Isabella’s Reversion Pt. 03


Note from the Author:

This is a story about ABDL. The first word being Adult. All sexual encounters center around Adults, above the age of 18. This story also contains BDSM, plushophilia, watersports, and various other fetishes. For those that are grammar freaks, please don’t comment on my improper grammar use. I could care less. At least it doesn’t have LMAO or IAMO. I do ask for all to comment on their thoughts of the story, but don’t down any fetish or other things you may not like to do or not do. Also sorry for the long break in between parts, but more will be posted. Thank you again, and please enjoy!


As Isabella entered the Board conference room, many eyes turned upon her. She couldn’t help but to feel partly self conscious because of the her new look and the crinkling sounds coming from the diaper she was wearing, but she also felt part of her as if she didn’t really care what everyone thought of her. The person she wanted to impress was not in this room nor even in this building.

She sat down in a high back black lush leather arm chair, she began pulling up her notes about what had happened since the last board meeting on her Note 3, and began preparing herself mentally for it.

As others began filling up seats around the table, several would steal glances, and some appeared as to trying to figure out whom she was.

“What I wouldn’t give for a vibrator or a good humping right now,” Isabella thought, as her cunt began salivating from all the attention she was gaining.

Luckily the wait staff for the breakfast caterers began going around to get breakfast orders, which took eyes off of her, and allowed her to readjust to where she was sitting on the panty teddy bear she had placed in her diaper before coming into the conference room.

After everyone had been served, Chris, the CEO, called a start to the meeting, and began with the normal stock and holdings information.

When the meeting had been turned over to Crane, he had quickly handed the floor to Isabella to explain the few issues they had resolved during the previous week.

As Isabella stood, just from enduring stolen sensual glances and stares from both men and the women in the room, Isabella felt her cunt beginning to cream all over the furry teddy bear within her diaper. She was surprised by how much it had excited her.

She was able to maintain her composure, and explained about the client that had crashed a server, and the process her team and herself had followed to resolve the issue.

“This is the third time this month that a client has done this because of the new email virus going around, is there anyway we can prevent this, and maybe even stop it from happening,” Tony, and older board member, had asked.

“Actually there is,” Isabella began, “My team and I have found several clients use the servers we provide as a personal computer because they don’t have other computers for use in their small businesses. So we have come up with a plan to where we give our clients Windows powered tablets to do all their work on and be able to be mobile at the same time. We would provide this for free to all of our existing clients, and add on a small fee to new clients. It would cost the same as having to replace a single server, and we would get clients off our servers. It would come with a detachable keyboard and several other accessories, and with the discount we have with the place we buy all of our IT equipment from, the tablet and added accessories would cost the same as a tablet by itself.”

“Jonathan, do we have the extra budget for that,” Chris asked.

Jonathan, the CFO, was a six foot pretty boy, that had a doctorate in business finance. He also was a crossdresser in private, as Isabella had found out one time when she was pulling down his pants to give him a blow job. He had been wearing a pair of pink nylon high cut panties, and she let him cum twice in her mouth that night.

“Yes sir, and as Isabella pretty well said, it will help prevent us from having to purchase another server for a client,” Jonathan explained.

“Well then work with Isabella and her team to get which tablet they think is best, and let’s get the ball rolling on this immediately,” Chris told Jonathan.

Isabella had a gut feeling Jonathan would use the time they would be spending together today to get in her diaper, which she would love to have him inside of her diaper, but now there was her true love in her life.

Soon the morning conference broke up, and Isabella walked out of the room as fast as politeness would dictate.

She noticed Jonathan was also trying to hurriedly get out of the room as well, so she slowed just a little to allow him to catch up.

“I need some fresh air, want to join me,” Isabella asked Jonathan.

“Sounds good,” he replied, as he caught up to her.

After stopping by the vending machine for a Coke Zero, they continued through the large break room, which had been designed by her for everyone to enjoy.

It had several narlıdere escort free arcade and and pinball machines, along with a Xbox and PlayStation area, and even had a few couches. She had even got a local caterer to take care of the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch.

Luckily the covered and screened in smoking patio was empty as they sat at a table together, and both sparked up a cigarette.

