Gropes of Wrath


Elise having confided her fetish for being groped by strangers in public places and teasing unsuspecting individuals with her exhibitionism opened the door for some rather exciting and erotic adventures. So that you may enjoy the telling of these adventures even more so, allow me to describe Elise. She stands 5’4″, short blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, and always with a smile on her full pouty lips. Her friendly demeanor puts people at ease immediately.

But now for the description you really want! Her tits are like two large round melons! 38D! Must I say more! Her large nipples stand up at attention at the slightest chill in the air or appreciative stare from men or women. Elise has always maintained her fit and curvaceous figure, causing people to doubt she’s really a 45 y/o grandmother that she is. Her wide hips are in perfect balance with the firm heart shaped ass she possesses. Aside from her tits and ass, her pussy is exquisite! She keeps her blonde pussy hair well trimmed and therefore her lips and clit are very quite visible. When aroused, just like her nipples her clit swells with lust. In particular, being a leg man myself, I adore her shapely legs. Elise being aware of my fondness wears high stiletto heels whenever we go out. My favorite shoes are her white patent leather ones with ankle straps.

Now back to her fetish, which by now by association has become mine as well. The two main requirements are that the groping is to be done by strangers and in public. The more boldly direct and provocative, the more she enjoys it. On occasion, it has taken place on crowded subway rides or while being out for drinks, dinner and dancing at a restaurant. Elise’s favorite is to hit rowdy crowded bars where the atmosphere lends itself to a raunchier type of patron and therefore more probable that she’ll be groped and possibly even fingered. Incidentally, Elise has no qualms in reciprocating or for that fact initiating a grope herself.

I remember well one St. Patty’s day in which we went to exactly such a place. To my disappointment Elise didn’t wear my favorite shoes but wore light tan colored high heel pumps and a very, very green micro mini with a gold silky shell for a top. As usual, she wore no bra underneath her top, so her nipples were quite obvious through the transparent fabric as they protruded. Much to my appreciation, her short skirt showed her beautiful bare legs and thighs. The high heels caused her ass to bubble outwards even more so than usual.

Despite the throng of people in the bar, Elise still managed to catch the eye of several men and women as we entered. Being the exhibitionist that she is, Elise perched herself on the barstool and crossed her legs, showing most of her thighs to anyone who wanted to look. Just like Sharon Stone in the movie “Basic Instinct”, she crossed and uncrossed her legs giving full view of the inside of her thighs. At aliağa escort times she would sit turned away from the bar with her legs slightly parted. Anyone sitting at one of the nearby tables would get a glimpse of her pussy. When she saw she had someone’s attention, Elise would “absent-mindedly” forget any semblance of lady like decorum and give them an even better view by parting her thighs even more. I could tell the “show” was on by the turned heads and elbow nudging that was taking place at the tables with a view. I was amazed at not only the lust in the eyes of the men at the tables but of some of the women as well. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I actually saw women stare at Elise and lick their lips wantonly that night.

As the bar became more crowded some of the patrons who were seated at the tables had given up their tables and now had taken stools nearer to the bar area, and therefore nearer to Elise. I wondered if it was really to be nearer to the bar area or just nearer to Elise, since it seemed apparent that there was a disproportioned amount of people by her than elsewhere. Elise continued to talk with me and act as if there was absolutely nothing going on, other than a couple being in love. But knowing her fetish, I knew all to well that Elise was probably wet with anticipation and was just waiting for the first touch. This particular evening she seemed more aroused than usual and her pillow talk flowed more freely.

It wasn’t very long before Elise got the first hit of the night. The man had been one of those seated at a nearby table, with a woman presumed to be his wife or date. Apparently his female companion had gone to the ladies room and he saw that as an opportunity to make a move on Elise. As Elise spoke to me, a big grin appeared on her face. Having seen that grin often I knew what must be happening. Very often the groper not wanting a confrontation with me would be satisfied with just copping a feel, not knowing that the entire “opportunity” that led to the act had been orchestrated in the first place.

At times, part of Elise’s fetish was to create the illusion that she was totally unaware and unsuspecting victim of what was happening. Just an intimidated victim who was just too afraid to say or do anything and thus allowed this pervert to feel her up. Other times, she played it so that the groper was aware that she knew what they were doing and welcomed it. That’s where at times the reciprocal grope would come in. Part of our deal was that she would tell me all the details later on. It was understood that if she at anytime felt threatened or uncomfortable she would tell me immediately, but that never occurred.

Later Elise told me that not only did he place his hand on her ass and stroked it, as he waited for drink order, but had rubbed his hard cock against her knee so hard that she could feel çiğli escort the entire length of his shaft against her. She said she was about to place her hand on her knee and feel his cock to give him an even better thrill but he broke away when his female companion approached him; the thought of feeling his cock excited her and made her pussy wet.

