How I Like My Men


He sat on the edge of my bed. Younger than the last one. Something about the eyes, the hardness and softness in the gaze. I told him to remove his clothes. He did immediately. A entirely black ensemble, even the underwear. I looked long at his perfect ass. I slid my hands across one round, firm and tight cheek. He was not shaven as I requested and I rustled my fingers through the thick brush. I had to look again at the face. Plump lips, parted sensually, button nose but not too feminine. I don’t care for that. He had a strong jaw, striking, handsome as a man. I was very excited to notice that he was ample in the area in which it is important for a man to be ample.

“Will you do whatever I want?”

“Yes, I will.”

I slid my hand across his back and belly. He was Irish. I always asked the agency to provide someone with an accent. I also asked that he not reveal the accent until asked the question I posed. I like surprises. Perhaps he was cold but it excited me to recognize a tremble and goose bumps across his arms. He wasn’t flaccid anymore.

He winked a big blue eye and I was ready. I stood with him, completely clothed and he stood still. A gorgeous thing: glass blue eyes and an “I dare you” stare, a thin build but strong. A runner’s body. Boyish and girlish. He leaned in to kiss me. I drew back then submitted. His perfect mouth parted and the most curious, long, and tenacious tongue darted between my lips. I let go. I showed him what I wanted next; in this kind of situation, one must always lead. I grabbed the back of his thin neck, cupped it with my palm. I pushed him harder into me and against my face. His mouth and body responded favorably. He grabbed back at me, mimicking my move. We weighted each other down hard until the taste of metal pooled warm at the edge of my lips. I pulled away and looked down, playing shy. Being the girl. He had won this round. I had won this round. He smiled and grabbed my hand. In this instant, as if we were long time lovers, straight and not twisted lovers, all that he’s the boy now and now I’m the girl. I followed his perfect ass and lovely cock to my bed. Under the covers.

“I want to fuck you now. Like I know you want it. No rubber, creampie.”

I could feel the natural, involuntary Çeşme Escort smile spread across my face. He held my feet together and lifted my legs upon his right shoulder. He slid his free hand along the curves of my legs and to the underside of my ass. He finger stroked a sliver at my sex and I almost lost it. I was twitching with need. I pulled my legs down and positioned to lean into him. I did my best to reach the base. First I lapped at him, licked up and down until he shivered.

“Do you like that?”

“Yeah. Keep going.”

I wrapped my lips over my teeth and got down low. He sucked in a long breath and tensed. His lean, long arm reached out and began pressing my head down until we found real rhythm. I looked up and watched his mouth, lips parted and moving slightly. He looked down at me, my brown eyes locked and lost in the clarity of the blue looking back at me. We stopped.

Breathy and heated, “You’re my dirty girl.”

He nodded, “Yes, I’m your dirty girl.”

It is always directly after a cock is thrust down my throat that I must take over. I led him to my vanity. He sat down, still erect from the moments before but I could tell he wasn’t quite fully aroused. I hoped that he would gain some pleasure from this act and I planned to try to please him as well. He was rather pale, as I requested. The alabaster begs for appreciation. It possesses a flawlessness and a contrast to my own dark olive complexion.

I removed my clothing. Brushed my hair and pretended he wasn’t in the chair, moving my body across his and over closer to the mirror and back to near his legs. I kind of danced in his lap but ignored the cock. I started to sway. I felt as if I wanted to move. He reached out and grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap. I sat awkwardly on his hard cock. He kissed me on the neck from behind and I turned for another tousle with his tongue. We kissed again, this time pecks on each other’s fat lips until we fumbled and clanked teeth but didn’t stop. I felt his pre-cum as I adjusted further into his lap.

“Are you ready?”

I got up and got my bag. Cracked it open. Set the tools on the vanity and opened a few tubes. I smiled and turned, noticed he was gently tugging Çiğli Escort at his cock. I lifted an eyebrow.