“How are you doing? I haven’t heard from you all weekend,” Jonathan asked with genuine concern.

“I know and I’m so sorry. A long time friend of Hazel’s had come back from being on a long trip, and she introduced us,” Isabella began.

“How wonderful. You will have to tell me everything,” Jonathan said in his happy optimistic voice, but felt his heart hit rock bottom.

“First let me tell you about my new diaper thing,” Isabella began, and she told Jonathan about how her new diaper fetish came about, and then how met and had begun falling in love with Jade.

“She even dressed me up this morning,” Isabella finished.

“You do clean up fucking nicely. I am glad you found someone,” Jonathan told Isabella.

“I know you are. But I also know you want under my skirt pretty bad. I would love to have you inside, and I know she is like me in that I enjoy open relationships. But we honestly just met. I would like for you to come over tonight, but I would like to double check with her first.”

“Don’t worry about little old me. I can tell you really love her, don’t you,” Jonathan asked in a soft sympathetic tone.

“I really do Jonathan. In fact it is bothering me that I am here at work, when I know she is missing me at her home, and I am too. But I have been working so hard so I could retire at thirty and enjoy the rest of my life. I’m so confused as what to do going forward.”

“Sweetie, you know as well as me that even if you quit right now that you would only be a few thousand short of having a hundred thousand a year for your retirement. I think it would be best for you to take a little bit of a long lunch after we talk with your guys, and go discuss it with her.”

“I want to, but you know how hard it is for me to open up to anyone.”

“I do, but you have to if you want to be with her. You have to allow her in past even the walls that you put before me and even Hazel. It doesn’t sound like she would willingly hurt you, and that she would open up just as much.”

“I know Jonathan, and you are right. I just feel out if control right now.”

“Life is not worth living without the chaos in it. It makes you enjoy the slow wonderful moments even more.”

“Your right. Let’s go talk with my team, then I will go from there.”

As Isabella breached her office door she found her server and network techs taking on the Field Support techs in a nerf gun war.

“Isabella,” one of the network techs said in a loud gasp, as her starred open mouthed at her.

The room went silent, except for an accidental discharge that made a nerf bullet hit Isabella in the forehead.

“Sorry,” one of the field techs said from behind her desk.

To break the ice and tension in the room, Isabella grabbed one of the nerf guns from the network tech that had first noticed her, and began shooting everyone.

“Now let’s put our guns away, I have some exciting news,” Isabella said, handing the nerf gun back to it’s owner, and walking over to her desk.

She placed two nerf darts on her desk, after sitting on them in her chair, knowing that would be the safest place for them. She knew how well her guys would let their cocks think for them, after all she had let a few of them in her panties over the years. She was a proud office slut.

“Now I was just speaking with the Board and gave them Jack’s idea about giving Surface Pro 3’s to clients,” Isabella began.

“What did they say,” Jack interrupted with a hopeful and excited tone.

Jack was her second in command, because he had earned it through skills and loyalty to the company and her Leadership, but had also enjoyed her cunt on a few occasions when they had been working late in the Think Tank.

He was a bit short, but ripped from head to toe, fucked like a bull in heat, and was a sweetheart.

“Let me finish before you guys blow your wad,” Isabella teased.


“Now, They said we could go forward with the Surface Pro 3 project. So I want you Jack and someone from Networking and from Server Administration to have it perfected and imaged by the end of the week. Jonathan will have one overnighted, and order the rest after I see the first one and put it through the test. I would like to start shipping them out by the end of next week. Jonathan will also be having one of his people working with you to come up with a marketing campaign to show it off to the current and future clients. Jack you are lead on this project. Any questions?”

“What software will there be on it,” Jack asked.

“We will put Office on it, along ödemiş escort with our antivirus, and make sure it works with our software. Also insure it does not have it to where they can charge apps and other things to an account that belongs to us, and set them up as the primary user with an Administrator account built in. Anything else?”

“No Ma’am,” was what they all said.

“Then take your nerf guns and get to work for once,” Isabella said in a teasing tone.

Everyone began filling out except for Jonathan, whom told Jack, “I’ll be out there in a minute.”