We continued to enjoy each other’s company, when all of a sudden that grin appeared again on her face! This time her cheeks reddened! It turned out that the young college kid standing next to her facing away from the bar had not only placed his left hand on the inside of her left thigh, but had worked his way to her pussy. Talk about bold! He touched her pussy lips as she was speaking to me, finding easily her swollen clit. She went on to tell me that the reason why her face reddened was because he was not only rubbing her clit with his thumb but pushing it in and out of her pussy. I confessed and told her I couldn’t believe it, since at no time did he even look at her or put his pint of beer down. Elise said her pussy was drenched and that she almost came from his touch. She had played the intimidated victim and wanted to see how far he was going to go with it but he too abruptly broke away when his friends came around and left.

By now the bar war wall to wall with people, the loud music drowned out all conversation. I excused myself to go to the men’s room, but due to the large crowd it took me forever to get there and back. As I was walking back, I could see Elise’s reflection on the mirror behind the bar. And there it was! The grin!

Standing directly behind her was an older man. Instead of continuing to her I stopped and ordered a drink a few stools away from them. I stared at Elise’s face as her eyes half closed and her body appeared to rock back and forth, she would bite and lick her lower lip from time to time. The man stared directly into the mirror and seemed to be studying her face as well. Luckily, a stool nearer to them became available. If it wasn’t for the look on Elise’s face I wouldn’t have thought anything was going on but I’ve seen that look all too often not to recognize the lust. What was incredible was that the crowd around them acted as if they were unaware also.

At one point I saw Elise lower her head and hold on to the bar with both hands. The rocking increased and then stopped. Elise’s body seemed to shudder. God! What a beautiful woman she was! Had she cum? I wondered how. Our eyes finally met as we looked at each other through the reflection in the mirror. Elise smiled at me and winked to let me know all was fine. The man having picked up on our connection glared at me. His upper lip almost curled up as if he was about to snarl but instead a shit kicking grin broke out. He looked into Elise’s eyes, blew a kiss to her and walked away. As I approached Elise, alsancak escort I could see she seemed weak and wobbly on her feet. Most of all I could see a massive glob of cum all over her the back of her skirt.

Elise said nothing as we drove home, the silence continued for the rest of the night and into the morning. This was not the norm, usually Elise would tell me about her groping adventure and we would fuck like crazy. My frustration and anger increased. I demanded to know what the fuck happened!

Finally, Elise told me her tale. She said shortly after I had gone to the men’s room, the older man appeared behind her and said his name was Patrick and the owner of the bar. He went on to tell her that he saw what had happened with the other two men and knew what she was and what she needed. The young college kid who fingered her was his son and told him how wet her pussy had been. She said, he called her a fucking slut and not to turn around, then almost on cue the crowd surrounded them rendering cover to what Patrick was about to do. Elise said Patrick, being a large a man, had no problem reaching around her waist and grabbing her pussy, hiking up her short skirt. She said he pushed three of his fingers deep inside her pussy and with the other hand shoved a thumb in her ass. Just as quickly he placed his hands on her tits and squeezed them roughly; pinching her nipples hard between his fingers. He then reached for her pussy again, his right hand strumming her clit. Elise said at first she was afraid, but that soon turned into lust. The fact that this stranger was having his way with her in front of all these people excited her. Plus, Elise said she could feel how big and thick his cock was as he pressed against her.

He had placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her pussy and then told her that being the slut that she was she was the one who was going to do the fucking. Elise said that when Patrick entered her, she could feel her pussy lips stretch open to accommodate the girth of his cock meat. He said he was just going to stand there and be fucked. To make it clearer for her he grabbed her hips and pulled her into him, forcing his cock in deeper. He then proceeded to push and pull her like a rag doll. Lust soon took control of Elise and she needed no prompting and bent over slightly. Patrick continued to play and squeeze her clit as she rocked back and forth, her pussy juices making it easier for his fat cock to enter.

Elise said she could feel her wetness run down her thighs and how Patrick lathered his hand with her juices and made her lick it. The taste of pussy, even if it was her own, is what pushed her over the edge and made her cum the first time. She said that by the time I had returned she had cum at least ten times. Elise said Patrick then announced that he was ready for her to make him cum. Wanting to please him, that’s when she held on to the bar with hands and pushed back as hard as she could. Elise said she could feel Patrick’s cock convulse as he came, abruptly pulling out of her pussy and exploding his hot cum all over her ass, pussy and skirt.

After telling me, Elise and I fucked like crazy. Everything’s back to normal…..

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