Hello There Stranger Ch. 02


Sandra rose to her feet and wiped her lips delicately. Walking behind Will and uncuffing his wrists, she whispered,

” Now, you know it’s your turn…”

She walked back in front of him and made her way to the coffee table. She perched herself on the edge and spread her legs, her feet on tip toes, exposing her rather wet snatch to Will.

“I want you to get on your knees and make me cum,” she ordered. Her smile so dirty, excited by the control she had over him.

Will removed himself from the chair and rubbed his wrists. Walking slowly over to her, his gaze not leaving her body as she glistened so delectably. He knelt down between her toned legs and brought his face towards her. Her smell so pungent and sweet, his strong hands on her thighs, stroking, rubbing, squeezing them. One of his hands slid from the top of her thigh to just above her aching pussy. She moans with frustration, desperate for him to touch her. His fingers and thumb slide either side of her pussy, gently grazing her lips. Her stomach tightens and she breathes in sharply. Although he’s not completely touching her, he’s teasing her and she likes it.

Massaging around her mound, he occasionally touches her lips, almost by accident, then moves away, teasing her. His hands continue to knead her inner thighs and around her hungry pussy. Will’s head bends down towards her thighs and begins to slide his tongue along her to wetness. Sandra raises her legs and places her feet on the edge of the coffee table. With his fingers slightly pressed upon her lips, he draws them open. He extends his tongue and slowly licks her, running it straight up to her clit. Stopping, she looks down at him disappointed. Touching her and stops. He waits, licking his lips and savouring her taste on him. His missed this, her sweet succulent taste coating his tongue.

“Please don’t stop,” she says looking down at him, her fingers touching his jawline.

He bends his head once more, extending his tongue and sliding it back up to her clit. Staying there this time, he traces circles around it, feeling her swollen bud under him. Using his fingers, he spreads her pussy lips more and slides his tongue down to her entrance. Poking and probing her slick entrance, gradually pushing his tongue into her. Wanting to taste her more and more. His tongue begins to pick up speed, thrusting in and out of her tight hole.

“Mmmmm……Yess baby!,” she moans as he tongues her sweet entry.

Pulling his tongue out of her slowly, he moves it up to her clit again. Licking her once, then twice, he wraps her small delicate bud in his lips. Sucking softly on her, moans filling his ears. His sucking becomes harder, pulling her clit into his alaçatı escort mouth even more. Her moans echoing and bouncing off the walls as he slowly pushes his index finger into her slick tunnel. Pushing all the way to his knuckles and slowly back out again. Her chest rises and falls as he picks up speed a little, this time squeezing two fingers inside her.

With his fingers deep inside her seeping fuck hole and his lips firmly pressed against her clit, Will’s eyes fix on Sandra’s face. Her sweet eyebrows frowning with pleasure, makes him more determined than ever. He turns his palm upwards and pushes his fingers deeper towards her cervix. He begins to flick his fingers backwards and forwards hitting her hard to reach spot. Again and again he hits it.

“Ohhhhhhh……..god…!!!!!,” she moans, “Harder!!!”

With all his might, Will’s finger hit’s it harder. He wraps his arm around her thigh and places his hand on her smooth stomach to hold her there. Feeling her wriggle vigourosly under him, almost trying to get away. He hits again.

“…..Fuck!……Fuck!….,” she pants.

With her swollen bud in his mouth, and a few more hits…..


Squirting all over his fingers, spilling down onto to his wrist and down his arm. He pulls his lips off her clit and pulls his fingers out of the dripping, abused pussy of hers. His tongue laps at her juices, tasting and savouring this moment. Her torso drops to the coffee table, chest raising and falling like mad, head spinning. She tries to control her muscle spasms.

He licks her tingling cunt once more and lifts himself from his knees. He leans over and rests his arms on either side of her head.

“So, how was that for you..?,” he smiles at her knowing how it was for her.

“God….,” She sighs as she breathes out. “So fucking good..!”

Will chuckles as he holds his smile and lowers his head to hers. His lips touch her and she closes her eyes trying to recover from what’s just happened. Her hands reach up to his torso and feels his pecs, before running them down to his cock.

“I see someone’s nice and hard again,” she miles and says between kisses.

“How could I not be with your moans..??”

She giggles as she lifts herself from the coffee table still touching his tongue with hers. They stand together for a moment. Caressing each others bodies, her hands running up and down his fine back while his do the same, but spanks her arse a little. Doing so makes her yelp a little and then giggle again. She moves him slowly towards the cream leather sofa, backing him whilst lips are locked.