After Jonathan closed the door, he said, “Now unless your sure I can’t get in that diaper of yours, go on to lunch and talk with her. I can keep the Natives from being restless.”

“Thanks Jonathan, ” Isabella said as she walked over and embraced him along with giving him a loving kiss on the cheek.

Isabella knew it was going to be hard to fully open and allow herself to be truly vulnerable to Jade. She did love and trust her, but even Hazel and Jonathan didn’t know everything about her

“Hell we have swapped dirty diapers and shared wonderfully disgusting things together. She is the first one I could truly see enjoying for the rest of my life with, so why not take the fucking plunge,” Isabella thought to herself.

As she walked into Jade’s play room, she saw Jade, still only wearing a bra and diaper, slowly humping a pink gothic dressed teddy bear, holding the panda bear pillow Isabella had given her. All while she was coloring a diaper, and sobbing softly.

Isabella couldn’t help herself but to hurriedly kneel next to her soul mate, and embrace her from behind.

Isabella felt tension release from her lover’s body, as she continued the embrace for a little longer, offering soft kisses on the back of Jade’s neck to comfort her.

“I thought you had to work today,” Jade said, in a soft but surprised tone.

“I did, but I found I couldn’t stand being away from you. I felt as if I was just going through the motions, but I wasn’t really there or had my heart into it. I would like to share how I feel with you and allow us to figure out how to move forward, ” Isabella explained.

Hazel had told Jade how hard it was for Isabella to open up, and Jade herself had felt the walls Isabella had put up for whatever reason.

“I too have my own walls,” Jade thought to herself.

Isabella, wishing to be just as exposed as Jade physically and emotionally was, removed her blouse and skirt, and laid them nicely on the child’s table, before both walked out onto the covered patio.

Isabella had not realized just how comfortable she had with her body around Jade, until she looked down and not only saw her humping a teddy bear in her piss filled diaper, but she was also working her breast to produce milk.

“I have no clue if this is all moving to fast for you, but I do know it is for me, but it feels as if it can’t move fast enough at the same time. I have not felt such pure love like this before. My heart actually aches when I am not with you. It seemed like a dream to wake up next to you and to fall asleep with you in my arms this weekend. Not only have I just discovered I was a diaper lover my whole life and never realized it before, but I have also met my true soul mate. We both enjoy cooking, you have brought out how much I enjoy playing dress up with myself and others, and I can can feel within me that you long for satisfaction just as badly as I do. Plus this is the first time I allowed myself to be so emotionally vulnerable to someone else,” Isabella explained, insuring to look Jade in the eyes.

Insuring she too was gazing into Isabella’s eyes, “I feel the same. So much so that you saw how much of a wreck I was when you came in. I felt so lonely when you weren’t around. The part that really freaked me out, is that it wouldn’t have mattered if I was here or abroad with hundreds of other people around, I would have still felt alone. I could handle and deal with you being at work, if I knew you would be here with me. Whether we decide to stay here or build a new home together I could care less, but I want us to live together.”

Isabella couldn’t help but look down, as Jade’s diaper was making loud crinkling sounds, and felt her clit twitching as she saw Jade grinding hard on her teddy bear and even pressing the head into her diaper even harder.

“That’s the thing I really don’t want to go back to work. Today felt empty with no promises of great challenges. It actually felt like a job that I no longer wanted. The really scary thing about it is I have saved every penny I could so that I can retire in just a few years. But I can no longer wait that long,” Isabella began, making herself not pay attention to the watch her beloved go at it.

“I could honestly care less about what money you bring to the table. I own this large gated community, I have more money than I could ever want to spend, and all that crap doesn’t matter to me. My parents seferihisar escort are a bit flashy, but I’m not. Just give me a diaper and a paci, and I am a happy girl with you,” Jade said, partially interrupting Isabella.

“I figured as much about it. But I am also not broke. If I did retire I would bring over ninety thousand a year to the table,” Isabella said, but was again interrupted by Jade, who was now ferociously grinding hard against the teddy bear.

