Hot Smoke and Sassafrass


Author’s note; You will notice that the Sassafras tree has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the story you are about to read. However, “HOT SMOKE and SASSAFRAS” was a song by a little-known rock group of the late 1960s called ‘The Bubble Puppy.’ It was an underground hit back when my wife Becky and I were dating. The melody and lyrics of the song conjure many hot memories for me. So in that sense, it has everything to do with this story. To this very day, I cannot listen to it without thinking of my wife (then girlfriend), who had me wrapped around her finger, and had me on the verge of blissful orgasm every time she lit up!

This story is dedicated to her…The flame, who has kept it interesting all of these years.


The Birth of a Fetish.

To say that I enjoy watching women smoke would be an enormous understatement! My feelings run deep on this subject, and the influences are many. All I know is that I’ve suffered alone under this “affliction” for many years. The story I am about to relate was my outlet for decades of suppressing this somewhat odd sexual urge…My way of coming out of that small, oppressive closet.

Until I purchased my computer, I thought that I was unique in my intense passion for women who smoke. Now, I find there are many fetishists out there with almost the same attraction. I began, once again, to feel alone in my ‘variation on a theme’ which is to see a painfully stiff cock spurting hot cum all over the face of a sexy woman, while in a teasing way, she nonchalantly smokes a cigarette.

I cannot tell you exactly what it is about that image I find so erotic. I’ve tried to objectively psychoanalyze this ‘kink’ through the years, but I could never think it out clearly enough. Just imagining it would produce a major hard-on and make me quiver, quake and clutch at myself! (DAMN IT!…IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! DOWN BOY!! DOWN! BACK, I SAY!!)…Sorry… Where was I?…

Anyway, I guess it’s something along the train of thought that a woman who smokes projects the image of being a ‘naughty girl.’ Yes. The ‘naughty girl syndrome.’ Smoking in a sensual manner, turning on the animal urge within a man. Exciting him to the point of simply pulling his hard prick out of his trousers and exploding sperm in her face… something like that. Sexist? I know. At any rate, I believed myself to be alone in this desire. But, I see now that there are others turned on by this image also…including women!

I’ve had this dual fetish for as long as I can recall. Long before I met my wife Becky. It’s psychological roots, I believe, are embedded in events surrounding my early youth. Cigarette ads were in full swing on television, in newspapers and magazines. Sex then, as it does now, sold everything from apples to zooplankton (sorry, I couldn’t think of a ‘Z’ product)! Cigarettes were no exception! MAN, the women in those ads looked positively orgasmic over the simple act of smoking a cigarette!

It was also around that time a friend described the adult act of oral sex to my virgin ears. I was shocked and amazed a woman would even consider putting a cock to her lips! Somehow, the two concepts linked in my young brain. After that, when watching cigarette commercials, where women were depicted [ in a sexy way ] smoking at the beach or at a party etc., the oral symbolism of the cork or all white tip being thrust between full wet lips, and the exhale of satisfying smoke through said pursed lips, all became highly significant to my fevered pubescent brain. Those images flooded my masturbatory dreams! Hence, the association began.

The start of my fetish also had a great deal to do with my older cousin…

Sandy and I hung around together when she was 16. We were quite close. Our relationship lasted for a long time. I don’t see her as often now, but the strong bond between us still exists. When I was a mere boy of 13, I thought that she was just THE sexiest woman on the planet! As I think about it now, she kind of had a Bernadette Peter-ish quality about her facial features. ‘Bee-stung’ pouty lips, small nose … deep brown bedroom eyes! I’d cream my jeans at just the thought of her…and often did!

She had the most alluring face with THE most tantalizingly sexy mouth. Just watching her eat was a distraction and would never fail to produce an immense boner in my slacks at the dinner table! I was lucky my mother and aunt never noticed. It would have been a very difficult thing to explain! “Is the spaghetti THAT good, or are you just happy to see us?”

Of course, you know where I’m heading with this, right? YES, Sandy smoked! She did it with the same finesse and feminine sexual qualities as did the women in the TV ads. Almost as if smoking was the next best thing to sex itself! My aunt didn’t know Sandy smoked. It was the height of sexual exuberance for me when she’d ask me to sneak out with her so she could have a cigarette. She knew it, too! The bulge in my drawers and the subsequent wet spot at the tip would give me away every time.

