Humiliation Punishment Pt. 02


Two weeks had passed, and we had not seen Claire although she had been in touch with my wife about arranging some drinks together. I was starting to wander if she was regretting what had happened or whether it was intended as a one off and she was fucking with my head. But a text through to my phone confirmed this was not the case and the content showed things were due to go to the next level. It confidently stated: Round two of being my slave tomorrow, 9:15! Bring prosecco again as well as some sweet treats, condoms and lube.

My mind was racing. I knew what I had done last time was wrong, but it was seen by Claire as a punishment and therefore I didn’t consider it cheating but condoms and lube?

This suddenly seemed like it was progressing into an affair. However, I was in no position to say no considering what I had done, and I was so frustrated at not being able to see her last time. Before I knew it, I had made up some nonsense at work to justify last minute leave and I was already considering where I could discreetly pick up the shopping list as ordered.

I hardly slept that night. In the morning, I showered to wake myself up, got dressed, retrieved the shopping list from the car and headed up to Claire’s house or as she would be called for the next 5-6 hours, Goddess Claire.

I arrived Just before 9:15 walked around the back of the house to the kitchen and nervously knocked on the door. There was no answer and my anxiety about what I was doing started racing but then I heard footsteps coming up the passageway. She opened the gate and stated “you’re early! I need to find my keys move away from the door. On your knees and kiss my boots whilst I find them.”

I’d been there 2 minutes and I was kneeling on the slightly damp path kissing her brown leather boots. I heard the door push open and she moved the boots from my face as she stepped up into the kitchen. She had picked up the bag I had brought and was looking down at me from the raised kitchen leaving me feeling smaller than ever. I was awaiting her instructions as she turned her back on me and raised the sole of her right boot, so her toes were touching the floor. “lick it clean.”

I started at the block heel and removed the damp dirt from the bottom of her boot. I felt completely humiliated doing this outside in the cold, yet I lapped away as quickly as possible worried that a neighbour or the postman might see me.

She occasionally looked over her shoulder to see my progress and once satisfied switched over to have me clean her left boot. After covering the entire soles of her boots, she moved into the kitchen and removed her boots.

“Same as last time I want to watch Jeremy Kyle with a coffee and your face as a footstool. It starts in a few minutes so hurry up with the coffee and get in position. Oh, and by the way I have worn these socks for four days now especially for you” she said with a laugh as she turned and walked through to the living room. I got up entered the kitchen, put the prosecco in the fridge and got to work on making a coffee.

Once ready I took the coffee through. Goddess Claire was already in her usual chair with her legs spread for me to shuffle under the chair and resume position. She was wearing light blue socks with rainbows on them, jeans and a white vest top. Even though she was wearing jeans and I couldn’t see anything I was excited to see her legs spread wide open like that.

Without saying a word, I got down on the floor and shuffled myself under her chair. Just as I thought I was far enough under her socked feet were straight on my face and I could tell she really had tried to get them extra scented.

Like last time I lay there with her feet on my face with minimal movement apart from a little bit of shuffling to get right under my nostrils. I was thinking that during the second advertisement break last time she shocked me by spitting on my face before returning her feet and wondered if this would be replicated. Right on key the theme music signalled the ad break and her feet parted and she leaned forward to look me in the eye.

This time instead of spitting on me she had clearly collected spit in a small glass as she swilled it around above my face. Not loads, perhaps 2-inch worth in the glass but more than her spitting on me a few times. She told me to open my mouth and then proceeded to pour spit at first into my mouth and then up one side of my face and down the other.

The spit frothed as it hit my mouth and she let of an elated giggle at seeing this before telling me to close my mouth and keep it in there. She then put her smelly socked feet on my face and rubbed them all around before again settling back in her chair with me as her foot stool.

I was laid there with a strong mixed scent of wet stinky socks and coffee flavoured spit and my mouth half full of Claire’s spit.