Her alaybey escort hands creep round to his chest and she softly pushes him down onto the three seater. She stands there for a minute with quivering legs from the orgasm. Her eyes running over him, trying to take in the image of him sitting there, cock in hand slowly stroking and looking at her. A thought of how perfect he looks crosses her mind, and how much she yearned for him when he found someone else. The smile on her face turns a little.

*Im going to make you wish you called me*…..she thinks to herself.

She straddles herself over Will, and rests her hands on his chest. Her slippery pussy just touching him slightly, sliding over his cock as his hand leaves it and reaches for her chest. Both his hands clasps her pert tits and squeezes them a little. Feeling her full, firm breasts, he leans forward from the sofa. Sliding his tongue around the soft, slightly tanned nipple. It begins to grown under his hot breath, poking it with his tongue. She feels the sensitivity of what he’s doing and watches his lips move into suck it as she breathes out.

Her eyes glued to his every move, he looks up at her biting her nipple a little. Her hand holds his head there as his other hand gently squeezes the other, a little harder this time. Her lower body starts to move, circulating her hips against him. Will’s shaft nudging every now and then against her clit, sending shivers through her. Her clit still swollen from her previous climax.

Her girl juice starts to coat his cock as she grinds herself against him. Grinding harder this time, forcing his cock in between her lips. Moving backwards and forwards against him. With his lips still glued to her tits, he rises a little and feels for his cock with her hand, picking it up she nudges it against her entrance. She holds it there for a minute or two, slightly pushing it into herself. She finally lowers herself a little, consuming his head, feeling her pussy start to stretch. Slowly, she begins to slide down him, taking him into her inch by inch. Once his cock is embedded in her, she sits there deeply breathing trying to regain her self control.

She lifts her bottom up a little sliding up him, then falls back down, she continues to softly bounce on his cock. Taking him further inside her sweet little pussy. He looks up at her face and the pleasure she holds in her expressions as they change. Her little worry wrinkles that appear on her forehead are now happy wrinkles as she falls a little harder on his cock. Her hands grip his shoulders to steady herself.

“God, baby….,” Will begins to say, “Your pussy feels so good around my cock, aliağa escort ” he says as he kisses into her neck and collar bone.

She moans out as she watches his head nuzzling into her. Her hand starts to slide up to the back of his neck, and into his hair. Her pussy spilling with juices from how turned on she is, it drips down his cock and onto his balls, coating them with her sweetness. She picks up the speed and begins to fuck him hard, rising and falling harder onto him. Will’s hands reach around and grab her arse cheeks, gripping them he lifts her and himself off the sofa. Her hold tightens around his neck so she doesn’t fall, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. With his cock still half way in her fuck hole, he begins to bounce her, making her take his whole length deep inside her. Sandra’s moans begin to get harder and heavier as he throws her up and down him.

“Oh fuck baby!….,” She moans in to his neck. “You know just what I like baby, fuck my little pussy harder,” she moans out with a slight smile.

With that being said, Will kneels onto the floor taking her with him, laying her down gently on the hard wooden floor. She lays there completely open and naked for him to take her as he pleases. His strong hands hold her knees and pushes them up to her midriff, almost folding her in half. Will pushes his weight into her, sending his cock deep inside her. She lets out a long, satisfying sound that spurs him on. Sliding it out slowly, he thrusts again, deeply. He does this several times before he can’t take her pussy lips clamped around him, making it harder for him to push into her. He works up the tempo, thrust after thrust he speeds up. Pushing her knees against her even more, she lays there looking up at him, moaning as her breasts jiggle under her chin. His eyes move down to her swollen pussy as he watches his dick slide faster in and out it.

“You’re gonna make me cum baby!,” he says, breathless from keeping the rhythm hard and fast.

“Mmm….You going to cum in my tight pussy baby?,” she moans. knowing she’s going to cum all over his cock.

“Fuck! …….yes Sandra, I wanna cum so deep in you!”

“Fuck me harder, Will! Fuck me and cum deep in my pussy!,” she moans loudly, feeling her pussy grip his cock as she cums.

“Oh FUCK baby…..your making me cum all over you!,” her mouth open….moaning for him.

As her pussy starts to grip and release him, it triggers his own climax and he thrusts one last time deep inside her. Holding himself there as he paints her pretty little pink pussy with his creamy white cum. He leans over her body, keeping his cock deep inside her looking deep into her eyes. Looking up at him, filled with his seed she smiles and lifts her head up to kiss him tenderly as he breathes rapidly in her mouth. She pulls her mouth away from his and says….

“Don’t think I’ve finished with you yet….” She smiles at him, and he collapses onto her, holding her body and kissing her slightly tinged red lips……

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