Flexibility is Her Talent


For as long as she could remember, since being a little girl, Della had been known as the “Rubber Girl.” Her joints and ligaments had made her the most flexible and supple girl in the class at school, in the troupe at Brownies, in the athletic team at college. And she was a good athlete; swimming, running and floor-gymnastics. In the common parlance, or slang, in her home town and area, it was said that she was “double jointed.” That made no sense, of course, but everyone there knew what it meant. From an early age, she had been something of an exhibitionist; putting her foot behind her head, lying on her belly and bringing her feet forwards to rest on her shoulders.

Medically, Adele to give her proper name, was classified with hyper-mobility syndrome and her parents had been advised to ensure that he remained as fit and active as possible. And she certainly had done that. But also she had been cocooned somewhat by her family to prevent over-popularity turning into exploitation or worse. As a result, when Della entered employment at the age of 18 years, she was [shall we say] not fully socialised. She joined a fitness-physiotherapy-osteopathy-weight control company: as a trainee physiotherapist. Of course, she was surrounded by fit and active athletic people like herself, all of whom enjoyed pushing their bodes to the limit in one way or another. But none had her flexibility and she quickly acquired fame for that attribute.

Her first boyfriend was another job-starter of 18, in the same company, who seemed out of his depth with such a fit and athletic girl. Putting it bluntly, he didn’t know how to treat a lady; any lady, never mind Della. And Della was typical of the athletic build of such girls: hardly any breasts nor flesh around her hips or derriere. There was “…nothing for me to get hold of,” he said at the end. She was left wondering what all this sexual excitement was meant to be; about which she’d heard so much. She was penetrated whenever they “made love” but she got little sensation and no satisfaction. Definitely not any overwhelming pleasure that could be called an orgasm. And he seemed to be in a hurry to shoot his load into her and then either to fall asleep or else go out for a pint of beer. Their friendship could have been the archetypal sensuality discovery expedition, but it turned into one constant frustration for both of them.

Then Della met a slightly-older male physio known as Jimbo; properly James, of course. Jimbo made his living by performing physiotherapy on men clients and women. He had a very clear and detailed knowledge of human anatomy. And he was intrigued, not to say captivated, by Della’s skeletal flexibility. He sought her out at any social event, and in the company restaurant, and offered her rides in his car back to her lodgings, and to weekend parties. His captivation was matched by Della’s sense of specialness. Of course, these feelings developed and transformed into lust; or maybe love, but who can tell?

Their first sex session in a proper bedroom, in a hotel, was a revelation to Della. Jimbo had the knowledge to play on her clitoris with his hands and his mouth şehitkamil escort and Della reached an orgasm for the first time. He lay between her splayed-out legs and pressed his face to her labia and inserted his tongue into her until she was running with excitement-juice. Then he commenced licking rhythmically on her clitoris whilst reached forward to hold her little buds of breasts. He seemed to be in no hurry, except to please her.

Della was surprised and delighted to experience pleasure from her tiny nipples, as well as from the tongue pushing her towards a climax. And the head between her thighs gave her a feeling of power whilst also under the influence of this clever man. When her orgasm began to build, she was alarmed at first; the sensation started high inside her under her breast bone. Then it travelled to her groin and finally came to a crashing climax inside the labia and the opening into her body. Somewhere up inside, behind her pubic bone, beyond the reach of his tongue, somewhere mysterious. She collapse into a sort-of trance, wondering if she would ever again receive such treatment and gain such a sense of relief after the explosion.

In her half-conscious state, Della was always pleased to have Jimbo enter her and bring himself to climax also. Sometimes he was gentle and other times she thought, “He’s going to shag me to death.” She learned to enjoy every aspect of their sex times and Jimbo was careful always to bring her to orgasm. She learned to manage her orgasms so that they built through delay, and sometimes coincided with a massive squirt from her bladder; which excited Jimbo a great deal. He said it proved she was a full and true woman. She liked that idea a lot, and that description of herself.

Over the next weeks and months, Della and Jimbo took this pleasure many times. It didn’t pall or diminish but Jimbo wanted more, she could tell. He placed her differently sometimes and she could sense his desire to bend her into new positions: not just lying flat with her legs wide open.

Then one evening, without warning, he said to her softly, “Just lift your knees and bring them near your shoulders.” She did so, and Jimbo took hold of her hands and brought them through the space between her thighs.

“Hold my neck,” he said to her, and pressed his weight onto her ankles, now up near her ears.

Without realising it, Della’s shins and feet disappeared behind her shoulders.

“Now hold your feet back there,” instructed Jimbo, and she did as he said.

“You look amazing. The most exciting woman in the world. Do you know the name for this position?” he asked.

“No. What is it?” Della was curious and intrigued to think that she had reached a famous posture because of the flexibility.

“It’s called the Viennese Oyster; but I don’t know why. You are wonderful,” He said softly, whilst adjusting himself to suck and lick on her tightly curled body.