I was really surprised how difficult it was to not swallow the spit and it felt like the levels were rising quite sharply. It also meant gaziemir escort that all the air I could get was through my nose which was covered by her feet. I tried to switch off from the situation knowing there was around 25 minutes left of the show. This did pass slowly and without fail the sound of the outro music brought light back as Goddess Claire’s feet parted. “Open your mouth let me see. How does it taste?” she asked mockingly knowing I couldn’t say a word.

After looking at her handy work admiringly for a few minutes she told me to swallow it which I was happy to do. It was nice to get breathing through my mouth again as I had been feeling a little panicked.

“Right I will have another coffee then you can worship my feet again like last time and after that I have some new surprises lined up for you. Isn’t that exciting?” she added in a patronising high tone. “Yes, Goddess Claire” I said as I scurried out of the room and made a coffee. The few minutes in the cooler kitchen were exactly what I needed to regain a little composure.

When I took the coffee through her feet were once again now raised on an actual foot stool. I immediately removed her right sock and began sucking on her toes making sure I got every bit of dirt. She again commented about how long she had worn those socks for, but it didn’t deter me ensuring I cleaned and worshipped every bit of her foot.

She seemed to particularly enjoy me sucking on the heel of her foot. I then sat her foot down before removing her other sock and going straight for the big toe.

“I can’t get over how you’ve ridiculed my ‘fat toes’ and now you’re diving at them like they’re the most precious thing in the world to you. Quite a turnaround.” With this I was worried she had rumbled my foot fetish or wondered if she was just amazed how she had succumbed me to an obedient foot slave.

I spent around ten minutes on each foot making sure I had fully cleaned every part before massaging her feet awaiting my next instructions. These were not forthcoming for around 15 minutes when she suddenly said “I need to go upstairs and get ready for what’s next. Go in the kitchen and pour me a glass of prosecco, bring it in here, take off your jeans and get on all fours in the corner over there with your face to the floor. I don’t want you to look at me until I say. To make it more pleasant I have put my running shoes in the corner. Get your nose deep in them.”

“Yes Goddess” was all I pathetically mumbled up as I went into the kitchen to sort her drink. I was quickly back in the room with my jeans off and assumed the position with my nose in her running shoes. They did smell pungent, but I liked it and was wondering what was next.

I was in this position for what felt like ten minutes but may have been far less when I heard her come down stairs and go into the kitchen were the other things I had brought were. I could then sense her walk in behind me and put the items on the coffee table.

She stood right behind me and I was dying to turn around and see her but knew that would be a big mistake. I felt the bottom of a shoe touch my calf and then a pointy heel playfully press against my leg.

She then instructed “we’re going to do something I have always wanted to do but knew Chris would never entertain. I could never even mention it to him. So, the reason I left it late to arrange today was because I was waiting for something to be delivered. Turn and look at your goddess.”

As I turned from ground level, I first saw some amazing black stiletto heels, black tights and then looked up to a stunning black and cream corset but noticeably there was a strapon. I had never done anything like this and to be honest didn’t really have any intention of doing. It looked to be around 8 inch and was quite an intimidating size.

Having looked at it for a few seconds I looked up at her face to see her smirking.

Whilst reaching for a condom she said “I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to fuck somebody with one of these. Now thanks to you I am going to get find out. Put that on it” she added passing me a condom. My face must have been easily readable as she said in a smug tone “oh you didn’t actually think these were for you to use, did you? That will never happen.”

I shook my head and tore open the condom wrapper and placed it on the end of dildo and pushed it over. Seeing how much of the condom it took made me highly worried about how much of that was going inside me.

“Suck it, I want to see what you look like taking a cock in your mouth” was my instruction and was another trigger to me that I couldn’t believe the person I had known for so long who I believed to be if anything lacking a little confidence was now so powerful and in control. As soon as I put my mouth over the dildo her hands were on the back of my head to keep me there and highlight her dominance. I sucked on it for a while and really didn’t like the taste or texture of the condom güzelbahçe escort but felt I must have done a good job as I wasn’t reprimanded at all just guided on and off it.