“Thank you for sharing that with me, my love. But please understand I would burn stacks of money. I really don’t care about the crap. I want you and want to be with you. I was wined and dined, stayed in five star hotels where the bell hops and concierges kissed my ass, and it is all honestly meaningless to me. I want to fuck you. I want to be with you. I want to love you,” the last three sentences had been punctuated with an extreme grind of Jade’s diaper against teddy bear, making her cunt gush and explode it’s honey into her piss and shit filled diaper.

Isabella embraced Jade with all the love and passion she felt for Jade, and began lovingly kissing her. Her own cunt had begun flowing thick heavy streams of her warm sticky cream, not from physical pleasure, but from the emotional release she was undergoing.

Isabella’s phone alerted both that she had just received a text, and out of habit Isabella looked at it and saw a picture of Jonathan’s throbbing nine inch extremely thick cock rubbing against one of Isabella’s panty plushie rabbits. The text said, “Please let me cum play with both of you.”

“I’m so sorry,” Isabella began with flushed cheeks, “That is Jonathan. We are coworkers and fuck buddies. I told him about you this morning. In fact he was the one that told me to come and chat with you.”

“He has a beautiful cock,” Jade admitted.

“He is also very cute, and he looks good in a dress,” Isabella admitted.

“He crossdresses too,” Jade asked, full of awe.

“Jonathan has a very uni-sexual look to him. When he is dressed in his suit and tie he looks like a really good looking guy. When he wears a dress she is pretty stunning,” Isabella replied.

“Would you mind,” Jade asked.

“I was going to ask you about him coming over later. I enjoy open relationships, but I wasn’t sure because I know we have just met and are working through our emotions that we feel for each other,” Isabella explained.

“Sissy, we fucked Hazel the other night. I fully believe that the heart can love more than one. When you find your soul mate you hang onto them, but both can enjoy others as well.”

“I feel the same,” Isabella replied.

“Good. Now tell him to come over with something sexy, but I have to do his makeup,” Jade said.

“Your going to fuck him while you do his makeup, aren’t you,” Isabella said in a slightly teasing voice.

“Of course, his cock is thicker than Hazel’s but short enough to where it won’t puncture my cervix,” Jade admitted.

“He also loves being cock milked for hours without going soft,” Isabella said knowing Jade would be tempted to stay on his cock all night.

“Really,” Jade asked stunned and excited, while Isabella sent a reply message.

“He was cock trained by his former Mistress. But let him bring that up.”

It was a little after two when Jonathan showed up with a garment bag, Isabella and Jade had been making out and humping their teddy bears with only breaks long enough to watch each other fill their diaper with more golden water, while they had been waiting for him.

Jade noticed Jonathan’s cock looked like it was about to explode out of his black with white pinstriped suit pants.

Jade walked up to him, grabbed hold of his pant covered cock, and began walking him upstairs before he had a chance to say Hi.

She quickly stripped Jonathan down to a pair of black nylon and lace high cut panties, sat him on the makeup bench, pushed aside the crotch of her diaper, and guided his thick pulsing member inside her cunt, after sitting in his lap and freeing it from his panties.

Jade let out a loud pleasure filled moan, as Jonathan’s cock began slowly filling her up inside. Her vaginal walls had to slowly accommodate his thick cock.

“I’m going to fuck you for a good while,” was Jade’s only greeting.

“Only if I can taste that luscious cunt of yours after,” Jonathan whispered in her ear.

“You do know I fully use my diaper,” Jade replied.

“You do know that’s why I asked,” was Jonathan’s reply, as Jade began applying the liquid foundation Jonathan had brought with him.

Between all of the wondrous thoughts in Jade’s head, and the thick cock fully inside her now, and the edge of the diaper rubbing her swollen clit with each stride, she couldn’t help but to begin releasing her honey down his cock and onto his panties.

Isabella had found Jonathan’s medical grade silicone breastforms, and had slide one in her diaper, enjoying it as she humped against the teddy bear she had been humping earlier.

“He brought his black silk mini dress with him,” Isabella told Jade, while she enjoyed watching the both of them fuck, and was surprised to see Jade still be able to apply Jonathan’s makeup.

“What do you enjoy being called when your all dressed up,” Jade asked, as she began blending his pressed powder.

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