She knew she excited me, but it was never communicated bornova escort between us through direct words. Her actions, and my reactions spoke volumes! At times during those trips outside, she would really get off on teasing my sorry young butt with her adult habit. More frequently, the subject of sex would arise. She’d begin teasing me by describing sexual activities she enjoyed, all the while smoking her cigarette, touching herself in various places and ‘unintentionally’ ( heh ) blowing smoke in my adolescent face! Nothing ever happened between us, but I think the connection was forever etched in my boyish fantasies. I thought about it often as I grew older.

At about the age of 17, I viewed my first pornographic movie with a group of friends. Vincent’s parents had gone away one weekend and in no time a party was organized. Beer was purchased, a few girls were invited (some of whom smoked) and a good time was expected by all. Vincent didn’t let us down.

Prior to the party, he had located a rather large shoebox in his father’s closet just brimming over with dirty magazines, novels and pictures of women in various stages of undress. With an evil laugh, he produced the box at the party and placed it on the floor. All of us boys gathered around knowing that it contained something remarkable and not intended for our eyes. When the lid was lifted, the nature of it’s contents was revealed to our bulging eyes (and pants) by the thick magazine on top. From the glossy cover, a sexy young redhead stared out at us. Part of her face was obscured by the biggest, and stiffest penis I had ever seen! I mean this meat pole was HUGE! The titanic cock, jutting obscenely across her face with it’s bloated head extending way passed her lips, belonged to a man standing next to her. She knelt in submission on the floor. The cock was obviously in the throes of a massive orgasm. A long rope of cum (too long for the camera to catch it’s end) was shooting from the dripping head positioned well beyond the other side of her sweet looking face! We looked at each other in awe with our mouths agape for a moment. Then simultaneously, we plunged our hands into the box and started sorting through its offerings, much to the chagrin of the girls present at the party.

At the very bottom of the box, something rattled. It was a film canister housing his dad’s one and only porno flick. Vincent ran to the family room closet and pulled out a projector and screen. We waited impatiently as a couple of the guys scrambled to set everything up. With the exception of the girls, who migrated to the next room, the family room was filled with just us horny ‘men’ … champing at the bit for Christmas to begin!

The 8mm film began, (already sending my dick skyward), with a sexy 30-ish woman standing at a bus stop smoking a cigarette. She looked so hot, I thought I’d die! Before long, a car pulled up and the man inside offered her a ride. She crushed out her cigarette, with high-heeled pumps, and accepted the offer. They ended up at his flat, where things eventually progress to a rather intense game of ‘hide the salom.’ The important point to be made here is the way the film ended … with the man pulling out of her drenched pussy, brazenly jacking off his stiff cock in front of her face, and… the obligatory facial cum shot! I honestly did not expect this to happen! It took me completely by surprise! Yet I watched, enthralled with the flickering image of this girl having spurt after ropey spurt of jism splash, with pent-up force against her made up face, while she moaned with a passion you can’t fake! I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was not only letting him do this incredibly nasty thing to her, but SHE LOVED IT, AND WAS WANTONLY BEGGING FOR MORE!! I had to see it again and again. Hence, the start of my second fetish began to take shape. I wanted to do that to a sexy female visage some day!

My cohorts agreed to another showing of this flick. For some reason, during the second time, my sexy cousin popped into mind. Sandy was away at college and I hadn’t talked to her for awhile. I can’t explain why she invaded my thoughts at that particular moment, but as the hot wet ending of the movie unfolded before me, my mind began to drift. The sound of the projector became a distant mechanized hum. Thoughts of those sexually electric days with Sandy came flooding back in short snips of imagery. All those teasing smoke-filled moments entered my brain with ever increasing velocity. Until… it was Sandy’s face being absolutely deluged in hot sperm! My testicles exploded, as she teasingly blew smoke from pouting, painted lips, at MY spurting prick head! Cum dripped from almost every part of her cute face! Her lips, cheeks and nose… even her dangling hoop earrings, were blasted with flying ‘jit’ (a particularly nasty local street term we used to describe sperm), as she moaned through her own intense orgasm!…

The laughter came in chortles at first… Then guffaws filtered into this scene happening in my head. It was at this point I’d realized that I had bostanlı escort shot off in my pants! And a hefty load at that! It was my friends’ laughter I was hearing, and it was directed at me! I’m telling you, it took me a long time to live that one down! An incident that would almost repeat itself in the years ahead. Only the next time it happened, I wouldn’t mind it at all! The steamy scene ran like a movie over and over again in my teenage thoughts for days on end. When Sandy returned from college during her break that year, it was hard to look at her without imagining what her pretty face would look like dripping with my gooey hot spunk! From that point on, I only dated girls who smoked. I’d go out of my way to be near them whenever they’d light up, and I would savor every smoky kiss.