She then picked up the other condom and placed her hands behind her back. She then brought each closed hand in front of her and said “Very shortly I am going to fuck your ass with this strap on. If you guess which hand the condom is in, you get the luxury of the lube you brought. If you get it wrong, you best hope you left some spit on it because I am going in dry.”

I was genuinely terrified as nothing had gone up there before and the thought of 8 inches, no lube and somebody who had always wanted to use a strap on and was on a power trip did not seem like a good mix for a virgin ass.

I reluctantly pointed to her left hand which she slowly opened to reveal a condom. “Lucky you” she said with a hint of disappointment. I couldn’t hide a smile and she slapped me suddenly. “Nobody likes a show off. Now get on all fours over the foot rest and part your boxer shorts.” Great, I was about to get fucked for the first time and I had managed to piss of the person about to do it. I did as I was told but felt really embarrassed to expose myself to Claire. I felt her get down on her knees behind me then I heard the squirt of the lube.

I was left waiting with no idea how this would play out. I then felt the head of the dildo touch my ring and it felt too big to enter but with a little push it went in about an inch, out a little and back in a little more. It felt like my entire insides were resisting against it, but I was hopeful Claire was being cautious but after just a few more small pushes there was a strong push and she was right up inside me.

I jerked forward but couldn’t escape it due to being pushed up against the foot stool. “Where are you trying to go? Arch up and take it” as she began thrusting with quite some force.

Again, it felt like my insides were trying to push it out but every time it started to come out there was another forceful push in as Goddess Claire started to build some rhythm. The more she thrusted the more I heard some groaning from her. I wasn’t sure whether there was something on the other end of the strap on to pleasure her despite the fact I hadn’t noticed any hole in the panties or whether she was just getting off on living one of her fantasies. Either way she seemed to be enjoying it more than me although I was starting to relax a little at least knowing that it wouldn’t get worse as I was pretty much taking the whole dildo by now.

As her moaning almost reached climax she suddenly pulled out of my ass and told me to stand and bend over the back of the chair as she wanted to fuck me stood up. I did as I was told and felt even more exposed to her which felt weird. I am only an inch or two taller than her but with heels the she had no problem lining the strap on right back at my ring.

There wasn’t any introduction this time she was all the way back inside me with one thrust. It felt different this way as she seemed to have more control of the dildo inside me trying different angles and was really enjoying herself. There were times where she would grab my hips and pull me back into her and a couple of times, she gave me hard slaps on my ass to reemphasise how in control she was.

After trying a number of different angles, she seemed to settle into a routine where she was almost probing the dildo upwards inside me which gave a really strange sensation for me but an obvious more pleasant one for her as after a few minutes her moaning was getting louder and more consistent. As she seemed close, she started mocking me asking questions like “do you like taking my cock inside you?” and “are you my little slut?”

My answer to all the questions was “yes Goddess” which is what I knew she wanted to hear and each time I did her rhythm quickened and her moans loudened until finally she screamed “fucking hell’ as she pushed the dildo all the way in and spasmed a few times and left it there unable to move.

This was the first time it had felt nice as it was inside but not moving, and I could feel her body right against mine knowing she was in an orgasmic state which was a massive turn on. Any action in my boxers had gone when the strap on first probed me but it was back with a vengeance now as I was throbbing.

Goddess Claire stayed still inside me for around a minute with just a few muted groans. She then slowly brought the dildo out of me and assessed me.

She looked around the side of me and saw my raging hard. With a tug at my boxers she said “good job we kept them on isn’t it? I wouldn’t want that leaking all over my chair.” My humiliation went through the roof again.

Although I had made her orgasm twice now, I had never seen her intimate areas but there was me pitching a tent bent over her chair.

Also, she had just buttfucked me and I was still rock hard. She told me to put izmir masaj salonları my jeans back and whilst I did, she picked up her prosecco and sat down in the chair. “Seen as though you obviously really enjoyed my purchase, I am going to let you kiss and suck it for a while. And as you let me do that with minimum fuss I am going to let you remove the condom first. There are tissues there wrap it up and pop it in your pocket as a memento.'”