Then Jimbo, slowly but with this strength, propped Della up against the bed head with pillows behind her. She was lying at an angle to the bed and Jimbo could then kneel and get his erection into her. Holding onto her thighs, and later reaching out to her shoulders, Jimbo slowly shagged into her and speeded up as his climax came. In her curled-up state, she could feel even more the pressure of his erection onto her vagina and against some internal organs. His climax, as she felt it, came as an explosion of his juices into her and he cried out, “Aaagghh, lovely,” and he looked deeply into her eyes with his eyes staring wide open and eyebrows raised.

At that first contortion-sex session, Della felt a new sensation as Jimbo penetrated very deeply into her. Her orgasm came spontaneously from the additional pressure and rhythmic movement behind her clitoris; deeper inside her where he pressed and thrust into the root of that organ. When her orgasm came, without Jimbo’s hands or mouth, she almost unlocked her contorted position but Jimbo held her feet far back behind her head

Before his erection dwindled and she leaked out his juices, Jimbo moved quickly down the bed and got his mouth around her lips and vulva. First he sucked on the wetness and then began to lick and nibble on her clitoris and labia. And, of course, Della reached another orgasm and she knew that she had become a multi-orgasmic woman.

For both of them, the Viennese Oyster position became a fixture for their pleasure. This is a drawing Jimbo made some week later. You can see how the sex always started; with Della bent round and wearing their special panties. They are made of liquorice. As a prelude to the shagging, Jimbo bends over her and grabs the knickers with his teeth. Then he simply eats them off her; shredding them as they come away from her thighs, her bottom and especially over her mounds and labia. They both like this show of pretend animal-violence before he starts his proper stimulation of her clitoris with his tongue and lips. She reaches orgasm at least once and is ready for his erection. Then he raises her against the bed-head pillows and fucks into the tight little twisted torso that she presents to him.


Della’s sexuality moved on apace once she knew that Jimbo was able and willing to give her endless pleasure through orgasms. And he enjoyed every new discovery about Della’s flexibility. She said many times, “Just do as you wish with me. Make me please you. Just give me my pleasures every time. Please.” And so it was agreed and so it worked out.

Their experimenting also moved on and Della found the “Crab” contortion easy; as in the drawing Jimbo did a few days later. Also, we can understand Jimbo’s pleasure with this shape. With a little movement, and striding across her, he could alternate between her throat and her vulva. Della learned quickly to expect him to take some strokes in her mouth and then some in her vagina, shagging downwards; until he came to his explosion in one or the other. This was and still is an easy contortion for Della and it is one of their favourites.

Of course, Jimbo said one day, not really asking, “Can I find out how flexible you are? I’m going to show us both something new.” The corset arrived one weekend and Della was enclosed in it, fully tightened, within two more weeks. And the result was Della with a waist of only 16 inches. This is Jimbo’s quick phone camera shot. Not very professional or even good quality but it shows how a fit and slim waist can become a tiny waist with a little classical fashion underwear.

When corseted like this, Jimbo enjoyed Della more and more. Holding her waist in his fingers and thumbs he plunged into her in every possible position. Lying on her full length, she bore his weight as he dragged himself into her using her waist as his handle.

With Della on her belly, he did the same in both her openings until he was exhausted and she was gasping. Kneeling up as doggy, he slammed himself into her and she could feel his erection high up inside the corset: it seemed as if in her waist sometimes. Her sensations were magnified by her inability to move very much, and the knowledge that Jimbo would spend hours afterwards giving her the orgasm opportunities she dreamt about each night and every day.

Working together as they did, and in a human physical environment, they were able to compare and discuss details of their physio clients; especially if something exciting came along in a day’s work. And so it was they tried thigh-high boned boot for Della, and a neck-corset, and ornamental butt-plugs. Of all this, more in the future. But one idea came to them both at once: that of extreme bondage. Della had brought it to Jimbo first, after a client explained she had been tied and suspended in a barn for some hours while her man had used various vibrators and dildos in her. Della had been very professional with the client and treated her for a strained sacroiliac joint. But afterwards, she wondered what that would feel like and mentioned it to Jimbo. Of course, they didn’t have a barn but the idea seemed capable of variation. Jimbo pondered on the possibilities for a few days and then came up with a starting point. And here is his drawing, which he made to show Della what he had in mind. Didn’t her become a talented artist, once his passions were inflamed? The room is their cellar; normally used for storage but heated and nicely fitted out as a spare bedroom for visitors, when necessary. Della agree immediately and Jimbo bought in the equipment they would need.

We can imagine the process of getting Della tied up in this framework. And then the work done on her by dildos, vibrators, speculum, inflatables, and finally Jimbo’s eating off from her the liquorice panties. And then plunging his erection into her from a standing position, and holding her thighs to guide himself whilst rotating her as required.

Della was amazed and delighted in the knowledge that she was probably doing something new for feminine sensuality. She came to orgasm many times: with the vibrators and inflatables before Jimbo entered her; then again when he was shagging her and filling her with his fluids; and also afterwards when he put his mouth down on her labia and played her clitoris with his tongue and lips as they had done since they beginning of their friendship.

And that is their story so far as she approaches the age of 23. Where will they go with Della’s amazingly flexible figure; and Jimbo’s determination to try out everything for her pleasure and his also?

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