As I said before, I’ve lived with these fetishes for quite awhile, long before I met my wife Becky. I never told anyone about them. Even my closest girlfriends were completely unaware of my fantasies of seeing their facial features covered in shimmering sperm as they smoked a cigarette. Nor, did I ever give the slightest thought to cornering some other unsuspecting soul into indulging me in what I considered to be ‘my dark desires.’ I kept it to myself. It took my beautiful wife to bring it out. BROTHER, DID SHE EVER BRING IT OUT!

When we met, a great many things attracted me to her; Her looks, for one! Her intelligence was above reproach. Her wit was unrestrained. Logic and perceptiveness were at the forefront of her character. She was quite a find! Oh, and did I mention? She was, and still is a ‘little devil,’ as well! She liked to tease!! There was just no way of getting away from these women! It didn’t take long to fall head over heels in love with her.

I didn’t know she smoked until our third date…

I treated her to the best restaurant in town. One we would visit later in our marriage with another purpose in mind other than just eating. We had just ordered our dinner and struck up a discussion about her schooling when, in the middle of the conversation, she asked if I would mind if she smoked. My response was choked with sexual tension as I said, almost too loudly, “NO… I mean… no, please… go right ahead.” At which point, she pulled a cigarette from her purse and asked for a light. I fumbled through my shirt pocket, produced a lighter and with a quivering hand, I held the flame out to touch the end of her cigarette. She gently steadied my hand with her own and looked straight into my eyes! The touch of her hand sent shock waves through my body right down to my cock! I nearly lost it right there! My pants immediately tented when she had asked me for a light. But when she took a long drag with those lush red lips, while still holding my hand, and proceeded to blow the smoke directly in my face during her exhale… WELL!… I almost set my slacks afloat! She didn’t seem to notice my reaction to this and she continued to smoke in a sexy way, and our conversation progressed. I tried to keep my composure and stifle a groan, while my stiff member attempted to betray me by saturating my Fruits-of-the-loom! I kid you not! By the time she’d finished her cigarette, I had already shot off in my pre-cum soaked trousers once, and was well on my way to another, when the waiter brought our food! I had to put my overcoat on, while in a sitting position, before we got up to leave the restaurant. Thank goodness it was the middle of winter or the truth would have been quite evident to everyone there, including my future wife! As I found out later, the sight of my cum stained pants was a turn-on for her, also!!

Over the years of marriage, she began to take notice of how attentive I was whenever she’d light a cigarette. Especially when she was in full make-up and wearing earrings. I would find myself focused on her lush, painted. ovaled lips shimmering wetly, as she blew the smoke passed them. I started to envision my stiff sputtering cock in front of them when she did that! All this did not escape Becky’s attention although we never spoke a single word concerning my obvious excitement…

Part 2: The Cultivation of My Wife’s Side of the Fetish.

Our situation continued in much the same manner for a time. This wonderful, hot teasing on Becky’s part, and me afraid to discuss it with her, for fear of rejection. Little did I know she was already on to me. My infatuation with my wife, and her smoking, grew stronger with each passing day. I was in a constant state of arousal! I’m sure she took notice to the ever-present lump in my pants whenever she’d light up! It became an uncontrollable and a volatile condition at times! No matter where we were, or who was around, when she’d bring a cigarette to her painted lips, the ‘beast’ would rise up within the dark confines of my trousers and reveal it’s rigid shape to anyone who cared to glance down. When out in a public place, it got so bad I would have to excuse myself. With as much dignity as possible, I’d limp off to the nearest men’s room. Once inside the privacy buca escort of a stall, after the struggle to get the zipper down over the protruding bulge, my stiff pole would pop forcefully from the opening and into my waiting hand. Jerking off would be a mere formality, and short lived when I was in this state. Almost instantly my prick would be shooting thick streams across the cubical to splash against the wall on the other side. Most of the time there would be enough warning for me to grab a wad of toilet paper to fire my frustrated sperm into. But there were those times when my cock would already be spurting as it stiffly sprung from the open zipper of my pants. I’d return to my wife with her usually whispering a private comment like, “Well, that was fast!” For a moment, I would think she knew what I had been doing. But then I’d shake that feeling, and think she was referring to the length of time it took me to pee, and return.