I wrapped his hair in segments and pressed it away from his face with bobby pins. I kissed his exposed forehead. The pinned hair revealed his strong but somewhat feminine jaw line. I brushed it with my finger and he delicately lifted his mouth to mine. I grazed my lips against his but pulled away. I sat hard on his cock. A gasp tumbled out of his gaping mouth and I began to tilt my hips and back. I reached back and got some primer. I fucked him and rubbed the primer over his skin. He held me at the waist and bucked inside of me. I fumbled for the foundation. My hands grasped, grabbed, and made messes. He pushed me around and tilted me; I straddled him sideways so I could see. I found a clean wedge as he thumped his dick inside me. He leaned in and bit a nipple. I shuddered. While he fucked me, I turned to face him. He grabbed my hips and quickly thrust inside.

“Oh, God! Slow down now,” I gasped.

He stopped. Kissed my face. Caressed my body.

Caught my breath and let out a throaty moan and a deep exhale that indicated we were to continue. I spritzed him with some perfume.

He was inside me as I spread fingers full of paint across the canvas. I dab a bit at the forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and jawline and blend it onto the skin. I loved when he closed his eyes. The clarity of blue was a surprise when he reopened them. I could feel with every stroke of the wedge, each direction I spread, I could feel him twitch o involuntarily fill me deeper. I have favorite parts of the application process. This was certainly one. In this case, I knew the most erotic for me would be the decoration of these eyes. I kissed the lids. His nose was perky perfect, small but not too small.

I reached for powder to settle the look. Dust. He is inside me in a cloud of powder and artificial color. I am dressing him up, not to parade, but to enjoy. Inside closed doors these men are what I need. Women when I’m finished. With their gorgeous eyes and fickle girl ways. He must have noticed my daydreaming and thrust hard up and inside me. I closed my eyes slowly and let him continue. He smelled like woman’s Foça Escort perfume and looked that plain but glamorous canvas look as I opened my eyes. He leaned in to kiss me. We locked like beast against beast; he rocked inside me. I noticed his big eyes travel as far as they could reach inside his head. I knew it was coming. I felt his tense and the first push of the load travel deep within me. He was vocal, as requested.

He whispered against my face and near my ear, “I love cumming in you. I want nothing more than to provide you what you paid for.”

I groaned.

He panted and sighed each time his cock contracted. I felt it inside. Tactile. True. The closest thing to any truth. I sat, feeling his cock deflate, sopped with me and his spunk.

Time for the cheeks. I exhaled a long breath and got back to work. His ample yet flaccid piece shoved some in and some out. I swished the brush over his cheek and up. Repeated the motion. There. I lifted up and down again and sucked our mess off of his ample piece. Nothing I wanted more than to taste the mix of us on my lips and in my mouth.

He sucked in a deep breath, “You’ve got to finish.”

I stood and got the liner. I gently tugged at the skin above his lips with the pencil. He kept them slightly parted still as I applied the matte base. I recognized some growth beneath where I sat in his lap. What sheer joy it is to find someone who wants what you want! I painted his pout with a pink sheen. The pink of his lips matched the cheeks and I could feel my insides stir. The want was exquisite.

“Are you ready for the eyes?”

I got my brushes and began to paint. I swished a line of deep bruise purple on both lids. He sat still; his cock, beneath my wiggling, grew harder with each stroke of my brush. I lined him in sea green. I brushed out his lashes and applied only a bit of mascara to make them stiff. I affixed some appliqués to lash line, a little shimmery but not too indulgent. I leaned back down in between his legs and sucked the again erect piece.

“Keep your eyes closed until your cock is in me.”

I know he understood I wanted to be up close for the reveal.

I sat again on the piece as he slowly opened his eyes. The green accentuated the blue and the reveal was like daybreak.

“Are you going to fuck me now like you want?”

I didn’t speak but motioned for him to join me in the bedroom. I ground down a bit on him in the chair before our exit. He kissed me gently and held my hand. Missionary. With that face watching me.

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