parts smelling very different to Maria’s. I spent a few minutes moving my face all over her panty covered pussy taking in the erotic smell that was coming from her vulva and passing through her cotton panties.

By this time my cock was rock solid so I decided to get nice and cosy and pulled my boxers down and laid on to my stomach between her legs. I realised the trapped duvet under my body was forming a perfect friction with my erect cock as I moved my hips to mimic thrusting as I continued inhaling this beautiful Indian girl’s private part.

Having spent a good few minutes enjoying her smell I gently held her white panties from both sides of the hips and started pulling them off. This earned a frustrated moan from Priya before she opened her eyes and glanced at me and pushed her ass up making it easier for me to get rid of her panties.

“I was wondering when you were going to sneak in,” she told me sleepily as her lips formed a slight smirk.

“Well I couldn’t keep away from you for too long,” I whispered back as admired her neatly shaven dark pussy.

She spread her thighs willingly as I got in-between them again. The look on her face told me she was very pleased to see me there. It almost made me wonder if all the fucking Maria and I were doing was making her a touch jealous.

“Looked like you guys had a great time last night,” she looked at me now wide awake as I moved my face towards her neither region.

“It was certainly fun. Too bad you weren’t there to watch.”

“Did she give up her ass finally?”

“Not yet but it will happen very soon.”

“Good, because I was hoping to see that when it finally happens.”

“I’ll make sure I’ll let you know in advance!” I smiled at her as I moved my attention to her shaved dark pussy. Her pussy lips were plump and inviting. I gave her exposed pussy a quick kiss before gently opening up her pussy lips with my fingers. As her pussy opened up I admired the bright red colour of her inner pussy as compared to the darker labia.

I gently held on to her outer labia and placed my nostrils at the entrance of her vagina and sniffed her womanhood. As I inhaled long and hard Priya let out a gasp and opened her legs wider. Her pussy definitely had a stronger smell in the morning as compared to last time, and I moved my nose around it and sniffed it to my heart’s content. I realised both of us were breathing harder as I replaced my nose with my tongue.

I wanted to taste every part of her womanhood as I opened her inner lips and located the her pee-hole. A quick flick of the tiny hole with the tip of the tongue resulted in my tastebuds filling with a slight salty, acidic bitterness. Not exactly unpleasant but certainly different. As I moved on to Priya’s virginal opening I once again detected escort bahçeşehir an acidic taste but mixed with a tanginess that almost felt like I was eating tangerines. It was a wonderful feeling and I realised that the more I lapped up the faster the juices secreted from her pussy.

At one point I realised she had pulled her right leg up and was holding it with her hands to give me as much access to her nether region as possible. I rewarded her by movingly my tongue to her perineum and moving my tongue from there all the way to her clit, which by this time was sticking out like a tiny cock peaking out of it’s hood. Every time my tongue got in contact with her clit, Priya moaned loudly.

Suspecting she was on the verge of having an orgasm I opened up her pussy lips and pushed my tongue as deep as possible and licked the inner walls of her pussy. By doing so my nose was straight in contact with her sensitive clit which tipped her over. Priya gritted her teeth and came hard as I continued my attack on her lady parts.

Once I felt her calming down I gently nudged her and turned her on to her stomach. She knew what I had in mind as she turned over and got on to her knees. An animalistic grunt escaped my throat as my eyes scanned over Priya’s naked butt.

I was totally in my zone as I crouched behind her and held on to her buttocks before giving each cheek a nice wet kiss. I traced my tongue from her lower spinal cord to the top of her ass crack which earned a sigh from her.

With trembling hands I held onto her plump asscheeks and opened them wide, exposing Priya’s cute asshole to my hungry eyes. I simply couldn’t wait any longer so I brought my face towards her backdoor and pressed my nose into the crack of her ass. As my nose touched her anus opening, I relished the musky smell that was emitting from her dark coloured puckering anus. My cheeks savoured the warmth that was transferring from her buttocks as I pried them further and moved my nostrils towards the centre. I loved seeing the way the tight ring expanded as I opened up her buttocks further. I placed my nostrils right on top of her anus and took a deep sniff. The musk of her anal pheromones filled up my senses as I moved my thumbs towards her anus and pried opened her asshole.

The musky and earthy smell was soon replaced by a stronger, more pungent smell as her asshole opened up. I wish I could find the right words to describe the smell that was filling my nostrils from this sexy girl’s most intimate part this early in the morning. I imagined that she probably had to use the bathroom facilities.

I simply did not want this smell ever to go away as I shoved my nose directly at the entry of her asshole. Once my nose was placed tightly over her anus I pried shut her buttocks around my face so the smell that was coming out of her bowels had no other place to go other than to my nostrils. I breathed heavily through my mouth as I continued inhaling the strong pungent smell that was arising from Priya’s bowels.

With the possibility of me fainting due to the lack of oxygen I reluctantly moved my nose away from her anus and replaced it with my mouth. My lips covered her anus fully as I stuck my tongue out and french kissed her backdoor. This earned a deep moan from Priya as my tongue and lips played with her backdoor.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been with a bigger pervert than you, but I’m damn sure glad I found you!” she moaned as her body shook with arousal.

“I simply can’t get enough of this morning smell of your anus. It’s almost making me drunk with desire,” I told her truthfully as I looked at her asshole and spat a bit of saliva directly on to her poop chute.