It was around then I noticed my wife’s smoking style began to take on a kind of showmanship quality. It became more vamp-like, teasing, and deliberate. More frequent ‘accidental’ exhales in my face, or at my crotch! Call me dense, but I wasn’t aware she’d caught on to my little desires, but it further fueled my fantasies. I was like a teen again, running off to the bathroom every chance I got to jerk off all over my hand and pants, as a result of her ‘unintentional’ teasing! Don’t get me wrong. Our sex life was flourishing! If anything, it became more intense due to all this teasing. But we never carried through with this fetish of mine in bed. Never a word was spoken.

Then one sweltering mid-summer day, out of the proverbial ‘blue,’ my fantasy became a reality! It came like a hot kiss from the business end of a wet fist!… All at once… hard… and it took me completely by surprise!! *SMACK* (sorry… it’s the detective story writer coming out in me!… It won’t happen again.)

Anyway, I was standing on a stepladder, fixing the light fixture above the kitchen table, when she walked in dressed and made-up for work. She sat down across from me on the other side of the table, lit a cigarette and smoked while watching me work. There I was, in full view, standing on a short ladder. I was not able to hide the rigidly pointing cock in my loose-fitting slacks this time. It would have been difficult to miss, jutting straight out, like some obscene tent pole! The shape of the head was clearly visible through the thin material! (NO! I had not put on any underwear that day because it was so hot!…I can be such a stupid ass!)

What made it worse was that after every sexy drag she took into her lungs, she would blow the exhaled smoke right AT the tent in my slacks, while seemingly showing interest in my work! I’m a sucker for her. I can’t take much teasing, before my cock starts wagging like a puppy’s tail. Soon, my hard pole began to lurch noticeably behind the stretched material. It throbbed for her with every beat of my heart. Tell-tale pre-cum, oozing from my leaking boner, started to bleed through my pants right in front of her eyes, causing the shameful details of my condition to become much more distinct! It was then I realized she had noticed the affect her actions were having upon me, because I heard her gasp with the intake of her next puff.

What’s more, my knees were weakening. I found it increasingly harder (heh) to keep a steady balance.

“Here, let me help you hon,” she said.

With that, she stood up and walked over to me. Her lovely face was now at crotch level. She had taken a long sexy drag on her way over to me. With the cigarette in the same hand, she grabbed the head of my painfully stiff boner through slacks that were absolutely cum-soaked. Her fist squeezed until an audible squishing sound could be heard! The sound made us BOTH gasp in hot pleasure! All this, while she blew smoke around the protruding head!

“While you’re working on that,” she said breathlessly, “I’ll help you by working the stiffness out of your pants, since I’m the cause of it!”

I gasped again and nearly fell as she started to roughly jerk me off through my soaked trousers. She plastered the sticky fabric around my dick, molding it to it’s rigid shape, until even my balls were distinguishable under the thin material! This made it easier for her hand, still holding the cigarette, to slick nosily up and down from tip to base at greater speed!

I later found out that she enjoyed making me cum off in my slacks, and would do it over again many times in the months to come! Sometimes she would jack me to a climax… and other times she wouldn’t even have to touch me! It gave her a sense of power knowing that she could excite me to the point of shooting off in my pants, and I would have no control over it!

Realizing she was bound and determined to make me shoot off in my pants, I gave into the feeling. I stood powerless to do anything about it, my fists clenching at my side, watching her hand jack relentlessly on my bloated prick. The sexy sound of it became louder. My groans became louder as I started to spurt so hard it shot through the fabric. With a scream she moved her hand to the base. Wielding my cloth-covered boner like a club, she began slapping it against her face repeatedly. Spurt after spurt of warm cum shot and oozed out through the constricting fabric, covering her lips and cheeks!

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