As I keep stipulating, I did what I was told. I knew I had to obey what ever instructions given to me so within 30 seconds I was sucking on the strap on. I tried to take as much as I could just so I could get near her pussy. I tried to stay closer to it as long as I could and could smell her cum which just made me hornier. She kept sipping her drink and occasionally putting a hand through my hair which was actually as affectionate as she had been.

She then moved my head back and stood up, so she was towering over me. “Do you like my outfit?” she said as she did a little twirl. She looked stunning and it was the first time I had seen her arse in it and the small panties didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Around the panties were the straps from her ‘purchase’ as she twirled back to face me. “Yes, Goddess Claire you look stunning.”

She thanked me and asked what about the shoes as they along with the outfit were also new. I said how pretty they were, and she told me to lay down on my front. She then prodded my back a few times with her heels and once scraped the heel and inch or two down my spine before putting her full right foot down on me quickly followed by her left one.

She was stood with her heels on me either side of my spine and did a few micro foot steps before turning my head, so I was looking to the side. She moved her heeled foot around my face whilst all her weight was on her other foot in the centre of my back. “I think you belong down there, under my feet. Don’t you?” “Yes” was my obvious response but it was honestly a truthful one. I got a kick looking up at her whilst she dug a heel into my back and shoved her other one around my face.

She then stepped off and said “I spent a small fortune on this outfit, this kit that fucked you and some other things. If I decide to carry this on there are a few more things I saw online too that I might purchase. I hope you are fucking grateful.” I expressed my gratitude even though in truth my arse was sore.

I was instructed to turnaround and she put the bottom of the shoe over my mouth. I knew to lick instantly but they were clean as she had purchased them for the occasion but seeing her stood over expectantly waiting for me to clean was a turn on. She then moved the stiletto heel to my mouth which I gently sucked as she lifted the front of her shoe and pushed more of the heel in my mouth. She then suddenly moved the heel to around my nipple and tried to press down.

She seemed a little annoyed at not hitting the spot and ordered me to take my top off which I did. She then went right to work at attacking my nipples with her heels. Not putting too much pressure on but enough to make me on edge. She then pulled the heel down my stomach to see her heels mark me. I know I mark very easily but it soon fades but she seemed to adore the heel mark traces and repeatedly did went back to the top of my chest to make further patterns.

“I was going to by a whip to really take out some aggression on you but it’s a good job I didn’t yet as the marks will be a giveaway. I will have to think of some other ways.”

She then stepped on my chest with both feet putting all her weight on me. She stayed there for a short while and then started taking off the strap on. I could see the dildo was just one ended so wondered how she came earlier. I plucked up the courage to hesitantly ask “Goddess Claire, how did you cum earlier if that dildo didn’t penetrate you.”

She didn’t seem to mind but was more pleased that I had reminded her of something. “Oh yes” she said stepping off me and going to the side of the chair. “I had this in” she said demonstrating an expensive looking egg vibrator. “It was pretty powerful and felt great with the dildo pushing against it. You can clean it for me” as she popped it in my mouth.

I could taste her on it as I rotated my tongue all around it. She briefly turned the vibration on with the remote which gave me a shock and felt strange inside my mouth. She then removed it and set it aside.

She then got out a proper blindfold and put it on me explaining she wasn’t prepared to ruin any of her scarves on me. “I told you I had spent a lot of money. I’m really not sure you are worth it or that I am getting value for money so you’re going to make me cum now and you best do it fucking good.”

I was again amazed how up and down she could be with her attitude towards me and how strict she could be. I could hear her heel hit the floor again as she must have removed her knickers.

Like last time she stepped over me and sat herself on my chest. This time, having no shirt on, there was no mistake it was her bare arse on me. She then raised up and brought her pussy over my mouth but clearly still with a streak of aggression pulled my head up towards her. I immediately started tongue fucking her eager not to disappoint after my warning.

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