Rubbing the saliva all over her asshole I pushed my thumb inside the hole. Priya’s asshole was so tight the sphincter put up a good fight before giving in and accepting my thumb.

I couldn’t believe how hot my thumb felt as I went knuckle deep in to her asshole. A bit more prodding around and I felt a firm substance touching my thumb which confirmed my suspicion of why Priya’s back door was emitting such a strong pungent “durian” like smell. I expected myself to be disgusted with the idea of coming in to contact with the excrements of a girl but surprisingly it just turned me on further as I swirled my thumb around it. Almost subconsciously I realised I was moving my hips in a fucking motion as I slowly finger fucked Priya’s asshole.

“Oh fuck this feels so weird. My stomach feels so bloated. I almost feel like I need the loo,” she looked at me with a worried look.

“I am crazy over your body if something happens don’t worry I won’t mind,” I whispered to her in a soothing tone as I pried her ass cheeks open and pushed the finger deeper in to her bowels.

“Just pull your knees up towards your chest and push your ass back so I can go deeper inside you.” I whispered to her. It was so erotic feeling her bowels with my thumb as she moved from her knees to the position I had asked escort beşiktaş her to. I gently pulled my thumb out and spat a bit more saliva on to it before pushing it back all the way in to her tight back door.

A few more minutes of poking and prodding I was on the verge of cumming. With bated breath I pulled my thumb out of Priya’s buttery anus. An animalistic moan escaped my throat as I brought the thumb towards my nose and smelled my thumb that was coated of the flavours of Priya’s asshole. I also noticed the tip of the thumb had a brown smudge, which simply increased my excitement.

With the thumb right under my nose I lined up my cock on to Priya’s asshole and started stroking it. She tensed as soon as she felt my cock on her naked asshole, but she soon relaxed as she realised I wasn’t going to push it in but just jerk off.

“Ummm your ass smells amazing,” I grunted as I felt my balls tighten as I rubbed my cock on to her tight hole. Priya reached behind and opened her asscheeks opening her back door for me and that tipped me over as I shot my wad all over her anus.

“Oooh that’s nice,” she commented as she felt the warm sperm trickling all over her butt and moving down to her thighs.

My orgasm finally finished but I continued rubbing my cock on to the entrance of her anus. I also refused to move my thumb away from my nostrils.

“Do you really like the smell of the ass this much?” she asked in wonder.

I simply smiled at her as I sniffed my thumb again and brought it towards her face.

“Wow you really have no boundaries do you?” she asked as she noticed the brown smudge mark on my thumb and looked at me with interest.

“I didn’t expect myself to like it as much as I am liking it to be honest. This is new to me too,” I told her truthfully.

She kept quiet for a while and I wondered if she was grossed out with my action. But then suddenly she pushed up and announced she had to go to the bathroom.

“I need to go too. Do you mind if I come with you?” I asked her with bated breath.

Once again I could not read her expression when she asked “You want to watch while I go?”

“I would absolutely love it.”

“You really are fucking weird, but what the hell, you’ve already smelled it and seen it. Come on then let’s be quiet.”

God, I am falling in love with this woman!

I marvelled at how crazy this week has been. A week ago Maria would refuse to let me fuck her in any other position apart from missionary. Now she literally lets me do anything to her. Priya on the other hand who I thought was not going to do anything with me as I’m with Maria has just agreed to let me watch her performing the most intimate duties in the loo.

I was surprised to feel my cock stir as I popped my boxers on. Priya just popped her panties back on over her cum covered ass and grabbed my hand as we tiptoed out of her room and in to the bathroom.

I noticed Maria’s door was shut tight and I had no doubt she was still dead to the world.

Once we were in the toilet, Priya quickly locked the door behind us and stood there looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Listen don’t be shy. I’ll go first,” I told her as I quickly took off my boxers and popped the toilet seat up and directed my cock. I was determined to make this easy for Priya so I concentrated hard until the clear liquid started to whiz out of my semi erect cock and splashed into the toilet bowl.

“Oooh I’ve never seen a boy do this. Shall I hold it for you?” she giggled like a school girl as she watched my cock with interest.

“It’s all yours. Satisfy your curiosity about a boy doing this. Just don’t be shocked if it gets erect as soon as you touch it,” I warned her as she came towards me and held my cock and continued directing it towards the toilet bowl.

“See nothing to be ashamed or embarrassment about” I smiled at her confidently.

“Now give it a bit of a shake and then that’s me done,” I grinned at her as I finished.

She smiled at me and shook my cock a few times to make sure the last drop of urine had come out.

By now I had concentrated hard not to have an erection but all that was out of the window as soon as I stopped urinating as my cock was up to its full mast in record time.

“Wow you’ve become hard so quickly,” she squeezed my cock in surprise.

“Well I did warn you. Your hands do turn me on so much not to mention having your hot body so close to me too,” I ran my hands over her backside.

I surprised her by pulling her towards me for a kiss. I think she surprised both of us by responding back enthusiastically. As she moaned in to my mouth I pulled her top off and brought her naked bosom on to my chest. I realised I was seeing her tits for the first time as I covered her naked torso with mine.

As we started to pant again I pulled away from her and reached for her panties and pulled them down. With one hand I reached for the toilet seat and brought it back down to the bowl as I gently directed her on to the toilet.

“Just relax and do your own natural thing,” I whispered to her as I smiled at her.

I knew her face was reddening up with embarrassment but she kept quite as she popped her beautiful bare ass on to the toilet seat.

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